From custom personalized glasses to unique glasses with golf balls and bullets in them, your whiskey lover will be able to impress his guests with these unique bourbon glasses, but he will really shine when they're filled up with his favorite drink.

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19 Great Glasses for your Bourbon Lover

You might think he already has the collection of bourbon glasses beautifully displayed in his man cave and ready to be used at his disposal. But then again another gift set or glass won't really hurt. Give the bourbon lover in your life a glass that would feel good in his hand and at the same time look great displayed in his man cave. Narrow mouth or wider bowl, well you know him too well to know what he prefers. So long as he gets to enjoy the smell and aroma of his favorite drink. A glass coming from you will surely end up being the favorite bourbon gift he has ever received.

Here are 19 of the best bourbon glasses you can choose from: 

19. I Am Legend Glass

This I Am Legend Glass will raise a glass to legendary men everywhere. It's for the guy in your life that needs no introduction to give him a great drinkware. This large, heavy-bottom, engraved whiskey glass makes a special gift for him who is a legend in your life. With a personalized name and favorite drink engraving, this rocks glass will sit proudly on his shelf. 

18. Black and Silver Fancy Scotch Glasses

This Black and Silver Bourbon Farming Glasses were painted black and decorated with silver vine leaves and grapes. The cups are decorated in half and are ready for use. These glasses are a nice gift for a bachelor party or a close friend. Let him enjoy his scotch in these unique cups. The cups can be customized by handwriting a monogram or name. 

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17. Banner Bourbon Glass

This Banner Bourbon Glass is giving your man a gift that displays his proud name for everyone to see. This banner bourbon glass is the perfect gift to get his party started in style. It is engraved using a sand carving method that will make your personalization give off a 3D effect. When your man isn't using his special banner glass, he can display it with his bourbon collection. 

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16. Personalized Bourbon Set

This Personalized Bourbon Set uses high quality European glass, which can be personalized just for him. The size of the whiskey glass will hold 300 milliliters or 10.15 ounces. This is a fairly large and handy whiskey glass he would definitely use for a long time. 

15. Bourbon Glasses with Coasters

This Bourbon Glasses with Coasters consist of 4 glasses. You can select with coasters and have it engraved with matching design. It's an elegant and classic giftsuitable for formal and casual parties. It has a heavy base and can hold 9 ounces of his favorite drink. Each glass measure 31/4 dimension x 3 1/2 height. 
These glasses are heavy, durable, and made to last wash after wash. 

14. Japanese Bourbon Glass

This Japanese Bourbon Glass is expertly crafted from quality borosilicate glass, giving a high endurance and unique finish to every piece. Add elegance to any occasion with this beautifully crafted drink ware. It is also a good choice for gift giving. The bottom of the wine glass is hollowed out in the shape of Mount Fuji.
A truly standout piece which adds luxury to any home. 

13. Leather Bourbon Glass

This Leather Bourbon Glass uses beautiful premium leather. It is hand stitched in the USA, and is the perfect gift for the bourbon lover in your life. This leather wrapped bourbon glasses are a classic addition to his bar. Each comes in a set of 2 glasses. You can have it with his initials, laser engraved into the leather. The leather wraps fit snug around the glasses, but can be removed for cleaning.

12. Bourbon Rocks Glass 

This Bourbon Rocks Glass is a stylish faceted Bourbon Rocks Glass Gift For Bourbon Drinkers. It's a must have for his happy hour... great for spirits! Sturdy, heavy-based glasses are durable and ideal for drinks served neat, on the rocks, and mixed cocktails, too. It's the perfect gift for the Bourbon Lover in your life! 

11. Bourbon Glass

This Bourbon Glass is a finely crafted glassware. This product is intended to maintain the golf lifestyle off the course. Each order contains two whiskey glasses. Personalize it with his name or initials to make it extra special. 

10. Blanton's Bourbon Glencairn Mixer Glass

This Blanton's Bourbon Glencairn Mixer Glass will serve his whiskey the way it's meant to be served. These glasses have a 3” diameter base, 2.5” diameter mouth and 4” height. He will be delighted to not just use these glasses but also add it on display at his man cave. 

This Custom Etched Bourbon Glass is unique, and free from chemical abrasives. It uses sandblasting methods that etch the surface of the product, revealing a smooth, durable design. Etched designs offer clean, modern results, and they are completely customizable with any text. Custom short phrases are limited to certain items - there must be enough surface space to apply multiple words.

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8. Whiskey Bourbon Glasses

These Whiskey Bourbon Glasses is a set with personalization that could be an incredible and useful gift for any special event or holiday. It also comes with free coasters with design. These products are made from high-quality European glass and even the personalization is made in the form of engraving. You can be sure he will be using this for a very long time.  

7. Wolf Bourbon Glasses


This Wolf Bourbon Glasses is a set of gray accent rock glasses with wolf embellishment. The wood is gold colored with gray rhinestones. There are also black stones for eyes. The glasses are sleek and stylish and have a heavy bottom. It's one great gift for the man who has everything and loves a whiskey or bourbon. 

6. BOURBON SUPREME Whiskey Glasses


This BOURBON SUPREME Whiskey Glasses is one rare set. It includes a set of 4 advertising glasses marked Bourbon Supreme, a Bourbon made in the USA. These superb glasses with a golden edge probably date from the 50s / 60s but are in perfect condition. It's an ideal gift for Bourbon lovers. 

5. Silver Whiskey  Bourbon Glasses


These Silver Whiskey Bourbon Glasses comes with 2 whiskey glasses. These hand painted whiskey glasses come in silver gray color and distressed. It is vintage inspired and can be personalized with initials. It's one unique gift he will be happy to use and keep for years. 

4. A Pair of Bourbon


These Pair of Bourbon are elegant crystal glasses. Increase his pleasure of  beverage with this set of two crystal cut glasses. It is a vintage new old stock, made of fine crystal cut glass. You can be sure you are giving him a sense of luxury and vintage elegance with this awesome gift.

3. Rocks Glass Bourbon


These Rocks Glass Bourbon comes with 2 whiskey glasses. These are hand painted whiskey glasses in copper color and distressed. It is vintage inspired and can be personalized with his initials. Handmade and unique, you can be sure he will be all smiles receiving this gift from you.

2. Bullet Stones & Whiskey Glasses

Firefighter Set w/ Bullet Stones & Whiskey Glasses

This Bullet Stones & Whiskey Glasses would be perfect for your man.  It can have his name and number of your choice so you can personalize it for him. Each box measures 6.5" x 6.5" x 1.5", comes with 6 bullet stones, tongs, and bag. Each square rocks glass measures 3.75" x 3.5" and holds up to 10 ounces. Bullet stones are 2" long. It's one gift he will surely love. 

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1. Whiskey Glass Bourbon 


This  Whiskey Glass Bourbon is a hand blown 9oz Japanese whiskey glass. It is a high quality clear glass that is delicate and modern. The elaborate geometrically carved glass is admirable by experienced artificers handwork of carving and polishing. This design is not only beautiful, but is the natural beauty and artificial beauty combination. The craftsman made the glass by hand, so they are slightly different one by one. This gift will certainly make him smile.  

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