Electric Lighters are a great gift for any type of guy. Whether he's enjoying a good smoke with friends or just wants to light a fire for cozy evening in, an electric lighter is a handy tool your guy will love having in his pocket.
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Top 18 Electric Lighters for Smokers & Campers

Winding down with a good cigar is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but what can you do when your lighter is out of juice or your spark wheel fails you? 

Enter the USB rechargeable plasma lighter – a modern solution for today’s smoker. A typical electric plasma lighter is flameless, making it windproofand waterproof. While every electric plasma lighter is slightly different, most of them use either single or dual arc technology to give you a clean spark every single time. 

An electric plasma USB lighter harnesses a strong electric current that passes between two or four nodes (for a dual arc lighter), creating a bridge of highly charged plasma. It’s basically like having lightning in your pocket. 

So, the question isn’t “should I get an electric lighter?” but “what’s the right electric lighter for me?” With that in mind, here are our top 18 picks for single arc, dual arc, and eventriple arc electric lighter choices!

18. Club Cigars, Anyone? -Dual Arc Plasma Lighter

Club cigars are a slender alternative to more regular king-sized cigars, and that means they’re easier to take on the go. You’ll need an electric arc lighter that’s just as light and portable!

This dual arc plasma lighter pairs perfectly withcigarillos and club cigars because of its compact form factor and undeniable class. It’s got no butane, no pain, and no hassle. It also fits perfectly into any cigar case and can even be used as a traditional lighter!

17. The Adventurer’s Best Choice -SUPRUS Windproof Electric Arc Lighter

Fire is man’s greatest discovery, but water can render matchbooks and click lighters utterly useless until they’re dry. Luckily, SUPRUS dual arc lighters get the job done even when soaked. 

These ultra-sturdy arc lighters provide a steady light, even in strong winds, and can spark despite the rain – making them an excellent choice for your emergency kit or cigar lighting needs. Did we mention this dual arc USB-compatible lighter also comes with an emergency whistle? These guysreally did think of everything. 

16. Father Nature’s Dual Arc Lighter -Saberlight Windproof Flameless Lighter

Modern men don’t have the time to be bogged down by unreliable lighters – that’s why so many are switching to environmentally-friendly electric arc lighters that have USB compatibility built right in. 

Good thing Saberlight lighters check all the modern boxes of smoking cigars. They’re butane-free, windproof, flameless, and can be charged via USB, so whether you need 10 or 300 uses from your flameless lighter, you can rest easy.

15. The Minimalist Master -TROPRO USB Rechargeable Plasma Lighter

USB charging is one of the greatest things that’s ever happened. Without it, we’d be luggingway too many different cables just to keep our items at full charge. 

That’s why ROPRO’s rechargeable plasma lighter is the perfect spark solution if you’re the kind of guy that lives a minimalist lifestyle. Unlike other plasma lighters, it has USB-C compatibility – that means you can charge your lighter with the same cable you use for your phone or laptop! 

14. For The X-Treme Guy -X-Shaped Sparkr Dual Arc Plasma Lighter

Nothing saysextremelike a flameless lighter with X-shaped twin plasma arcs. This heavy-duty Sparkr dual arc lighter uses top-of-the-line plasma wave technology to deliver the safest possible experience when you’re out in the wild – but it also moonlights as a 15-lumen flashlight! 

So whether you’re lighting up your favorite cigar after a long day at work or looking for your favorite roll-up cigarettes in the dark, this X-shaped Sparkr lighter is x-tremely good.

13. Big Daddy Bling -Kivors Dragon Dual Arc Lighter

Who says USB rechargeable electric lighters can’t be big-ticket fashion items? Not us, and certainly not the guys at Kivors. This uber-stylish rechargeable plasma lighter boasts a robust zinc alloy composition cradled in golden dragons, mixing a timeless lighter design with a futuristic electric sparking system. 

Like other arc lighters, the Kivors dragon cigarette lighter comes with a USB charging cable and safety switch, so it’s plug-and-play with this accessory-slash-necessity. If everything goes well, this lighter may earn you a number-one spot on a best-dressed roundup. 

12. The Speed Demon -Car USB Rechargeable Lighter

James Bond was known for three things: his drink order, his cigars, and his fast cars. While this fun electric lighter won’t magically turn you into a world-renowned super-spy, it’ll make you lookpretty cool every time you need a light. 

Unlike other electric arc lighters, this super-sleek car-shaped device boasts a 45-degree lighting platform for easier use and cleaning. Every agent has his preferences, so this debonair appurtenance comes in three metallic finishes: black, gold, and purple. 

11. For The Guy That’s Not Afraid To Accessorize -Colorful USB Metallic Dual Arc Lighter

If you’re a guy that likes to live loudly and in full color, this windproof arc lighter is for you. This instant-light device is anything but ordinary – it can withstand winds of up to 25mph without flickering and gives you up to 300 uses per charge of its lithium-ion battery. Furthermore, this kaleidoscopic little lighter has crystal clear LED lights and a bright battery indicator for ease of use, even in the dead of night. 

10. The Most Patriotic Dual Arc Lighter In The United States -Eagle USB Rechargeable Electric Arc Lighter

There are literallythousands of USB-rechargeable windproof electric lighters on the market, but there’sonly one that shows off your American pride. This electric arc pocket lighter has an embossed image of an American Eagle mid-flight, and you really can’t get more patriotic than that. You can expect to get tons of lights out of this United States-themed bad boy when fully charged, so bring it to a party to impress your boys!

9. For The Pipe-Wielding Papa -Sparkr Electric Lighter With Ignition Button

Most USB-rechargeable windproof plasma lighters are pretty static, meaning that they only light your cigars and tobacco one way. However, this dual-arc and dual-purpose gizmo makes our list because of itstwo power buttons. That means you can use it upright for regular cigar lighting or angle it perfectly into a pipe without twisting your fingers into weird positions. It also comes with its own USB cable!

8. The Careful Smoker -ARINA Windproof Flameless Electric Lighter

Anyone that’s used a traditional cigarette lighter has probably gotten burned once or twice. While it isn’texcruciatingly painful, lighter burns can be pretty annoying. 

Enter the ARINA USB rechargeable windproof plasma lighters, which are designed to be finger-safe (even in clumsy hands). Their long, candle-like appearance makes them stand out from other USB rechargeable lighters, which usually are constructed to emulate the traditional stocky lighter profile. 

7. For A Space-Saving Man -lcfun Windproof Arc Lighter

The Icfun windproof flameless arc lighter is one of our favorites for a few reasons. Its ultra-light composition makes it smallerand lighter than other electric lighter options, making it an easy addition to any cigar or cigarette kit. 

Despite its small relative size, its compact arc technology can spark hundreds of cigars and cigarettes when fully charged and has a bright LED indicator light to let you know when it’s time to bust out the charging cable. 

6. For Rain Or Shine -Waterproof And Windproof USB Electric BOLT Lighter

We know that every smoker is a little different, and not everyone needs an ultra-fancy dual-arc lighter. Sometimes, a windproof bolt lighter with a tight hot coil is more than enough to satisfy all your flameless lighting needs.

Each BOLT lighter comes secured in a custom-made gift box that shows off its low profile and extreme portability. On top of that, every windproof lighter is USB rechargeable, making it one of the easiest to use in the United States. In rainor shine, this plastic fantastic does the job!

5. Best Bang For Your Buck -USB Rechargeable Windproof Lighter In Gun Metal 

Move over, Elon Musk. There’sanother Tesla rocking the tech world. Tesla Coil LightersUSB-rechargeable plasma lighter is the gold standard among butane-free sparking options – and for good reason. 

Unlike dual plasma arc lighters, the Tesla Coil lighter can get the job done for half the energyand half the price. Not convinced? This USB rechargeable plasma lighter comes with a 1-year warranty, so you can get instant service if something goes wrong (which we doubt!)

4. For The Man With A (Simple) Plan -RONXS Windproof USB Lighter

Sometimes a manneeds simplicity, and a rechargeable plasma USB lighter can fill that void. This simple and straightforward electric plasma arc lighter is fashioned from lightweight plastic and measures 7” in length, making it discreet and easy to carry around. 

However, heavy-duty users should be warned: unlike other USB-rechargeable electric plasma lighters, the RONXS fire starter has a single arc, which can make lighting larger wicks and cigars quite challenging. But if you’re more of a cigarette smoker or just need a single arc USB lighter for cooking, this is the perfect pick! 

3. For The Wild Man In You -USB Rechargeable Windproof Electric Cigarette Lighter (And Flashlight!)

Being plugged in all the time is great for keeping up with friends and family, but a weekend out in nature can nourish the soul. When you’re out in the wild and need to light a cigar or cookfire, you need lighters that can withstand the elements and provide you with a spark,no matter what

Luckily, this multi-purpose USB lighter-slash-fire starter is windproof, waterproof,and it can double up as a flashlight once the sun goes down. This little gadget will help you live out your weekend wild man fantasies!

2. When Three’s A Party -Windproof USB Triple Arc Lighter With LED Battery Display

Smoking is serious business – just think Lonsdale cigars at business meetings, robust Churchill sticks at big celebrations, and Arturo Fuente stogies after a long, hard day. If you’re the type of man that loves to light up a cigar at life’s significant milestones, you’ll want an electric lighter that can handle it. 

Enter the triple (yes, three!) arc lighter, which packs a bigger punch than dual arc alternatives. Because Anglink believes you deserve the best, every order of this one-of-a-kind rechargeable electric lighter comes in a luxurious gift box that can double as storage. 

1. Modern Lighter For The Modern Man -Tesla Coil Lighters Windproof & USB Rechargeable Electric Lighter In Gold

When you buy a Tesla coil lighter, you get three things: energy efficiency, style, and reliability – a modern lighter for a modern man. Gone are the days of rickety butane refills, unreliable click lighters, and plastic finishes; the Tesla Coil lighter is here to stay!

But this gold-plated USB-rechargeable wonder isn’tjust pretty; it’s safe. It has a dotted golden safety cap that ensures no sparks fly while tucked safely in your back pocket. Everyone’s butts stay burn-free! 

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