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17 Unique Personalized Gifts for Hunters 

Hunting is his thing. And while he may have all the basics like a rifle, bow, or shotgun ready, he would always have hunting gear he's always planned to buy but never does or want to level up or replace a worn-out hunting gear or accessory. There are all kinds of hunting gear that hunters need, use up, and want to try out. Get the hunting guy in your life an upgrade, or better yet, keep an open ear as to what he's been complaining about lately. A binoculars perhaps? A water proof boots for duck hunters or probably a new smoker for a wild game meat hunter? Whatever you choose, he would truly appreciate the fact that you are supporting him 100% with his hobby. 

Here are 17 personalized gifts for hunters that you can choose from: 

17. The Hunter's Man Cave

This simple yet classy Hunting Man Cave Sign is the perfect accessory for your guy’s man cave! Handmade and manufactured with sturdy steel, you can choose from a range of sizes and include customization to make the sign uniquely his. Hang this sign over his hunting gear to add a touch of class and sophistication in his personal playground.

16. Deer Hunting Hat

If your hunter husband or dad enjoys simple and minimalistic gifts, this Deer Hunting Hat would be perfect for the rest of his hunting garb. Choose from an array of colors that would go well with his style and taste. The leather patch with a deerhorn laser-engraved design is made of 100% full grain leather, adding a stylish touch to this comfortable cap. The hunter in your life will surely love it!

15. Tree Bark Coasters


The hunter in your household will enjoy these high-quality Tree Bark Coasters. Made with natural wood and designed with a smooth and flawless finish, this set of coasters come in four 3.5” to 4.25” logs, perfect for his morning cup of coffee or evening drinks with the boys. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion, or for when you want to surprise your man! 

14. Engraved Pocket Knife


Give your man a feel of what a real knife brings to the table with this Engraved Pocket Knife. This classic cutlass provides a traditional feel reminiscent of hunters from yesteryear, with a balance point meant for easy functionality. Add some personalization, too, for some added flair! This is definitely the kind of knife a man gets to know and doesn't leave home without.

13. Wooden Buck Wall Art

This eye-catching Wooden Buck Wall Art makes for a great conversation piece at home! Ideal for the man with an eye for detail, this picturesque wall accessory is carefully made with seven layers of wood, adding colorful detail and exquisite design to the piece. Hang it up on your wall to spice up the overall look of your home or his man cave.

12. Monster Deer Rack Shooter’s Box

Keep all your hubby’s hunting gear and accessories in place with this Monster Deer Rack Shooter’s Box! This gorgeous storage box stands 7.5 inches and a little over 14 inches wide, a great option for storing all his supplies and keeping them organized. Its design comes with a leather handle, shotgun shell decorative nail heads, and a lockable clasp, adding a rugged finish to the exquisite wooden design. The hunter in your life will love it!

11. I Love Big Bucks and I Cannot Lie 

Add a touch of humor to your hunter guy’s collection with these adorable socks! These I Love Big Bucks And I Cannot Lie men’s socks wear comfortably on those with Size 7 to 12 feet. Care instructions are pretty easy, too: simply throw them in the wash once used and hang to dry! He can wear them anywhere

10. Deer Hunter Tumbler

This nifty Deer Hunter Tumbler keeps your man’s drinks hot or cold for hours on end! This 20 oz double-wall insulated tumbler also comes with a tight inner ring seal, preventing spills and saving you on cleanup time. You can choose between silver and black colors, and you can also customize the design color based on the color chart available. Surprise your man with this highly useful and thoughtful gift, best for all occasions!

9. Deer Skull Pub Glass

And speaking of drinking accessories, this Deer Skull Pub Glass is a fancy addition to your partner’s man cave or home bar! The pint glass is beautifully engraved with a sand-carved European deer skull, making it a perfect gift for the hunter, sportsman, or outdoorsman in your life.  This unique gift can also be further personalized to your liking!

8. The “Fast Food” Hunting T-Shirt

Here’s another funny gift for your humorous hunter. The “Fast Food” Hunting T-Shirt is made with 60% cotton, 40% polyester, and 100% awesome–and it’s comfortable enough to wear for lazy days at home or barbecuing with friends. The design is hand-printed with state-of-the-art ink and presses, ensuring the best detail that won’t fade easily. Surprise your special someone with this witty gift today!

7. Stag Horn Hunting Damascus Knife


If you’re looking for the best gift for the serious outdoorsman, the Stag Horn Hunting Damascus Knife would make for a perfect pick. The blade is ideal for carving or skinning, and its overall length makes it highly handy and manageable while using. The Damascus Knife also comes in a bespoke leather case, ensuring that it’s well-protected when not in use. This handmade item is definitely something to remember you by.

6. Wooden Docking Station

Keep all your man’s everyday essentials tidy and on display with this finely-crafted Wooden Docking Station. This organizer comes with the perfect compartments to store his phone, glasses, watch, keys, and other smaller everyday items, including a specially-designed docking station for a handgun. Specialized customizations are also available if your loved one is using a regular watch, Apple Watch, or Samsung Galaxy Watch. Additional engraving is also available to make this gift uniquely his! Place it on your bedside table or in the living room for quick, easy, and eye-catching access to his things.

5. Wader Rack

Spruce up your hunting gear room with this awesomely-designed Wader Rack! This handmade, 16 GA steel organizer can fit two pairs of waders, allowing them to hang dry before the next use. The intricate design also makes for a decorate piece in your hunting storage room, garage, or laundry room. You can choose between three available designs for added variety. Now that’s great functionality with good design in one!

4. Custom Man Cave Sign

Make your guy’s man cave or hunting room much easier to identify with this Custom Man Cave Sign! Choose between four sizes and a range of colors to add a touch of retro to your home. This sign is made with high-quality aluminum and would make for a nifty fixture in his personal room!

3. The Hunter’s Homeboy

The Hunter’s Homeboy is an especially good-looking gift for your wedding groomsmen! This wood and steel accessory would go absolutely well with camouflage. Don’t let the item fool you, though–this knife is made with high-quality materials, ideal for a weekend trip at the woods. The spring-assisted blade can easily be opened with one hand and comes with pocket clips at the back for easier carrying. You also have the option of having the handle personalized, with an array of font faces to choose from!

2. Caricature Portrait


Immortalize your favorite hunter with this cute and memorable Caricature Portrait! If you’re looking for fun and adorable gifts for the hunter in your life, this is one of your best bets. All you need to do is email your favorite photo of him after checking out. You can choose between different clothing options and backdrops. The artists will emall back the rendered image, and you have the option to have it printed on a shirt or a canvas to hang up at home! 

1. Deer-Themed Vinyl Record Clock  


Give your man a classic andtimeless gift with this Deer-Themed Vinyl Record Clock. This beautifully-made pieces are made with authentic vinyl records, and you can choose from over 200 designs to your liking. You can also add a small fee for further customization. Hang it up easily anywhere at home or in his man cave!

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