Casting into Retirement

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How would you like to retire from fishing with a guarantee of never having to fish again? If that's not incentive enough, our "Casting into Retirement" lure is so good-looking, other fishermen will be asking where you got it! It's the perfect way to end your fishing career on a high note.

This one-of-a-kind lure is black and silver with a touch of sparkle, and it's hand-painted with airbrush detail. It's also a real lure that can actually be used to catch fish in fresh water. So while you may be retiring from fishing, this lure can keep on working hard to provide you with the fresh catch of the day.

You can upgrade to a Metal Display Case or order a Complete Gift Set which includes a Metal Display Tin, Antique Lure Card, Black Gift Bag 

Lure Facts:
 *This lure is called a Crank Bait. It is 3.25 inches long & about 2 inches wide
 *This is a “Real” Fishing lure that will Catch Largemouth Bass, Trout, Pickerel & many
 *This is a Fresh Water Fishing lure & is NOT recommended for Saltwater fishing
 *All of our Lures ship ready to fish completely assembled with Hooks or as a Keying

No two lures we make are identical because we make each one to order. Colors, eyes and patterns may vary slightly from the picture shown. This ensures that each lure is truly “one of a kind”.

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