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15 Unique Wall Mount Bottle Openers

He may be partying alone or with his favorite buddies, but one thing is for sure. He never wanted to be without a conveniently placed custom bottle opener ready to get the party started. With a bottle opener mounted on the wall and ready to catch those caps for a non-messy event, he will surely be partying with no hassles. Make him enjoy and relax while having his favorite beverage with a wall mounted bottle opener that comes in his favorite material - wood, metal or iron and in his preferred color. Adorn it with his name or initials and you are on your way to giving him one awesome gift! 

Here are 15 of the best wall mount bottle openers that you can choose from:    

15. Wall Mounted State Bottle Opener 


No more struggle in opening his beer bottle. This wall mounted bottle opener will never reveal the real reason for not using hands to open that cold beer. This geographically appealing and handy set of utility, made in birch plywood is just too cool not to use. It's one gift he will have a hard time forget.

14. Customizable Cap Trap


Not having a bottle opener in sight is the last thing you want in your party. You will never have to struggle with another unopened beer ever again – with its compact design, this cap catcher fits in with every kitchen, man cave, or outdoor grill. He will surely love this gift!

13. Personalized Wall Mount Bottle Opener

Have it as is or personalize it by engraving his name on it.  He would love this Personalized Wall Mount Bottle Opener as it is both practical and functional. This natural walnut wood and iron bottle opener with cap catcher come handy every time he reaches for that ice-cold beer.

12. Personalized Walnut Bottle Opener

Give him this Personalized Walnut Bottle Opener and have him attach it to his kitchen or bar wall or any place he is comfortable to open a bottle when he needs to. Made of Walnut, this bottle opener hardware may be engraved to serve as signage for his new abode too. 

11. Bear Bottle Opener

Bite the cap off your frosty brew with this awesome beer gift. The wall-mounted black bear beer opener is not just fun to say but it is the coolest way to pop a cap off a bottle. Guests will have a lot of fun looking at and using this great cabin decor bottle opener.

10. Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener

Personalize this by creating a logo with your beer buddy’s initials in the middle. This bottle opener is made of wood and can be conveniently mounted on a wall. No need to look for that bottle opener when it’s time to gather with your beer buddies. Wouldn’t it be nice to also have one at your buddy’s place? Let this be your way of telling him that he’s one of your favorite people in the world. 

9. Outdoor Bottle Opener 

This Outdoor Bottle Opener has a perfect opening angle, so that the beer or soda doesn't spill out of the bottle. This wall mounted bottle opener is beautifully finished and will look great in his bar, kitchen, or outdoors. It is made of a resistant material that won´t bend or break and it is rust-proof. It is also a perfect man cave bottle opener.

    8. Monogrammed Wall Mount Bottle Opener

    fathers day bottle opener gift

    Have it as is or personalize it by engraving his name on it. It is practical and functional the way he likes it. With mounting holes already drilled, he would love this gift hanging on his wall. Complete with mounting holes, this natural walnut bottle opener comes handy every time he reaches for that ice-cold beer. 

    7. Cool Retro Beer Bottle Opener

    This Cool Retro Beer Bottle Opener is a stainless aged copper Halloween skull bottle opener. It can be wall mounted and comes with stainless steel mounting screws. It is a heavy duty and thick wall-mounted skull beer bottle opener. It is simply perfect for your Halloween party man cave patio. 

    6. Black Cast Iron Palm Tree Novelty Bottle Opener


    This Black Cast Iron Palm Tree Novelty Bottle Opener is a functional and decorative black bottle opener. It is an excellent palm tree decoration that is solid and heavy handcrafted from cast iron. It has a classic black vintage rustic appearance that is perfect for the true nautical enthusiast. This bottle opener is easy to mount on wall or wood. A great gift for beer and soda lovers.

    This Wall Mounted Bottle Opener with Cap Catcher will make him not worry about messy floors with scattered bottle caps. The rustic metal bucket can hold up to 150 caps. This novelty beer opener gift for beer lovers can catch the cap as soon as you flip the top off. Plus, it can add a touch of stylish rustic color to his man cave, home bar, kitchen fridge, patio or cabin. 


    This Cast Iron Double Pistol Bottle Opener features a cast iron construction with a brown finish, detailed swirls, double pistols, and a bottle opener at the base with "open" on top. Let him pop the tops of his tasty sodas with a decorative, functional home accent!

      3. Open Drink Repeat Beer Bottle Opener 

      This Open Drink Repeat Beer Bottle Opener is a fun accent piece for your kitchen, rec-room, or bar area.  This gift is made from wood and metal with silkscreen expression. Let him drop his bottle caps into this bottle opener & cap catcher.

      2. Retro Palm Tree Beer Bottle Opener

      This Retro Palm Tree Beer Bottle Opener is a heavy duty wall mounted bottle opener and bin catcher. It is great for man cave, home bar, bartender. Pop beer and coke bottle caps off easily with a quick flick of the hand! Plus it is easy to install with pre-drilled holes. This one is well packaged and the complete set comes in a gift box. 

      1. Cast Iron Wall Mounted Eagle Bottle Opener

      This Eagle Bottle Opener is made from cast iron. It is perfect for the kitchen, any bar area, man cave, etc. This gift comes complete with 2 screw holes for mounting (screws not included). He would definitely be delighted with this gift.

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