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  • Dads Hammer Time

    Free Personalization Free Shipping on Orders Over $75
    Dads are the ones always taking care of the rest of us. Give him a gift that shows him that you notice. You notice all things he has done for you in your life and you want to say thank you. Dads never cry right?! Maybe bring a tissue...
    This Laser engraved hammer comes with this handsome gift box, making for a very special personalized gift for your dad. To personalize this gift please enter your dads information In the personalization box at the top of the page. Please follow the example below.
    Box: DAD
    Hammer:  Dad, thank you for helping me build my life

    Please note: the custom message that appears below the initials should be limited to 20 words.  The longer the custom message the smaller our engraving team needs to make the font to get it to fit on the knife, and when the font is too small it does not look as good.    Here are a few more ideas for the custom message:

    • thank you for providing me the tools to build my life
    • Dad, we love building memories with you
    • We love you forever.... and a day
    • Hammer Size = 5.35″ x 13″ x 1.25″
    • Box Size = 15″ x 5.55″ x 1.75″



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