Grillmaster's Deluxe Apron

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The ritual of “grilling” is far more than simple “cooking,” It’s an expression of man’s sacred connection to the outdoors.   That sacred ceremony, with rites undertaken by our forebears, and passed down to us over millennia… is the reason we grill.  Braving the elements.  Providing for our love-ones.  Smelling meat…

 We grill to keep the peace.  We grill to connect with our inner wellspring.  We grill because we are Men.  The tools of the craft, though they seem simple, go beyond the arcane and into the realm of The Divine Architect.

And He’d probably love this apron too. 

With all the personalization and doodads to elevate this item beyond the mundane, the Sacred, Ceremonial, Grillmaster’s Apron makes connecting with the light of nature, through grilling, a truly awesome observance.

Initials included for that personal touch! The lightweight apron measures 32" inches long and 23 1/2" across. You can personalize the apron with up to 7 characters.