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    BrewMaster Blaster

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    We get it, golf ain’t easy.  But that doesn’t mean bad deeds out on the course should go unpunished!  This pump action beer shotgun tool is the perfect way for you to dish out the drinking penalties during your round.

    Three putt?  Punished
    OB? Punished
    Not pulling your weight in Scramble?  Punished
    Extra Breakfast Ball?  Sure, but it’ll cost you

    The Punisher will work for standard size beer cans (12oz or 16oz), and has a simple technique to minimize any spillage:

    1. Load it
    2. Tilt it
    3. Pump it
    4. Push it
    5. Spin it
    6. Chug it

    Whats included:

    • Pump action beer shotgun tool & instructions

    Punish responsibly.

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    Trusted Quality

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    Fast Shipping

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