Brilliant Billfold

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If you want to walk the line straight into the land of cool, then start it with a slick pocket piece.  The wallet is an accessory that looks right into the soul of a man's style, an imprint how he's viewed.  Sport a giant packed hamburger wallet, you're giving off George Costanza or your dad.  Pack a piece that is nimble between the fingers and bills to set your men up for fashion-forward.  You can't get cooler than the Brilliant Billfold, a wallet that men want and ladies want to be with(especially when it's stacked).  

The Brilliant Billfold is clip wallet that is ultra-thin and excellent for sporting the essentials.  This bad boy features a spring tension money clip to keep your bills in place and cards secure.   Johnny Cash isn't just a wallet, it's an extension of your man.  Give him something that counts.  


  • Measurements: 4” L x 2 5/8” W x 5/8” D
  • Personalize with full names, last names, or just initials.