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    Free Personalization Free Shipping on Orders Over $75

    Have you ever had a glass of whiskey that sat around a couple of seconds too long, only to end up a watery puddle? In today’s world of fine scotches and whiskeys on the rocks, don’t dilute your pallet with a sip of water splashed with whiskey, take on the full concentration to experience it how it should be. So to avoid that catastrophe, afford your groomsmen of fine taste an opportunity to lather these silky spirits onto their tongue with purity by chilling with a great set of engraved whiskey stones. Not only does rock and whiskey scream manly, but the personalization will put a special “all their own” feel in every snifter. Set your groomsmen up with a set of these to graduate him to a place where sophistication is part of his repertoire.  

    The Whiskey Stone set Includes:

    • 9 Engraved Whiskey Stones.  
    • The Whiskey Stones are 100% Soapstone and measure 1" x 1"
    • 1 Muslin Bag
    • 1 Instructions card
    • You can choose between 4 colors for the Gift Box, Black (Silver Lettering), Black (Gold Lettering), Blue (Silver Lettering), Gray (Black Lettering)

    Wash the rocks before the first use and dry completely. Put the rocks in the Muslin bag and place in the freezer for at least 3 hours.  Put the rocks in your chosen beverage (Whiskey / Wine etc...) to chill it without watering it down.These rocks can even be heated and used to keep coffee or tea warm.They are dishwasher and food safe and never wear out. Remember, ice melts but whiskey rocks!

    You can personalize each stone with 2 lines of up to 9 characters per line. When placing your order, enter your personalization like this:

    Stone 1: Best Man
    Stone 2: DWJ
    Stone 3: 12.31.19
    Stone 4: D
    Stone 5: W
    Stone 6: J
    Stone 7: You Rock
    Stone 8: Thank You
    Stone 9: Drink Up
    Box: Line 1: Richard 
    Line 2: Best Man
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    Trusted Quality

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