Naughty or Nice Pint

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Get ready to add a dash of humor and holiday mischief to your celebrations with our "Naughty, Nice or Drink Pint" Glass. This pint glass features a clever UV-printed checklist, with the "drunk" checkbox proudly marked off. It's a hilarious and light-hearted way to keep the holiday spirit high and the laughter flowing around the table.

Why choose our "Naughty or Nice Pint" Glass? 

🎅 Witty Check List: Our pint glass showcases a playful checklist featuring "naughty," "nice," and, of course, "drunk." With the "drunk" checkbox checked off, it's a witty way to remind everyone that it's time to enjoy the festivities.

🍺 Premium Pint Glass: Crafted from high-quality glass, this pint glass is perfect for sipping your favorite holiday beverages. The UV printing ensures that the design remains vibrant and clear, even after countless toasts.

🎁 Unique Holiday Gift: Whether you're treating yourself to a good laugh or gifting it to a friend or family member, our "Naughty or Nice Pint" Glass is a humorous and unforgettable present for the holiday season.

Measures 6' high by 3.5' wide. At 16 oz, our pub glass will hold plenty of your favorite beverages.

Trusted Quality

Trusted Quality


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