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    Whiskey Stones Bullets Stainless Steel

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    • Enjoy your favorite whiskey the way it is meant to be - perfectly chilled and smooth, with an elegant wooden box and revolver set!. The Bullet Chillers will add individuality and character to every drink you make. The set includes 6 individual Silver Whiskey Stones Bullets with a Wooden Gift Box and revolver case. These bullet shaped whiskey stones will chill your drinks without diluting them or adding fragrance to your drink!
    • Complete your man cave with this set of six Whiskey Stones! Fill your glass with finely-crafted stainless steel whiskey stones and watch as your drink is chilled to perfection without diluting the flavor. These bullet shaped stones are a perfect solution to keep your drinks cold without watering them down. They are made of high-quality stainless steel and are a conversation starter to say the least!
    • These novelty stainless steel bullet stones are the coolest new way to chill your drink without dilution. Just drop them in your glass, whisky, rum or any other shot cup and you have the coolest drink ever! Includes an awesome Revolver holder for the chillers and an elegant wooden gift box.
    • Whether at home, out camping or on the road, these stainless steel chillers will keep your drink cold. They look amazingly realistic and enhance your drinking experience without the freezing and watering down effect of ice. You can drop them straight into a drink and they will gradually chill it to perfection without diluting the taste.
    • It's important to keep your whiskey chilled. It's also important to have a good time while doing it. Stay frosty with your favorite beverage and our Whiskey Stones Bullets stainless steel chilling bullets set, including a realistic revolver design and six chilling bullets just like in the old west! Our Whiskey Stones are made with stainless steel that won't affect the taste or smell of your drink and they're freezer-safe so you can chill them right in the freezer for instant use.
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