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    Free Personalization Free Shipping on Orders Over $75

    Hes probably not the best golfer...but he thinks he is. Let him live in that illusion with this hilarious custom made beer stein, made for those hot sweaty 18 holes. Oh wait sorry he took the cart, see you at the 19th hole.

    Capture your golfer's love of the game with this cartooned-up Golf Caricature beer stein. Your golfer will be reminded of his greatness with every delicious swig.

    The Tee Toon is a most personalized and thoughtful 22 ounce beer stein that (drum roll please) come with their very own caricature printed on it.  The caricature is 100% hand-drawn and  digitally printed on it using the highest-quality process.  We can also include any message you want as a caption, be it a funny remark about their titles, or the date of your wedding!

    Along with the mug, you will receive the drawing in digital format to share it however your heart desires.  

    We can include any message you want as a caption on the mug, be it a funny remark their titles, or the date of your wedding!

    Photo Requirements

    ➤Big and clear. Head should be larger than 2 inches, with good resolution
    ➤Front or 1/4 turn view. We need to see the shape of the face.
    ➤Clearly show the subject's facial features - eyes, nose and mouth definition. No sunglasses or hats (unless they'll be wearing one in the caricature).
    ➤If you want the person drawn smiling, then we will need a photo of the person smiling. Capture the person's typical smile or common expression. 

    The standard turn around time for this product is 30 business days.

    Now onto the details. After you place your order for the Tee Toon a customer service representative will be in touch with you to get the specifics of your order. The customer service representative will ask for pictures of all the people that you would like to appear in the mugs and a few other details, which you can email back to the email address that we provide you. The standard turn around time for Tee Toon is 30 days. When the caricature is completed by our artist, you will have the opportunity to view a rough draft and approve the final version.  

    How to Place Your Order

    1) After you purchase the mugs you can send us this information through email to support@GroovyGuyGifts.com: 1-2 clear photos (Check the photo requirements above) of the subject facing straight with the biggest smile possible. The photo(s) should include the whole face and head please mention the color of the eyes and hair in your message.

    2) We are the best in what we do; we will work with you throughout the process to make sure you get exactly what you want on time.

    4) After receiving the photos and information for your order we will send you a proof for your review and approval within 10 days.

    5) After your final approval, we will print your Mug and ship it to you. Once the mug is shipped we send you a tracking number of the shipment.

    The standard turn around time for this product is 30 days.

    PLEASE NOTE: This product cannot be shipped outside of the US at this time.

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    Trusted Quality

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