The Sidekick

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Having fully charged devices that are always ready to use is key to winning the day.

We’ve combined the hallmarks of our product range - minimalist design that enhances the environment the product is in - with the functionality of a docking station, presenting to you The Sidekick.

The Sidekick is your buddy, your mate, the guy you rely on to always be there on your side table when you need him.

Tidy desk. Hidden wires. Simple charging.

  • Accessories organized in one place
  • Charging your smartphone and earbuds made easy
  • Nightstand or desk clutter free
  • Charging cables hidden away 
  • Assemble in minutes

Available in walnut and black.

The product dimensions are:

Length: 7.2 inch / 18.2 cm

Height: 4.5 inch / 11.5 cm

Width: 7.1 inch / 18 cm

Weight: 2.34 lbs / 1.06 kgs

Trusted Quality

Trusted Quality


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