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Elevate your wine nights with the personalized touch of the Toasty Token Tool, a testament to both sophistication and individuality. This isn't just a wine opener; it's a key to unlocking memorable evenings, engraved with your name for a truly unique experience.

Every time you uncork a bottle, your personalized opener becomes a symbol of your appreciation for life's finer moments. Crafted with precision, it seamlessly blends style and functionality, ensuring each pour is a celebration of your distinct taste.

But the elegance doesn't stop there. Encased within an exquisitely engraved black paper box, this opener finds its home – a safekeeping that enhances both its allure and significance. The engraved box adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness, making it an ideal gift for wine enthusiasts or a sophisticated addition to your own collection.


Size of the opener: 4.7"*1.2"

Size of the black paper box: 6.1"*2.2"*1.6"

Trusted Quality

Trusted Quality

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