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    Put this fine moleskin ledger in the hand of your groomsman and you’re likely to empower him to keep his own captain’s log.   It’s likely that he’ll start taking those deep inner thoughts to the pen and be his own Captain Kirk.   Make the voice of your groomsman tangible with this fine leather pocket journal which is hand made with the best of full leathers.  If you’re looking for groomsmen gifts that are out of the box & different, yet sure to catch the eye of any guy with a nose for leather, than this will be a hit.   These hides are hand picked from a local tannery so you’ll get that classic rustic look that makes for a unique groomsman gift. 

    Our Gentleman’s Journal is 100% made in the USA with full grain American leather.  It’s sized at 4.25″ wide x 6″ Tall and includes a small pencil and 1 field notes or moleskin pocket journal.  Make it super unique with a rockin’ personalization.

    This ain’t no SISSY-FIED leather. These steer hides are marked by REAL LIFE. The leather may contain bug bites, scars, BRANDING marks, barbed wire, wrinkles, etc… We don’t discriminate! This leather hasn’t been manipulated in anyway, shape or form. It all tells a story…

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    Trusted Quality

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