17 Best One Year Anniversary Gifts

Updated on October 13, 2020 by Chris Bajda

It’s been a year of love, laughter and memories. You still can’t get enough of each other and there’s no better way to express all that love and fondness on the celebration of your first year anniversary. Let him know how special he is and how much you treasure every moment spent with him with a special anniversary gift. Choose something that he will always remember you by or one that represents your 1 year anniversary through a paper gift. Whatever kind of gift you choose, let it be one that he will definitely cherish and will spell the word love in every way.

Here are 17 of the best one year anniversary gifts you can choose from: 

17. New York Time Custom Front Page Puzzle

One thing a man likes the same as freshly read news, is a timely challenge. This New York Time Custom Front Page Puzzle might be a representation of the challenges you both had to face and overcome delightfully with each other, because you both believe it was worth it. Celebrate your anniversary by boosting his self-efficacy and creative powers. This 19”x13.5” with 500 pieces puzzle will build your sweetness more as you bond over putting them all together.

16. Letters To My Love 

Your man might not be a fan of the “Notebook” movie but we all know the power of a sweetly written, personally crafted and handwritten letters. This Letters To My Love is a collection of all your letters to him and maybe his letters back to you all in one grasp. So after a year of love and affection, hand your husband a gift he can access should a day come that you feel lost in translation.

15. Custom Star Map

By this time you are certain that you are a match made in heaven and that all the powers of the universe conspired to make him yours and you, his. This Custom Star Map is perfect reminder of how his lucky star ended on your constellation. The frame contains sky print, date of your wedding and location or something else depending on how you want to personalize your STAR MAP.

14. Timeless Timepiece

When it comes to your men, you can never go wrong with watches. For a one year anniversary, it has to be something that precedes the succeeding gifts with style and class. This Timeless Timepiece is indeed timeless with its wooden look and manly finish. Engrave your personal message to your love at the sandalwood back of this watch and make him wear your love where his heart beats too, all day.

13. Knife To Remember 

Unleash your boyfriend’s wild and manly side with this durable combination of carbon fiber and high quality wood pocket knife. Whether he likes to camp into the wild or merely wants to protect himself, this Knife To Remember can serve a lot of purpose depending on who is using them. Have the number 1 engraved in it too as the number of years you have been married with a double meaning that he will always be your one and only.

12. Minimalist Wallet

So your man likes it simple but functional. This Minimalist Wallet can hold quite a number of paper bills in it without bulging his pocket or crowding his bag. It can also carry 12 cards without bending them and it can be engraved with your boyfriend or husband’s 3 initials. More importantly, this unique anniversary gift comes with a military-grade RFID blocking technology that helps stop thieves from stealing your man’s identity.

11. Let's Have Coffee Together Forever Spoon 

If you want to give your man an out of this world gift for your anniversary, then this is the way to go. This 7-inches Let's Have Coffee Together Forever Spoon is perfect for mixing that coffee or tea you lovingly make for him every morning or every night. Personalizing it with your own clever or sweet message will make this gift suggestion more unique. After all, mugs can be personalized; tea spoons should not be an exemption.

10. Wedding Song Cufflinks

Most romantic men love playing songs while dancing with the woman they love. Time to turn the table around and be the romantic one with a song, only yours is written in this Wedding Song Cufflinks. Never has any gift been more super personalized and romantic at the same time. This cufflink not only does its trick with his polo sleeves but also in his heart. Make your man wear lyrics of that wedding song you so lovingly danced into.

9. Origami Wall Clock


Talk about a love that continues to grow overtime aligned with your one year anniversary, what do you get? An origami clock. This timeless piece of art made of paper is perfect for your paper anniversary. This Origami Wall Clock which is approximately 30 cm in diameter makes for a nice reminder that it was your gift during your paper anniversary. Start a thematic gift giving based on the years you have been married and make a habit of giving symbolic ones like this.

8. Anniversary Journal

This Anniversary Journal is a unique, timeless and comprehensive compilation of photos, dates, letters and even messages you want to say in caption to some photos. Your love deserves to be recorded and remembered. Give this to your husband and let him participate into filling it up eventually. For now, be the first to put it all together and show him how one year fills all the papers in the journal.

7. Ticket Stub Diary 

He probably dated you into a baseball or basketball game and fell in love with you deeper as you screamed with him in support for his team. That dinner he bought the day he proposed to you came with a receipt too. Whether it is a ticket to a game, a receipt to a restaurant or a simple meal stub, so long as it has a deep meaning in your relationship, it deserves to be kept, and remembered in a Ticket Stub Diary like this.

6. Love at First Sight Card

Card writing seemed to be a lost art. But every so often in a digitally dominated world, a simple card speaks loudly to a person reading it. On your paper anniversary, write your message down on a paper. Scribble all your thoughts of love and gratefulness in a Love at First Sight Card and reward your husband with your loving words on your anniversary.  Then, as he reads it, seal it with a kiss.

5. Hand Made Leather Folder 

Your man may not be a fan of bulky bags but he will definitely love to protect his laptop or his other stuff while still travelling light. This Hand Made Leather Folder makes a dainty anniversary gift as it is made from crazy horse leather and comes in different colors. It is styled with brass buttons for a more sophisticated and manly look alongside its smooth finish. Personalize it with his initials to boost the sweeter touch.

4. Guitar Glass Set 

Is your man a music lover? A fan of drinking? Perhaps both. Whether he likes to drink or play music, this Guitar Glass Set is something you husband would want for an anniversary gift. It screams your support for his music and perhaps his occasional moment of drinking. After all, since each glass can hold 16oz of liquid, any beverage will look cool in these glasses.. So keep your husband hydrated and your love alive.

3. The Love Languages Book 

Since you are in your paper anniversary with your beloved, why not give your husband a key to the Secret to love that lasts, written in paper and compiled in a book. The Love Languages Book is a best seller as it unveils tips to maintaining the relationship you and your partner treasure most. This sets a great precedence for your future gifts. Better if you get the actual book than a kindle version, so the papers symbolize your first year anniversary.

2. Multi-Purpose Tool Kit 

For some reason, men loves their tools and they always want them to come in handy. Give him this Multi-Purpose Tool Kit that will equip him for sudden minor fix ups. This tool kit that has a Can Opener, Cutting Edge, Flat Screwdriver, Ruler, Beer Bottle Opener, 4 Position Wrench, Butterfly Screw Wrench, Saw Blade, Direction Ancillary Indication (Water Compass), 2 Position Wrench, Keychain or lanyard Hole which all comes in protective case so you can put it in your man can keep it without harming himself or anyone.

1. Anniversary Sundial Compass 


Whether your beloved is an old soul or a modern brood, this antique design chronometric mechanism will surely ignite interest in him. He already found his way to you, but this Anniversary Sundial Compass will make him look for direction in a very challenging way that a man loves. Personalize it with an anniversary message of your choice and let this classy loving gift find its way to your husband’s pocket too.

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