14 Great Personalized Cutting Boards for the Cooks in the Kitchen

Updated on June 05, 2020 by Eds Alvarez

A cutting board for a gift? Why not! With gorgeous looking designs and the affordable price, who won’t be enticed to give this thoughtful and functional gift? Let his passion for cooking be fueled even more with this gift. You can choose from different types of wood like bamboo, oak, or walnut. What’s more, this gift can be easily engraved with his name, initials, or even a short thoughtful message. Custom made cutting boards will surely be a welcome addition to his kitchen cutting board collection. Pick the quality ones and have it designed with a favorite quote, a TV series, or just something that reminds him of the things closest to his heart, like how cooking is his expression of love for family and friends.

Here are 14 great personalized cutting boards he will surely appreciate:     

14. Cutting Board

He is really into cooking. Giving him this gorgeous item will cause him to remember your thoughtfulness while in the kitchen. This Personalized Cutting Board makes use of Walnut (dark brown) Maple (with handle) or Bamboo and is triple sanded for the smoothest finish and sealed/conditioned with an all-natural mineral oil blend and an extra Beeswax/carnauba wax topcoat. 

13. Filigree Monogram Bamboo Cutting Board

Let this Filigree Monogram Bamboo Cutting Board fit his countertop comfortably. At 12″ X 8″ X 0.5″, this bamboo wood cutting board is both a functional and decorative gift that is sure to impress friends and visitors. Preparing ingredients would always bring you to mind with this gift! 

12. Cedar Wood Cutting Chopping Board 


It's made from reclaimed cedar wood. This Cedar Wood Cutting Chopping Board is approximately 16″ x 10″ in varying shapes. It can be laser engraved with his name or a short message from you. You can be sure he will always have a reason to remember you with this gift! 

11. Knives & Etched Bamboo Cutting Board

It's such an attractive yet affordable piece on his dining table. This Knives & Etched Bamboo Cutting Board is a classic cheese serving tray with four nifty tools all personalized and engraved with his name or a message. It comes with magnetic strips which will keep the tools conveniently close, but still out of the way. It's one gift he will truly appreciate! 

10. Personalized Two-Tone Cutting Board

It is both functional and elegant. This Personalized Two-Tone Cutting Board have a variety of beautiful designs to choose from. You can have it personalized with his name or a message. It is made from bamboo and engraved in the USA using only the highest quality materials and latest technology in laser engraving.  This cutting board will be quite a catch!

9. Metallic Marble Monogram Cutting Board

This gift will definitely add style to his kitchen. This Metallic Marble Monogram Cutting Board is made with hand-pressed tempered glass. It is great for prepping and serving. It also matches any décor when printed with his custom text, monogram, or designs. Definitely a gift for keeps! 

8. Engraved Kitchen Tools Set and Bread Cutting Board

With an item this gorgeous, it's easy to think that it can be expensive. Now, that's one thought you have to dismiss as this Engraved Kitchen Tools Set and Bread Cutting Board is very affordable. This classic cheese serving tray has four nifty tools which can also be personalized. 

7. Better Together White Wash Glass Cutting Board

It's a handsome home décor accent for the kitchen. This Better Together White Wash Glass Cutting Board can be displayed against a wall on the countertop. With the unique neutral style of this cutting board, it is one elegant gift that will surprise the chef in him and remind them each meal preparation is a labor of love. 

6. Chalkboard Style Monogram Cutting Board

A perfect accent to his entertainment areas, this Chalkboard Style Monogram Cutting Board is the perfect gift for him. It is made with hand-pressed tempered glass. This eye-catching cutting board can match any decor and can be personalized with a custom text, monogram, or designs. It's also available in five different sizes.

5. Elegant Monogrammed Couple's Cheese Cutting Board



This Elegant Monogrammed Couple's Cheese Cutting Board is made of durable, long-lasting cherry wood. It's sure to lend a naturalistic warmth to his kitchen and can also be engraved with his name, an initial, and a date. It's one attractive gift he won't easily forget!

4. Engraved Script Wood Cutting Board

It's one customized cutting board that makes the perfect gift! This Engraved Script Wood Cutting Board made from natural wood and is not stained or painted. This sugar yeti personalized bamboo cutting board is handcrafted in the USA.
This Walnut Personalized Cutting Board is the ideal gift choice for him. It will surely impress his guests and guaranteed to be a conversation starter in any occasion. It is made of Premium Oak and Walnut Wood and covered twice with hot mineral oil to last long. It can be engraved with his name or a short message to make it extra special.  

This Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board is made from organically grown bamboo and comes with a serving platter with 3 ceramic bowls and bamboo spoons. It even has a milled groove around the edges of the cutting surface to collect juice from soft cheeses and fruits. It's one gift he will really thank you for! 

    1. Game of Thrones Cutting Board

    This personalized cutting board is perfect for any occasion. The Game of Thrones Cutting Board is the ideal gift choice for him who has been an avid fan of this TV series. It is made of premium Oak or Walnut wood and covered twice with hot mineral oil to last long. It is guaranteed to impress as it will be engraved to look like the sample photo with his name or monogram on it. 

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