30 Best 25 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Updated on June 21, 2023 by Melissa Bajda

The 25th anniversary is a momentous occasion and deserves to be celebrated with a special gift.

If you are searching for 25 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him, look no further! We've compiled the ultimate list of perfect gifts to make him feel loved and appreciated on your special day.

From classic keepsakes to modern surprises, you'll find the ideal gift here to make your 25th anniversary one to remember.

25-Year Anniversary Gifts for Him: The Ultimate List!

1. Silver Commemorative Coin Display

This Silver Commemorative Coin Display anniversary gift is a superb pair of Silver Wedding Anniversary Commemoratives to present to your loved one.

With the words, "I love you today as I have from the start, and I'll love you forever with all my heart." It is finished in .999 sterling silver, one with an inlaid Diamante gemstone.

These silver anniversary gifts feature intricate detailing with fully embossed designs.

2. Collage Photo Canvas Personalized Wall Art

This Collage Photo Canvas 25th wedding anniversary gift is a 1.25" deep wrapped canvas. It is custom-developed and uses archival pigment-based inks

with solid front construction. This anniversary gift won't stretch or sag, and it has beautiful corners, finished backing & ready to hang. Simply perfect for your 25th wedding anniversary. 

3. Anniversary Men's Gift Box

anniversary gift box

Are you looking for an 25th anniversary gift for the man who has everything? This Personalized Gift Box is the perfect way to show him how much you care! Inside, he'll find all sorts of goodies to help him be prepared for anything life throws his way.

And when he sees your custom message on the inside wedding anniversary gift box, he'll know that you're genuinely committed to your relationship!

4. 25 Years Family Sculpture Figurines

The 25 Years Sculpture Figurines 25th wedding anniversary gift comes with two adults and your choice of 1 to 4 children, packaged in a wooden box with straw.

Flip the box over to show the engraved front creating a shelf for your little family. The wooden box may vary in size but generally around 25cm x 4cm x 4cm. Your spouse would genuinely be delighted with this unique gift. 

5. Hand Stamped Personalized KeyChain

This sterling silver anniversary gift is hand stamped and personalized. This Hand Stamped Personalized Keychain is a US quarter with two hearts highlighting the year.

You can also make these wedding anniversary gifts without the hearts if you would prefer. The quarters have been in circulation so that they will have wear marks. Its bottom disc is thick aluminium 1 1/4" and can be personalized with up to 20 characters, including spaces.

A small inscription may also be added to the coin or under it, such as initials and a wedding date.

Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Him

6. Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box

Amazon.com: Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box - Custom ...

Let this Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box anniversary gift help him get organized with all his stuff.

He can have these wedding anniversary gifts placed on his office desk or that perfect spot in your home where he can leave all his valuables neatly and securely.

It is one 25th wedding anniversary gift specially made for that one special person closest to your heart.

7. Anniversary Armed Knife 

Unleash your guy's wild side with this durable combination of carbon fiber and a high-quality wood pocket knife.

Whether he likes to camp in the wild or merely wants to protect himself, this Anniversary Armed Knife can serve many purposes depending on who uses them.

Have the number engraved in wedding anniversary gift, too, as the number of years you have been married with a double meaning that he will always be your one and only

This Silver Wedding Anniversary Bracelet is a handmade item. These silver anniversary gifts are made from silver material and is adjustable too.

You can also personalize this 25th wedding anniversary gift with the wedding date hand stamped inside. But it can also be inscribed with a name, initials or number of your choice up to 12 characters (6 per side).

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9. Personalized Wallet Insert Card

This Wallet Insert Card anniversary gift is a wallet insert the same size as a standard credit card, so it will perfectly fit in his wallet.

It is taken from a silver sheet that is not easily manipulated. Whatever you want stamped can be on the wallet insert. 

10. Forever Together Pint Glass

Forever Together Pint Glass

Celebrate your love and commitment with our "Forever Together" anniversary pint glass. This beautifully crafted and personalized glass is the perfect way to commemorate your special day and enjoy your favorite drink together.

The exquisite craftsmanship of our pint glasses is outstanding, and the laser engraving ensures that the design will never wear off, making it a long-lasting and treasured keepsake for years to come. Each glass is made from high-quality materials and is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and maintain.

11. Custom Wooden Cutting Board


Celebrate 25 years of love and culinary adventures with this exquisite custom wooden cutting board, the perfect gift for him on your 25th wedding anniversary. With personalized engravings commemorating your special milestone, this timeless piece will be a cherished addition to his kitchen, reminding him of your enduring love every time he prepares a delicious meal.

12. Custom Cupid Minimalist Wallet

anniversary wallet

Most guys prefer a thin wallet that won't look like a hamburger in their pocket. This Custom Cupid Wallet will wow your guy when you hand it over to him.

If your guy is one of them, upgrade him to these 25th wedding anniversary gifts. The personalization on this modern gift allows you to put his initials or yours with a heart on the clip.

He will think of you every time he uses these wedding anniversary gifts!

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13. Personalized Silver Handwriting Necklace

This Personalized Silver Handwriting Necklace anniversary gift is a handmade item. This silver jewelry is made with silver with a minimalist style.

You can personalize it by capturing a phrase or name of a loved one in eco-friendly pure, recycled silver. This item is made to order, with the handwriting sample you provided. This personal gift is a beautiful way to commemorate a loved one or celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary.

Each anniversary gift is unique, like the handwriting it features.

14. Polished Square Cufflinks with '25' Engraved

This Polished Square Tin Cufflinks with '25' Engraved is the perfect gift to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary.

These polished wedding anniversary gifts have '25' engraved in the corner. A simple yet stunning design that has a mix of glossy and textured tin to give a great unique effect.

This silver anniversary gift is handmade in the UK and has sterling silver plated T-bar cufflink backs, making them easy to put on and remove daily.

10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

15. Ceramic 25th Anniversary Couple Figurine



This Ceramic 25th Anniversary Couple Figurine reads "25th Anniversary." It is made with high-quality ceramic material and comes nicely packaged.

He will undoubtedly set this anniversary gift where he can always see it and remember fond memories of your special day. It will make for a great gift!

16. Watch with Custom Message

A perfect choice for a 25th anniversary for him. Please don't waste any time letting him know how much you care.

Let him have this Engraved Wooden Watch made of 100% natural wood. Let this 25th wedding anniversary gift on his wrist remind him that you treasure every second you spend with him.

17. 100% Real Rose Dipped in Pure Silver

If you are looking for an anniversary gift that stands out, consider a 100% Real Rose Dipped in Pure Silver. This unique gift is sure to take his breath away!

These silver anniversary gifts are luxurious and thoughtful for your man on your 25th anniversary.

The rose is preserved and plated in precious steel, making it a timeless and everlasting gift.

18. A Toast to Forever

A Toast to Forever

Raise a glass to forever with our "A Toast to Forever" anniversary whiskey glass. This beautiful and timeless glass is hand-crafted and exquisitely designed to make your drinks opulent and personalized. The glass features elegant engravings of the years the couple has been married, as well as their names, making it a unique and cherished keepsake for their anniversary celebration.

    19. Two Tone Silver Plated Double Picture Frame

    This Two Tone Silver Plated Double Picture Frame is beautifully designed. The photo frame features an embossed design of two silver bells with a silver-colored ribbon.

    It is designed to hold two photographs. One photograph of the wedding day and the other 25 years on! This makes a beautiful keepsake gift for a special couple celebrating their silver wedding anniversary.

    20. Cupids Cup Tumbler

    The Cupids Cup Tumbler is an excellent gift for the man in your life celebrating their 25th anniversary. It is made of stainless steel, has double-wall vacuum insulation, and is dishwasher safe.

    The tumbler is perfect for keeping your drinks cold or hot no matter where you go. Not to mention, it is a stylish way to remind him of your special anniversary.

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    21. Carbon Is Forever Set

    Happy Anniversary, I love you more and more each day. Except yesterday, you were pretty annoying then! Happy Anniversary!

    Celebrate your enduring love with our special "Carbon Is Forever" anniversary knife, the perfect gift to mark your milestone together. This exquisite knife is not just a tool, but a timeless keepsake that will hold a special place in your hearts for years to come.

    22. Damascus Steel Ring

    Damascus Steel Ring is the perfect way to show your significant other how much you love them on their 25th anniversary.

    Damascus steel is an ancient technique used to create a beautiful and unique pattern of wavy lines, making each piece unique and personal.

    This is an especially great gift for him, as it is solid and durable and will last a lifetime.

    23. Tally Mark Silver Keychain

    For the 25th anniversary, the Tally Mark Silver Keychain is a special gift he will surely cherish.

    This 25th anniversary gift features an intricate design of tiny, engraved tally marks on silver, giving it a unique and meaningful look.

    The keychain is made from sterling silver, making it a durable and timeless piece.

    24. Always & Forever Frame

    The Always & Forever Frame is the perfect 25th-anniversary gift for him.

    Show your special someone how much you love them with this unique frame. Crafted from silver, this frame features a timeless design that celebrates your love and life together.

    The photo opening is sized to fit a 4" x 6" or 3 1/2" x 5" photo, making it easy to display your favorite moment.

    25. 25th Wedding Anniversary Flutes

    Celebrate a 25-year milestone with the perfect anniversary gift: 25th Wedding Anniversary Flutes for wine lovers.

    This beautiful set of Champagne Flutes makes for a timeless and classic anniversary present, sure to be enjoyed and cherished for years.

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    26. Love Message Flask

    anniversary gift flask

    Celebrate your anniversary by adorning his jacket pocket with this sleek flask gift. This gift is perfect for his office too or wherever he would need a quick drink. It is 6 ounces of grown man drinkware. You can order this gift with front engraving and have the back personalized as well to make it extra special.

    27. Silver Sound Wave Art

    Finding the perfect 25th-anniversary gift for him can be a challenge, but one idea is sure to make him smile: Silver Sound Wave Art.

    This such an amazing gift will capture his favorite song, poem, or other audio recordings in a visually stunning piece of art.

    Whether he loves music, is romantic at heart, or loves how the artwork looks, these 25th anniversary gift ideas will surely make him happy.

    28. 25th Anniversary Reserve

    Anniversary Reserve


    Finding the perfect gift for a couple celebrating their anniversary can be challenging, our Wine Box solves that problem. This beautifully designed box has been crafted to hold one bottle of wine, making it an ideal gift for couples who love to indulge in their favorite wine. Made with high-quality materials, this Wine Box ensures that your gift will be cherished by your loved ones.

    28. 25th Anniversary Engraved Sundial

    Celebrate your 25th anniversary in style with an Engraved Sundial.

    This 25th anniversary gift will serve as a sweet reminder of your special day and can be customized to include a special message of your choice.

    The engraving process is done by hand, so you can be sure each piece is unique and made with care. This sundial is perfect for the man in your life who loves traditional gifts with a special meaning.

    29. Anniversary Coaster Set

    Introducing our Anniversary Coaster Set, a delightful collection of four slate coasters that beautifully commemorate your special milestone. Crafted with care and precision, these coasters are engraved with a cute anniversary design and can be personalized with your initials or wedding date, adding a touch of uniqueness to your cherished moments.

    30. 25th Anniversary Clock

    The 25th anniversary is a special milestone in any marriage and commemorating it with the perfect gift is essential.

    One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give your husband for this momentous occasion is a 25th-anniversary Personalized Clock.

    A clock is a classic, timeless piece that celebrates the passing of time, making it an excellent symbol for the anniversary of your love.

    Understanding the Significance of 25 Year Anniversary

    The 25th wedding anniversary is a significant milestone in a couple's life. It is also known as the silver anniversary, which symbolizes the strength and endurance of the relationship. This milestone represents a quarter of a century of love, commitment, and devotion between two people.

    The silver anniversary is a time to reflect on the journey that the couple has been through together. It is a time to celebrate the many ups and downs that they have faced together and the strength of their bond that has kept them together.

    Traditionally, silver is the gift of choice for a 25th anniversary. Silver is a precious metal that symbolizes strength, beauty, and durability. It is a fitting symbol for a couple who has been together for 25 years and has weathered the storms of life together.

    In addition to silver, there are other traditional and modern gift options that are appropriate for a 25th anniversary. Some of these options include:

    • Traditional: Silver jewelry, silverware, silver picture frames, silver candlesticks
    • Modern: Silver watches, silver desk sets, silver cufflinks, silver keychains

    Overall, the 25th anniversary is a time to celebrate the love and commitment between two people. It is a time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future with hope and optimism.

    Traditional 25 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

    When it comes to celebrating a 25-year wedding anniversary, it's important to choose a gift that reflects the significance of this milestone. Traditional gifts for this occasion include silver-themed gifts and vintage wine. Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect gift for your husband.

    Silver-Themed Gifts

    Silver is the traditional gift for a 25-year anniversary, and there are many options available for men. A few ideas include:

    • Silver cufflinks or tie clip
    • Silver watch or pocket watch
    • Silver-plated picture frame with a photo of the two of you
    • Silver coin or commemorative silver item
    • Silver keychain or money clip

    These gifts not only honor the tradition of the occasion but also provide a lasting reminder of your love and commitment.

    Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Him

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