22 Great Golf Ball Markers For Your Links Lover

Updated on June 04, 2021 by Chris Bajda

Looking for golf ball markers to add to your guy's arsenal of golf tools?

Your golf lover wants to make a mark on his game, so we've put together a collection of the best golf ball markers that will let him mark his golf ball in style. With his insane love for golf, you want to let him know just how happy you are to support him in his favorite sport by getting him a personalized golf marker, it makes for one of the most thoughtful golf gifts.  

Let your golf lover leave a mark on his game as you give him a golf ball marker to use on the greens that he hits. You can even let these ball marks double as a hat clip or belt clip that he can easily access.

Here are 22 of the best golf ball markers you can choose from: 

22. Puff Puff Putt - Holds Your Cigar While You Golf

Golf Cigar Holder

This fun cigar golf tool is a great gift for anyone that likes to enjoy a cigar while they are golfing.  This tool is a cigar holder that you can plug into the ground, but it also has a fun golf ball marker on it that your cigar lover can use to mark his golf ball when he is putting. All cigar loving golfer will love this gift when you hand it over to them!

21. Good Luck Birdie Golf Ball Markers


Golf Ball Marker Set


For the golf-loving birdie chaser this set of golf ball markers is the perfect gift. Including three humorous ball marks and a hat clip, your golfer will be delighted with this gift. We can't guarantee this will improve his game but it will put a smile on his face.  Why do you need 3 ball markers? Easy! One for the hat clip, one for your pocket, and one for that one guy in your foursome who always "forgets" his bag once he's on the green!  Just make sure you get it back after the hole!

20. Elixir Golf Crystal Golf Ball Marker

Who says you can't have crystals on the golf course? This Elixir Golf Crystal Golf Ball Marker will provide that needed glitter as he plays his favorite sport. It has package dimension of 7.62 L X 7.62 W X 7.62 H (cm). It weighs 0.2 pounds and comes all the way from Korea. 



Personalized Divot Tool Golf Ball Marker


This personalized divot tool doubles as a ball ball marker, as you can remove the personalized plate to mark your golf ball. With its sleek design and custom initials, any golfer will be impressed to get this as a gift.  This 2-in-1 gift is a  high-quality divot tool that will help him fix his ball marks.  Any golfer will be proud to carry it with him on the course.

    18. Nice Shot Dad Golf Markers

    Perfect for your dad, help him complete his collection of golf accessories that will make him think of his kids when he is on the course.  These Magnetic Golf Ball Markers stamped with the wording "nice shot Dad!" and "may the course be with you." It comes ready to be handed to your dad as it is placed in a gift-wrapped box.  

    17. Multitool Golf Ball Marker

    multi tool golf ball marker 

    Why give him one tool when you can give him one tool with multi purposes. This great tool serves 6 different functions from a ball marker, to a divot tool, to a club cleaner. This sharp looking tool is made from heavy-duty metal to stand up to whatever your guy puts it through.

    16. Lucky Ball Markers 

    The glory era of golf will all be coming back to him as he receives this Hobo Luck Ball Markers from you. Known for the sculptural art form, the hobo nickel is said to bring a little luck to your golf game. Each marker is precision milled in the USA from pure brass. It is laser etched with the "LUCK" design on the front and a small Kraken logo on the backside.  

    15. Photo Ball Markers

    Remembering the people closest to his heart while playing his favorite sport are two things he will never get tired of. You can be sure he will never lose his spot on the green again thanks to because of these custom golf ball markers! Add your own flair and stand out amongst your foursome.

    14. Personalized Golf Hat Clip and Ball Marker


    This Personalized Golf Hat Clip and Ball Marker is a stylish hat clip that doubles as a practical tool: a personalized magnetic ball marker! You can change the initials to personalize the clip & ball marker. Made from metal, it also comes with a strong magnet that helps keep it accessible. Look sharp on the green and in the country club with this hat clip.

      13. Tin Cup Golf Ball Custom Marker

      Give him an ultra-fine sharpie that works best with the tin cups. The Tin Cup Golf Ball Custom Marker is a revolutionary new technique for golfers to mark/imprint their golf ball. The system allows a golfer to create a personalized ball using the logo or design of their choice. These are wonderful gift items or tournament giveaways.

      12. White Marble Gray Golf Ball Marker

      This White Marble Gray Golf Ball Marker features a white marble background with a handwritten light gray monogrammed name on a black rectangle framed in silver. You can place his initials on it to make it extra special.Never lose your spot on the green again thanks to this great custom golf ball marker

      11. Baseball Golf Ball Marker


      It's hand-painted and raised in metal. This Baseball Golf Ball Marker represents two of the games closest to his heart. It's authentically shaped and comes with a matching hat clip. This is one great gift idea he will surely love! 

      10. Personalized Monogram Golf Ball Marker

      Place his initials in this Personalized Monogram Golf Ball Marker and you would have given him a gift he will keep for life. Never lose your spot on the green again thanks to custom golf ball markers. You may even add your own flair and stand out amongst your foursome. Each package comes with 3 markers that can easily fit into his pocket and golf bag. 

      9. Don't Tread on Me Magnetic Ball Marker

      Let him tee happy with this tee-rrific new product! The Don't Tread on Me Magnetic Ball Marker is a perfect combination of a cool attachment and useful tool. This product is a hole-in-one! It comes with a handy accessory clip to your golf hat, and the resin-topped image is a removable ball marker as shown.

      8. Black Gray White Golf Ball Marker 


      This Black Gray White Golf Ball Marker is also apersonalized golf hat clip featuring a light gray monogram initial and white retro script name on a black background. It's a stylish hat clip that doubles as a practical tool: a personalized golf ball marker! Look sharp on the green and in the country club by adding your own flair.

      7. Personalized Monogrammed Golf Marker

      Made from stainless steel with a brushed look, this Personalized Monogrammed Golf Marker is surprisingly lightweight. It has an acrylic coating on top and can be personalized with his name or even a company logo. It's one functional gift he is sure to remember you by. 

      6. Brushed Metal Golf Ball Marker 


      It's a stylish hat clip that doubles as a practical tool: a personalized magnetic ball marker! This Brushed Metal Golf Ball Marker is made of metal and comes with a strong magnet that helps keep the ball marker accessible. It also easily clips onto hat brims, visors, collars, shoes, or bags. 

      5. One Putt Golf Ball Marker 

      One Putt Ball Marker

      This One Putt Golf Ball Marker comes with red, white & blue stripes and a magnetic hat clip. It features a chrome finish with the words "One Putt" across the bottom. It also comes with the strongest magnetic hat clip on the market to firmly hold it in place so it will not fall off. It's a high-quality item he would use for a long time. 

      4. Monogram Retro Golf Ball Markers

      Time for him to make a mark on the golf course with this Monogram Retro Ball Marks. This marker comes in a green and white retro design that has his monogram on it, he will love using this for his ball marks. The vibrant color of this gift is sure to impress him. 

      3. Double-Sided Enamel Magnetic Ball Markers


      This Double-Sided Enamel Magnetic Ball Marker features a League-specific cap clip that easily attaches to any hat. It is printed with his favorite team's logo and includes a cap clip with 2 double-sided enamel color fill and magnetic markers. It's the perfect gift to show off his team spirit while on the green. 

        2. Team Golf NFL Golf Chip Ball Markers

         NFL Team Golf Marker

        With his team logo on the back of the chip and a strong magnet to hold the marker, this Team Golf NFL Golf Chip Ball Markers is the perfect gift for your golf aficionado friend. This set includes 3 colored golf chip ball markers and 3 double-sided enamel color fill with magnetic markers. 

        1. Gorilla Golf Ball Marker

        The Gorilla Golf Ball Marker is great for the big hitter in your group. It comes with a strong magnetic hat clip on the market to firmly hold it in place so it will not fall off. This is one good deal for a high-quality marker!

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