29 Unique Golf Trophies Worth Bragging About

December 30, 2023 by Melissa Bajda

Golf trophies serve a pivotal role in the sport, transforming ordinary golf tournaments into memorable events. Besides their obvious role of recognizing and honoring winners, trophies also serve to motivate competitors, fostering a spirit of friendly rivalry and pushing players to continuously improve their game.

These custom-made golf awards, whether whimsically designed like the Gold Toilet Bowl Trophy or elegantly styled like the Glass Cup Award, capture the essence of each event and the dedication required to compete.

In addition, the trophies are often cherished by winners, acting as tangible symbols of their hard work, skill, and success in the sport.

1. Crystal Golf Ball on Black Crystal Base

Rising majestically to a height of 9 inches, the Crystal Golf Ball on Black Crystal Base is a captivating sight.

Weighing in at 5.425 pounds, this golf trophy is no lightweight, matching its substantial presence with the weight of achievement it signifies. The clear, golf ball-shaped crystal shines brilliantly atop a striking black base, symbolizing the clarity of focus and dark obstacles a golfer must overcome to achieve victory.

A spectacle of elegance and resilience, this golf trophy is the embodiment of a golfer's triumphant journey.

2. Crystal Golf Flag Award

The Crystal Golf Flag Award is a treasure among golf trophies. Available in three sizes, it caters to different levels of achievement.

The pièce de résistance is the crystal golf flag, accompanied by a crystal golf ball on the side, forming a striking tableau of a golfer's triumph. The trophy's charm lies in the custom engraving, etched directly into the crystal.

This touch of personalization turns this award into more than just a trophy, it's a tangible token of victory, a crystal chronicle of your golfing glory.

3. Chrome Beacon Golf Trophy

The Chrome Beacon Golf Trophy is the epitome of timeless elegance and mastery.

Crafted with a flawless chrome-plated metal tee, it cradles a radiant crystal golf ball. This glorious ensemble is elevated high on a transparent optic crystal base.

The crowning touch is your personalized congratulatory message and logo, deep etched into the base, adding a unique signature to this emblem of victory.

4. Custom Acrylic Golf Trophy

A blend of modern materials and traditional craft, the Custom Acrylic Golf Trophy stands out in the sea of trophies.

Crafted from 1/4" clear acrylic and 1/8" walnut plywood, it is lightweight yet sturdy. The engraved plate adds a personalized touch, making this trophy uniquely yours.

With its modern design and traditional feel, this golf trophy not only marks a golfer's achievement but also mirrors the game's timeless elegance. It is also available in a female golfer!

5. Modern Metal and Crystal Golf Trophy

Striking in its simplicity, the Modern Metal and Crystal Golf Trophy stands at an impressive 11 inches in height and a width of 5 inches.

These crystal golf awards are perfect for gold tournaments, adding a touch of elegance and prestige to any award ceremony. Each trophy comes nestled in an elegant gift box, ready to present to the victor.

Plus, with the free personalization service, you can add a unique touch to each trophy, engraving the winner's name or the tournament details right onto the metal or crystal.

6. Golf Club and Ball Optical Crystal Award

The Golf Club and Ball Optical Crystal Award is a sight to behold. Perched on a black crystal base, it shines radiantly, exuding a sublime blend of elegance and grandeur.

Weighing in at 5 pounds and reaching a height of 9.25 inches, it is a substantial trophy befitting of a significant achievement.

The highlight is the custom engraving, which brings a personalized touch to this golf trophy, making it not just an award, but a personalized memento of a golfer's success.

7. Emerald Crystal Golf Obelisk Award

The Emerald Crystal Golf Obelisk Award is a showcase of precision and artistry.

The optic crystal obelisk tower exudes elegance, while the emerald crystal base and riser add a dash of color. At a comfortable weight of 4.125 pounds, this 11.75-inch tall golf award represents the pinnacle of golfing achievement.

The golf trophy's clear obelisk and emerald accents symbolize the clear vision and green fairways that every golfer navigates towards victory.

8. Gold Typhoon Trophy Cup with Male Golf Driver

The 14.5" Gold Typhoon Trophy Cup is a paragon of golfing triumph.

Flaunting a Gold Typhoon style open cup, a meticulously sculpted Male Golf Driver figure, and anchored by a marble base, this golf trophy symbolizes the lofty heights of golfing success. The crowning glory is the free engraved gold plate, allowing for three lines of personalized text.

This golf trophy doesn't just honor a winner, it tells the story of their victory, immortalizing their golfing prowess in a tangible, ever-lasting form.

9. Golf Spire Award with 3D Golfer

Reaching skyward at a height of 10 1/4", the Golf Spire Award is a golf trophy with grandeur. It is meticulously designed with a balanced weight of 3.750 pounds, not too heavy, yet substantial enough to symbolize the achievement it represents.

The highlight, however, is the 3D golfer poised in mid-swing. This intricate detail brings the golf award to life, creating a dynamic visual narrative that resonates with every golfer’s passion for the game.

The Golf Spire Award isn't just a trophy, it is a testament to the golfer's dedication, effort, and skill.

10. Glass Cup Award

The Glass Cup Award, a testament to achievement on the green, is elegantly crafted from high-quality glass and stands 7 inches tall by 5.75 inches wide. Ideal for golf tournaments and club championships, this golf award can be personalized with up to three lines of free engraving.

It is a tangible reminder of a golfer's skill and determination, a prize worthy of the most dedicated player.

11. Golf Bag Trophy Award

For those who appreciate a touch of whimsy, the Golf Bag Trophy Award is an ideal choice.

Standing at 7.5 inches and shaped like a traditional golf bag, it's a fun yet elegant recognition of achievement. The custom golf trophy is complete with an engraved plate, giving you the opportunity to personalize it with the champion's name or a heartfelt message.

This golf award serves as a charming and memorable token of success on the course.

12. Gold Toilet Bowl Trophy

Adding a dose of humor to the tournament, the Gold Toilet Bowl Trophy is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the player who may not have excelled but certainly participated.

At 6 inches tall, this novelty golf trophy takes the sting out of last place, offering a chuckle instead. Should you wish, an engraved plate can be added to commemorate the occasion.

These novelty golf awards are the perfect way to celebrate every golfer's contribution to the game, regardless of their score.

13. Golfer Swinging on the Gold Cup

For a more dynamic tribute, the 14" Golfer Swinging on the Gold Cup is a captivating choice.

This impressive golf trophy, standing 14 inches tall, features a golfer in mid-swing, adding a sense of motion and excitement to the award. It's an excellent option for family fun or kids' tournaments, offering a visual representation of the passion and skill involved in the game.

With the option to engrave your own message, this golf trophy becomes a personalized testament to achievement on the green.

14. Hole-in-One Plaque Trophy

Celebrating an incredible feat, the Hole-in-One Plaque Trophy is a testament to accuracy and skill.

Composed of 1/8" clear acrylic, this golf trophy balances durability and elegance effortlessly. Available in both small and large sizes, it showcases UV-printed photos and personalized messages on an acrylic laser-cut stand.

A stunning blend of creativity and craftsmanship, this plaque award captures the golfer's moment of glory, making it more than just a golf trophy, it is a keepsake of an unforgettable accomplishment.

15. Personalized Crystal Golf Award

Consider personalized crystal golf awards if you are looking for a golf trophy that genuinely stands out. Laser-etched Crystal plaques are a beautiful and elegant way to recognize excellence on the golf course.

These golf awards plaque feature laser free engraving logos, names, or other designs onto the surface of the crystal awards.

16. Bramble Crystal Handle Trophy

Are you looking for a unique golf trophy to show appreciation for a great round of golf? These Bramble Crystal Handle golf awards are a perfect choice.

This lead-free crystal awards feature beautiful handles and can be personalized with custom free engraving to make it even more special.

The high-quality material ensures that your tournament golf trophies will last many years.

17. 3D Laser Etched Crystal

Looking for golf awards that will make you green with envy? Look no further than 3D Laser-etched blue crystal golf trophies!

These stunning golf awards are eye-catching and have an extra layer of sophistication and elegance that makes them stand out from the rest.

18. Mini Golf Trophy

Are you looking for the perfect golf trophy to award your mini-golf tournament winners? Look no further!

This Mini Golf Trophy is an eye-catching and unique way to show appreciation. It features detailed, hand-painted green and colorful putters that look great in any office or home.

Plus, these golf awards have free engraving, so you can make it extra special with a personalized message.

19. Golf Monster Trophy

Golf trophies are a great way to commemorate your most treasured golfing moments.

These fantastic The Monster Novelty Award have free engraving with up to four lines of text, making it ideal for displaying awards or achievements.

One of the best ways to show off your golfing skills is by investing in the Golf Insert Monster Golf Awards.

20. Golf Hole-In-One Plaque

Are you looking for a timeless trophy to reward the golfer in your life? Look no further than the Golf Hole In One 8x10 plaques. These beautiful golf awards will make the recipient feel appreciated and proud of their golfing achievements.

These golf awards are crafted from solid wood and have free engraving.

21. Crystal Golf Ball Trophy

The Crystal Golf Ball trophies are a great way to show off your love of golf and recognize the achievements of your team or friends.

These beautiful crystal golf awards are the perfect way to commemorate a special occasion or recognize someone for their hard work and dedication to the game of golf.

These free engraving golf awards feature a crystal golf ball in an elegant rectangular base with corner edges.

22. Resin Golf Trophy

The 7" Tall Golf Bag Resin Golf Award are a great way to recognize an extraordinary golfer.

This award is made of durable resin and has a beautiful golf scene with silver plates, a golf ball, and a golf bag.

These golf awards have a white free engraving plate that you can personalize with the recipient's name or any special message you'd like to include.

23. Golf Hole-In-One Trophy  

When it comes to golf trophies, these resin Golf Hole-in-one golf awards with a golf ball display is a popular choice.

Crafted from durable resin, this eye-catching trophy features a golf ball at the top with a hole-in-one design and a textured base that gives it a unique look.

You can do the base with a free engraving of your choice.

24. Golfer Minimalist Award

The Golfer Minimalist Golf Awards are the perfect choice for any golf lover who appreciates simplicity and modern design.

Crafted from stainless steel, these golf awards exude sophistication and style. Its unique shape and brushed finish give it an elegant look that will fit into any golf man cave

You can choose from their wide selection of free personalization golf awards at reasonable price!

25. Custom Round Crystal Trophy

The Custom Round free engraving crystal awards are a timeless way to commemorate a tremendous golfing achievement.

Whether for winning a tournament or simply hitting that hole-in-one, the crystal trophy plaques are a great way to reward and recognize any golfer.

Crystal golf trophies plaque are elegant and stylish and can be customized to represent the individual receiving them.

26. Golf Clubs & Ball Award

Golf trophies are a great way to reward a golfer's hard work and dedication to the game. These Golf Clubs & Ball golf awards feature a golf ball and clubs design and customizations available for up to three lines of text.

These golf awards are perfect for any occasion and will be treasured for years.

27. Custom Acrylic Golf Plaque

If you are looking for the perfect golf trophy to give to the winner of your next tournament, look no further than these Custom Acrylic Golf Plaques.

These crystal golf trophies are made from top-grade acrylic and features a personalized photo of your choice, making it the perfect way to commemorate any occasion or just to gift a golf lover.

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28. Small Golf Rosewood Award

This beautiful Small Rosewood golf award trophy is the perfect way to reward someone for their hard work on the course.

The base of golf trophies are made from genuine rosewood and has a stunning finish, and the trophy is a solid 6-tall.

It makes it perfect for free engraving is included with this award.

29. Golf Ball & Club Trophy

If you want a unique way to recognize someone special for their golfing skills, consider gifting them a custom 4" Golf Ball & Club Trophy.

These personalized golf awards will make the recipient feel appreciated and proud of their accomplishments.

The attention to detail in the design and craftsmanship of these golf awards makes it truly one-of-a-kind.

Criteria for Awarding Golf Trophies

When it comes to awarding golf trophies, the selection process is not just about the final score. The trophies themselves carry great significance, each designed to reflect the values and goals of the tournament they represent. Here are some of the key criteria that are typically considered:

1. Winning a Tournament or Championship

Claiming victory in a golf tournament, be it local, regional, national or international, is a monumental achievement that is often celebrated with the presentation of a trophy. These trophies not only serve as an emblem of hard-fought success, but they also signify the golfer's mastery and persistence.

2. Special Achievements in Golf

Beyond the tournament trophies, golf also acknowledges special feats achieved during play. These include awards for spectacular moments like a hole-in-one, the longest drive, or landing closest to the pin.

3. Sportsmanship and Conduct

Golf trophies extend beyond recognizing sheer skill; they also honor outstanding sportsmanship and conduct. These awards laud players who consistently exhibit exemplary ethics and fair play, on and off the green.

4. Most Improved Player

This award is a prestigious recognition for golfers who have shown remarkable progress in their skills, performance, and understanding of the game over a specific period, typically within a season or series of tournaments.

5. Team Competitions

The unique dynamics and criteria associated with team competitions in golf, where trophies are awarded based on collective performance rather than individual achievements. Team events in golf bring a different set of challenges and excitement, emphasizing teamwork, strategy, and camaraderie.

6. Junior and Amateur Golf Awards

It focuses on the awards and recognition given to junior and amateur golfers. These awards play a crucial role in nurturing the talents of young and non-professional golfers, providing them with opportunities for growth and exposure.

7. Lifetime Achievement and Special Recognition

These awards are bestowed upon individuals who have made significant contributions to the sport over an extended period, whether through their playing career, influence, innovation, or ambassadorship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many trophies are there in golf?

In a typical golf tournament, there is usually one main trophy awarded to the overall winner. However, depending on the event's size and prestige, there can be additional trophies or awards for various achievements. These might include trophies for the runner-up, the best amateur player, the player with the lowest single-round score, or for special feats like a hole-in-one.

Q2. What is a golf trophy called?

Golf trophies do not have a standard name and are often named after the tournament or the person in whose honor the trophy is given. For example, The Claret Jug is awarded to the winner of The Open Championship, and the Wanamaker Trophy is given to the PGA Championship winner.

Q3. Is there a trophy for the Masters?

Yes, there is a trophy for the Masters Tournament. The winner of the Masters receives the famous Green Jacket, which is the most recognized symbol of victory at the event. Additionally, the winner is awarded a gold replica of the Masters Clubhouse.

Q4. Do you get to keep golf trophies?

Whether a winner gets to keep a golf trophy depends on the tournament's rules. In many major championships, winners receive a replica of the trophy to keep, while the original stays with the organizing body. For instance, at the Masters, winners keep the gold replica clubhouse but not the actual trophy or the Green Jacket, which stays at Augusta National. In other tournaments, winners may keep the trophy permanently or until the next event.


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