17 Golf Trophies That Will Make You Green with Envy

Updated on March 17, 2023 by Chris Bajda

Golf is a game that requires more patience than a sloth on a Sunday afternoon.

But when you finally hit that perfect shot, there's no better feeling in the world. And what better way to celebrate your triumph than getting a golf trophy to show off your accomplishment?

Whether it's a golf tournament or a corporate event that your organizing, giving a golf trophy is a sign of accomplishment and recognition your golfers will appreciate.

In this blog post, we have compiled a list of golf trophies that are popularly awarded at tournaments and outings.

17 Ways to Show Off Your Golf Trophy!

1. Personalized Crystal Golf Award

Consider personalized crystal golf awards if you are looking for a golf trophy that genuinely stands out. Laser-etched Crystal plaques are a beautiful and elegant way to recognize excellence on the golf course.

These golf awards plaque feature laser free engraving logos, names, or other designs onto the surface of the crystal awards.

2. Bramble Crystal Handle Trophy

Are you looking for a unique golf trophy to show appreciation for a great round of golf? These Bramble Crystal Handle golf awards are a perfect choice.

This lead-free crystal awards feature beautiful handles and can be personalized with custom free engraving to make it even more special.

The high-quality material ensures that your golf trophies will last many years.

3. 3D Laser Etched Crystal

Looking for golf awards that will make you green with envy? Look no further than 3D Laser-etched blue crystal golf trophies!

These stunning golf awards are eye-catching and have an extra layer of sophistication and elegance that makes them stand out from the rest.

4. Mini Golf Trophy

Are you looking for the perfect golf trophy to award your mini-golf tournament winners? Look no further!

This Mini Golf Trophy is an eye-catching and unique way to show appreciation. It features detailed, hand-painted green and colorful putters that look great in any office or home.

Plus, these golf awards have free engraving, so you can make it extra special with a personalized message.

5. Golf Monster Trophy

Golf trophies are a great way to commemorate your most treasured golfing moments.

These fantastic The Monster golf trophies have free engraving with up to four lines of text, making it ideal for displaying awards or achievements.

One of the best ways to show off your golfing skills is by investing in the Golf Insert Monster Golf Awards.

6. Golf Hole-In-One Plaque

Are you looking for a timeless trophy to reward the golfer in your life? Look no further than the Golf Hole In One 8x10 plaques.

These beautiful golf trophies will make the recipient feel appreciated and proud of their golfing achievements.

These golf awards are crafted from solid wood and have free engraving.

7. Crystal Golf Ball Trophy

The Crystal Golf Ball trophies are a great way to show off your love of golf and recognize the achievements of your team or friends.

These beautiful crystal awards are the perfect way to commemorate a special occasion or recognize someone for their hard work and dedication to the game of golf.

These free engraving golf awards feature a crystal golf ball in an elegant rectangular base with corner edges.

8. Resin Golf Trophy

The 7" Tall Golf Bag Resin golf trophies are a great way to recognize an extraordinary golfer.

This golf trophy is made of durable resin and has a beautiful golf scene with silver plates, a golf ball, and a golf bag.

These golf awards have a white free engraving plate that you can personalize with the recipient's name or any special message you'd like to include.

9. Golf Hole-In-One Trophy  

When it comes to golf trophies, these resin Golf Hole-in-one golf awards with a golf ball display is a popular choice.

Crafted from durable resin, this eye-catching trophy features a golf ball at the top with a hole-in-one design and a textured base that gives it a unique look.

You can do the base with a free engraving of your choice.

10.Golfer Minimalist Award

The Golfer Minimalist Golf Awards are the perfect choice for any golf lover who appreciates simplicity and modern design.

Crafted from stainless steel, these golf trophies exude sophistication and style. Its unique shape and brushed finish give it an elegant look that will fit into any decor. 

You can choose from their wide selection of free personalization awards at reasonable price!

11.Custom Round Crystal Trophy

The Custom Round free engraving crystal awards are a timeless way to commemorate a tremendous golfing achievement.

Whether for winning a tournament or simply hitting that hole-in-one, the crystal trophy plaques are a great way to reward and recognize any golfer.

Crystal golf trophies plaque are elegant and stylish and can be customized to represent the individual receiving them.

12.Golf Clubs & Ball Award

Golf trophies are a great way to reward a golfer's hard work and dedication to the game.

These Golf Clubs & Ball golf awards feature a golf ball and clubs design and customizations available for up to three lines of text.

These golf trophies are perfect for any occasion and will be treasured for years.

13.Crystal Augustine Golf Trophy

If you are looking for a golf trophy that will genuinely make your golfing friends green with envy, look no further than the Crystal Augustine Golf Trophy Custom Engraved.

These stunning golf awards stand a full 10" inches tall and is made from crystal-clear glass.

Its hand-etched design is one of a kind and will surely be remembered for many years.

14.Obelisk Golf Trophy

The Glass Rectangular Golf Award is a modern and unique obelisk golf trophy that will make you green with envy!

Crafted from high-quality crystal glass, this stunning award features an attractive 3D obelisk shape atop a rectangular base, making it the perfect way to recognize outstanding golfers.

These will surely be special golf trophies displayed proudly by its recipient for years to come.

15.Custom Acrylic Golf Plaque

If you are looking for the perfect golf trophy to give to the winner of your next tournament, look no further than these Custom Acrylic Golf plaques.

These stunning golf trophies are made from top-grade acrylic and features a personalized photo of your choice, making it the perfect way to commemorate any occasion.

16.Small Golf Rosewood Award

This beautiful Small Rosewood golf award trophy is the perfect way to reward someone for their hard work on the course.

The base of golf trophies are made from genuine rosewood and has a stunning finish, and the trophy is a solid 6-tall.

It makes it perfect for free engraving is included with this award.

17.Golf Ball & Club Trophy

If you want a unique way to recognize someone special for their golfing skills, consider gifting them a custom 4" Golf Ball & Club Trophy.

These personalized golf awards will make the recipient feel appreciated and proud of their accomplishments.

The attention to detail in the design and craftsmanship of these golf trophies makes it truly one-of-a-kind.

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