19 Best Golf Tournament Gifts

Updated on October 12, 2020 by Chris Bajda

Would you like to create an experience for your golfers? Creating an experience is what sets a golf tournament apart. While gala parties may or may not have goodie bags, rarely does a golf tournament goes without them. And yes, it forms part of the creative experience that you want your golfers to have which can make an impact and increase the chances of retaining them for next year's event. What goes inside that goodie bag matters and you should be able to keep in mind that tournament participants may not all be avid golfers. Make sure what goes inside that bag is a great golfing gift that will help them remember your event fondly.  

Here are 19 of the best golf tournament gifts your players will really use and appreciate:  

19. Lost Ball

golfer lost-ball golf balls

The Wilson Ultra 500 Distance is built with a high energy core that transfers all the energy from your swing into pure, straight distance off the tee. Go long and straight at every hole and get the distance your game deserves. And when you sink your hole-in-one, everyone will know whose ball it is.

18. Greens Towel  

He simply carries everything in style while playing golf, complete his look by giving him these Greens Towel. It is designed to be a convenient CLEANING Towel that can be kept with you but not weigh you down. This towel comes with an easy-to-use carabiner clip that he can attach to a belt loop or golf bag. He will definitely appreciate a great golf towel as a gift.

    17. Personalized Golf Ball Marker Divot Tool


    Have this black metal golf ball marker personalized with a name or a logo. This gift includes a magnetic golf ball marker, pewter base, divot tool, and golf ball marker. You are sure to give him a high quality divot tool with this gift.  

    16. Golf Keychain Personalized Gift


    Let him carry his important keys together with this golf keychain. Sweet and thoughtful, he would definitely remember how much you support him with his love for this sport. Personalize it by placing his name, date, or initials on this lovely keychain and you are all set to giving him an amazing golf aficionado gift.    

    15. Golf Coffee Mug  

    Let this Golf Coffee Mug greet him each morning. This unique and fun gift is specially made for someone as special and creative as him. It’s multi-functional as it can contain his favorite coffee and at the same time play golf ball on the table. The golf stick also functions as a pen. This mug is made from good ceramic material.  

    14. TEE-OFF TAG

    Put this on your office bag, luggage, or golf bag. Always be ready to Tee off with a funny saying and engraved tag. Never be short of the green with this tag, add your name to the front and whatever funny line you want to the back and enjoy life. This gift will be a hole in one with any golf fanatic, don't 4 putt on the green, just sink it from the tee-off. 

    13. Golf Cart Cigar Clip

    Secure your cigar during play with this handy cigar holder. This all-purpose cigar clip helps golfers manage their cigar while riding or hitting a golf shot. Never lose your cigar on the green again, now you just have to worry about losing your balls. The clip-within-a-clip design allows the device to attach to your cart independent of the cigar clip for remarkable stability. Stop setting golf carts on fire or burning your hands trying to golf and smoke. When not in use for a cigar, this clip also doubles as a putter stand or golf glove holder for added versatility. This gift can also be used during tailgates, BBQ, and any occasion where toking and joking is allowed.

    12. Pro Golf Tool

    This is not your ordinary golf multi-tool! This custom multi-function tool has everything you could possibly need when hitting the links or stuck on the fairway. The 7-in-1 all-purpose tool has a sleek stainless steel design that will be appealing to players of all levels. A wonderful promotion for golf courses, sports shops, ranges, and more! Features a domed ball marker, heavy-duty scrub brush, divot repair tool, groove cleaner, spike wrench, knife, ballpoint pen, and keychain.

    11. Golfer’s Novelty Desk Gift

    This Golfer’s Novelty Desk Gift is a perfect addition to his collection of golf items. It’s a quality mini design that includes a pen holder made of soft PU leather and comes with a small zipper storage area that can collect small things like a note, key, eraser, snaps, and many more. It has three different quality aluminum alloy ink pens and a plastic green lawn. The golf cart handle is moveable and can be adjusted to suit any desk.  It’ one gift he will surely love to see as often as possible on his desk.  

    10. Golf Lovers Coaster   

    Your golf lover friend would truly appreciate this gift as he prepares a grand dinner for all his friends. These golf lover coaster gifts come in sets of 4, 6, 8, or 12. Decorate your table setting with these awesome coasters that come with unique designs and funny sayings that all golfers can relate to. Make it both a fun and functional gift that is specially made for him.   

    9. Golf Apron

    Golf - I'd Tap That Adult Apron

    You won’t have to kiss the cook if you get them one of these classic aprons. It's super useful with its three spacious front pockets - perfect for all your utensils and tools. Select a design from our marketplace or customize it and unleash your creativity!

    This is no ordinary Golf T-shirt! He will surely love this gift as it is double-needle stitched and comes with its high tech printing that makes the print last longer. It's one gift he will happily show off to his golf buddies! 

    7. Funny Golf Hat

    I Got A Hole In One Trucker Hat

    I Got A Hole In One. A funny golf hat for the beer-drinking golfer? Our custom hats are the perfect way to meet all these needs and more. Customize the front with a logo, design, or text and create an essential accessory that you will never leave behind!

      6. 3D Crystal Golf Block

      Nothing would remind him more of his favorite sport than having the 3D Crystal Golf Block as a tournament gift. It's not just another adorable piece on his office desk but it also doubles as a paperweight. It's one gift that he won't easily forget. 

        5. Golf Themed Magnetic Drink Markers

        Adorn his wine glass with these beautiful golfer’s drink markers. This unique gift has fun designs to choose from such as a golf ball charm, tee, and clubs that will delight every golf pro. Let his drink be tagged with these lovely drink markers that attach securely with 2 strong magnets and will not move until you take them off.

        4. Stainless Steel Tumbler   

        Whether its wine or coffee, this Stainless Steel Tumbler is the perfect gift for him who loves to golf or loves watching golf. His drink is sure to stay hot or cold because of its double-walled, vacuum insulated tumblers that come with a spill-proof lid. It can hold up to 12 ounces of his favorite drink, is powder coated and laser engraved for a sturdy and permanent finish. It’s one gift every golf lover would surely love!      

        3. Golf Mallet Putter Cover

        Keep his putter blemish-free for his best performance on the greens with this Golf Mallet Putter Cover. This gift fits standard mallet putter covers. The dimensions are approximately 5" x 5.75" x 1.25". It uses polyester lining on the inside, and a PU synthetic leather shell, that is embroidered or printed with a Giggle Golf design. He will surely appreciate that this item is easy to use as it features a Velcro closure. 

          2. Golf Cooler 

          On top of the ridiculous cost of beer on a golf course, the beer cart notoriously is always 3 holes ahead of you.  Most golf courses have a "no cooler" policy which makes the 9 Can Hideaway Golf Cooler the perfect gift to sneak a few frosty beverages onto the course. 

          1. Golf Flask Gift Set

          Make him really happy as you give this fun and functional gift. This Golf Flask Gift Set comes with a perfect mix of elegance and style. This set includes a round-designed flask that can hold 10 ounces of his favorite beverage. It can even be engraved with a golf ball on a tee and the word “Fore”. With two shot glasses and a funnel, you won't lose a drop of your favorite beverage. It's one tournament gift that is sure to impress. 

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