39 Personalized Bracelets for Men That Make the Perfect Gift

Updated on June 27, 2023 by Melissa Bajda

Finding the perfect gift for the man in your life can be a challenge, but personalized bracelets for men make it easy. These unique pieces of jewelry make thoughtful gifts that are sure to be appreciated.

Here are 39 options to consider when shopping for the perfect personalized bracelet for him.

39 Best Personalized Bracelets for Men in Your Life!

1. Men's Custom Bracelet

This Men's Custom Bracelet can be engraved with a hidden message. It is the perfect gift that you can customize for a special occasion. 

These personalized bracelets are modern, trendy and comfortable to wear, and they are super lightweight.

It is made of genuine leather, stainless steel black magnetic clasp, and stainless-steel brushed sterling silver T-clasp.

2. Personalized Engraved Bracelet For Men 

This Personalized Engraved Bracelet for Men is perfect for him.

You can choose the kind of material and font style and leave a name or word for personalization for up to 20 characters.

All personalized bracelets are handmade with love. 

3. Personalized Stainless Steel Engraved Bracelet

This Personalized Stainless Steel Engraved Bracelet is made from cotton, hemp, polyester, and stainless steel.

These personalized bracelets have an adjustable chain length and are available in 2 colors: rose gold and black. This simple bracelet is handmade with stainless steel link braided with a colored wax cord.

You can engrave on the link any signs, name, date, quote, or short phrase. 

4. Hidden Message Leather Bracelet

This Hidden Message Leather Bracelet is simple and stylish and can be personalized with its message on the clasp only, inside or outside of the leather, or on both sides of the leather plus the clip as it is shown in the picture.

In the drop-down menu, it will give you engraving options.

5. Engraved Bracelet for Men

This Engraved Bracelet for Men features an adjustable closure.

The listing is for one or two engraved bracelets with an inspirational card of your choice (see available cards in our shop).

These personalized bracelets are an excellent gift for friends, family, loved ones, or yourself. Imagine their surprise when they see the special message you sent them. How sweet is that!

6. Custom Coordinates Bracelet

This Custom Coordinates Bracelet will allow you to create your own one-of-a-kind coordinates leather bracelet.

These personalized bracelets feature the coordinates and the quote "where the story began" in cursive font on sterling silver/ gold/ rose gold band adhered with jump rings. It is one great memorial gift. 

7. Wooden Engraved Bracelet

Wooden Engraved Bracelet

Looking for a gift that is both stylish and romantic? Look no further than this custom bracelet! This bracelet is perfect for the rugged man in your life that appreciates a little style. All the words on the designs can be changed you can make each design as personal as you want!

8. GENUINE Leather Strap 925 Sterling Silver

This GENUINE Leather Strap 925 sterling silver is engraved with kids' names. A perfect gift for men, dad, husband, brother, uncle, loved ones, or a special treat for yourself.

This personalized jewelry for men makes a perfect wedding anniversary, Father's birthday, and Father's Day, which he will surely treasure.

These personalized bracelets are made of great quality genuine leather and 100% solid 925 sterling silver charms with 18K Gold- plated shipping options.

9. Engraved Blue Braided Leather Bangle


This Engraved Blue Braided Leather Bangle is a lovely engraved bracelet and is a perfect gift for a friend, husband, boyfriend, coworker, graduate, best friend, and even yourself.

These engraved bracelets are made with 316L stainless steel. Present him with this special forever keepsake with a custom, unique hidden message. 

10. Hidden Custom Message Bracelet

Hidden Custom Personalized Message Bracelet Men

This Personalized Leather Bracelet keeps an important message near your man's pulse. Get your man an item he can wear daily that reminds him of the love you two share.

These engraved bracelets are an excellent gift for a birthday or an anniversary because of the personalized message you can place on the inside of the bracelet. 

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11. Leather Coordinate Bracelet

He loves matching things with his outfit. This Genuine Leather Men's Bracelet makes a perfect gift for him. It comes in two finishes that match just about any outfit!

You can customize the bar with a name, coordinates, wedding date, and symbols! 

12. The Cuff Guy Personalized Bracelet

You cannot go wrong with this Personalized Leather Bracelet for a gift he will love and wear with pride.

Shopping for a guy can be challenging, but he will appreciate knowing how much you love him while looking sharp in his brown or black leather bracelet.

13. Stainless Steel Custom Bracelet

A gift he will treasure forever, indeed! This Stainless Steel Link Bracelet is made of titanium steel in a handmade rope style.

You can have his initials engraved on it too. He is a particular person in y our life who truly deserves this fantastic gift.

This personalized jewelry will indeed look great on him on any occasion. 

    14. Rustic Message Bracelet

    You may not always say it often, but in this hidden message bracelet, he will carry your sweet message anywhere he goes.

    These engraved bracelets are made of high-quality genuine European leather and has a solid hypoallergenic magnetic clasp. You don't have to worry if he is the active type, as this Bracelet stays on securely.

    15. Love Message Leather Bracelet

    When you want to give him a gift that lets him know how much you love him while looking stylish, this Personalized Leather Bracelet fits the bill.

    He can proudly wear these genuine leather engraved bracelets while being reminded how much you care.

    16. Signature Style Bracelet

    Signature Style Bracelet

    A custom men's bracelet is a versatile and stylish accessory that can be personalized to reflect the unique taste and style of the wearer. With three color options and nine different designs to choose from, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind bracelet.

    17. Personalized Stainless Steel Bracelet 

    You may not always say it often, but this Personalized Stainless-steel Bracelet speaks of how much you care for him.

    The classic design and great quality craftsmanship make these beautiful bracelets something he will cherish for years.

    Personalize it by engraving a particular date, word, or phrase. It will be a perfect sentimental gift for him.

    18. Customized Leather ID Bracelet

    Regarding style, wrist accessories are making a massive name for themselves.

    These sterling silver Customized Leather ID Bracelets, when paired with a nice sleek, clean-looking watch, can be the difference between being average and standing out.

    19. Men's Personalized Bracelet

    Personalized Mens Bracelet Kids Names

    Let your sporty groomsman don this Men's Personalized Bracelet.

    These wedding gifts are made with paracord and detailed with a simple bronze plated anchor, doubles as a clasp. You also have the option to choose the color preferred by your groomsmen.

    You can order these engraved bracelets to size, so if some of your groomsmen have larger wrists, you can order accordingly.

    20. Personalized Leather Bracelets

    Leather is one of those materials built to stand the test of time.

    These Personalized Leather Bracelets can be engraved with his name and wedding date, all for a keepsake that he will genuinely keep.

    Fashionable, no matter what his OOTD is, these engraved bracelets are a great gift option.

    21. Personalized Stainless Steel Men's Bracelet

    This Personalized Stainless Steel Men's Bracelet is as versatile as the one you will give. It is stunningly handcrafted and is made of plaid leather with a polished stainless-steel clasp.

    These engraved bracelets are available in black, brown, and black with a black clasp. This gift comes with a gift box ready to be handed to him. 

    22. Engraved Bracelet

    Of course, you will want to let him know how special and valuable he is. And you certainly don't need an occasion to do that.

    Get him a magnificent treat with this Engraved Bracelet. Let it be around his wrist wherever he goes.

    You can even have these engraved bracelets gift personalized to make it extra special.

    Make him smile with Silver Two-Tone Men's Bracelet. Tell him how much you value his friendship and appreciate all the love and support he has extended to you.

    Let this jewelry piece add some glitter as you let him wear it on any occasion. Get it engraved with his initials to make it more personalized and unique.

    24. Personalized Family Names Men Bracelet

    He is a true gem in your life. There is no better way to tell him how much you treasure his friendship than by giving him this Personalized Family Names Men's Bracelet.

    Strengthen your bond with your friend who's been there for you through the ups and downs of your life.

    These engraved bracelets are unique wedding gifts he will remember for a long time. 

    Give him these engraved bracelets gift that symbolize your lasting friendship.

    This Personalized Hidden Message engraved bracelets are a perfect gift for him. Made from brass, leather, nylon, and sterling silver, this thin minimalist bracelet is suitable for everyday wear.

    Custom engraving symbols can be located on the central part's outer or inner side (as a hidden message).

    Signature Style Bracelet

    Looking for a gift that is both stylish and romantic? Look no further than this custom bracelet! This bracelet is perfect for the rugged man in your life that appreciates a little style.

    A custom men's bracelet is a versatile and stylish accessory that can be personalized to reflect the unique taste and style of the wearer. With three color options and nine different designs to choose from, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind bracelet.


    This Personalized Bar Bracelet is one way of telling him how valuable his presence is in your life. Let him wear it whenever he attends to constantly remind him of your thoughtfulness.

    This personalized jewelry will surely make him remember the special bond you share with him. 

    28. Leather Cuff Braided Rope Bracelet 

    This Leather Cuff Braided Rope Bracelet is effortlessly unique. It is made from premium PU leather and stainless steel and comes with fine braided artistry.

    These engraved bracelets for men are hypoallergenic, flexible, and has a safety hidden clasp lock.

    It can also be engraved on both sides with 20 characters per line to make it extra special for him. 

    Give him this Men's Chain Bracelet as a timeless piece. These wedding gifts are made from brass and rose gold.

    These personalized bracelets for men are the perfect gifts for any occasion and a great reminder of how special his friendship means to you. 

    30. Personalized Anchor Marine Bracelet

    For the man who loves the sea, a Personalized Anchor Marine Bracelet is the perfect accessory.

    This classic design has been around for centuries, and it never goes out of style.

    The intricate detailing on these engraved bracelets makes it stand out from the crowd, and you can customize it with his initials.

    31. Custom Minimalist Rope Bracelet

    If you are looking for an understated bracelet that still conveys personalization, then these Custom Minimalist Rope engraved bracelets are a perfect choice.

    This classic style personalized jewelry is made from durable rope and features a discreet engraving of your chosen initial.

    These wedding gifts come with fast shipping options.

    32. Black Eagle Name Bracelet

    If your man is looking for something a little bit edgier, then the Black Eagle Name Bracelet is a perfect choice.

    These engraved bracelets feature a black-colored leather bracelet that is paired with a stainless-steel chain and engraved eagle detail.

    The eye-catching detail of these engraved bracelets will help him make a statement.

    33. Leather Cuff Bracelet

    If you are looking for a sleek and timeless accessory that will always look great, the Leather Cuff Bracelet is perfect for the man in your life.

    With its simple yet sophisticated design, it is a classic piece of jewelry that won’t go out of style.

    No matter what kind of look he is going for, this personalized jewelry is sure to make a statement.

    34. Custom Projection Bracelet

    For the man who is looking for something unique, the Custom Projection Bracelet is a great choice.

    Crafted from black leather and steel, these engraved bracelets feature a 3D projection of the photo of your choice.

    The sleek design is perfect for making a bold statement without being overly flashy.

    35. Photo Memory Bracelet

    Do you want to give your special man something he can wear that will always remind him of you? Look no further than a Photo Memory Bracelet.

    Photo memory bracelets are a unique and sentimental way to show someone how much you care.

    These photo engraved bracelets are a custom bracelet that has an engraving of your favorite photo etched into the metal.

    36. Infinity Bracelet

    If you are looking for a personalized bracelet that expresses your never-ending bond, look no further than the Infinity Bracelet.

    These classic and stylish engraved bracelets are perfect for those who are romantically involved or just simply want to show the special bond they have with their friends and family.

    37. Personalized Gothic ID Bracelet

    For the man who loves a little bit of drama, a personalized Gothic ID Bracelet is the perfect way to make a statement.

    This personalized jewelry for men is crafted from high-quality stainless steel and is sure to stand out with its intricate details.

    38. Beaded Bracelet

    Looking for a stylish and unique way to add a personal touch to any man’s wardrobe? Beaded Bracelets are the perfect solution.

    Not only are they fashionable, but they can be custom-made for a truly personal look.

    No matter what style you choose, engraved bracelets are sure to make any man’s outfit stand out in the best way possible.

    39. Men's Personalized Gold Bracelet

    For the man in your life who likes to add a touch of classic style to his wrist, this Personalized Gold Bracelet is a great choice.

    Crafted from 14K solid gold, these engraved bracelets feature a black rubber band for added durability. The bracelet can be customized with the man's name or a special phrase of your choice.

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