The 98 Best Gifts For Golfers in 2020

Updated on September 17, 2020 by Tyler Carter

Looking for the perfect gift for a golf lover?   

He’s not giving up his love for golf any time soon. He simply loses track of time when it comes to playing golf. It’s something you’ve come to accept about him. 

It’s time to let the golf lover in your life know how much your thinking about him. Whether it be as big as a new club or as small as a divot tool, a golf lover will appreciate any gift that improves his toolkit of weapons that he can use on the golf course.  Give him the best golf-themed gift and keep cheering him on at the golf course.

Take time to let him know how much you love him and everything else that he is fond of. You’ll be seeing him break 100, 90, or even a 80 in no time. Help him shoot lower than a 100 by getting him one of these great golf gifts:

99. Golf Multi-Tool

It's one gift set that comes with all the main tools he’ll need in his golf game. This Multi-Tool comes complete with a ball marker, brush, stroke counter, cleat tightener, club groove cleaner (divot repair tool), and bottle opener with a screwdriver. It is compact and easy carry and comes with a rubberized non-slip hand grip and can be affixed to the belt with the use of strong clips. Let him enjoy his golf game without getting distracted looking for tools in his bag. He will certainly love this gift from you! 

98. Personalized Cooler 

If your guy likes to have a few beers while golfing, this personalized cooler will instantly become one of his favorite things.  A cool personalized cooler with his initials on it will make him a proud guy every time he walks onto the golf course with it over his shoulder.  He can throw it in his golf cart and his beer will be cool for the entire round.  This is the one golf gift I take to the course every time I play.

97. Golf Trunk Locker

No need to deal with a car filled with golf stuff. His car need not be cluttered with all his golf tools and accessories. Help him get organized with this Trunk Locker. It is made of durable ripstop polyester and waterproof backing and helps keep the trunk of his car neatly arranged. The top lid organizer has large mesh sections for gloves, tees, snacks, and sunscreen. It comes with movable dividers he can customize for his storage requirements. The ventilated mesh front door provides quick visibility, easy access, and maximum aeration for drying and airing out shoes. It can hold up to 3 pairs of shoes and keeps them protected with compartment dividers. 

96. Personalized Golf Towel

Personalized Golf Towel Gift

Every golfer can use a new towel, so why not get him one that he will be proud to display.  This personalized golf towel comes with his initials surrounding a cool golf club design, your golf lover will proudly display this great golf gift on his bag every time he hits the links. If you like the idea of getting him a towel but would like to see a few more options, check out this list of the best golf towels.

95. Golf Bag Cooler 

It's a gift that is not only functional but stylish too. Let him use this in a variety of ways as a cooler for a golf bag or a golf cart cooler bag. He will truly appreciate this Golf Bag CoolerIt's stronger and thicker insulation keep his drinks cold longer making this one of the heaviest insulated golf coolers on the market. It comes with a re-useable flexible gel pack so he has everything he needs to get going. Engineered to fit hidden in a golf bag or anywhere you need a 6 pack handy like a boat, canoe, kayak, bike, or in luggage. What's more, it also comes with a shoulder strap perfect for his travel adventures.  


He loves golf! There's no better thank you gift than this Golf Tumbler. This tumbler is double-walled and vacuum-sealed to keep those hot drinks nice and toasty and those colder drinks perfectly chilled for hours. The design is sand-carved to ensure a lasting effect and can be used time and time again without fading or peeling. It's one gift he will definitely treasure for a long time. 

93. Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker with Mount

This Golf Bluetooth Speaker with Mount has a loud, quality sound and bass subwoofer. It is the #1 Most Recommended speaker for Golf enthusiasts as this high-quality speaker securely mounts to any golf cart or pushcart. It features crystal clear sound that projects on the green and bass that can surely amplify his golf game.

92. Golf Hitting Net

Practice your golf skills in your home, backyard, not need to go to the driving range. Practice golf anytime, anywhere. The golf net helps improve swing, shot placement, and follow-through consistency. Great golfing gift for beginners and professional.

91. Golf Distance Watch 

Make it a gift that will count when he's out playing golf. This Golf Range Distance Watch has an auto shut round analyzer that measures shot distances with auto-recording for post-round analysis on your Garmin Connect account. It's stylish and functional with a fully hinged, sleek watchband design that will fit his hand comfortably. It comes with a Garmin TruSwing golf swing sensor that provides metrics to improve your swing consistency. The activity tracking reminds you to stay active on or off the course with move bar alerts. It also displays steps, calories burned, distance, and time of day, plus it monitors hours of sleep. Definitely a complete package!

90. Personalized Golf Bag Tag

Personalized Golf Bag Tag

Put this on your office bag, luggage, golf bag or maybe even attach it to your kids. Always be ready to Tee off with a funny saying and engraved tag. Never be short of the green with this tag, add your name to the front and whatever funny line you want to the back and enjoy life. This gift will be a hole in one with any golf fanatic, don't 4 putt on the green, just sink it from the tee-off. 

89. Golf Laser Range Finder

Golf Range Finder Gift

If your golfing guy does not have one of these range finders in his arsenal of golf accessories, it is one of the best gifts you can give him.  It's not of those golf accessories that every golfer wants, but just a little too expensive to spend the money to buy it for himself.  Your golfer will use this 30 times per round and think of you every time he uses it.

87. Golf Rain Jacket

This Adidas Golf Men's Climastorm Rain Jacket is perfect for any golfing fanatic.  This will allow your guy to play through wet conditions. The lightweight jacket is water-resistant to keep your guy dry and can fold up small so he can keep it in his golf bag when the weather takes a turn.  

86. Switchblade Divot Repair Tool 

This stainless steel metal craft switchblade divot repair tool will definitely bring a big smile on his face. This tool comes with two personalized ball markers, stainless steel switch blade and two magnetic removable engraved nickel silver golf markers. The divot fixer blade opens with a push button device. This simple, solid, lightweight, portable and durable gift is simply perfect for the golf aficionado.   

85. New Golf Club Head Cover

It's one golf accessory that he will truly appreciate. This Groovy Head Cover keeps your guys driver in optimal condition while showing a little personality on the course. This vintage style head cover is an engineered fit to ensure the head covers stay on the club. There are so many golf head covers that you can choose from that will allow him to show off his personality.

84. Indoor Practice Putting Green

The Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green features a patent pending ball return for easy putt repetition to improve your game, get more consistency in less time. The continuous ball return allows you to train without interruption. And because you can keep putting without resetting, you can focus on maintaining a steady stroke and consistent tempo on each putt, making your training more efficient and effective.

83. Golf Cart Cigar Clip

Secure your cigar during play with this handy cigar holder. This all-purpose cigar clip helps golfers manage their cigar while riding or hitting a golf shot. Never lose your cigar on the green again, now you just have to worry about losing your balls. The clip-within-a-clip design allows the device to attach to your cart independent of the cigar clip for remarkable stability. Stop setting golf carts on fire or burning your hands trying to golf and smoke. When not in use for a cigar, this clip also doubles as a putter stand or golf glove holder for added versatility. This gift can also be used during tailgates, BBQ and any occasion where toking and joking is allowed.

82. Golf Cart Heater

Its getting to be that time of the year, when your guy desperately wants to go play golf but its just a little too cold.  This Golf Cart Heater includes an oxygen depletion system and tip-over switch. It features 4,000 BTU's (5.5 Hours runtime) and a wind-resistant protective screen. It is also ergonomically designed for easy handling. 

81. Personalized Water Bottle

Personalized Water Bottle

Don't let your guy forget to stay hydrated while he is out playing golf in the sun all day.  With this great looking personalized water bottle, your guy will always want to carry it to the golf course and show it off to his buddies.  

80. Golf Tool Holder 

Protect and keep his tools organized with the Callaway Tool Holder. You can be sure you are giving him a gift he can use to hold all his important accessories.  This pouch contains a steel Divot Tool with magnetic ball marker and built-in putt alignment stencil, marking pen included, club brush with carabineer clip, Callaway par-tee performance tees, and 4 neon plastic ball markers with Callaway logo.

79. Upgraded Golf Bag

This is a one of a kind Golf Bag! It is specifically designed with a Bluetooth Speaker Pocket, for the JLab Audio Crasher Mini. It comes with an improved strap design that offers increased coverage and comfort padding. The Hidden Rain Hood Pocket behind the hip pad which frees up the apparel pocket. This gift has a 14-way top with individual full-length dividers and a magnetic velour-lined range finder pocket and an insulated water bottle pocket.   

78. Stylish Golf Glove 

Golf Glove

Look great on the course with a custom golf glove! Designed for improved performance, this Cabretta leather golf glove provides excellent fit with superb comfort. It also ha perforation for breathability and comes in 3 custom colors. It's one quality gift that will be treasured by anyone who is a golf aficionado. 

77. PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer


It's designed to simulate the exact conditions of putting into a real hole on the green by its ground-breaking parabolic curved design. This PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is designed to return good putts and reject bad ones.
It is made from high quality, elastomer, and translucent polycarbonate. It also folds and fits into his golf bag.

76. Quilted Golf Vest 

Don't let the colder weather stop your guy's golf game.  This PUMA Quilted Vest will keep his core warm while keeping his arms free so he can maintain his golf swing without any pull. This vest has WARMCELL Technology which retains heat close to his body to maintain an optimum temperature.

75. Golf Training Aid

This Blast Motion Golf Training Aid is the complete swing and stroke solution for golfers at every level. It provides accurate metrics and valuable insights for every part of his game. It's a must-have tool in his daily toolbox. It's simple to use, with game-changing results. The natural motion capture allows golfers to swing the club or roll some putts and forget about the technology. It comes with smart video capture that can record and automatically clip video of each swing. It will allow him to view and analyze his swing in slow motion with metrics overlaid.  

74. Athletico Golf Shoe Bag

Help him get organized with this Athletico Golf Shoe Bag and keep his shoes with him at all times as this bag can be kept stored in his trunk for a day on the course. It features convenient side pockets that can be used to store tees, golf balls, socks, etc. Designed with golf in mind, this bag also works perfectly for any athletic shoes - baseball, basketball, soccer cleats - or use it to carry and travel with your shoes for work - dress shoes, heels, and the like. 

73. Custom Office Putter Set

    Your golf lover doesn't just think about golf when he is on the course, he dreams about playing it while he is in the office. A personalized office putter set that he can store away professionally in his desk and pull out when he needs those moments, whether it be to blow off steam or celebrate a victory.   Get your guy a golf gift that will help him improve his game and be the centerpiece of conversations when people walk into his office.  

      72. Snazzy Golf Shirt

      This nice Golf Polo Shirt can be used on the golf course or on a date night! This shirt has the comfort of cotton and has 4-way stretch construction that moves better in every direction. It's material wicks sweat and dries really fast as it is made of 87% polyester/13% elastane. Let your guy have that dapper look even while playing the game. 

      71. Golfers Grill Tool Set

      Is your dad missing his favorite sport? Being stuck at home doesn't have to stop him from being a golf fan. Grill in style and watch your dad enjoy twice as much with this POLIGO 7pcs Golf-Club Style BBQ Golfers Grill Tool Set! These stainless steel grilling tools come in a Golf-Style bag to match. What better way to keep him motivated and excited for better days ahead in the golf course, right?

      70. Blade Putter Head Cover

      This Blade Putter Head Cover is designed to protect the head and shaft of the wood from the damage which may happen when the clubs jostle around in his bag. Jostling is inevitable especially when carrying his clubs or when pulling or attaching them on a power cart. A gift that he'll surely find functional. 

      69. Chipping Net

      Let him sharpen his skills with the ultimate folding Chipping Net. It is made of 600 denier / 10% nylon 10%. It can be converted from a 23-inch diameter frame into a 7-inch diameter frame. This gift features 3 chipping baskets for the ultimate challenge. It is great for left or right-handed golfers and perfect for any skill level. It's one gift he will treasure for a long time.

      68. Personalized Golf Key Chain Gift

      This BeerWedge Personalized bottle opener Key Chain is just the gift any guy needs.  He will never be in a situation where he cannot open his favorite beverage.  You can personalize it by placing his initials and date on this key chain.  This is definitely a gift he will love. 

      67. Personalized Divot Tool & Ball Marker 

      Personalized Divot Tool Ball Marker

      He will certainly love this custom engraved and polished 2-in-1 golf ball marker and divot tool. Each time he struts his putt, he is sure to remember you with a thoughtful personalized divot tool. This gift is a high-quality hematite finished divot tool. You may choose from black metal, walnut wood and oak wood material for the ball marker. The best part is you can have his name or initials engraved on this stylish gift.    

      66. Golf Coasters

      These Golf Coasters come in 4 inch by 4 inch size and is made from solid Acacia wood. It has an engraved design that doubles as a golf decor, and will definitely be a blast among his golf lover friends. It's also a welcome addition to his golf-related collection to his man cave.   

      65. Desk Golf Cart Clock

      Share your love of the game with all of your guests by giving them an Engraved Silver golf Cart Clock. These amazing items make wonderful wedding favors or gifts. Each finely crafted miniature golf cart is designed with a matte silver finish and resembles an authentic golf cart, complete with clubs and moving wheels. The front of the cart displays a beautiful quartz watch and the top of the cart can be engraved with a short message or name in our different font styles. Set these lovely replicas at each place setting and tuck a place card inside the cab.

      Help your guy keep the sun out of his eyes and off his head with style.  This Callaway Mesh Golf Hat has a comfortable fit with an adjustable back closure and a cooling sweatband.  This hat will instantly become his favorite.  

      63. The Best Golf Balls

      Give him a gift that is of premium quality with this Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls. These balls help you achieve extraordinary distance with a consistent flight and very low long game spin and penetrating trajectory. It has a drop-and-stop short game control with a very soft feel. It's one gift every golf aficionado would appreciate. 

      62. Winter Performance Golf Glove

      Don't let a chilly day stop your guy's golf game.  Having a good grip is important in golf and these Winter Performance Golf Gloves will keep his hands warm on a colder day that help maintain his golf score.  

      61. Golf Apron

      Golf - I'd Tap That Adult Apron

      You won’t have to kiss the cook if you get them one of these classic aprons. It's super useful with its three spacious front pockets - perfect for all your utensils and tools. Select a design from our marketplace or customize it and unleash your creativity!

      60. Stylish Golf Belt 

      Accessorize for a round on the course with the Oakley Ellipse Web Belt, made with durable, woven fabric and featuring a custom metal buckle for long-lasting, adjustable comfort.  This belt will add a little style to your golfer's outfit. 

      59. Golf Bag Caddy

      It's a lightweight and sturdy gift for the golf aficionado. This Golf Bag Caddy offers easy mobility on the course. It opens and closes in one fluid motion and folds in half for compact storage. The wide wheels are made for stability with a clip-on mechanism for easy removal. It has a waterproof scorecard holder with contoured bottom for larger bags with an adjustable bag strap. 

      This 49 Golf Ball Display Case Cabinet Wall Rack Holderis perfect for any guy to display the golf balls that mean something special to him.  It is crafted out of beechwood and the inside is lined with green felt.  

      This Callaway Golf Ball Retriever is made from high quality aluminum alloy  and will not bend when fully extended. It features an ergonomic sure-grip handle and has a stainless steel retriever mechanism that picks up balls in a snap. It also comes with a dual zip headcover that it looks like another club in his bag.

      Years of playing golf can be set it on a really nice embossed Collage Frame design. Present him with this gift in JPG or PDF file format. It's one gift he can always gaze upon whenever he feels like reminiscing those special moments.

      55. Funny Golf T-shirt

      This is a gift that your guy will surely have a smile on his face when he recieves this shirt.  This Golf T-shirt is not only fun but it still has a vintage style that he can continually wear.

      Golf Flask

      Make him really happy as you give this fun and functional gift. This Golf Flask  comes with a perfect mix of elegance and style. It is made from stainless steel and comes in black matte. You can have it personalized with his name to make it extra special. 

      Let your guy show off his love of golf with this BenShot 16 oz. Golf Ball Pint Glass.  This is a handcrafted glass embedded with a REAL golf ball!  They use Titleist golf balls in the pint glass, but if you want to send in your own ball, no problem! They can make a glass with your guy's special golf ball if you want.

      52. Lightweight Golf Bag


      He will use it every weekend and on occasions where he would have to bring his hobby to different locations due to a work location transfer or simply for travel or vacation. Protect his golf accessories with this Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag that is ultra-light. The perfect gift for him who’s simply a golf lover.     

      51. Funny Golf Hat

      I Got A Hole In One Trucker Hat

      I Got A Hole In One Hat is a funny golf hat for the beer-drinking golfer ? This custom hat is the perfect way to express your guy's personality. You can customize the front with a logo, design, or text and create an essential accessory that you will never leave behind!

      50. Golf Shorts

       The Three Sixty Six Golf Shorts for Men – A must-have for any man that wants to stay cool and comfortable when the heat is on. These men’s stretch shorts are expertly crafted from dry-fit polyester fabric and feature tiny ventilation holes. Whether you wear them casually with a t-shirt and shoes, with a tucked or untucked polo shirt, or wear the khaki shorts at the beach with flip flops - the result stays the same - hybrid shorts that will keep you cool, whatever the occasion.

      49. Custom Golf Polo

      Men White Business Polo Shirt with Custom Logo
      Men White Business Polo Shirt with Custom Logo Easily personalize this cotton jersey polo shirt for your business with your own company logo and custom text. Promotional custom logo polo shirts can advertise your business as employee shirts and corporate swag. Available in other colors and sizes. No minimum order quantity and no setup fee.

        49. Golf Shoes

        Who wouldn't be impressed with this gift? This Golf Shoes is made of 75% Microfiber Leather/25% Lightweight Mesh with a synthetic sole. It has a 6-spike configuration with thintech low-profile technology for improved traction and stability. Let him play his favorite game in stylish and comfortable shoes. He can definitely walk 18 holes in these shoes and think of you with each step.    

        48. 4-in-1 Divot Repair Tool

        Your search for the perfect gift for golf lovers ends here. This fluorescent Callaway 4-in-1 Divot Repair Toolis made from a thick piece of solid silver and stamped with your text. This tool features a block font with a bright satin finish. It's a gift that is sure to impress any golfer. 

        47. Golf Club Ball Charm Key Ring

        This Golf Club Ball Charm Key Ring is something your guy can carry with him anywhere he goes. It is silver-toned and comes with a split key ring, a silver-toned golf club and blue or white ball pendant. You can be sure he will be happy to show it off to his golf buddies.   

        46. Golf Glove with Flair 

        This colorful Golf Glove adds a little personality to your guy's golf game. It features a soft Cabretta leather palm that makes gripping easier than ever. A good grip is very important for a golfer so this glove will help your golfer and add a bit of flair.  

        Since he’s really into playing golf, when your guy comes home and relaxes after a long day at the course, he can wear these fun I'D Rather be Golfing Socks.  This pair of socks are cozy and made of cotton. You can be sure you’ll be a big hit when you give these socks to your guy as a gift.  

        44. Nice Shot Dad Golf Markers

        If your guy is a golf guy and a dad, help him complete his collection of golf accessories that will make him think of his kids when he is on the course.  These Magnetic Golf Ball Markers stamped with the wording "nice shot Dad!" and "may the course be with you." It comes ready to be handed to your dad as it is placed in a gift-wrapped box. This one makes a great fathers day gift is your dad is a golfer, but if you like the idea of getting him a custom ball marker that is personal for him but don't want to get this one, check out this list of the best golf ball markers.

         43. Golf Lovers Coaster  

        Golf Coasters Gift

        Your golf lover friend would truly appreciate this gift as he prepares a get together for all his friends. These solid Wood Coaster Set comes in a set of 4 and are made of Acacia wood.  He can decorate his table or bar with these awesome coasters that have these classy designs. Make it both a decorative and functional gift that is specially made for him.   

        42. Microfiber Golf Bag Towel

        Golf Bag Towel

        Your golfer will love this Golf Bag Towel because the microfiber uses a special technique to divide the filament into eight, the cross-section of microfiber looks like asterisk at the magnification. It has a better ability to remove dirt, mud, sand, grass than other towels because of the microfiber towel's special cross-section which can be more effective to capture as little as a few microns of dust particles. He will definitely appreciate this functional golf gift coming from you.

        41. Golfing Glove & Ball Marker

        Look great on the course with a custom golf glove! Designed for improved performance, this Calaway leather golf glove provides an excellent fit with superb comfort. The Optiflex Glove offers the ultimate in performance and durability, featuring a leather palm and stretch suede material on the back, making this glove a perfect fit for any golfer.

        40. Divot Tool and First-aid Kit

        Great Gift Idea for the Golfer on your List, including Dads, Grads, and Groomsmen. Includes AllaQuix Stop Bleeding Gauze patented, high-tech gauze pad made of chitosan, which has been used and proven by medical professionals and the US Military to stop bleeding fast. FIRST AID TO GO! Be prepared while you’re on the go with this Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit. Available in a durable plastic case, it contains 12 essential first aid items and is the perfect size to carry in a golf bag.

        39. Golfer’s Wine Charms

        Adorn his wine glass with these creative Golfer’s Wine Charms. This unique gift is colorful way to tag his drink with this creative wine charm. Perfect to distinguish a drink for any party. 

        38. Golf Club Wall Clock 

        Make this a permanent decor on his wall. This Golf Club Wall Clock is cut by laser and equipped with silent quartz mechanism. It is made from eco-friendly wood (noble birch) ensuring safety that the clock can be hung in the bedroom or just about anywhere. You can be sure that he will be using this quality clock for a long time.     

        37. Golf Club Coffee Mug  

        Let this Golf Coffee Mug greet him each morning. This unique and fun gift is specially made for someone as special and creative as him. It’s multi-functional as it can contain his favorite coffee and at the same time play golf ball on the table. The golf stick also functions as a pen. This mug is made from good ceramic material.  

        36. Golfer’s Iron Bookend

        He loves organizing his stuff and loves golf too. Give him this Golfer’s Iron Bookend that is crafted from durable iron and features two golfers about to swing propped up on a thick iron base. It’ a functional bookend for his library bookshelf or a cool display on top of coffee tables, a desk or even end tables.  This is one perfect retirement gift for him who loves hitting the green.  

        35. Golfer’s Novelty Desk Gift


        This Golfer’s Novelty Desk Giftis a perfect addition to his collection of golf items. It’s a quality mini design that includes a pen holder made of soft PU leather and comes with a small zipper storage area that can collect small things like a note, key, eraser, snaps and many more. It has three different quality aluminum alloy ink pens and plastic green lawn. The golf cart handle is moveable and can be adjusted to suit any desk.  It’ one gift he will surely love to see as often as possible on his desk.  

        33. Golf Club Travel Bag

        He will use it every weekend and on occasions where he would have to bring his hobby to different locations due to a work location transfer or simply for travel or vacation. Protect his golf accessories with this padded golf travel bag made of 600D polyester. This bag features a 5mm padding to help protect his golf clubs while in transit. Perfect for use on airports, airplanes and for added protection in your dad’s car trunk. It is durable and built to last featuring a vinyl base to protect the bag from abrasions and scuffs. This golf travel bag is easy to carry with NEOPRENE padded, Velcro locking carrying handles. For added comfort and flexibility, it has a padded shoulder strap for easy handling. He can even carry it like a duffel bag with ease. It has a wide gauge and quality zippers wrap around for ease of loading clubs and golf bags. The metal zipper pulls can also lock together for additional safety features.  This item can also be folded when not in use. It’s the perfect gift for one who’s simply a golf lover.      

        32. PutterBall Golf Beer Pong Game

        FUN FOR EVERYBODY: Beer and Golf, what's not to love? You don’t need to be a pro golfer to enjoy PutterBall. Learning PutterBall is extremely easy and the combination of golfing and beer pong is a blast to play! PutterBall is ultra portable. Bring it to the beach, your backyard, your office or even your house party for the ultimate golf beer pong gaming experience!

        31. Personalized Lost Golf Ball

        The Wilson Ultra 500 Distance is built with a high energy core that transfers all the energy from your swing into pure, straight distance off the tee. Go long and straight at every hole and get the distance your game deserves. And when you sink your hole-in-one, everyone will know whose Ball it is.

        30. Personalized Black Leather Golf Divot Repair Tool

        This is one perfect gift for golf lovers. This personalized black leather golf divot repair tool has a padded leather grip with steel tool and holds 0.75’ die struck nickel silver that can be laser engraved. The personalized emblem is permanently attached. It is not a removable ball marker. This gift is packaged in a stylish gift box especially made for him.

        29. Funny Golf Tees

        It's fun and functional! These Golf Tees are the ultimate golf accessories designed with extra detail for the eye-candy experience. The unique hottie golf tees are great novelty items say for a bachelor party or as cool gag gifts for men. It's a 3" tee designed specifically for both performance and variable ground clearance.

        28. Golf Ball Case  

        Looking for a bespoke golf accessory? This personalized rosewood golf ball storage case is handcrafted and can contain up to twelve golf balls. The case cover is sure to bring a smile on your golf aficionado friends as it is laser engraved with the words, “World’s Best Boss” design together with his name. Let your golf aficionado friend know that you’re his number one fan. What’s even better is that you can secure those golf balls for him with this amazing gift.   

        27. Dad Engraved Golf Gift

        If you're looking for the perfect golf gift set for Dad, look no further! Our 12 piece set includes the custom DAD logo on all of our products get it all! Including the gift box and custom greeting card. These will ship with all items in the gift box as pictured and the card within. The included balls are Top Flite/Wilson branded and ready for the course. Perfect Father's Day or birthday gift for him to use as a special "putting ball" to avoid those water hazards. :)

        26. Personalized Putter Head Cover

        The man the myth the legend golf head putter cover

        The man the myth the legend golf head putter cover with vintage typography. Trendy golf club head protection gift for friends and family. Funny unique golfing gift ideas for him; worlds greatest dad, father, papa, best grandpa, stepdad, uncle, grandfather, granddad, golfer, business partner, over the hill friend, boss, groom, employee, coworker, partner, husband, coach, trainer, guests, etc. Custom one of kind golf accessories for men and women. Personalized sports equipment with a humorous golfing quote. Add your own custom name, monogram, or fun nickname. Distressed typography template. Also nice as Happy Birthday present, wedding thank you favor or retirement party giveaway. Customizable template design in green or custom colors. Golf humor with the fun saying for guys.

        25. Professional Gift Set

        The Personalized Reflections Black Golf Bag Ballpoint Pen and Pencil Set include a black & silver leather "golf bag" with a strap, zippers, and white stitching (just like the real thing), a black ink ballpoint pen in shiny and matte silver-tone with a golf ball-shaped tip, a matching mechanical pencil (0.7 mm lead) with a golf club-shaped tip, and a matching shiny and matte silver-tone letter opener in the shape of a golf tee. Engrave a name or initials on each tool and the golf bag at no additional cost.

        24. Golf Bag Cooler

        Part of the sporty Cutter & Buck Tour Collection, this cooler was designed with the classic golf bag shape in mind. Great for cooling beverages on or off the golf course. The zippered main compartment holds up to eight cans. Zippered front pocket with additional organization for golf or sport accessories. Two side mesh pockets. Elastic band for tee storage. Padded carry handle. Removable, adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. Insulated PEVA lining. Cutter & Buck hardware and branding details.

        23. Personalized Leather Golf Scorecard

        This elegant petrol blue leather scorecard holder is decorated with a golf swing in gold foil. It really is a lovely gift for golf lovers especially with the hot foil embossed monogram making it extra special for them. The cover comes with a loop for holding a pen or a pencil. You can also have this gift wrapped in a black presentation envelope and a gift tag.

        22. Personalized Golf Balls

        Funny Golf Ball NoveltySimple Golfer Photo Template Golf Balls

        The Wilson Ultra 500 Distance is built with a high energy core that transfers all the energy from your swing into pure, straight distance off the tee. Go long and straight at every hole and get the distance your game deserves. And when you sink your hole-in-one, everyone will know whose ball it is.

        21. Photo Golf Towel

        Upload your photo name monogrammed golf towel

        Custom golf towels are a great way to personalize your game! Made from a durable poly blend, these towels are great for cleaning and drying your equipment while out on your favorite course. They’ll look vibrant with your text, monogram or artwork.

        20. Personalized Golf Ball Marker and Divot Tool

        The golf lover in your life will definitely love this gift. It comes custom engraved and stylish 3 in 1 golf ball marker and divot tool. Something that they will remember you by each time they strut their putt.  This gift can be personalized with his name or initials. Your search ends here as you have found the sleek golf gift perfect for the golf lover in your life.

        19. Personalized Visol GB Flask with Golf Tools 

        Make him really happy as you give this fun and functional gift. This set comes with a 5-ounce flask made of premium quality stainless steel. It is loaded with golf tools like four golf tees, two ball markers and a divot tool. He can use the loop to attach the pouch to his golf bag for easy access to everything he needs at the golf course. The flask can be engraved up to two lines of text up to 10 characters.  

        18. Personalized Golf Shoe Bag

        This cleat caddie is the perfect gift to show him your all out support for his favorite sport. It is a well-ventilated and beautifully designed cleat caddy especially made with the golfer in mind. Make this gift extra special by having it custom-monogrammed just for him.

        17. Personalized Golf Towel

        A much appreciated gift by every golf lover is this customized microfiber towel. It is soft, absorbent and odor-fighting. It is also light weight and quick to dry. Let him stay dry and hygienic with this towel that is made of 85/15 poly/nylon microfiber terry and includes a grommet and hook for his golf bag.  

        16. Personalized Golf Desk Set  

        His thoughts will always bring him back to the golf course no matter where he is. Adorn his office table with this personalized silver and black desk set. It features a fun golf design with the club showcasing a clock and is able to keep a refillable pen too. The ball can hold business cards as well. The plate can be engraved with a name, title or message.  

        15. Custom Office Putter Set

        Your golf lover doesn't just think about golf when he is on the course, he dreams about playing it while he is in the office. A custom office putter set that he can store away professionally in his desk and pull out when he needs those moments, whether it be to blow off steam or celebrate a victory.   Get your guy a golf gift that will help him improve his game and be the centerpiece of conversations when people walk into his office.  


        14. Callaway Golf Tumbler Gift Set

        Planning on spending entire days at the golf course? Let Callaway Tumbler Gift Set complete the experience! This package doesn't only give you a BPA-free, dishwasher safe, 30 oz double-walled vacuum insulation tumbler that can keep your beverage cold and refreshing for hours, it also comes with these accessories that are sure to add caliber to your game. Aside from the amazing beveled bottom tumbler that fits electric and pushcart cup holders, we've also included a divot tool with built-in putt alignment stencil and magnetic ball marker, 3 rubberized cupped top Callaway Par-Tees which were co-molded to make them durable, 2 Callaway Warbird golf balls and Callaway Poker Chip ball marker. 


        13. Golf Towels

          He simply carries everything in style while playing golf, complete his look by giving dad these sturdy monogrammed golf towels. Available in brown, navy and black, these towels are made from washable velour terry. The towels also come complete with grommet and hook. He will definitely appreciate this functional gift coming from you.

          12. Photo Ball Markers

          Never lose your spot on the green again thanks to custom golf ball markers! Add your own flair and stand out amongst your foursome.

          11. Golf Bag Caddy Tool Tee Set Keychain

            Everything a golfer needs in one keychain, clip it to your bagand never be short on a putt again. Small neoprene bag for two golf balls (included) with zippered cover. Tool includes green fixer, divot repair tool, brush, groove cleaner, cutting blade and domed ball marker. 

            10. Golf Gift Set

            It’s no use playing his favorite sports without having the complete gears and accessories. If he’s aiming to be a golf pro, then he must be equipped with the right tools. This great gift set comes with all the main tools he’ll need in his golf game. It comes complete with a ball marker, stroke counter, brush, club groove cleaner (divot repair tool), screwdriver, bottle opener, golf ball holder and golf tee holder. These are lightweight stainless tools that are compact and easy carry. This set comes with a rubberized non-slip hand grip and can be affixed to the belt with the use of strong clips. Let dad enjoy his golf game without getting distracted looking for tools in his bag. He will certainly love this gift from you!  

            9. Golfer Green

            Hone your putting skills with this fun 3-by-9-foot putting green. The kidney-shaped green's three cups give you plenty of practice targets, while the built-in sand traps are designed to catch missed shots. The green also offers a high-quality putting surface designed to stay smooth over time.

            8. Personalized Golf Head Cover

              golfer . golf-player monogram golf head cover

              Protection with serious style. You don't want your precious clubs getting banged around on the course, and these cushioned and cozy covers are just the trick to keep them safe. Let us worry about details, and you just par-tee on!.

              7. Golf Trunk Organizer

              Do you ever find his car filled with golf stuff he uses for the weekend? His car need not be cluttered with all his golf tools and accessories. Help your dad get organized with this golf trunk organizer. Made of durable 600D water-resistant Oxford fabric with ventilation grommets, this large organizer can accommodate all of his golf accessories. It can hold his gloves, golf shoes, balls, tees, shirts, hats and even pants. The dividers are adjustable and can be removed for easy customization depending on his storage needs. It comes with reinforced side walls for extra support and strength. When not in use, this organizer can easily be folded flat for easy storage. Convenient and built to last, with rip-resistant fabric, premium rubber grip handle and EZ glide zippers. It even has extra exterior storage. It’s light weight and compact design is simply perfect for dad’s car. Your dad will be thanking you for this wonderful and thoughtful gift!      

              6. Personalized Golf Shoe Bag

                This cleat caddie is the perfect gift to show your dad your all out support for his favorite sport. It is well-ventilated and beautifully designed cleat caddy especially made with the golfer in mind. Make this gift extra special by having it custom-monogrammed just for dad.

                5. Personalized Tailgate Cooler  


                He may be out on the golf course but that shouldn’t keep him from enjoying a cool drink with friends. This multi-functional gift is a cooler and a chair at the same time. When it’s not his turn yet, he can easily relax and get a hold of his favorite drink and even share some to his golf buddies with this cooler. Quench his thirst and get him energized for the game with this useful gift. Make this gift extra special as you personalize this 3 pounder chair by placing his name or initials on it.  

                5. Portable Golf Cart Heater

                  Don't let the cold stop a good round of golf.  This portable Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater is perfect for keeping hands warm between swings.  It fits into the golf cart cup holders.  Your guy will be so happy that he has a place to warm up on those chilly days.  

                  4. Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker 

                  This Ampcaddy portable Bluetooth Wireless Speakeris the #1 Most Recommended speaker for Golf enthusiasts. Ampcaddy's high-quality speaker securely mounts to any golf cart or push cart and is designed in the USA by PGA golfers. This V3 Pro Max Bluetooth Speaker and Mount with Loud Stereo Sound and Bass Boost has a 12-Hour Playtime, Extended Bluetooth Range, and is Waterproof.

                  3. Personalized Golf Decanter 

                    After a tiring day at the links, help dad relax and enjoy his favorite liquor with this personalized golf-motif decanter. Tell him you understand his love for this sport by giving him this engraved decanter with a glass topper, heavy-weighted base and square silhouette. It can hold up to 34 ounce of his favorite liquor - gin, bourbon, vodka or brandy. The best part? You can have this decanter personalized with dad’s initial making your gift extra special.     

                    2. New Golf Driver

                    Every guy wants a new one, but many do not want to spend the money.  Treat your golfer to this TaylorMade M6 Driver that is engineered to reach the threshold of the maximum legal limit of ball speed. So, whether you’re playing for your club championship or battling it out in your weekend fourball, you’ll be playing with a driver that’s engineered to make everybody faster. A gift that will bring a big smile on every golf aficionado. 

                    1. Birdie Juice Gift Set

                    Personalized Golf Gift Set

                    If you are not sure what to get your golfer because he already has everything (and your not sure what he already has), this is a great personalized gift set to give him.  This set comes with a personalized tumbler that he can use for his favorite beverage, along with two golf mainstays that every golfer will appreciate an upgrade on.   You get a personalized golf towel that he will be proud to display on his golf bag, along with a personalized divot tool that has a detachable ball marker.  You can't go wrong with this golf gift, he will be excited to show off his new personalized golf accessories.


                    He loves golf. And if it does not love him back, it does not really matter. He simply won’t go on a weekend without getting a hold of his clubs and hitting the links. Time to let dad know that you’re backing him up and he has your full support in his journey to becoming a golf pro. And what better time to let him know about it than on Father’s day! Give your dad the best golf lovers gift this Father’s day and keep cheering him on at the golf course.

                    This is one hobby he cannot seem to let go of. Time does not really matter to him when it comes to playing golf. And you’ve come to accept it through time. Instead of going against it, why not show him that you understand completely his fascination of the sport and you’re sure to bring a smile on his face especially on Father’s day. Take time to let him know how much you love him and everything else that he is fond of.

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