Seaport Serenity | Men's green golf glove

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Experience unique style on the course with the "Seaport Serenity," a men's green golf glove inspired by the refreshing seafoam greens and blues of the Seaport. This glove not only revitalizes your golf style but also embodies the resilience and revival of the Seaport neighborhood post-Hurricane Sandy.

Crafted from luxurious Indonesian 100% AAA Cabretta leather, the "Seaport Serenity" offers a comfortable fit and superior grip, enhancing your play. Its sophisticated color palette makes it a versatile accessory, seamlessly complementing a range of personal styles. The glove features a convenient premium-strength magnetized cavity for easy ball marker access, akin to the convenience of the Wall St. Ferry at Pier 11.

Coming standard with a navy and seafoam green ball marker, "Seafoam Blue," the "Seaport Serenity" is more than just a glove - it's a statement of individuality. Add this unique men's leather golf glove to your collection and embody the originality and spirit of the Seaport's locally-owned shops on the fairway.


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      Trusted Quality

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