18 Great Platinum Gifts for Men

Updated on June 15, 2023 by Chris Bajda

Platinum symbolizes the ability to endure and overcome any challenge. Much like how you both have fought for the relationship you have with him. This metal captures the nature of a long lasting relationship's timelessness and strength. Make him know how much he means to you by giving a platinum gift. Choose one that he can wear or a place, somewhere where it is always visible reminding him of your love and loyalty to him. 

Here are 18 if the best platinum gifts that you can choose from:

19. Forever Yours Gift Set

Forever Yours Gift Set

Celebrate your anniversary and show your love with a special gift that he'll never forget. Our Forever Yours Gift Box Set is the perfect way to express your affection and create lasting memories.

This personalized collection of keepsakes is sure to touch his heart and put a smile on his face. From the moment he opens the box and sees all the goodies inside, to the custom message on the copper plate on the outside of the box, he'll be taken on an emotional roller coaster.

18. Platinum Small Cross Pendant and Chain  

This Platinum Small Cross Pendant and Chain is hallmarked on the chain and comes in a lovely gift box. The platinum diamond cut trace chain is at 1.2mm - with lengths available at 16”, 18”, 20". The solid platinum cross have the following dimensions -  22mm x 12mm and has hammered rustic polished finish. 

17. Platinum Ring

This Platinum Ring is a handmade item and is made from stone materials. It has an black onyx gemstone with a silver band color. It has an art deco style and best of all it can personalized. The gemstone has a cushion shape and has a rhodium plating.  


This 3D Platinum Pendant JL PT P 221 is a unique pendant crafted in Platinum. The platinum purity is at  95% with hi-polish finishing. It's one gift you know he would always love to wear and show off to family and friends. You can almost see that big smile on his face once he gets this gorgeous gift.  

15. Platinum Cufflinks

These exquisite Platinum Cufflinks, available in polished or matte platinum, draw inspiration from the captivating sight of molten platinum as it liquefies under intense heat. The design beautifully captures the fluidity of the metal, preserving the distinct shape of the rectangles. Each pair is meticulously crafted to order in New York City, ensuring a unique and personalized accessory.

This Platinum & Black Cigar Pen is uniquely designed by hand. It is made from unique wood or acrylics from around the world. Ideal for individuals of all preferences, this distinguished pen showcases a flawless combination of elegance and functionality. Crafted from Macassar Ebony, an extraordinary timber known for its robustness and density, the pen is meticulously turned by hand to provide a comfortable and seamless grip. Protected by a long-lasting cyanoacrylate finish, the wood retains its exquisite shine indefinitely, ensuring years of durability. Additionally, it includes an extra ink refill compatible with Parker style refills for uninterrupted writing enjoyment

13. Platinum Tobacco Pipe

This Platinum Tobacco Pipe is shaped like the traditional tobacco smoking pipe but this one is much smaller. It’s designed for smoking mixed nicotine free herbs or tobacco mixture. The platinum pipe is designed for pipe smokers, and is also great for Halloween. It's one stylish product that is a welcome addition to his mancave.

12. Platinum White Gold Diamond Cuban Link

This Platinum White Gold Diamond Cuban Link uses the 3D Nano Electroforming Technology. The accurate calculation of the angle of the multi-slice diamonds make the jewelry shine more and makes him stand out from the crowd wherever he goes.

11. Platinum Smoking Pipe

This Platinum Smoking Pipe is a white porcelain smoking pipe with platinum decoration. It is plated with authentic platinum and is designed for smokers who like the elegant look. It adds a stylish yet quirky feel to his smoking experience. He will certainly love this gift. 

10. Grand Platinum Steam Grill Brush

This Grand Platinum Steam Grill Brush will let him clean and sterilize his grill easily. The grill accessories remove baked-on food and gunk through the power of steam, without chemicals. It is an invention from grill cooks who struggled with the same food and gunk like you do. Each grill brush has a safe bristle lock, dishwasher safe brush heads, and easy grip handle designed to protect his hands from the heat.

9. Men's Platinum Silver Skull Cross Bead Necklace

This Men's Platinum Silver Skull Cross Bead Necklace is a handmade item. It uses silver material and has an onyx gemstone on it. It has a gothic style design with a chain style bead with adjustable length. The best part is it can be personalized to make it extra special. 

8. Platinum Sound Wave Art 

This Platinum Sound Wave Art will capture his favorite song captured as a soundwave art and printed on metal. It will make for the perfect 20 year anniversary gift which is traditionally platinum. It is a sturdy aluminum composite sheet with a plastic core. Printed with UV-inks directly to the panel, Dibond® Metal prints are both durable, waterproof and weather resistant.

7. Platinum Plated Medium Point Ballpoint Pen




This Platinum Plated Medium Point Ballpoint Pen comes as a set including a gift box, 1 extra ballpoint cartridge, certificates, and a 3-year warranty card. It has a twist action ballpoint pen with a unique octagonal design. The hallmarked solid brass body comes with .999 platinum and 18k gold plating. It is designed for supreme comfort and balance.

6. Onyx Gemstone Platinum Ring

This Onyx Gemstone Platinum Ring is a handmade item made from stone material. The gemstone used is a black Onyx with a silver band color. It also comes with an art deco style that can be customized especially for him.

5. Krementz Abalone with Platinum Inlay Rims

This Krementz Abalone with Platinum Inlay Rims comes in great condition and is consistent with age and wear. Its the perfect gift for him who loves vintage items. You can be sure that you are adding something really special to his cufflinks collection.  

4. Japanese Thicker Plain Platinum Snake Chain

This Japanese Thicker Plain Platinum Snake Chain is a handmade item. It has a necklace length of 24 Inches and is made with platinum material. It has a minimalist design and has a snake chain style. The best part is you can make it extra special by personalizing this gift. 

3. Platinum Bracelet with Rose Gold

This Platinum Bracelet with Rose Gold is a handmade item with a minimalist jewelry style. It uses Platinum material that can also be personalized just for him. This unisex platinum bracelet comes with a flexible belt & a touch of rose gold. You can also choose between a matte or alternating finish.

2. Men of Platinum

This Men of Platinum is a rectangular pendant with a sharp indent and striking diamonds. The gemstone used are natural diamonds. Platinum is a fitting tribute to his rare qualities – a metal that carved out an equally extraordinary path from the stars to make its way to Earth. 

This Smoked Wood Ring Platinum Spiral Inlay has platinum spiral veins that follow the grain pattern of this ring crafted from authentic Jameson Irish Whiskey Barrel Oak. The 'smoked' rim effect darkens the overall tone and is applied using an old woodworking technique. The Platinum spirals pop against the darker wood, and offer a more organic style than more traditional Gold wire inlays.
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