19 Romantic Gift Ideas for Men

Updated on October 23, 2021 by Eds Alvarez

Rekindle the fire of your love and romance with a gift that speaks volumes of your affection and fondness of him.

Let him know that you care and that he is constantly in your thoughts by giving a gift he can wear daily, display on his room or office desk, something you both can work on as a project or even something naughty that will give life to your date nights. Whether you are looking for an anniversary gift or a Valentines Day gift, all he really needs is to be reminded that you are in love with him. 

Here are 19 of the romantics gifts for him that you can choose from: 

19. Hidden Message Leather Bracelet

Remind him of your deep love for each other with this  Hidden Message Leather Bracelet. It is a simple and stylish leather bracelet that can be personalized with own message, on the clasp only, inside or outside of the leather, or both sides of the leather plus the clasp as it's shown in the picture. In the drop down menu it will give you engraving options.

18. 'The Story of Us' Photo Frame

Let it constantly remind him of the greatest thing that happened to his life - your love story. 'The Story of Us' Collage Photo Frame is a celebration of your relationship that features a plastic frame finished in crisp white. It comes with a gold script at the top and white lettering with a black background at the bottom. It's a wonderful documentation of the course of your unique love story starting with your courtship and proposal, to your wedding day and honeymoon. 

17. 52 Date Night Ideas

Running out of date ideas? Let this 52 Date Night Ideas save you from ill-planned dates as it stocks your date night ideas in one time capsule. Write all the crazy, fun, or simple date ideas you can think of and hand it to your man. You can almost be sure the date idea will be something you truly like.

16. Conversation Starting Game For Couples

our moments conversation starting card game for couples

Make your date nights more enjoyable with this conversation starter game. Sometimes couples can settle into life together and forget who it is they fell in love with. Use this game to learn more about each other whether its your first date or you've been together for years. 

15. Naughty Couples Game

Valentines Couples Game


Heat things up with your guy with this spicey game. It is perfect for new couples of anyone looking for an anniversary gift. With 3 levels of cards to choose from you can pick the intensity that each of you are up for. 

14. Personalized Leather Phone Case

This Vegan leather phone wallet doubles as a phone stand the love of your life will be so thankful for. Make it convenient for him while he facetimes or watches Netflix. You can  also choose from different color options. It's one gift that says I love you while being incredibly useful.

13. Set The Mood

sexy time mood candle

This candle is his cue, love is in the air. These soy candles are handmade and hand poured with love and burn longer than typical paraffin candles. With the scent of romance in the air your guy will surely get the hint. It will definitely set the mood for your man, who doesn't love sexy time. 

12. Our Bucket List Book

bucket list book anniversary gift

Jot down all the adventures that you want to do together and make amazing memories together. This Bucket List journal is the perfect gift to give you an excuse to do what you and your man love most, spend time together.  One of the the best part about this book is you will have a piece of memorabilia you can pass down for generations to come.  

11. Sculpture of Love

Capture your moment forever with this sculpture hand casting kit, and show it off in your home as decor. This hand casting kit is not only gorgeous to look at when it's finished, but it is also a great activity or date idea to do with your significant other. 

10. Our Adventure Book

Anniversary Gift Book

You have shared so many special moments together and taken tons of pictures, pick out the best ones and have a memory that will last forever with this gift/ Once you add the pictures of your and your guy's journey together, the Our Adventure Scrap Book becomes the perfect gift for your man. 

9. Letters To My Love 

Let him know the power of a sweetly written, personally crafted and handwritten letter. This Letters To My Love is a collection of all your letters to him and maybe his letters back to you all in one grasp. So after years of love and affection, hand your husband a gift he can access should a day come that you feel lost in translation.

8. Sensual Massage Oil

Enriched with aromatic compounds and therapeutic grade-oils, this massage oil seals the deal for a sensually relaxed session. This Sensual Massage Oil has Jajoba oil and almond oil with Vitamin E. Each bottle is a perfect combination of therapy and vanity. This will be his favorite gift ever!

7. I Pick You

This standard shaped pick can be personalized by adding a message, a name, and even a photo. This Pick You gift suggestion suddenly breaks the ice. You can even give different designs for different occasions. Now every strung of his guitar will have a melody of love from you. Pick this gift for the man you picked.

6. Love Tumbler

 Anniversary Tumbler

Let this personalized Love Tumbler remind him of how much you love him daily. Whatever his drink of choice, this tumbler can handle it all while letting him know how much you care. 

5. Romantic Couple Figurines in Love

This Romantic Couple Figurines in Love is an expression of gratitude to him for being your companion over the years. It has a unique appearance to represent an emotion or mark a memory, express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope, all the emotions of a life well lived.  

4. Personalized Wallet: Circle 

 He will be happy to use it for years to come. Let him know how much you love him each time he opens this custom leather wallet. You can even put a custom message inside of it and it instantly becomes one of the best anniversary gifts you can get him. 

3. Princess Hug Couple Bobblehead

Give this Princess Hug Couple Bobblehead as a reminder of the fact that you will always be his princess and him your prince - forever! You may include in the design simple accessories include things like bouquets, heart-shaped bases, veils, etc. or big accessories like pianos, motorcycles, cakes, etc. It's one romantic gift he will treasure for life. 

2. Moments To Treasure Magnet Frame Decoration

This Moments To Treasure Magnet Frame Decoration has a touch of vintage with a modern twist! The frame comes with magnets making it perfect for attaching in your home. Each frame has sticky fixers on the reverse to attach your photograph. Please note this is a frame decoration not a photo frame. 

1. Message in a Box

This handsome box comes filled with a flask, bottle opener, wallet, pen, and funnel. Show your guy how much he means to you with this gift box full of special stuff he would love. Let him open the handsome cigar box and see your personalized message while being showered with gifts. 

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