Birthday Gifts For Him: Presents That’ll Blow His Mind

Updated on April 07, 2021 by Chris Bajda

Having trouble finding birthday gifts for him? With so many choices and lists that can go on page after page, it can be pretty tricky nailing good birthday gifts. Take a page out of our book and ask yourself these questions to find the perfect men's gifts:  

  • What are his interests and hobbies?
  • What’s something he’s talked about and doesn’t have yet?
  • Do you see him using this birthday gift?

Still coming up blank? Don’t worry, our master gift givers have scoured the internet and come up with a list of 62 gift ideas for every kind of man. Read on for our hand-picked list of the best birthday gift ideas that can be personalized or are perfect out of the box! 

62.  Personalized Water Bottle (with Year Established)

Some guys are always on the go. Give him a water bottle that can handle all he throws at it while being reminded that you care. This 32 ounce laser engraved water bottle is double walled and vacuum sealed. Ensuring a sweat and spill proof drink that maintains its temperature. Give him a gift that he can use daily while taking care of himself.

61. The Beer Lover- Custom Beer Glass

custom beer glass birthday gift

Nothing makes men smile more than beer...well almost nothing. This personalized birthday beer glass is designed with that in mind. A glass customized to celebrate his years on this earth while sipping his favorite beverage. He will be using this glass to toast himself with pride for years to come. Available in a pint glass or this beer can style version for whatever he prefers.

60. The Guy That's Always Hurt - Muscle Gun Massager

Gun Muscle Massage Gift For Man

Your guy is getting old and his muscles hurt a little more every year.  There is a reason why these massage guns are all the rage, they help you feel great and recover from any injuries.  Treat your injury prone man to something that will help take away his pain, this gun muscle massager is the perfect birthday gift for him. No pain, all gain!

59. The Big Spender - Sentimental Personalized Minimalist Wallet

Personalized Minimalist Wallet Birthday Gift For HIm

Beefy wallets can make a great pair of pants look lumpy and misshapen. Shop for something that’ll trim down the wallet bulge with this classy personalized money clip! This custom engraved money clip guarantees that your man can wear his slickest garb without any odd bumps and bulges. If you like the idea of getting your guy a wallet but don't think he would like this one there are many more personalized wallets that you can get for him. 

58. The Guy That's Prepared For Any Situation - Survival Set

Personalized Survival Set Gift

This survival set is ultimate set for the birthday boy that's ready for adventure. Whether he's out camping, hunting, patrolling, or just protecting the homefront any guy will feel the testosterone in his hands with this gift set. Both the flashlight and knife can be personalized for a great birthday  gift.

57. The Distinguished Drinker- Custom Whiskey Glass

Birthday whiskey Glass

Serve it up neat or on the rocks this birthday, just serve it up. Let him enjoy his favorite beverage in a cool custom whiskey glass designed with his birth year in mind. After all did life even exist before he was born?!! Whether you prefer gin highballs, single malt lowballs, or an old fashioned, these unique, round bottom, whiskey glasses are the ticket to a killer drink.. Serve up classic, vintage alcohol drinks in style!

56. The Smart Gadget Enthusiast - Smart Speaker With Alexa

This compact Bluetooth speaker guarantees your backyard dates are filled with the calming ambiance of your favorite albums. For the tech-savvy guy, this speaker also comes with voice command recognition so he can change the song without ever getting off the couch. 

55. The Man Who’s Always On Time - A Personalized Sandalwood Watch

Punctuality speaks volumes about a man. Anyone that’s always on time is bound to always have a watch on them, so why not enhance his collection with a unique personalized watch? This watch’s sandalwood finish can be engraved with any short message just for him. 

If you like the idea of a personalized watch but would like to see more here are our favorites.

54. The Weekend Warrior

When your guy is on the go he needs a dependable bag. This personalized duffle bag has him covered. The Weekender Duffel bag holds more than he can need and is modeled after the military duffel bag with heavyweight water repellent canvas. This duffel bag make a great Birthday for any traveling man in your life, making it one of our favorite universal gifts for men.


53. The Fire Pit Master- Aximum Security

Whether he's king of woods or master of the fire pit he should do it in style with this hatchet that has his name and year established engraved on the handle. He will feel so much manliness flowing through him with this hatchet in his hand. This hatchet is made with a 4 inch stainless steel blade and a full tang, making it a great personalized hatchet for your guy.

52. No Wallet Bulge Allowed-Tall Slim Genuine Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Genuine leather custom Front pocket wallet

This genuine leather lightweight and slim front pocket wallet is perfect for the man on the go who values having the necessities without being bogged down. Fitting up to 9 cards as well as his cash your man's pockets will be loaded while maintaining their fit and style. Available in 3 colors as well as with personalization this wallet makes the perfect birthday gift for any guy in your life.

51. The Basics Guy- Carhartt Mens Hat

Every guy needs a few staples in his life and wardrobe.  A  good quality hat should be on that list.The Carhartt label is known to symbolize durability and style so your guy will be thrilled to receive this hat for his birthday. With many colors to choose from you can't go wrong with this gift. 

50. King Of The Golf Course - Birdie Juice Gift Set

Birthday Golf Gift For Him

He’s got the clubs, the bag, and his favorite set of tee-off outfits. This gift idea beefs up his arsenal of golf accessories with a sleek and fun golf gift set will make him feel like a million bucks when he’s out on the course. Watch him swinging clubs and brag about his gifts to his buddies! 

49. The Chef- Victorinox Pro Knife


Maybe your boyfriend is a master of the kitchen or at least trying....but every kitchen king is only as good as his blade. This 7.9" stainless steel bladewill bring out any guys inner Gordon Ramsay. Victorinox is known for quality so your guy will be chopping and slicing for years to come. 

48.The On the Go Guy Rumbling Tumbler

Keep your favorite guy hydrated and ready for anything with this sleek 30oz personalized tumbler. He will  love the sleek design and having his favorite beverage stay preserved at just the right temperature with the double insulated walls. The vacuum lid prevents spillage as he gets out and after his day all while being reminded how much he is loved.

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47. The Kid at Heart- Drone with 4K Camera 


Who says toys are just for kids. Bring out his kid at heart this birthday with this easy and fun to fly drone. Whether he's flown a drone before or its his first time this drone comes equipped with many safety features to ensure a safe flight. Equipped with a 4K camera your guy won't believe all he can see and will be entertained for hours with this drone. Bring him back to the days of ripping open the presents this birthday and watch his inner kid come out.

46. The Mobile Techy Guy - A Power-Up In Your Pocket

Some guys just live in the fast lane and it can be easy for them to forget things like charging their phone. This personalized power bank is the perfect gift men like him can receive because he can take it wherever he goes. Slap his name and a heartfelt message on the outer chassis and you’ve got yourself one of the most practical good gift ideas!


This piece will immediately become the center piece of your guys bar setup.  This 1000 ml handsome decanter would look great sitting in any guys home bar or man cave. With its impressive globe design sitting on top of a wood cutout of the United States of America, this decanter would make a great birthday gift for any guy in your life.

44. The Tough Guy- Birthday Blade

birthday knife

Show your birthday boy some love with this custom Damascus style knife. Whether he's out fighting bad guys or he just needs help with the amazon packages he will be so proud to whip this bad boy out. This knife will feel right at home in your guys hands with its heavy duty burl wood handle and striking Damscus swirl blade. No guy will be left disappointed with this birthday gift.

43. The Coffee Addict - Gourmet Coffee Sampler

Is he ever bummed out that he can only get one kind of coffee? Fret not, because with this gift he’ll get to sample the best gourmet beans on the market! Kickstart his morning with something fresh every day with this coffee sampler. 

42. The Tipsy Gunslinger - .50 Caliber Bottle Opener

This one is for all the beer-loving gunmen out there! Give him this bold and unique .50 Caliber Bottle Opener to use at home or with friends. When he’s at parties, he’ll never forget how thoughtful you are for getting him the coolest thing he never knew he wanted. 

41. For The Adventure Lover- Ranger Custom Knife

 For the toughest of guys you need an out-of-the-ordinary knifethis birthday. This knife delivers in spades, from the piercing tanto point to the black oxide coating every guy will feel the power radiating from his pocket. Adventure is calling and with this blade your guy will be ready to answer. Makes a great birthday gift for any red blooded man in your life.

40.The Health-Conscious One - Suspension Training System

This is easily one of the best gifts for gym junkies! Gym memberships can be costly, so why not buy your boyfriend an at-home suspension training systemthat he can use anytime? It can still be useful even as he gets stronger and faster with its interchangeable bands and weights.

 39. The Cool Guy- Combat Cooler

He may be out on an adventure but that shouldn’t keep him from enjoying a cool beer with friends. This Personalized Cooler is highly portable and comes with a sturdy and durable leather top handle with adjustable straps. It is leak-resistant and comes with a convenient bottle opener. Simply perfect for his sporting events and outdoor adventures.

38. The Man That Has Everything - Customizable Caricature Mug

Store-bought mugs have nothing on this customizable caricature mug. Say happy birthday with one-of-a-kind gifts for a man who has everything. His heart will feel as warm as his coffee with a flattering caricature and a love note printed on the front of this fun and functional gift. 

37. Birth Year Flask

What better way to celebrate your guys birthday than to throw it back to where it all began. Show him how much he means to you with this personalized flask. This black matte flask comes with his name and birth year laser engraved on the front. Toast him in style this year and remind him how much he means to you.

36. The Whiskey Wizard - Whiskey Stones With A Twist

Perhaps your special guy has a more mature and sophisticated palette. Show him how well you know him with these unique custom whiskey stone gifts that keep his drink chilly and pure. Don’t let him drink watered-down whiskey or bourbon, watch him experience its natural richness with this unique birthday gift.

35. The Audiophile - HiFi Neodymium Headphones

With these open-back neodymium headphones, tinny audio and static bass will be a thing of the past. Whether he’s listening to the latest album from his favorite band or off to watch an action flick, these headphones will deliver crisp and clear audio every single time! 

34. The Thrill Seeker - Poker Pack

Does your guy love fantasizing about going to Vegas with his friends? This Poker Pack set may not be the real thing, but it’s pretty damn close! Each set contains a whiskey glass with King of diamonds on it, whiskey stones, a storage bag, quality black set of cards, and mini tongs. Sounds like a recipe for a great night to us.

33. The Gym Rat - Powerbeats Pro Wireless

What gifts can you give a guy that loves to pump iron at the gym? We all know that getting “in the zone” can be tough if you don’t have the right music playing, so, buy your guy these high-fidelity wireless earphones so he can hit those reps with perfect form!

32. The Grill Master - Tools Of The Trade

A few times every year, men get the uncontrollable urge to grill up an enormous meaty feast – it’s basic biology! With this in mind, is there a better way to tell him you love him than by getting him a set of extra-sturdy, extra-sleek grilling tools

31. The Starry-Eyed Man - 70mm Telescope

Is his thoughtful nature part of what made you fall in love with him? This is one of the best gifts for wannabe astronomers! Give him this portable telescope so he can gaze directly at the stars and ponder the secrets of the universe. Better yet, every purchase of this hyper-clear consumer telescope comes with astronomy software to make the most out of every stargazing session!

30. The Clean-Shaven Guy- Shaveheart

There are three things that are certain in a man’s life: death, taxes, and shaving! Make that certainty a luxurious everyday experience with this finely-crafted safety razor. He’ll thank you when the blade glides over his skin like butter as he starts the day feeling pampered and relaxed. 

29. The Cinephile - Wi-Fi Mini Projector

Maybe you want to get him a gift that you can enjoy with him. This super-cool smart projector can bring movie nights anywhere! With its powerful sound system and picture quality, you can watch your favorite films or videos on just about any surface. The unit also supports Netflix, Youtube, and other streaming service installations.

28. The Cigar Aficionado - Lightweight Cigar Kit

This is one of the coolest birthday gifts to make him feel like the biggest hotshot around town! Whether he’s at home or hitting the streets with his boys, he’ll find everything he needs in this gift curated for classy gents. This personalized Lightweight Cigar Kit has the space for three cigars, a lighter, and a compact cigar cutter!

27. The Green Thumb - Indoor Garden LED

This device is built to support plant life without the need of sunlight! The set comes with a selection of herb starters and plant nutrients to have them growing all within the comfort of your home. Unlock dreams of a self-sustaining herb garden with this sample taste of indoor gardening

26. The Beer Warrior - Viking Horn Beer Glass

Every man wants to feel like a warrior, and when your special guy is pounding beers back with this gleaming beer horn he’ll feel even manlier than Thorhimself. Pillage your way into his heart with one of the coolest birthday gifts ever.

25. The Classic Gamer - SNES Classic Edition

Gift your guy something that will let him relive those nostalgic summer nights! This updated game console has 21 games built-in that are guaranteed to revive that same sense of wonder he had as a kid. It comes with two extension cords and controllers so you can be his player two or watch as he finally beats that level. 

24.  The Classy Shooter

When your guy is ready to celebrate help him do it in style this Birthday. These customized shot glasses are a conversation piece for any mans home bar or man cave. Made with a unique and stable design these set of 4 glasses will feel sturdy even in the most unsteady of hands, The square offset design allow them to be almost indestructible which for shot glasses is a good thing.

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23. The Man Who Keeps It Clean - Deluxe Grilling Apron

birthday gift apron

Birthday gifts for him can also be more functional than flashy. When it comes to grilling pork chops, steaks, and barbeque – your man can do it all! Keep his clothes clean in style with the All Day Apron, the armament of only the coolest of grillmasters.

22. The Marvel Maniac - Thanos Bottle Opener

Was he gushing about the final Avengers movie? Shop for something to help him remember the epic fantasy universe with this Thanos bottle opener. He may not have unlimited power with these infinity stones, but he can open both wine and beer bottles with its built-in tools! 

21. The Writer - Tipsy Travel Journal

Write drunk, edit sober – that’s how great authors do it. This combination of a flask and a leather-bound journal will inspire the aspiring writer in your life when he’s out jotting down ideas. Each page is finished in a rough, leathery feeling that will have him dying to write on it, just watch. 

20. The Travelling Bartender - Portable Cocktail Kit

If he’s a bartender, then your man is probably used to a certain je ne sais quoi in his drinks. With this portable cocktail kit, he can take his bartending skills anywhere and brighten up someone’s party with delicious libations. Never let your boyfriend go without his special mix ever again.

19. The Reformed Party Boy - Brew Bearer

Just because he’s bringing a six-pack to the party doesn’t mean he can’t do it in style. With gifts like this classy six-pack holder, your boyfriend will be the talk of the party – and not just for bringing the alcohol. This is one of our favorite birthday gifts for him! 

18. The One Obsessed With Soda - Soda And Sparkling Water At Home

Does he have a sweet tooth that can only be sated by fizzy drinks and soda? Let him be the engineer of his sugary treats with the SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker. If your man’s looking to drop weight, then don’t worry! This set comes with zero-calorie flavor drops making it one of the best health-conscious gifts out there. 

17. The Homebound Soldier - Military Duffel Bag

Personalized Weekend Bag

Deep down, every man wants to embody the rugged charm of a man-in-uniform. This military-themed duffel bag embellished in leather and brass accents evokes the breezy discipline of an off-duty marine. It’s more than just a bag, it’s a stylish piece that tells the world he’s your man. 

16. The Executive - Luxury Ballpoint Pen

When he’s signing papers all day and making big business decisions, what’s the one thing he needs? Maybe he’s not a watch guy, so a small and understated gift like a luxury penwill remind him that he’s not only the big man at work but in your heart too! 

15. The Cowboy - Beer Holster

It’s high noon and time to bust out the beer. This handmade leather beer holster is the perfect fit for your city-slicking man that fancies himself a cowboy. Different from other functional gag gifts, it’s a talking piece to take out on the town with his boys. Yee-haw!

14. The Culinary Risk-Taker - The World’s Spiciest Hot Sauce

Finding birthday gifts for the modern foodie is tough! Lucky for you, we’ve found the perfect flaming condiment to complement his ever-expanding culinary repertoire. Wicked Tickle claims that this Ghost Pepper Hot Sauceis the hottest sriracha in the world! 

13. The Handyman - The Wallet-Sized Gadget That Does It All

Is he a wizard at fixing things? He can’t bring his giant toolbox everywhere, but this wallet-sized card is just as good! With its 11 different tools built-in and a space for a sweet little engraved message, this men’s gift is sure to wow the man that’s good with his hands. 

12. The Prepared Guy- Emergency Solar and Hand Crank Power Bank 

 Your guy likes to take care of you and be ready for whatever, its in his DNA. Give him a gift for his birthday that lets him be the protector. This hand crank and solar powered power bank comes allows him to charge his devices and be ready whatever the situation may bring. 


11. The Traveler - Leather Travel Pouch

There’s something so very masculine about regular objects reimagined in leather. This leather travel pouch is no exception, and that’s what makes it one of the best gifts for your man! It’s handmade with extraordinary attention to detail to make sure your guy feels his best whether he’s on the plane, train, or driving across state lines. 

10. AThe Bedtime Furnace - Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

Hot summer nights don’t have to keep him up! Buy this cooling memory foam pillow and watch your man drift peacefully into sleep. These pillows are crafted from the finest materials and they’re also cruelty-free and vegan so the sheep he’s counting will always be safe and happy. 

9. AThe Man Who Forgets His Keys - Bluetooth Keyring

Tired of “honey, have you seen my keys?” This Bluetooth keyring hooks up to your boyfriend’s phone so he can keep track of his keys 24/7. The keyring works both ways and can be pressed to find the user’s phone. This gift will revolutionize Monday mornings!

8. The Portrait Photographer - Portrait Lens With A Punch

This flagship lens is a metallic upgrade for all the portrait-enthusiasts out there – and it’s super affordable too! Your photographer beau will get creamy backgrounds and crisp photos from this staple lens. This is one item that should be a part of every portrait photographer’s arsenal. 

7. AThe Well-Groomed Guy - Beard Care Essentials

Maybe your man’s a little less clean-shaven and a little more lumberjack. If that’s the case, keep his man mane tamed with one of our top gifts: this beard care kit! Armed with a boar-bristle brush, leave-in conditioner, and a unique blend of oils, his fellow beard-bearers will be green with envy. 

6. AThe Mobile Power-User - Extra-Tough Cable

We all know how mobile charging cables can get magically tangled and frayed over daily use. This Native Union cablemeasures 10 feet and has a guaranteed lifespan of at least 10,000 bends so your guy can go about living his best and boldest life without having to worry about a torn cable.

5. The Tie Guy - Compact Tie Rack

Tie Rack Gift For Guy 

Is he the type of chap that’s always dressed to the nines? Buy him this compact and clean-looking tie rack that folds neatly into tiny spaces. After picking out his favorite watch and snazzy button-up, finding the right tie will be a breeze when they’re all laid out for him to see. It’s one of our favorite gifts for a reason! 

4. The Oral Health Conscious - Travel Electric Toothbrush

Was it his winning smile that won you over? Take care of those chompers with this electric toothbrush that loosens plaque and banishes bacteria. Give him this gift and see how this chore can become a luxury at the press of a button. 

3. The Indoorsy Griller - Electric Grill


When someone says “family barbeque”, people always think that it has to be outdoors. For the indoor crowd, this electric grill is perfect for rainy nights or intimate gatherings. It has a little peep window and an extra-large dipping sauce receptacle so he can serve up a feast in the comfort of your home!

2. The Travelling Tech Guru - Charging And Theft-Proof Backpack

Birthday gifts for him can be fun and functional. Even if he leaves home without charging his phone, he’s got nothing to worry about. This backpackwith a USB charging port built in is one of the best gifts you can get your busybody beau. It’s made of slash-proof material fitted for trekking the urban jungle. 

1. The Homebody - Rugged Fluffy House Slippers

Sometimes the best way to unwind is to stay home wrapped in your creature comforts. Elevate your sweetheart’s at-home experience with lush house slippers that’ll make him feel like he’s on cloud nine. These perfect gifts were fashioned from a mixture of dyed sheep’s wool and leather soles, so you know he’s only getting the best. 

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