33 Best Torch Lighters For Stoking Up a Cigar

Updated on February 16, 2021 by Chris Bajda

Looking for the top torch lighter to help stoke up a cigar?

You know for a fact that he is a cigar lover, and his cigar experience will be a make or break the moment he lights up that cigar. There is a wide variety of torch lighters in the market based on flame types and functions. Torch lighters fall under the heavy duty category. It is the perfect choice for smoking cigars as it is powered with butane making it produce steady and robust flames.  Giving him a totally dependable torch lighter is the best way of providing him that relaxing and hassle-free cigar experience.

Here are 33 of the best torch lighters you can choose from: 

33. Personalized Dual Flame Torch Cigar Lighter

It is is sleek, modern, and reliable. This Personalized Dual Flame Torch Cigar Lighter glides effortlessly, allowing for an even light-up every time. Keep an eye on the fuel level with the opening on the far side and adjust the height of the torches with the dial on the base. You can also have it personalized to make it extra special. 

32. Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighters

This Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighter consists of 3 burners, which produce strong and powerful turbo jet torch flame. It can light his wide circular cigars quickly and evenly. This 2 Pack Cigar lighters comes with a gift box ready to be handed to your friend or loved one. 

31. Wood Torch Lighter

This Wood Torch Lighter is made from sandalwood wood and metal. It features automatic ignition and is fueled with butane gas. It's one functional and practical gift that he can carry with him for his cigar relaxation time, anytime, anywhere. 

30. Flashlight Torch Lighter 

Nothing like giving him a gift that is both functional and beautiful to watch. This Flashlight Torch Lighter is perfect not just for his cigar time but a handy tool to carry in all his camp adventures. It's one gift he will always be thankful for. 

29. Butane Cigar and Cigarette Lighter

Engrave this with his initials to make it extra special. This Butane Cigar and Cigarette Lighter is a refillable butane lighter with double torch and adjustable flame height. It  also comes complete with a gift box ready to be handed to your friend or loved one.  

28. Bob Marley Collage Torch

 He is not just a cigar aficionado but a Bob Marley fan too! This Bob Marley Collage Torch will definitely delight him. It's a 5 in 1 hand torch with gold accents and select Bob Marley Photos in a collage. It's one gift he is sure to use for a long time. 

27. Torch Lighter Jet Flame 

This vintage Torch Lighter Jet Flame is  built with rocker arm design, and push down automatic rebound ignition. It  is made with zinc alloy. Different with the traditional button press ignition method, it does not only have the high ignition rate, but it also won't hurt his hand.  

    26. Jetline New York Triple/Quad Torch Sleeve

    This Jetline New York Triple/Quad Torch Sleeve is another member of the magnetic ecosystem. This accessory pairs easily with his favorite stash or DayFlask. Designed to hold either the Triple or Quad New York torch from Jetline snug and secure while still allowing for easy fuel visibility. It is created with functionality in mind. This housing has easy access to the filling port, key loop, and flame adjustment dial. 

    25. RONXS Torch Lighter

     It's small, safe and easy to use. This RONXS Torch Lighter comes with triple burners which are strong and powerful enough to light candle jars, gas stovetops, BBQ grill, camping, fireworks, etc. This butane refillable lighter with fuel level window helps check and refill butane in time. It's easy to adjust the flip-out control on the base of lighter to adjust the flame intensity. 

    24. Dual Arc Lighter Jet Flame Torch

     This high quality Dual Arc Lighter Jet Flame Torch comes with a flip top lid and is rechargeable too. It has a sturdy metal material body and goes auto off within 8-10s. It is simple and very handy for one hand operation. It's one useful and comfortable gadget lighter to carry with him every day.

      23. Grinding Wheel Torch Flint Lighter

      It's compact and windproof. What more can he ask for? Let this Grinding Wheel Torch Flint Lighter gift bring a big smile on his face. It's one gift he is sure to carry with him wherever he goes and one that he will always remember you by. 

      22. NOVELTY YELLOW CADILLAC Torch Lighter

      He is an avid fan of novelty items. And what can be a more perfect gift to your cigar aficionado friend than this NOVELTY YELLOW CADILLAC Torch Lighter. Let this gift be a welcome addition to his cigar lighter collection. 

      21. Personalized Dual Torch Flame Cigar Lighter

      Have this Personalized Dual Torch Flame Cigar Lighter laser engraved to make it extra special. This Dual Torch cigar lighter features a pair of powerful butane flames, a simple two ignition process with its oversized activation trigger, and a flame height adjuster located in the base of this lighter. The wide, flat surface will also fit nicely into his hand or pocket.

      20. Flint Jet Torch Lighter

      Let him have this Flint Jet Torch Lighter in all metal construction. It features brushed matt black finish with a flip top lid and flint wheel ignition (replaceable flints). It has a single adjustable jet flame and is refillable with butane gas. It's one slim lighter that can easily fit into his pocket or handbag. 

      19. Bullet Shaped Torch Lighter 


      The Bullet Shaped Torch Lighter is a uniquely designed lighter that resemble a strand of bullets. This cool and one of a kind lighter will add a little flame to his life where he needs it! What's more, it can easily fit in his pocket or purse. Simply fill with butane, flip the top back, strike the flint, and watch it ignite!

      18. Two Tone Personalized Torch Lighter


      two tone torch lighter


      This handsome three torch personalized lighter will be sure to delight any cigar lover in your life. With its two tone finish and built in cigar punch this lighter will be whipped out with pride.Whether sitting outside by fire or home in the man cave any cigar lover will delight in this gift.

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      17. Torch Cigar Lighter


      The Torch Cigarette Lighter is a triple flame luxurious cigarette lighter with cigar punch. It is made of robust materials that's sure to last for generations. It features an ergonomic grip design and is perfectly sized for easy one-handed use.  A word of warning, This Chobia cigar lighter is not cheap.

      16. Monogrammed Double Torch Cigar Lighter


      With monogramming, you can add that personalized touch to this Monogrammed Double Torch Cigar Lighter. You can even choose between a modern or classic font. This gift comes with the two jet torches that provide a strong flame without too much heat. A protective lid covers the torch heads when not in use. The bottom is equipped with a foldable punch cutter. Each lighter comes with an adjustable nozzle that makes it easy to adjust the strength of the flame.

      15. Triple Flame Torch-Er Lighter

      Torch lighter

      This handsome triple flame torch lighter will be the perfect addition to any stogie lovers line up. With built in wind cover your guy will be able to light up on the beach, porch, or wherever his may adventures take him.

      14. Torch Jet Blue Flame Cigarette Lighter

      It's made with high quality materials for leak free and long lasting use. This Torch Jet Blue Flame Cigarette Lighter can be refilled easily, and has a click-to-ignite function. It also features an adjustable flame control and wind resistant flames. It's one gift that is sturdy and heavy duty for any type of use.

      13. Fire Jet Butane Torch 

      This Fire Jet Butane Torch will definitely impress his cigar buddies. These lighters are turbo power lighters, which is a great gift for any gadget lover! You can even choose from two different styles. This is one gift that will make his cigar experience even better and in style! 

      12. S.T. Dupont Minijet Blue Wiz Torch Flame Lighter

      Manufactured in France, this S.T. Dupont Minijet Blue Wiz Torch Flame Lighter will be the perfect gift for your cigar aficionado friend. This lighter is more affordable than the legacy line of lighters from Dupont and it works great. It comes with a safety lock and can be used in any weather condition.  

      11. Bazooka Torch

      Bazooka Torch Lighter

      Is your cigar lover a pyromaniac? Does he enjoy the little things in life? Then grab him this awesome Bazooka Torch. Never have to worry about the wind blowing out your flame again. Every stogie lover needs a top of the line cigar lighter, and this flamethrower will cut through any wind and light up that cigar. From the cigar to the afternoon fire, this torch will help you with any of your flame needs.  If your cigar lover needs a lighter but you'd like to see a few more of the best options out there, check out our this post on the best cigar lighters.

      10. Triple Torch Cigar Lighter 

      The triple torch cigar lighter is sure to stay with your cigar lover friend for a very long time. The triple flame luxurious cigarette lighter with cigar punch is made of robust materials and can last for generations. It has an ergonomic grip design perfect for the easy one handed use. The flame is adjustable and is very light as it only weighs 89 grams. This awesome and affordable torch lighter is simply perfect for your cigar lover friend.

      9. Five Torch Jet Blue Flame Cigarette Lighter 

      This Five Torch Jet Blue Flame Cigarette Lighter is made with high-quality materials for leak-free and long-lasting use. It is easily refillable and has a simple click-to-ignite function. It also features an adjustable flame control and a powerful five torch with wind-resistant flames. It's the perfect lighter for cigars/cigarettes, culinary use, activities such as camping, fishing, hunting, welding, soldering, even BBQ, and so on.

      8. Engraved Torch Lighter

      Awesome Cigar Gift Lighter

      This engraved torch lighter is a triple torch flame with a retractable built-in bullet cutter.  It comes with an adjustable flame height and butane is refillable.  Each torch comes in a black gift box for epic presentation.  You can personalize this great gift with 1 line of up to 10 characters.

      7. TOPKAY Torch Lighter

      This TOPKAY Torch Lighter has a wide burner nozzle, which produces stronger and powerful turbo jet flame. It can light his wide cigars quickly and evenly. It features a thumb wheel flame size adjustment making it very easy to adjust the flame size with one hand. It's one gift that is designed for efficiency and comfort.

      6. Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter

      It has a super powerful triple flame. The Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter consists of 3 burners. The firepower is strong and has no odor. It does not affect the taste, and the windproof blue flame allows you to ignite to cigar quickly. It has a sturdy metal housing, bottom inflatable interface, recirculating inflatable, pull-down fire design, exquisite venting holes, and built-in cigar puncher. Plus, it's easy to carry too.

      5. Silver and Black Personalized Torch Lighter

      black and silver custom torch lighter

      This slick looking black and chrome torch lighter will be sure to delight any cigar lover in your life. With its two tone finish and built in cigar punch this torch lighter will be whipped out with pride.The adjustable flame height also makes sure not to torch his favorite stogies.

      4. S.T. Dupont Torch Lighter Defi Extreme


      This S.T. Dupont Torch Lighter Defi Extreme luxuriously performs even if it's windy thanks to its powerful flame electronic ignition torch. Your cigar lover friend will be delighted to have this lighter. It has a dependable graduated gauge and can be easily refilled. The coppery and black hue gives him a chic and unique style that is truly impressive.  

      3. Desktop Four Torch Flame Cigar Lighter

      The Desktop Four Torch Flame Cigar Lighter will be a welcome addition to his collection of cigar accessories. This gift comes in red color and is styled as a torch lighter. All lighters are empty and would require adding butane before use. 

      2. Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter Clear


      That rugged and attractive finish is something he won't be able to resist. Give him this Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter Clear as a must-have for the serious cigar smoker in him. Each lighter is shipped with a cloth fitted pouch in a finish that resembles the exclusive carbon fiber high tech pattern. This series is perfect anywhere and will outperform other lighters in the price category. 

      1. S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Lighter - Black



      It's your way of letting him stick to the tradition of innovation and excellence. This S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Lighter - Black is by far the world's slimmest lighter with 7mm thickness. It's powerful and has a wind-resistant torch flame. This lighter is coated in lacquer and finished with chrome accents. A very practical gift for him who loves to combine functionality and design. 

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