Like mustaches and Cadillac's, a custom engraved flask is a part of classic manly lore. An engraved flask serves as a foundation item in any man's arsenal. To be a man means to own a flask, and make it better by getting him one that is custom engraved. Complete your man with a go to flask that will put some instant coolness in his pocket.

Take a look at our best selling personalized flask, the Twist & Shoot:


Like mustaches and Cadillac's, a custom engraved flask is a part of classic manly lore.  A personalized flask serves as a foundation item in any man's arsenal.  To be a man means to own a flask, and make it better by getting him one that is custom engraved.  Complete your man with a go-to custom flask that will put some old-school macho in his goods.    

15 Best Custom Engraved Flasks

It takes a deep knowledge of one's character to find a perfect fit. Just kidding! Men are very simple and quick decision-makers. So for your buddies who like carrying a good drink alongside them, or for those who just fear dehydration, nothing says, “I know you well and I get you dude!” better than a custom engraved flask!

Here’s a list of 15 of the best personalized flasks:

15. Shooting from the hip

Some friends are risk-takers. Every man needs at least one in his gang. So for your risk-taker friends, here is a stainless steel flask that shoots courage as it keeps 8 oz of the bravery-emitting potion. Personalize it and maximize the 2 lines up to 15 characters. After all, exposing one's name and leaving a trace to strike more excitement for a man like yourself, or your friend.

14. Pigskin Puller

You might have seen this kind of flask in some Mafia or vintage movies. If you’re a serious type and can throw an intimidating look every so often or if you are the kind that can boss someone to get things done, then you might be fit to drink from this 8 oz Pigskin Puller. But if you just want to be nostalgic every so often, be our guest!

13. An Army of Fun 

This flask’s camouflage is merely on its design as it does not conceal the quality of the drink it holds inside. It may be engraved in 2 lines that may be maximized to 15 characters. It can fit your pocket with its 5 1/4" x 37/8" size and its look and feel commands boldness and courage. So go get one, and unleash the inner soldier in you.

12. Deceptacon 

Engraved Circle Flask

If design and trend are of the essence, this personalized flask has an edge to offer. It can hold up to 5 oz of liquid without giving away the entire identity of the owner. This round shaped stainless steel flask speaks modernity in its cryptic way as it can only be engraved with one initial. One letter, one look, one signature drink inside, you will know who owns this, or not.

11. Textured Grip

Are you chill? Simple but has an eye for classic stuff? Then this textured flask is for you. It can hold 4 oz of Liquid and can be engraved up to 10 characters. But if you want to keep its simple and classic look, feel free to place your name initials only. It’s built to store a liquid that tickles the stomach while tickling your fingers as you hold it.

10. Custom Initials Black Flask

A rocker, a mysterious type or just a simple dude? You can never go wrong with black. It matches all outfits and practically fits on all occasions. This 4 1/4(H) X 3 3/8(W) X 7/8(D) sized black flask can store up to 6 oz of that drink you cannot leave the house without. Combined with the stylish letter engraving, once you buy this black, you can never go back!

9. Laser Engraved Leather

If you love leather but you love animals more, then this one is for you. This flask is made of stainless steel and Vegan leather. Yes, no animal was harmed during the process of producing this awesomely put together container. The design is sleek, impressive on its turf, and stylish due to its laser engraved letters. Drink in without guilt and in style.

8. XtraOrbinary  

Some drinkers want their drinks accessible and concealable. This 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 1″ sized stainless steel flask comes in handy if you wish to slip in a drink any time of the day. This small container also holds 5 oz of liquid and comes with a 5″ x 5.5″ x 2.5″ sized wood box. The round and smooth finish of this personalized flask allow easy access to your pocket in and out.

7. Leather Hip

Talk about another Steel and Leather combo. This one is textured and gives an inkling of a more matured and seasoned westerner. However, never let the design limit you. Whichever type of a “leather” guy you think you are, grab this cool and handy flask. Engrave it with your name and take ownership of its authenticity. The man that you are deserves this.

    6. Stainless Steel Mirror

    Stainless Steel Personalized Flask

    Are you a man on the go with a little load of vanity in your pocket? If yes, then grab one for yourself now. This stainless steel mirror flask is traditional but at the same time functional. It holds more liquid to lessen the need for a refill and it can serve as an emergency mirror as well. This stainless steel flask can be engraved in 2 lines with a maximum of 15 characters.

    5. Hip Flask Set 

    Wood and Steel.Tough and Rough.Classic and Rustic. These two elements placed together in your 6 oz favorite liquor container. What can you ask for? This 3.66" x 1" x 4.33" sized flask brings out a “nature” vibe every time you take it out of your pocket for a drink. Drink in the woods and savor the freshness of your liquor brought about by this hip flask set.

    4. Stainless Steel Leather

    If you are looking for a gift to your office working groomsmen, this one is a great option. The combination of stainless steel and leather wreaks professionalism for this flask. It can hold 4 oz of liquid and can be engraved in 2 lines with 15 characters. Whatever drink one may be allowed to devour in a workspace, this flask can surely keep it in style.

    3. Stainless Steel Powder Coated Flask

    Younger generations have a thing for colors but they also want to be included in the matured and professional arena. The stainless highlight of this flask gives it a classy feel while the vibrant color choices celebrate the youth in each of us. Add in the creative design of the personally engraved letters and this flask is set to be a gift of choice for all generation.

    2. Leatherette Hip Flask

    Put in the rugged appearance of leather and match with the uptight feel of stainless and what do you get? A great flask. This flask captures the taste of those who want to have a feel of the “wild wild west” cowboy era while bringing in an inch of modernity into the picture. It can hold up to 6 oz of your favorite drink in its 3 3/8” L x 4 ¼” H x 7/8” W size.

      1. Leather Engraved Flask Gift Set 

      If your best bud is a complete package, then this gift set is perfect. It ignites the country-style vibe but manages his liquor intake on your wedding day with its 6 oz capacity for drinks. The variety of designs to choose from makes this an amazing one-stop-shop for your gift-giving needs. Each set includes a leather hip flask, 2 shots, funnel, and a gift box.