Black Palm Tree Head Cover (Driver)

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Our signature designs have been selling so well on gloves and towels that we said, what the heck... let's slap the same designs on some headcovers and our sales should at least double. It's simple math really. Aside from making more money to spend recklessly at our local golf courses, these headcovers are designed specifically to turn heads as you walk up the tee deck with enough confidence to stripe one right down the middle (or realistically a 30-yard worm burner just past the front tees). Either way, these things are sick.


Signature Features:

  • Seriously awesome synthetic leather that looks good, feels good, and withstands all the crazy elements you golf addicts are battling on a weekly basis.
  • Guaranteed to improve the overall look of your bag to at least a 9/10. Throw a SYRON towel on there and you'll be sitting at like an 11/10, even if your bag is 20 years old without a single working zipper, these headcovers give you the facelift your golf style desperately needs.


  • Our leather is designed to mold to your clubs over time
  • It may seem tight at first - give it a few rounds to shape
    Trusted Quality

    Trusted Quality

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