Prime Time

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Suit, tie, nice pair of shoes and a fresh hair cut. Being stylish is one of the many unique traits of a groomsman, especially when he keeps track of his hours with the Wooden Ticker. Nothing can make a groomsman look more suave than a watch made from 100% real wood and genuine leather straps. This old timely watch with a touch of modern will grab the attention of any bridesmaid looking to share her time with a real man. Remember with this watch your men will always be fashionable but it's up to them to keep track of how on time or late they are. 

This watch is a great groomsmen gift with an analog display, natural wood dials, adjustable bands and made from 100% real wood and genuine leather straps. Due to seasons and aging of wood, colors may be darker or lighter than in the pictures. The watch can also be personalized with a saying or name what ever you prefer to make the gift link to the recipient. 

When adding the personalization limit the saying to under 6 words for the best results.