Sudden ImpAx

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The beast of hatchets is among us and it wants to roar in your palm.  While it may spend the majority of it's time as a keepsake near you desk, don't underestimate the chop in this ax.  Yes, it's most dubious work may be simply slicing an apple at lunch, but if need be, this bad boy can blade through the tough stuff.   It's muscle will bring some lumberjack to your dreary desk job, inspiring daydreams of being a burly man in a forest nearby.
Sudden ImpAX is a rock star custom engraved mini axes and sheaths. These axes are strong, sharp and personalized.  Bring out the lumberjack in your desk jockey and bring out his primal scream.

Total Length 9"
Blade Length - 3" Sharpened Edge"
Axe Head - 4.5"
Blade Material - 440 Stainless Steel
Handle - Green and Gray Camo Cord Wrap
Sheath - Nylon
Trusted Quality

Trusted Quality

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