25 Engraved Pens You Didn't Know Existed

January 03, 2024 by Melissa Bajda

Engraved pens are the quintessence of elegance, blending functionality with a personal touch.

They serve as an exquisite-engraved gift, ideal for professionals who appreciate a blend of sophistication and utility. The personalized pen also makes a thoughtful present for those who value tactical gifts, demonstrating both preparedness and style.

Whether for a colleague, friend, or loved one, these engraved pens are a testament to individuality and professional excellence.

1. Strike Point Tactical Pen

The Strike Point Tactical Pen redefines functionality, doubling as a survival tool.

It hosts a myriad of features, a LED flashlight powered by included batteries, a smooth ballpoint pen for everyday writing, and even a bottle opener for your refreshment needs. This engraved pen exudes a personalized touch, offering an option to inscribe a name.

Whether it is survival in the wilderness or daily tasks, these ballpoint pens offer an amalgamation of practicality and style.

2. Desktop Pen & Holder

The Desktop Pen & Holder boasts a stunning pen nestled in a sliding wooden box.

The holder, much more than a protector, emerges as an attractive desk showpiece. To make it exclusively yours, the box can be personalized with a monogrammed initial, while the sleek pen awaits your name.

It is a statement of personal style, offering an aesthetic and functional addition to your workspace.

3. Personalized Pen & Holder

For a sleek and sophisticated writing experience, the Personalized Pen & Holder offers unparalleled charm. Crafted from high-quality materials, its slender body fits perfectly into the 2.75″ X 1″ holder, making for an elegant desk accessory.

The pen, oozing elegance with black ink that writes like fountain pens, becomes uniquely yours with an engraved name. Its understated beauty leaves a lasting impression, making writing a pleasure.

4. Tactical Glass Breaker Pen

The Tactical Glass Breaker Pen is more than just a writing instrument; it is a potential lifesaver. With its twist-action ballpoint style, it is available in both Black and Gun Metal finishes for a sleek, robust look.

The engraved details add a touch of elegance to its ruggedness. It features a handy pocket clip and a glass breaker defence tip, transforming the pen into a strategic tool in crises.

These ballpoint pens come with a replaceable ink cartridge and a reassuring one-year Uzi Warranty. This pen provides style, function, and peace of mind in one compact design.

5. Personalized Pen Parker Jotter

Meet the Personalized Pen Parker Jotter, a confluence of style and function. Fabricated from stainless steel, it effortlessly combines durability and elegance.

It features medium-point ballpoint blue and black ink, with a complimentary black refill added to each ordered pen. Available in an array of finishes including gold, chrome, gold with chrome trim, and chrome with gold trim, it can be customized with an engraving, adding a personal touch.

These ballpoint pens are more than just a stationery item, they are an experience in sophistication.

6. The Engrav-Elegance Pen Set

Indulge in the luxurious feel of the Engrav-Elegance Pen Set, carved from rich Merbau wood and accented with gold hardware.

The set promises a smooth writing experience with black ink similar to fountain pens, ensuring elegance is never compromised. Encased in a custom wooden box, this engraved set is not just a pen, but a statement of personal style and taste.

With the Engrav-Elegance Pen Set, the act of writing becomes a sophisticated experience.

7. Engraved Two-Toned Pen

This Two-Toned Engraved Maple and Rosewood Pen is an elegant gift for any special occasion like a graduation, retirement or an appreciation of kindness. 

This pen and case set feature two-tone genuine maple wood and rosewood, accented in gold on the band and clip.

Add personalization to the pen and box to make the gift extra special. The set comes in a gift box that's ready for presentation.

8. Executive Redwood Pen Set

The Executive Redwood Pen Set is a tribute to elegance. This set includes two distinctively redwood personalized pens, each accented with gold hardware and a cap-closing mechanism.

Housed in a refined Japanese Oak wood tray, it elevates desk aesthetics. Offering black ink for smooth writing just like those fountain pens, the set comes personalized, making it an embodiment of your style.

Elevate your writing with this sophisticated set that serves both functionality and finesse.

9. 50 Cal Bullet Pen

This 50 Cal Bullet Pen is made of all steel, brass and copper construction. It's a 100% real 50 caliber bullet transformed into a refillable pen.

These personalized pens in bullet-shaped makes an outstanding gift for a friend who is close to your heart. 

10. Corporate Classic Wood Pen Set

Crafted from natural wood, the Corporate Pen Set exudes a timeless charm.

This elegant desktop set features one classic personalized pen, awaiting your monogram and two lines of laser-engraved text and a gift box. This customization adds a personal touch, creating a truly one-of-a-kind writing accessory.

Every stroke penned with these beauties speaks volumes about your unique style, making this set more than just office tools, but a testament of sophistication.

11. Personalized Feather Pen

The Personalized Feather Pen offers a unique fusion of nature and craftsmanship.

With its 5" natural Pheasant feather, this pen, dispensing smooth black ink, is a statement of artistic flair. It arrives in a custom leatherette box, adding to its luxurious appeal.

Personalize it with an engraving to truly make it yours. The Personalized Feather Pen is more than a writing instrument; it's a piece of art.

12. Office Pen Set

Exuding class, the Office Pen Set comes in three personalized pens, each dispensing black ink smoothly and gives a look just like those famous cross pens!

The personalized pens, showcased in a beautiful wooden gift box, can be customized with your initials or name, adding a truly personal touch. With its understated elegance, this set transitions seamlessly from office desk to after-hours signing sessions.

13. Custom Engraved Soft Touch Pens

Experience the luxurious feel of the Custom Engraved Soft Touch Pens. These engraved pens, with their silky, soft-touch finish and 0.5mm black gel ink, promise a smooth, rich writing experience.

Coming as a set of five, they can be engraved with your initials or name, bringing an element of personalization to your stationery collection.

These custom pens are not just writing instruments; they are extensions of your unique style.

14. Personalized Bolt Action Pen

Meet the Personalized Bolt Action Pen, an embodiment of strength and precision. Its polished solid brass construction makes it nearly unbreakable.

The bolt-action opening adds a fun, engaging touch. The pen's unique hexagonal design ensures easy gripping and a comfortable hold, delivering a writing experience like no other.

Elevate your stationery collection with these sturdy, stylish, and personalized pens!

15. Engraved Diamond Pen

The Engraved Diamond Pen serves as the perfect bridal party gift.

This metal pen, bedazzled with an acrylic diamond top, radiates elegance and sophistication. It is an impeccable blend of style and functionality. The pen can be engraved, adding a personal touch to these keepsake bridesmaid gifts.

Charm your bridal party with these personalized diamond plastic pens, making them feel just as special as your big day.

16. Engraved Wooden Pen Case

The Wood Pen Set includes a personalized ballpoint pen and a wooden case, ideal for professionals or students.

These ballpoint pens, which operate with a twist mechanism and uses standard cross refills, comes with black ink. Full engraving is available on the case, while the pen can feature just a name.

This set is customizable with various wood types and engraving styles, making it a thoughtful gift for CEOs, bosses, or any special occasion​.

17. Dayspring Pens

The Dayspring Pens are customized just for him. The pen and pencil are personalized with his name or a message up to 25 characters.

The engraving is tone-on-tone gold using 18kt gold-plated finish that comes with an ergonomic rubber grip. These pen sets are one of the unique gift ideas for anyone you love!

18. Engraved Cross Gift Pen

He will be delighted to receive this Engraved Cross Gift Pen customized with his name or message up to 25 characters. The engraving appears gold in color and comes with a slim barrel, lustrous chrome finish, and 23kt gold appointments.

These engraved pens have a twist-action ballpoint with medium 1.0mm black ink in a Cross gift box ready to be handed to your friend or loved one.

19. Engraved Rosewood Pen and Pencil Set

ThisEngraved Rosewood Pen and Pencil Set comes in a beautifully customized case. Have it personalized with his name or a message for up to 25 characters.

These personalized pens are made of fancy carved wood, warm nut red varnish, and gold appointments on the pen and pencil set.

This great gift includes scroll art design and standard black fill. You may also upgrade to a gold fill.

20. Engraved Sotania Swiss Black Roller Ballpen

This Engraved Sotania Swiss Black Roller Ballpen is a great personalized gift for him. The medium tip writes smoothly and can be twisted to open and close.

This unique gift also comes in deep, glossy black lacquer finish combined with golden trim and clip and packaged in an elegant gift box.

21. Engraved Ballpoint Pen

This Engraved Ballpoint Pen Set comes with a brass metal rollerball pen, refillable pen, and gold-plated letter opener.

These ballpoint pens are one convenient gift that can easily and neatly cut papers and envelopes. 

22. Custom Roller Ballpen

Your groomsmen will truly be delighted with this unique gift. This Roller Ballpen can be engraved with three lines, with 20 characters each.

You can be sure he will remember fond memories of your wedding day and that special friendship you share with him. It is a great gift idea for your loved ones!

23. Engraved Cross Pen

You can never go wrong with this Engraved Cross Pen as a gift. These cross pens come with free personalization of up to 25 characters, all in 1 business day. Engraving shows up in brass or gold color.

The authentic Cross Century II Pearlescent White Lacquer rollerball features rose gold appointments and black lacquer grip. It is packaged in a luxurious Cross gift box for the perfect personalized gift for him. 

24. Personalized Waterman Pen

This Personalized Waterman Pen has a tone-on-tone light brass engraving. These ballpoint pens come with brushed stainless-steel finish and palladium appointments.

These engraved pens have a twist-action 1.0mm black ink ballpoint and come ready to be handed to your friend in a Waterman gift box. 

    25. Engraved Natural Wooden Pen

    Let him have this unique quality Engraved Natural Wooden Pen that resembles a tree branch. Have it engraved with his name, initials or monogram on one side of the pen.

    These engraved pens are the perfect gift for writers, poets, journalist, students or those that like unique writing tools.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Is an engraved pen a good gift?

    An engraved pen is indeed a thoughtful gift, especially for those who value a blend of elegance and personalization. It's suitable for various occasions like graduations, promotions, or as a corporate gift, adding a touch of individuality and thoughtfulness to a practical item.

    Q2. Can you engrave a pen?

    Yes, engraving a pen is a common practice, often done by professionals using laser engraving or traditional hand-engraving techniques. It allows for customization with names, initials, dates, or even logos, making the pen uniquely personal.

    Q3. Can you get pens engraved?

    You can definitely get pens engraved. Many pen retailers and specialty gift shops offer engraving services, allowing you to personalize pens with text or designs. It’s a popular way to add a personal touch to a classic gift.

    Q4. How much does it cost to have a pen engraved?

    The cost of having a pen engraved varies depending on factors like the complexity of the design and the engraving method used. Generally, prices can range from a few dollars to much higher for intricate or extensive engraving, especially if the pen itself is of a premium brand.


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