43 Hilarious Gag Gifts for Men: The Ultimate List for Every Sense of Humor

February 15, 2024 by Chris Bajda

Are you looking for a gift that's sure to get a laugh? Look no further than our list of top gag gifts for men! From practical jokes to wacky novelties, we've got a funny gift for every sense of humor.

Whether you're shopping for your dad, brother, or significant other, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to any man's face. So, sit back, relax, and let the laughter begin!  

Here are 43 of the best gag gifts for men: 

43. True Bonny Boy Liquor 

Inspired by Belgium's famous Manneken Pis sculpture, the True Bonny Boy Liquor Dispenser is a comical addition to any home bar. It can contain up to 16 ounces of any beverage and features a simple press-button operation that amusingly serves drinks.

Ideal for entertaining, Bonny Boy ensures a spirited and humorous way to fill up glasses with your beverage of choice.

42. Golden Nut Sack


This Golden Nut Sack is a testicle trophy award or golf loser trophy. It is also a great "Grow A Pair" gag gift, Sacko Award, Loser Award or Second Place. It is mounted on a black base and includes engraving.

It is one funny gift that he'll be laughing about for a long time. 

41. Laugh-a-Lot Tumbler

funny tumbler for man gag gift

Funny Tumbler makes an excellent gift because it combines practicality with a personal touch, ensuring the recipient can enjoy their favorite beverages with a smile.

The unique and humorous designs on these tumblers cater to different personalities and interests, making them a thoughtful and customizable present for friends, family, or colleagues.

Moreover, every use brings a moment of joy and amusement, making it a gift that keeps on giving, brightening up daily routines with a dose of laughter.

40. Adult Gag Gift

This Adult Gag Gift is a his and hers couples pillowcase. It's a perfect naughty gift to show how much you want your partner to unwrap that special package you have waiting for delivery! 

Surprise him with these cute and funny his and hers couples pillowcases and bring the naughty side out of him. 

39. Potty Mouth Tee

How many times a day do you wish you could tell someone off?  Well now you can while feeling great in this incredibly Soft T-Shirt!

Let your shirt doing the talking for you!  Just pinch halfway between the letters, lift up slightly, and hope for a chuckle or maybe the angry reaction you crave! We won’t judge! 

38. Deez Nuts Drinking Glasses

Deez Nuts Drinking Glasses

Aerate your drink and swirl it lowly, in this novelty Women's Butt-inspired glass. The funny Nutz Whiskey Glasses is designed with a naughty, the humorous shape is special, unique, and funny to make your drinking time more enjoyable!

Perfect for all drinks whiskey, bourbon, scotch, wine, and more.

37. Gag Soap

This Gag Soap is a unique and unusual hand made soap, made with all natural ingredients. You may buy by the piece or as a gift set for a special person in your life.

The ingredients include: Shea Butter Soap Base, Grape Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Colorant, Fragrance. It also comes individually wrapped with cello bag and ribbon.

36. Offensive Crayons: Holiday Edition

He will definitely enjoy this funny gift and comes with 24 Assorted Color(s). This Offensive Crayons: Holiday Edition will let him reflect on the misery that the holiday season brings with colors that perfectly compliment it.

In the spirit of capitalism, celebrate the season with colors that accurately reflect the awkwardness of the holiday season. 

35. Lady Body Sculpture Decanter

Lady Body Sculpture Decanter

This Decanter is a must have for any household. It is classy and captures the beauty of a woman's body inside and out. It makes a great centerpiece or a great accent addition to a bar. 

Great for vodka, liquor, whiskey, and more, this is one set that will make you stand out. 

34. A$$Man Golf Polo

A$$Man Golf Polo

Are you ready to embrace your cheeky side on the golf course? The "A$$Man Golf Polo" is here to add a splash of humor to your game.

Get ready to tee off with style and a wink! Why not infuse some humor into your golf game? The A$$Man Golf Polo is your ticket to a fun and comfortable round of golf, complete with sun protection. Whether you're scoring birdies or bogeys, you'll do it with a smile. 

33. Things To Do While You Poo On The Loo: Activity Book With Funny Facts

Whether to finish the doodle or a poop checklist, this is a perfect gag gift for a hard to buy for brother or dad.

This Things To Do While You Poo On The Loo: Activity Book With Funny Facts is a pocket size book to use in the bathroom whilst you're waiting for things to happen!  The book and puzzles are bathroom-themed throughout.

32. MineStein

Funny Groomsmen Gifts Beer Steins Drink like a fish and laugh image 1

The Custom Caricature Beer Mug is a distinctive and personalized gag gift perfect for beer enthusiasts.

This 22-ounce beer stein features a hand-drawn, digitally printed caricature of the recipient, making each sip a reflection of their unique personality. It's an ideal choice for birthdays, Father's Day, or as a humorous addition to any man's collection.

The gift includes the option to add a custom message, ensuring a laugh with every pour. This creative and amusing item blends the love of beer with personalized artistry, making it a memorable gift​​.

31. Risqué Romance Gift Set

The Risqué Romance Gift Set is designed to add a humorous and spicy twist to romantic occasions.

This gift set includes playful handcuffs, a scented candle, and cheekily named towels ("Cum Rag" and "Vag Rag"), perfect for couples looking to share a laugh along with their love. It's a unique blend of romance and comedy, aimed at creating memorable and fun moments for partners.

Ideal for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or just because, it is a great addition to a collection of gag gifts for men​​.

30. Dad Humor Gift Soap

It's one gift that will literally clean dad's dirty bod! This Dad Humor Gift Soap is a glycerin soap, is gender neutral and with fruity citrus KUMQUAT scent. 

Each order is one 3.75 oz. soap with the following ingredients: coconut oil, certified sustainable palm oil, babassu oil, cottonseed oil, safflower oil, castor oil, vegetable glycerin, soy wax, sorbitol, ethanol, sorbitan oleate, oat protein, micas or natural colorants fragrance or essential oils, titanium dioxide.

29. Curves Right Performance Golf Hat

Curves Right Performance Golf Hat

Embrace your individuality on the golf course with the Curves Right Performance Golf Hat. If your ball has a tendency to take a curvy route, this hat is the perfect way to celebrate your distinctive playing style. Celebrate your unique golfing style with the Curves Right Performance Golf Hat.

It is not just a hat; it's a reflection of your bold and distinct approach to the game. Get yours today and wear your golfing individuality with pride! 

28. Cum Rag

Cum Rag

Introducing the Cum Rag Towel, the ultimate funny gag gift for your boyfriend or husband. With its cheeky embroidery, this towel will have you both in stitches. It's a hilarious way to keep things lighthearted and playful in the bedroom.

Get ready for some laughter-filled moments and endless surprises!

27. Dad Joke Loading… Please Wait

This Dad Joke Loading…Please Wait is the perfect gag gift for dad. Let this mug be given in honor of his comedy.

This one comes in black color and is made from premium quality ceramic mug. You can be sure the print will never fade no matter how many times it is washed.

It is shipped in protective packaging to ensure it arrives perfectly for dad.

26. I Never Pull Out Golf Hat

I Never Pull Out Golf Hat

When you're in the zone, you don't pull out; you leave the flagstick in! The "I Never Pull Out Golf Hat" is here to celebrate your confidence and success on the course. Keep that flagstick in and keep your game strong. 

The "I Never Pull-Out Golf Hat" is not just an accessory; it is a statement of confidence and a symbol of your golfing prowess. Leave that flagstick in, own the course, and do it with style and performance in mind. Keep the flagstick in and the success flowing.

25. Funny Campfire Mug

The Funny Campfire Mug is a unique and humorous gift item designed to bring laughter and warmth to any romantic occasion.

Featuring a cheeky quote that playfully compliments a partner's attributes, this enamel mug captures the essence of fun-loving affection. It's perfect for coffee lovers and those who appreciate a blend of sass and sentimentality in their relationship.

Ideal for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or just-because, it serves as a reminder of love in a light-hearted, memorable way​​.

    24. Double Sided Giant Flour Tortilla Throw Blanket

    This Double Sided Giant Flour Tortilla Throw Blanket will keep him especially cozy on a crisp night as you wrap up by the fireplace to watch some TV, or spread it out on the ground for a picnic! It is the perfect gift for family and friends.

    It can be used as a sofa blanket, travel blanket, camping blanket, and bed blanket.

      23. Funny Wooden Box

      This Funny Wooden Box has a new and improved construction for more durability. It is the best prank box that will give you years of pranking fun. This prank works on everyone, and you can be sure it will perfectly work on him. 

      22. Middle Finger Whiskey Decanter

      Middle Finger Whiskey Decanter

      Introducing the Middle Finger Whiskey Decanter, a bold and unique way to enjoy your favorite spirits. This hand-crafted glass decanter features a raised middle finger design, adding a rebellious touch to any home bar or man cave.

      The tight-sealing stopper helps to preserve the flavor and aroma of your spirits.

      21. Take Your Top Off

      This Take Your Top Off can now be taken off in style with this new magnetic catch wall Mount Wood bottle opener.

      It is ready to catch all the tops before they hit the floor. This one is made from solid hardwood and is fully carved with "Take Your Top Off" as well as arrows to keep you in line as to which tops go where. It os one gift that will be collecting tops for years to come. 

      20. Chef Cooking Gag Gift

      This Chef Cooking Gag Gift will definitely enhance his kitchen experience. It has the perfect size at  28.4"(72cm) Length x 22"(56cm) Width.

      He will definitely be cooking with a load of confidence the moment he puts on this apron. 

      19. Whale Tail Golf Polo

      Whale Tail Golf Polo

      When you step onto the golf course, confidence is key. That's why we've created the "Whale Tail Golf Polo" to help you feel like a pro, regardless of your scorecard.

      Dress like a pro, play like a pro, and stay comfortable throughout your golf game with the Whale Tail Golf Polo. Experience style, comfort, and performance all in one shirt.  

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      18. Old Balls Tumbler

      Funny Tumbler for Older Men

      Introducing the Old Balls Tumbler, the perfect way for any distinguished gentlemen to enjoy their favorite beverage with a touch of humor!

      Crafted from high-quality materials, this tumbler is built to last, just like the old gents who will be sipping from it. With a generous 20 oz. capacity, it's the perfect size for a full pour of coffee or whatever he prefers - just what the doctor ordered after a long day of reminiscing about the good old days.

      17. Ask Me About My Ninja Disguise Flip


      This Ask Me About My Ninja Disguise Flip is made from Poly/Cotton blend and has the best super soft high quality. This lightweight fitted tee is made from ringspun cotton to get that comfortable fit and feel.

      Our sarcastic tees have the funniest sayings, while hilarious they are cool at the same time. Perfect when you're binging movies on the couch or chillin at the gym.

      16. The Original Snot Mittens


      The Original Snot Mittens will allow get rid of hacking or using his sleeves. It absorbs 28x its weight in snot and tears (we measured).

      It has an attractive natural color and would be the perfect gag gift for men left out in the cold. Convenient Absorbent Funny.

      15. Beer Belly Fanny Pack Waist Pocket 

      This Beer Belly Fanny Pack Waist Pocket is the most lifelike waist bag like human’s belly. It is absolutely a grab bag gift and brings laughs to everyone in the party.

      Just like daddy's big beer belly, even printed with brushy hair, it is an ideal hilarious present for father, husband and boyfriend.

      14. Funny Gifts For Men - Toilet Spray

      It is an irreverent poo-pouri inspired spray that is as useful as it is beautiful.

      This Funny Gifts For Men - Toilet Spray is perfect for him who has a sense of humor. Imagine him opening this sassy toilet spray on his birthday. In a rugged amber bottle with Kraft label made to be unisex/gender neutral so everyone can share in the joke.

      14. Golf Bag Beer Sleeve

      golf beer sling cooler

      This genius golf gift can be personalized with your golfer's initials. This Golf Bag Beer Sleeve slides right into your favorite golfer's bag.

      No more long thirsty afternoons, he will have his favorite beverage loaded and ready to toast to that perfect shot. Makes a great golf gift for any golf lover in your life.

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        12. Fork Now, Spoon Later Set

        The Fork Now, Spoon Later Set is a playful and romantic gift idea designed to add a touch of humor to dining and cuddling times.

        This set includes a fork and a spoon, each inscribed with one half of the cheeky phrase, symbolizing a meal together and cozy moments to follow. Made from durable stainless steel, these utensils are practical, corrosion-resistant, and dishwasher safe, making them a lasting reminder of affection.

        Presented in a red gift box with a silver ribbon, it's a perfect gag gift​.

        11. Lazy One Funny Boxers


        This Lazy One Funny Boxers is made from 100% Cotton. Let him go to bed happy with this comical boxer shorts!

        It will make him laugh with the clever puns. Choose from several different styles, including ones with animals. It's perfect for the jokester in your family. 

        10. No Ragrets Ball Marker

        No Ragrets Ball Marker

        Are you the kind of golfer who leaves it all on the course, even if it means hitting a few unexpected places? Embrace the philosophy of "No Ragrets" with this cheeky and unforgettable ball marker. 

        For the golfer who sees every hole as a new adventure and believes that mistakes are just part of the game, the "No Ragrets" Ball Marker is the ideal companion. Remember, it's not a typo; it's a golfing philosophy! 

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        9. Hung and Jolly Christmas Shirt
        Hung and Jolly Christmas Shirt

        Let everyone know how deep into the Christmas Spirit you get! The Hung and Jolly T-Shirt is sure to not only help you celebrate in style, but it will also make a statement at any event.

        Share some joy and laughter this holiday season and you might just have your dreams come true of a white Christmas!

        8. Toilet Timer

        This Toilet Timer sends a clear message to the recipient. A unique and functional sand timer that runs for approximately 5 minutes. The unique mechanism resets instantly without needing to hold upside down. 

        No more 40-minute bathroom breaks. It’s time to go or get off the pot before legs fall asleep.

        7. Custom Personalized Minimalist Wallet

        He will thank you, and think of you, every time he takes a bill out of his new wallet. Once he tries using this Custom Personalized Minimalist Wallet, he will wonder why he hasn't been using one all along.

        This wallet can be personalized with his name or initials and can fit up to 12 credit cards.

        6. Embrace Love's Light Candle

        The Embrace Love's Light Candle offers a romantic and atmospheric touch to any setting.

        Available in various scents and designs, it's perfect for setting the mood or adding a personal touch to your space. With options like Bright Citrus, French Linen, Lavender Vanilla, and more, there's a fragrance for every preference.

        This candle is a great choice for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or as a thoughtful gesture to illuminate the essence of love and affection​​.

        5. Kettlebell Decanter Set

        Kettlebell Decanter Set

        The gym is your happy hour. Looking for the perfect bar-top accessory? Look no further than Kettlebell Decanter Set! Step up your home bar game and show off some serious lifts with this amazing set of two handcrafted whiskey decanters, shaped as kettlebells and dumbbells.

        The sleek combination of curved black glass and glossy silver adds style to any interior – you’ll have friends, family, and fellow gym bros in awe of this incredible-looking set!

        4. Funny Food Socks


        This Funny Food Socks get the best reactions because they stand out in all the ways that count.

        The stylish design features whiskey glasses, bottles, snifters and cigars; while the bottom sports a hidden message written in non-slip ink: “If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some Whiskey.” So let him relax and let the good stuff come to him. 

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        3. Potty Putter Toilet

        Stop his scrolling through his phone and give him something productive to do with his free time. This Golf Gift will make him laugh so hard as he secretly can't wait to set it up. 

        Help even the crappiest golfer improve their putting game while pulling double duty and answering nature's call.

        Let's be honest, what's not to love about cart girls? These unsung heroes of the golf course keep us refreshed, hydrated, and always in good spirits.

        With the "I ❤️ Cart Girls Golf Hat," you can proudly show your appreciation for the people who make our rounds even more enjoyable. 

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        1. Pint Glass With A Picture

        Original Personalized Gift

        Pour it into a glass with your guy's mug on it and you have a first-class gift.

        This Pint Glass with a Picture of your guy on it will put a smile on any mans face.  You simply hand off a picture of your guy (or you and your guy) to these guys and they use their laser engraving technology to have it printed on the glass.

        This is a keepsake present your guy will enjoy for years to come.

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