33 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

Updated on October 27, 2021 by Eds Alvarez

Are you looking for some fun stocking stuffers for your man?

It's exciting to unwrap a gift. What's even more exciting come the holiday season is to find out mini gifts inside those Christmas socks everyday while waiting for Christmas day! Get him excited every single day by choosing stocking stuffers that would be useful or spark something sentimental.

You can also choose those that would put a big smile on his face or make him roll in laughter. Make it come in his favorite style, color or texture. Whatever you choose, let your stocking stuffer bring out that spirit of love, joy and peace - the very essence of the holiday season. 

Here are 33 stocking stuffer gift ideas for men that you can choose from: 


33. Tac-Light


When it comes to giving away something to a man, you can never go wrong with a gadget or something tactical they can use for their manly journey. This Tac-Light is perfect for camping, long drives, or even quick road trips. Built from anodized aluminum, this powerful flashlight packs 800 Lumens into its compact size. It has a powerful rechargeable battery that charges by USB and is built to last for years. The beam can be adjusted by utilizing the push/pull head. It is also equipped with 5 different modes: 3 selectable light levels, strobe, and S.O.S mode.

32. Power Bank

Whenever your man needs a little emergency recharge in life, all he needs to do is hug you and attach himself to you. But when his phone runs low on battery, and he needs a quick boost, this Power Bank will be the handy solution. This sleek and handy power bank is a nice stocking stuffer as it can be personalized in front and at the back. Decide whether you want to put his name in front and a message at the back or if you want to place something naughty that only the two of you can understand. Maximize the 30 characters in front and the 25 characters at the back.

31. Solid Cologne for Men

Solid Cologne for Men might just be the gift that he will delightfully pull out from stocking with his name as it not only makes his scent more attractive but also it has other uses for him. Apart from being a handy perfume source, this 28-gram solid cologne that comes in a metal tin may also be a beard conditioner, cuticle cream, skin moisturizer for knees, elbows, and other dry patches, and hair wax. Since it is small enough to fit in a gym bag, desk, or bathroom drawer, it can also fit in his pants pocket for easy access. After all, it is durable enough that it will not break nor spill during travel. 

30. Pop Top 

More than placing a thoughtful gift in the stocking, this Pop Top  is a heavy-duty and eye-catching male necessity that is made to last. Let that man in your life enjoy a bottle opener made from Beech Wood and stainless steel. Since this gift can be personalized with your guy’s name and your special message at the back, it will remind him how much you care with every bottle of beer he opens. Also called a wooden bartender flat bottle opener, this stocking stuffer will be a thrilling find inside.

29. The Guy That Always Loves His Keys

This Christmas gift will revolutionize Monday mornings! One of the best gifts for men is one that helps them live their lives better. Tired of seeing him always look for his keys or his phone? This Bluetooth key ring hooks up to your guys phone so he can keep track of his keys and phone 24/7. The key ring works both ways as he can also press the key ring to find his phone. 

28. Medieval Horn Comb

Medieval men are wild at heart and this Medieval Horn Comb will fix their rowdy and tameless hair while maintaining their manhood. This horn pocket comb is carved for the professional man, may it be your father, husband, brother, best friend, colleague, secret Santa guy, or any male member of the family, preferably the ones that still have hair. It has well-rounded tips and light and comes in a nice pale honey color. Horn combs are natural and balance the electricity surrounding you throughout the day. It is perfect for people with naturally curly and frizzy hair. More than that, it slides freely through the hair, helping remove knots without breaking the hair.

27. Shaveheart

The pleasure of shaving in style must not be taken for granted, so for the most special hairy man in your life, this Shaveheart will be a delightful find inside the stocking. Horn combs are natural and balance the electricity surrounding you throughout the day. This blade set will give you man the liberation from the agonies of not doing it the right way.  Treat your man to one of his daily necessities with a blade set that will make his face sing. Personalize the case with 2 lines of up to 30 characters of your man’s name, initials, or even a cute and simple message.

26.  Tactical Christmas Stocking

mens Christmas gift stocking

These tactical Christmas stockings are just what santa wants to see when he comes down the chimney. Proudly made in the USA out of heavy-duty canvas, this rugged tactical stocking is sure to please. Available in 4 different colors any guy will be thrilled seeing this loaded with goodies Christmas morning. 

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25. Emergency Alcohol Keyring 

Some men just cannot help but keep a stash of their favorite liquor just in case, well, whatever comes. This Emergency Alcohol Keyring  will fill that nasty practice or it may just make it seem so. The actual contents of the mini-bottle are made using glue-like liquid to ensure that it does not evaporate or absorb over time. However, to make a pun out of this gift, you may also fill it with the real deal. The bottle measures approximately 3.5cm in height and may be adhered to a label of your choice. Attached to a silver keyring, your man can bring this funny piece everywhere he goes.

24. Magic Man

Whether they admit it or not, men need a lot of things but refuse to bring a purse. Because of this, women end up bringing their stuff for them. To lessen the load, slip this gift into the stocking and let him discover possibilities as he sees them. The Magic Man has 2 pockets that can securely hold his ID, cards, and cash and the magic comes with the slim grip that slides flat when the phone is in his pocket or slides open when he's holding it. He can use the grip on his smartphone to watch the game, read, or FaceTime with ease and save his fingers the strain while keeping his cash secure. Add his name in this magical card keeper and you have yourself a handy helper.

23. Custom Clip 

Days and fashion may have changed but some things remain the same. In this case, a Custom Clip is still a dainty tool to polish a formal look or a corporate get-up. The simplicity of its design features a clean-cut and an easy slide-on back which makes this tie bar a convenient and functional male accessory. Versatile and glamorous, your man can wear whatever tie that matches a theme or wardrobe requirement and this piece of brass with gold, rose gold, or gunmetal finish will adapt to his style. Plus it can easily be personalized with your guy’s initials or name with up to 12 characters.

22. Utility Blade 

Cut through the confusion and worry of deciding the best gift you can give to all your male friends without igniting jealousy as this Utility Blade will be an appreciated and useful gift to almost any type of man. Every so often, men need a good knife, but they also need Corkscrews, screwdrivers, scissors, saws, bottle openers, and other tools. Obviously, this set caters to those needs in style. It is handy and easy access to all the manly saving gestures that an emergency may require. This knife can be personalized with 2 lines of up to 12 characters per line, including spaces. 

21. Toilet Spray 

Put fun and pun in your gift to your beloved man something that will make them laugh.  Imagine them pulling this sassy Toilet Spray  out of their sock this Christmas. This funny irreverent poo-pourri-inspired spray is as useful as it is cool. It’s kept in a rugged amber bottle with a Kraft label made to be unisex / gender neutral so everyone can share in the joke. A gag gift so silly dad will shoot coffee out his nose, but hopefully not. This man-made toilet deodorizer is perfect for your male buds who enjoy a visit to the loo every so often.

20. Personalized Coaster Set

If your man does not enjoy a good drinking session with his buddies then you have to think of another gift. But since that is close to impossible, drinking moments will be made more enjoyable with a Personalized Coaster Set. Made with durable faux leather material this set will hold up for all the nights of fun to come. It comes in black or brown faux leather. This set of 4 coasters can be easily personalized by adding your guy’s name or initials to make it cooler and add a few bragging rights to his every gulp.

19. Hairbrush for Men

 This personalized, full-sized Hairbrush for Men makes great wonderful gifts for birthdays, Easter basket fillers, party favors, birthday party favors, stocking stuffers, and many more occasions. The manly visual and built easily make it more adorable and quickly likable for any boy or man in your life. These paddle brushes have plastic bristles and rubbery tips and cushioned pads to protect hair and scalp while brushing and styling. Plus it can be customized with professional quality, permanent vinyl.

18. Back Pocket Bills

Any hard earning man will appreciate a nice wallet such as this Back Pocket Bills to keep their bills.  This slim leatherette wallet comes in three different colors to suit his personality. It is easily customized with laser engraving for that added special touch. Pick a name, initials, or monogram that can be laser engraved in one line up to 12 characters.  Whether he's whipping this bad boy out at the casino, airport,  or the corner gas station he will feel like the big shot that you know he is. Plus it is slim enough not to bulge in his pocket and draw more attention than him.

17. Time Flies 

Your time is precious and so is he. Let that message come across with this Time Flies wooden watch and watch your free-spirited and adventure-savvy guy leap in appreciation. Made from real bamboo and genuine leather, this watch will surely make him look more dapper. Hand it to him or slip it in a stocking and watch time stand still as he wears it with thrill. Engrave it with his name or initials and this lightweight watch will capture that special moment when you adorn his wrist and fill his heart with love.

16. Arnica Turmeric Salve 

This Arnica Turmeric Salve was formulated with his sore muscles and achy body in mind! It is made with infused organic healing herbs in organic olive oil and added in muscle repairing and body soothing essential oils. This Muscle Repair Balm is cooling, warming, and soothing and makes a great gift for anyone this Holiday Season! 

15. Carhartt Mens Hat

mens hat

With many colors to choose from you can't go wrong with this gift. Every guy needs a few staples in his life and wardrobe.  A  good quality hat should be on that list. The Carhartt label is known to symbolize durability and style so your guy will be thrilled to receive this hat for his birthday. 

14. The Always Has a Light Guy

This attractive lighter would make a great Christmas gift for any guy in your life. You got him covered with this stainless steel personalized torch lighter.  Time to get rid of the bic and throw some style points his way. Whether outside lighting the fire or out with friends your guy will be ready to light you up. 

13. Switchblade Divot Repair Tool 

This lightweight tool will allow him to swing freely without distraction. This Switchblade Divot Repair Tool will keep his pockets dirt-free and prevent the prongs from poking holes. It is one convenient gift that can save him time searching other pockets for his ball marker. 

12. Striped Socks

It's one gift he will surely love for the holidays. Let him stay ahead of the trend out there with a set of Striped SocksSuper comfortable with the right blend of cotton and synthetics, it will surely keep his feet comfortable and dry. 

11. Rustic Message Bracelet

This bracelet stays on securely. Comfortable and easy to put on and take off too. Made of high quality European genuine leather, it also has a strong hypoallergenic magnetic clasp.  Personalize it by engraving a special date, word or phrase together with the heart or infinity symbol on the inside of the bracelet.

10. Carbon Fiber Wallet

It is considered a minimalist wallet so fewer cards are better unless he likes the bulk. This Carbon Fiber Wallet is the slimmest wallet he will ever own. This drift wallet is constructed of two black aluminum plates, which blocks RFID theft. It can hold up to 12 cards and has a money strap for your cash. The elastic band expands to accommodate 1-12 cards. 

9. Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

He would be happy to share this gift with his coffee buddies while enjoying a night of relaxation and fun. This Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans is perfect for your coffee lover friend.  It's one gift he would love to have beside him all the time. 

8. LUENX Aviator Sunglasses


They are designed for driving and outdoor activity. These classic metal framed Aviators come in 14 lens and frame color options to compliment every occasion especially the holidays! Impress your groomsmen with these customized, durable and shatterproof frames.  

7. Polished Cigar Case 

It is both functional and stylish. Part of his being cool is him being a cigar aficionado. This polished cigar case would definitely delight him. Its silver-plated snaps firmly shut keeping his cigar fresh at all times. Have it personalized with his name or initials and you’re ready to give the cool gift he’s always wanted.

6. Mudder Vintage Quartz Pocket Watch 


It's a practical item functioning as a timepiece for his everyday use. This classic pocket watch features roman numerals scale and is heavily engraved on the front and back with exquisite patterns. The Mudder Vintage Quartz Pocket Watch has a vintage appearance design and looks really good as a fashion accessory.

5. Stick Man Mobile Phone Holders

These Stick Man Mobile Phone Holders are ideal for kids, teens and adults in this mobile phone obsessed world we live in. Each stick man comes in its own little cute white mylar bag to give it a nice elegant touch. Each stick man is high quality yet light weight and  allows for easy travel. 

4. Gaming Ball Handmade Crocheted Stress Ball

This Gaming Ball Handmade Crocheted Stress Ball is a handmade crocheted gaming ball stress ball/ desk toy. This gaming ball is a perfect addition to any home or office, and not only is great for those that love pokemon but doubles as a fabulous stress ball. This would be a great stocking stuffer for anyone else who loves pokemon. The gaming ball is made with acrylic yarn and stuffed with 100 percent Hi Loft Polyfil. 

3. Beard Comb

This Beard Comb will fix his face hair without any fuss. Show your support while grooming his beard or mustache with this Cherry wooden beard comb. Both sides are finished. Personalization or Monogram on the back is available for a slight extra fee. You may also choose the personalized option and include your message or initials in the note area of the order. This item is created via laser cutting and hand finished. 

2. Bourbon Tobacco Soap

This Bourbon Tobacco Soap may not be the prettiest soap in the soap room, but Man oh Man does this one smell good! A rich, warm blend of Cedarwood and Tobacco with hints of blushed rose petals, tonka bean and oak aged bourbon. Perfect and relaxing. This gift includes (1) bar of wonderful soap that weighs between 4.5 / 5 oz that is beautifully wrapped and labeled.

1. Beard Oil Sampler

These Beard Oil Sampler are perfect as stocking stuffer. He must try each Wild Man Beard Conditioner holiday seasonal scent in this limited edition trial size four-pack! These unique blends are formulated with pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and extracts suspended in hydrating grapeseed oil. It is shipped in an unbleached cotton drawstring bag to keep your vials in order.

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