Treat Your Besties Right with these Gifts for Guy Friends

Updated on December 19, 2023 by Melissa Bajda

Treat your besties right this season with these amazing Gifts for Guy Friends. Whether shopping for a birthday, holiday or to show your appreciation, finding the perfect gift for your guy friends can be tricky.

That's why we've compiled this list of 27 great gifts to make your guy friends smile. From gift boxes to apparel and unique personalized gifts , you'll find something for everyone on your list.

27 Great Gift Ideas for Guy Friends!

1. Sentimental Gift Box Set with Custom Message 

Sentimental gift Box Set

The Sentimental Gift Box Set is a one-of-a kind gift for any man. He'll be blown away when he opens it and sees all the goodies inside, but you might make him cry with your custom message on this box! 

The set for male friends includes a stylish wallet, a knife for outdoor adventures, sunglasses for every modern man, and a bottle opener for those impromptu gatherings with friends.

2. Hand Stamped Penny Keychain

This handmade keychain features a hand-stamped penny with the words"Lucky to Have Found You" and is accompanied by a brass keyring and leather tassel.

Not only is this guy friend gift practical for everyday use, but it also holds sentimental value. It is a constant reminder of your friendship and how lucky you are to have each other in your lives. Plus, the rustic and masculine design will appeal to any male friend.

3. Engraved Cutting Board

AnEngraved Cutting Board is the perfect gift for male friends who love cooking or entertaining. Not only is it functional, but it also adds a personalized touch to their kitchen.

We recommend using this high-quality bamboo board, which is durable and environmentally friendly. It is easy to maintain and won't dull your friend's knives.

4. Custom Face Socks

One of the most fun and unique gift ideas for your male friend's birthday isCustom Face Socks. These gifts for guy friends can be made with a photo of your friend's face. It's a great way to show appreciation and create a personalized gift they'll love.

These socks are made of a blend of polyester and nylon, making them comfortable, durable, and breathable. They are perfect for everyday wear, whether your friend is going to work or hitting the gym.

5. Survival Gift Set

Are you looking for a perfect birthday gift that caters to your guy friend's adventurous spirit? Look no further than theSurvival Gift Set. Packed with tools and gear perfect for outdoor adventures or emergencies, this set is sure to please.

These birthday gifts include a knife, multi-tool, tactical pen, flashlight, emergency blanket, carabiner, wire saw, cord, flintstone, whistle, survival bracelet, multi-use spoon, and personalized waterproof box.

6. Our BFFL Song

Love Lyrics

Are you searching for a gift that strikes the perfect chord of sentiment and style? Look no further than our Love Lyrics Custom Song Plaque This personalized acrylic music print you can customize with your own photo and song is the ultimate gift.

7. Custom Occasions Cutter

When it comes to celebrating special occasions, finding a gift that is both meaningful and personalized can be a challenge. Introducing the Custom Occasions Cutter, an exquisitly engraved knife paired with a personalized box designed to make any event truly unforgettable. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, retirement, or any milestone worth celebrating, this remarkable gift allows you to put their name on the knife and engrave multiple lines on the box, enabling you to convey your heartfelt sentiments in a tangible and lasting way.

8. Timeless Timepiece

If your guy wears watches, then this watch will strap some class onto his wrist.  When you bring a little wood to the wardrobe of your man, you splash his arsenal with instant class.  The back of this engraved sandal wood watch can be personalized with the message of your choice.  It is a timepiece that will stand the test of time and will become a sentimental accessory in your man's collection. 

9. MineStein

Boyfriend Birthday Gift Personalized Birthday Gift For image 5

Is your friend or significant other the type of guy that looks in the mirror and thinks “Man I am one good-looking dude”? If so, this is a perfect gift.  Now he will be able to enjoy his delusional grandeur with each sip of beer he takes.  Warning….drinking several of these 22 ounce beer steins may result in reverse beer goggles in which he may look at his stein and realize he is average looking at best.  This is by no fault of the stein itself as the caricature on it is of the upmost quality.

10. Gentlemen’s Decanter

A true gentleman needs a proper way to store and serve his favorite spirit, and that's where theGentlemen’s Decanter comes in. These cool whiskey gifts are perfect for storing whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or any other preferred spirit.

These gifts for male friends can hold up to 25.36 ounces of liquid and comes with a stopper to keep the contents fresh. To make this amazing gift extra special, you can personalize it with the name or initials of your friend.

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11. BFFL KeyChain

Couples Photo Keychain

What better way to express your everlasting love than with a special keepsake that can be taken wherever life may lead? Sure to bring a bright smile to anyone’s face, this keychain will serve as an eternal reminder of your most precious memories as a couple. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, or any day when you want to express extra love and appreciation. 

12. Personalized Toiletry Bag

When it comes to gift giving, it is always thoughtful to choose something that is both practical and stylish. APersonalized Toiletry Bag is one of those items that guys tend to overlook when traveling, making it a great gift for your guy friends.

This practical gift is made from full-grain leather and features a fully lined pinstripe fabric interior. It is durable and sturdy, making it the perfect travel companion.

13. Custom Picture on Beer Mug

For the best guy friend who loves a good brew, aCustom Picture on a Beer Mug is the ideal birthday gift. Whether it is a favorite sports team logo or a memorable photo from a night out, this gift will surely be treasured.

Our laser engraving artist will carefully etch the image onto a high-quality beer mug, creating a unique and personalized gift. Imagine the look on your friend's face when they see their favorite picture on their new favorite beer mug.

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14. Fun Guy Tomato Shirt

If your guy friend has a great sense of humor and loves to stand out, aFun Guy Tomato shirt would be a fantastic gift! These gifts for guy friends are available in many colors and feature a silly design that will make everyone chuckle. They are perfect for any casual outing or just lounging around at home.

Whether your male friends are into music festivals, casual nights out, or have a fun sense of style, a fun guy tomato shirt is sure to please.

15. Tequila Is My Friend Glass

Tequila Is My Friend Glass

Cheers to the man who loves his tequila. No explanation is needed with this classy tequila glass gift. For the guy in your life that needs some new tequila glasses for his collection, give him some drinkware that has just as much style as he does. 

16. Man Spa Gift Box

Let's face it, even the manliest of men deserve some pampering. That's why theMan Spa Gift Box is the ideal gift for your guy friends who could use a little R&R. This gift box comes with all the essentials for a spa day at home.

The exfoliating scrub helps remove dead skin cells and unclog pores, the hydrating face oil is great for combatting dry skin, and the muscle salve helps ease soreness and stiffness.

17. The Muscle Duffle

For the man in your life who loves to stay fit and healthy, The Muscle Duffle is a perfect gift.

This stylish duffle bag is made from a premium polyester and has two convenient carry handles, an adjustable shoulder strap, and leather zipper pulls.

It is excellent for carrying gym gear, work supplies, and travel necessities for 30-year-old in your life.

18. Bestie With The Testes Candle

TheBestie With The Testes Candle is a good gift for a guy friend who loves a good laugh. This unique candle is shaped like a testicle and comes in a glass jar with an eco wick.

These gifts for guy friends are made from natural wax and feature a musky scent that will fill any room with a masculine fragrance. It is a hilarious yet functional gift that your guy friend will surely appreciate.

19. Vintage Birth Year Decanter Set

aged to perfection birthday decanter

Make your old guys celebration even more special with this elegant personalized decanter set! Crafted with care, this stunning decanter features a beautiful and timeless design that will add a touch of sophistication to any home bar.

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20. Guy Best Friend Print

Do you want to give your guy best friend something special that he can display proudly in his room or office? Consider getting him a personalized Guy Best Friend Print. ThisA4-sized Print can feature both your names or nicknames.

The Guy Best Friend Print is a great gift he'll love for any occasion, whether for his birthday, graduation, or just a random day to show how much he means to you.

21. Round Charcuterie Board for Friends

Round Charcuterie Board for Friends - Design: BETTERWITHAGE

Charcuterie boards are all the rage these days - and for good reason! They make the perfect appetizer or party platter, and they're also a great way to show off your culinary skills. But finding the right charcuterie board can be a challenge. That's where our Charcuterie Board for Friends comes in!

22. Retro Personalized USB Mix Tape

Who doesn't love the nostalgia of a mixtape? But instead of going through the hassle of finding a blank cassette and a tape player, why not get your guy friend aPersonalized USB Mixtape?

With these great gift ideas, you can curate a playlist of songs with special meaning to your friendship. It can be songs from your favorite bands or songs you enjoyed listening to in high school.

23. Custom Car Air Freshener

Custom Car Air Freshener

Introducing our unique Photo Car Air Freshener – a special way to add some love to your car! Crafted with loving care, this air freshener is perfect for those who want an extra touch of fun on the go. Whether it’s an old family photo or a cherished selfie, you can immortalize your most meaningful relationships with this sweet car accessory. 

24. Custom Message on the Ceramic Heart

If you want a sentimental gift for a friend with a little romantic interest, aCustom Message on a Ceramic Heart is a great option. You can engrave a personal message on the heart to tell your friend how much you appreciate them.

The ceramic heart can be hung on a wall as a constant reminder of your friendship. It's a thoughtful gift that will mean a lot to your friend.

25. Best Friend Photo Plaque

A Best FriendPhoto Plaque is a thoughtful gift that your guy friend will surely cherish for years. This personalized plaque is made with high-quality acrylic and Perspex and is professionally printed with your chosen photo and message.

26. Best Friend Flask

Love At First Sip

 This steel flask is the perfect way to take your favorite liquor with you wherever you go. These witty and stylish flasks are sure to put a smile on your face, and they make the perfect gift for the special someone in your life. Whether you're taking a shot or sipping on a cold one, this flask will make sure your drink stays chilly all night long. Tell your loved ones what their love means to you with these funny designed hip flasks.

27. Modern Man Set

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your male friend who loves to live the modern man's life, aModern Man Set is the way to go. This great birthday gift set includes everything he needs to feel like the most sophisticated and well-equipped man.


1. How much should I spend on a gift for my guy friend?

It depends on your budget and the occasion. If it's just a small gesture, you can spend around $10 to $20. But for bigger occasions like birthdays or holidays, you can spend up to $50 or even more if you can afford it.

2. What kind of gift is appropriate for a guy friend?

Again, it depends on the occasion and your friend's interests. You can never go wrong with practical gifts like a personalized toiletry bag or a gentlemens decanter. If your friend is into music, a retro personalized USB mix tape would be a great choice. Consider getting a custom picture on a beer mug or a best friend photo plaque for a more sentimental touch.

3. Is it weird to gift my guy friend a plushie?

Not at all! As long as it's something your friend would appreciate, it doesn't matter if it's traditionally considered a "girly" gift. The handmade Smiling Pim plushie is an excellent example of a unique and thoughtful gift that any guy would love. It's all about knowing your friend's personality and interests.


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