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  • 25 Golf Gift Basket Ideas to Wow Your Favorite Golfer

    by Chris Bajda August 29, 2023

    Searching for the perfect golf gift basket can be a challenging task. After all, it is hard to know what type of gifts that will appeal to your golfer.  

    In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best golf gift basket ideas that are sure to please even the pickiest of golfers. From personalized items to unique gift sets, we've got you covered. You'll be able to wow them with a basket so amazing, they may even forgive you for that time you accidentally hit them with a ball.

    Whether looking for a tournament gift, a Father's Day present, or a way to show your appreciation for any special occasion, golf gifts baskets are the perfect way to do so.

    Get Hole-In-One Golf Gifts Baskets for Your Beloved Golfers

    1. Golfer's Caddy Gift Basket

    Golfing can be a great way to spend time with friends while also enjoying the outdoors.

    Why not make it an even more enjoyable experience by gifting someone with the Golfer's Caddy Gift Baskets? It contains all the essentials to help make a great day of golf even better for your golf enthusiast.

    These Golfer's Caddy Golf Gift Baskets will surely put a smile on any golfer who receives them. Especially made as Father's Day gift.

    2. Personalized Golf Gift Set

    If you want the perfect gift for a golfer, consider putting together a Personalized Golf Gift Set.

    With these tees, a golf glove, golf balls, a divot remover, markers, and a scorecard holder golf gift, you can ensure that your golfer will have everything they need to hit the green in style.

    These unique golf gift ideas will bring a smile to any golfer's face!

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    3. Personalized Golfer's Dream Collection

    Upgrade your golf game with the Personalized Golfer's Dream Collection. These perfect gift baskets feature essential items that every golfer needs.

    Start with the 20 oz tumbler, which keeps drinks at the perfect temperature during a round. The vegan leather golf bag tag adds a touch of sophistication and comes with three tees for convenience. The switchblade divot with ball marker and copper divot tool are must-haves for maintaining the green.

    Finally, the golf gifts come in a stylish pine wood gift box. With these gift baskets, your golfer will feel like a pro on the golf course.

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    4. The Open Golf Gift Basket

    The Open Golf Gift Basket

    Calling all passionate golfers! The Open Golf Gift Basket is a must-have for those who live and breathe the game. Packed with 13 unique golf accessories, this basket is designed to elevate your golfing experience and ensure you're always at the top of your game.

    5. Personalized Golf Gift BoxGolf Gift Box Basket

    Personalized Golf Gift Box typically includes a personalized golf towel, a tumbler, and divot tools.

    The golf towel is soft and plush, and all the golf gifts are custom embroidered with the recipient's initials or a unique design of your choice.

    This gift basket is the perfect way to show that extra thought went into the golf theme gift for Father's Day.

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    6. Cigar and Golf Gift SetGolf and Cigars Gift Set

    This Cigar and Golf Gift Set is the perfect present for the discerning gentleman who enjoys both a round of golf and a good smoke.

    This perfect gift basket includes a premium quality personalized cigar humidor travel box filled with goodies. From a custom lighter to a slick cutter, a handy divot tool with ball marker, and finally a cigar clip holder he will have everything he needs and more. 

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    7. DIY Golf Bouquet

    DIY Golf Bouquet Father's Day gift baskets are the better way to show appreciation a golfer.

    Whether for a special occasion, like a birthday or a holiday, or just because, the golf gift baskets can be the perfect way to let them know you care.

    8. Divot Tool Box SetDivot Tool Lover Gift Box Set

    It is time to level up his golf game with this Divot Tool Gift Set, the perfect accessory for any golfer! Our golf gift basket includes five of our custom divot tools, each featuring unique designs to show off his personality as he shaves the greens.

    9. Golfers Pail Gift Basket

    For the golfers in your life, you can show appreciation with a unique gift basket that any golfer would love to receive.

    The Father's Day Gift Baskets are an excellent choice for any golfer, with their delightful gourmet snacks and valuable golf-related items.

    No matter who the golfer in your life is, they will love these Unique Golf Pail Golf Gift Baskets.

    10. Personalized Golfers Dream Set

    Create the ultimate golf experience for your favorite golfer with a Personalized Golfer Dream Set. These Father's Day gift baskets include everything they need to hit the green in style and comfort.

    Start with a tumbler that keeps their drink at the perfect temperature throughout their round. Add a golf bag tag made from vegan leather with three tees for convenience. Personalize a barrel headcover with two lines of text to make their clubs stand out on the golf course.

    And remember the golf towel, made from 100% cotton and featuring a convenient hook for their golf bag. These gift baskets will have any golfer feeling like a pro.

    11. Golf Essentials Gift Basket

    If you are looking for excellent golf gift baskets for that remarkable golfer in your life, look no further than these Golf Essentials Gift Baskets.

    It is packed with everything a golf enthusiast could ever dream of. From a set of premium golf balls and a handy divot tool for course maintenance, to a stylish flask for a post-game celebration and a golf journal to keep track of memorable moments on the green.

    This golf gift basket is the perfect companion for any golfer looking to enhance their game and indulge in the true spirit of golf.

    12. Custom Par-Tee Golf Gift Set

    Elevate your golfer's game with the Custom Par-Tee Golf Gift Set. This golf gift basket is packed with essential items that will make any golfer's day on the course more enjoyable.

    The aluminum double-prong divot tool is perfect for fixing those pesky ball marks on the green. With its sleek black coating, the stainless steel flask is ideal for sipping a favorite beverage between holes. The vegan leather golf bag tag adds a touch of style and comes with three tees for convenience.

    To top it all off, this golf gift set comes in a personalized name basket, making it a truly unique and thoughtful gift.

    13. Groomsman Golf Basket

    Are you looking for the perfect gift for your golf-loving groomsmen? Look no further than this Groomsman Golf Basket.

    These golf gift baskets contain an embroidered golf towel with a carabiner, a classic golf cap, several golf balls, and even a divot repair tool with a ball marker.

    Your groomsmen will love these thoughtful and helpful golf gift baskets!

    14. Gift Box for Golf Player

    If you are looking for a great Golf Gift Basket for your favorite golfer, consider putting together a collection of items that will help them improve their game and keep them comfortable while on the golf course.

    With a towel, swing training bands, golf clubs brush, a golf marker hat clip, and Ferrero Rocher chocolates, your golfer will be prepared to hit the green with style and confidence.

    15. Personalized Golf Socks Gift Box

    Golfers always appreciate thoughtful gifts, and Personalized Golf Socks gift baskets are ideal for showing appreciation.

    This Father's Day gift box includes a pair of cotton golf socks, several golf balls, white wooden golf tees, and ball markers.

    With these stylish golf gift baskets, you can give a golfer a unique set of items they can use on the course.  

    16. Personalized Flask Set for Golfer

    The 6 oz flask, funnel, and two stainless steel shot glasses come in a sleek black box and make the perfect personalized golf gift for your favorite golfer.

    Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or to show your appreciation, these Flask Set golf gift baskets are sure to bring a smile to their face.

    17. Golf Ball Set Basket

    Personalized Golf Ball Set is one of the best gifts for any golfer.

    These golf gift baskets include a set of twelve golf balls with their name or initials engraved on them and a beautiful display box so that they can admire their personalized balls.

    The endless personalization options make this an even more unique and memorable gift.

    18. Golf Gourmet Gift Basket

    Golfers love to practice, and what better way to encourage them to practice than with a Golf Gourmet gift basket?

    These golf gift baskets include 15 plastic practice balls, 90 golf tees, and some delicious gourmet goodies.

    This Father's Day gift basket is perfect for golf lovers and will surely bring a smile to any golfer's face.

    19. Sillybean Golf Lovers Coffee Basket

    The Sillybean Golf Lovers Coffee Gift Baskets are an excellent choice for the golf lover in your life.

    These golf gift baskets contain five delicious 100% Arabica ground coffees you can enjoy in the golf cart.

    From light and fruity flavors to bold and complex blends, these gift baskets will give you a unique experience that invigorates and inspire you.

    20. Golf Nut Themed Gift Box

    This golf gift pack is an ideal present for golfers with a humorous side. It includes a personalized box of logo balls, tees, snacks, and a cap to accompany them on the golf course or tournament.

    These golf gifts also feature a funny, framed, personalized certificate and membership cards for the Certified Golf Nut Academy, allowing the golfer to distribute amusing cards and showcase personalized golf ball boxes with true distance logo balls.

    Personalization options extend to initials on the black gift box, the golfer's name on the sleeve box, as well as bags of nuts and tees. The "Golf Nut" logo cap and mug, along with a themed greeting card, are included in this comprehensive gift box, and various options are available for filling it.

    21. Personalized Photo Golf Balls Basket

    Are you looking for a unique and personalized gift for the golfer in your life? Look no further than the Personalized Photo Golf Balls Basket. This golf gift basket includes three golf balls that can be customized with your favorite photos.

    Imagine the joy on their face when they see their beloved family or pet smiling back at them on the course. These golf balls are UV printed on both sides and have a 20mm diameter printing area, ensuring your photos look sharp and vibrant.

    Presented in a stylish gift box, these Father's Day gift baskets will be a hole-in-one gift for any golfer.

    22. Custom Hilarious Golf Socks Basket

    Are you looking for the perfect gift basket for the golf enthusiast? Look no further than the Custom Hilarious Golf Socks Basket.

    This golf gift basket includes three personalized pairs of golf socks, each with a different hilarious design. Whether they prefer funny golf puns or silly golf cartoons, these golf gifts will bring a smile to their face on the course. The basket also includes a personalized note, making it an extra special Father's Day gift.

    These golf gifts come beautifully in a Kraft brown basket wrapped in green tulle. Give the gift of laughter with these gift baskets.

    23. Golf Legend Gift Basket

    The Golf Legend Gift Baskets are the ideal option if you want the perfect golf gift for someone special.

    This perfect gift basket includes all the essentials for a great round of golf: a luxurious golf towel, wooden tees, a set of golf balls, and even a golf-shaped ice mold for a cold drink after the game.

    These Golf Legend Gift Baskets will make any golfer feel like a true legend on the golf course.

    24. Tournament Golf Gift Basket

    Elevate your golfer's game to the championship level with the Tournament Golf Gift Basket. This exclusive gift basket has eleven essential golf gifts, all personalized with a golf theme.

    They'll love the golf towel, ball marker & divot tool set, and the Dri Mark Sharpie Pen for keeping score. Plus, the practice putting cup, first aid kit, koozie, and club cleaner wire brush with a clip-on for their golf bag will ensure they have everything they need on the course.

    And to top it off, they'll receive a 15% off gift card and a golf glove shaper for the perfect fit. With the Personalized Tournament Golf Gift Basket, your golfer will feel like a true pro.

    25. Personalized Birdie Boost Golf Set

    Elevate your golfer's game to new heights with the Personalized Birdie Boost Golf Set. These golf baskets are designed to help them achieve birdies and lower scores on the course.

    The divot tool features a built-in golf ball marker, allowing them to easily mark their ball while they fix those pesky ball marks. The tees, coated in white for visibility, can be personalized with their name, adding a personal touch to their golfing experience.

    To top it all off, this golf gift basket comes in a personalized leatherette gift basket, making it a truly special and memorable gift for any golfer.


    Our Collection of Golf Gift Sets to Please Even the Pickiest of Golfers

    Fun & Unique Golf Gift Accessories for a Golfer in Your Life

    What is included in the Tournament Golf Gift Basket?

    The Tournament Golf Gift Basket is the ultimate gift for any golf enthusiast. Packed with various essentials and treats, this gift basket will delight your beloved golfers.

    Here's a breakdown of what you can expect to find in this fantastic gift:

    1. Golf Balls

    No golfer can ever have enough golf balls. The Tournament Golf Gift Basket includes premium golf balls, ensuring your golfers will be well-stocked for their next round.

    2. Golf Tees

    Every golfer needs tees, and this golf gift basket provides a selection of high-quality tees in different sizes. They'll be ready to tee off in style whether they prefer wooden or plastic tees.

    3. Ball Markers

    Help your golfers keep track of their ball on the green with the included ball markers. These handy markers are essential for accurate putting and make a great addition to any golfer's collection.

    4. Divot Tool

    A divot tool is an essential accessory for any golfer. This golf gift basket includes a durable divot tool to help golfers repair divots on the course and maintain the greens.

    5. Golf Towel

    Keeping clubs clean is crucial for optimal performance. The Tournament Golf Gift Basket includes a soft and absorbent golf towel to keep your golfer's clubs in top condition.

    6. Golf Glove

    A high-quality golf glove is a must-have for any golfer. This golf gift basket includes a premium golf glove with a comfortable, secure grip for maximum control and performance.

    7. Golf Hat

    Protecting the face and eyes from the sun is essential during long rounds of golf. The Tournament Golf Gift Basket includes a stylish golf hat to shield your golfers from harmful UV rays.

    8. Snacks and Drinks

    Golfing can work up an appetite, and this golf gift basket is covered. Your golfers will find a variety of delicious and savory snacks and refreshing beverages to keep them fueled and hydrated during their game.

    9. Golf Accessories

    This gift basket also includes a range of golf accessories such as a bag tag, golf club brush, and scorecard holder. These golf gifts add convenience and style to any golfer's game.

    10. Golf Magazine

    This golf gift basket includes a golf magazine to inspire and entertain your golfers off the course. They can stay up-to-date with the latest news, tips, and insights from golf.

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    Chris Bajda

    About the Author

    Chris Bajda is a renowned expert in gift selection, with a 15 year history of finding unique gifts. His insight into the art of gifting and staying on top of trends by his consistent presence at major gifting trade shows, including his annual participation in NY Now trade show in New York City and several other trade shows throughout the United States. Chris has built a reputation for his knowledge in finding gifts that leave a lasting impression.

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