Score a Hole-in-One with these 17 Golf Outing Gifts

May 09, 2024 by Tobey Bajda

Are you planning a golf tournament or a golf outing and looking for the perfect golf gifts? Look no further! Whether you're organizing a corporate golf event or a charity golf tournament, giving out golf themed gifts is a great way to show your appreciation to the players and make the event more memorable. From functional gifts like golf accessories and handy tools to fun items like golf balls and themed apparel, there are countless options to choose from. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of 17 golf outing gifts that are sure to score a hole-in-one with your participants. 

These gifts not only make for great round prizes but also serve as a reminder of the amazing time they had at your golf event. So let's tee off and explore these amazing golf tournament gifts!

1. Custom Logo Golf Towel

Custom Logo Golf Towel

Custom Logo Golf Towel is a standout choice among golf tournament gifts, providing a practical yet personal token for every participant. Opt for a high-quality microfiber towel in a sleek black or vibrant green, and choose a contrasting thread color for visibility. Personalize each towel with the logo of the golf tournament or the sponsor's emblem to make it a memorable golf tournament prize. 

Not only does it serve a functional purpose, keeping golf balls clean and dry, but it also adds a professional touch to the golf event. 

2. Custom Golf Tournament Tees

Custom Golf Tournament Tees

Elevate the experience at your next golf tournament with Custom Golf Tournament Tees - a perfect golf tournament gift that adds a personal touch to the golf course. Crafted from white-coated wood, these tees measure 3 inches long, providing the ideal leverage for driving golf balls. 

With a customization option allowing up to 30 characters, you can imprint the name of the golf event, a sponsor's logo, or a motivational message, making them unique golf tournament gifts.

3. Personalized Golf Hat

Personalized Golf Hat

Personalized Golf Hat makes for an exceptional golf tournament gift, blending style with practicality. It's the perfect gift to shield players from the sun during those long hours on the course. 

Customize each hat with the golf tournament's name or the logo of a sponsoring company, making it not just a great gift but a memorable keepsake from the golf outing.

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4. Custom Poker Chips

Custom Poker Chips

Custom Poker Chips are a unique and memorable choice for golf tournament gifts, offering a bit of friendly competition off the course among fellow golf enthusiasts. Choose vibrant colors like royal blue or classic red, and customize the back with a special message or the logo of your golf event. 

These chips not only serve as perfect golf giveaways but also elevate the atmosphere of any golf outing. Imagine the excitement as participants use these chips to track scores or as currency for fun side games.

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5. Custom Golf Balls

Custom Golf Balls

Custom Golf Balls serve as the quintessential golf gifts, offering a personalized touch to the game. Opt for genuine golf balls in the standard size, designed to meet the specifications of serious players. By adding the name of your golf outing or tournament, these golf balls transform into memorable golf outing prizes. 

These personalized golf balls not only enhance the game but also serve as a lasting reminder of the event, making them sought-after golf tournament prizes.

6. Custom Logo Flask

Custom Logo Flask

Elevate your next golf outing with a Custom Logo Flask, a sleek and functional golf tournament gift that promises to keep golfing memories alive long after the last putt. This stainless steel flask holds 6 ounces of your favorite beverage, making it a discreet companion on the golf course. 

Choose from a variety of colors to match your event's theme, and add a laser-engraved logo or custom text to personalize each piece.

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7. Custom Logo Shot Glass

Custom Logo Shot Glass

The Custom Logo Shot Glass is an imaginative addition to the range of golf tournament gifts, perfect for celebrating victories or simply enjoying a moment of camaraderie off the green. 

Holding 2.25 ounces, this personalized shot glass can be adorned with the event logo, adding a unique touch to each piece.

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8. Custom Divot Tool

Custom Divot Tool

Custom Divot Tool is an indispensable accessory for any golfer, making it a functional gift and a perfect golf tournament gift. 

This high-quality stainless steel switchblade divot tool comes with a double-sided removable magnetic ball marker that can be personalized. Choose from various colors and add a custom logo or text to create a perfect keepsake for golf enthusiasts. Not only does it help maintain the greens by repairing divots, but it also keeps golf balls marked, blending utility with the spirit of the game. This handy tool is a thoughtful nod to the perfect swing, enhancing every golf tournament experience.

9. Golf Tournament Koozie

Golf Tournament Koozie

Golf Tournament Koozie stands out as a fun and functional choice among golf tournament giveaways, making it a must-have for any golf event. Crafted from stylish faux leather and personalized with laser engraving that contrasts elegantly in black, this koozie is an essential golf accessory. 

Choose from a variety of colors to align with your tournament theme, and personalize each koozie to make it a memorable golf tournament prize.

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10. Golf Accessories Set

Golf Accessories Set

This comprehensive Golf Accessories Set is a must-have for any golfer, expertly curated to enhance your golfing experience. Encased in a durable PU case, this set includes 4 genuine golf balls designed to meet the rigorous standards of the sport, ensuring optimal performance on the course. 

Accompanying the golf balls are several golf tees, indispensable for any game. A versatile golf divot tool is also part of the set, a handy tool combines functionality with ease of use, perfect for repairing the green after your shots.

11. Custom Logo Bag Tag

Custom Logo Bag Tag

The Custom Logo Bag Tag, crafted from elegant brown vegan leather, is a sophisticated addition to any golfer's collection, making it a premier choice for golf tournament gifts. This tag not only serves as a distinguished marker for golf bags but also includes space for the addition of three tees, blending functionality with style. By adding a custom logo, it becomes a personalized memento of the outdoor event, resonating with the spirit of golf outings and tournaments. 

Such gifts serve not just as practical accessories for navigating golf courses but as cherished golf tournament prizes that commemorate the unique experience of each golf tournament.

12. Custom Golf Skinny Tumbler

Custom Golf Skinny Tumbler

The Custom Golf Skinny Tumbler, in a sleek midnight black, stands as a modern golf tournament gift aimed at enhancing the golfing experience. This is 22 oz. A stainless steel slim travel mug is perfect for keeping a refreshing beverage at the ideal temperature throughout the game. 

Engrave it with the tournament's victor or a hole-in-one celebration to commemorate fun golf tournaments.

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13. Golf Outing Gift Set

Golf Outing Gift Set

The Golf Outing Gift Set, sized at 4.7''*3''*1.8'', packs a punch for any golf enthusiast looking to enhance their game. This compact set includes an essential divot tool and a ball marker, both crucial accessories for the golf course. The divot tool, approximately 2.45''*1.4'' in size, and the 1'' ball marker can be customized with a club logo or text, making it a memorable gift for participants of golf tournaments. 

These items not only serve as essential golf accessories but also stand out as thoughtful golf tournament prizes, ensuring every recipient remembers the event with fondness.

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14. Golf Bag Beer Sleeve

Golf Bag Beer Sleeve

The Golf Bag Beer Sleeve, designed in sleek black polyester fabric, is the ultimate addition to any golfer's arsenal, making it an ideal golf gift and a refreshing golf outing prize. Its adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit on any golf bag, while the capability to hold 5 cans means a golfer's home bar can travel with them on the fairway. 

This innovative accessory is perfect for keeping beverages cold throughout the golf game, enhancing the enjoyment of golf tournaments.

15. Personalized Golf Ball Bag

Personalized Golf Ball Bag

Crafted from high-quality artificial leather, the Personalized Golf Ball Bag is a sophisticated choice for those seeking exceptional golf gifts. Available in classic colors, it can be customized with a player's name, the date of the event, or a meaningful design, making it a standout among golf tournament prizes. 

This elegant bag not only securely holds golf balls and tees but also symbolizes unforgettable moments on the course.

16. YOREPEK Golf Shoe Bag

YOREPEK Golf Shoe Bag

The YOREPEK Golf Shoe Bag is an essential accessory for golfers aiming to keep their gear organized and accessible. Designed with a buckle top carry handle for easy transportation, this zippered sport shoe carrier also features ventilation to keep shoes fresh. Its three pockets are perfect for storing socks, gloves, tees, balls, and a brush, ensuring everything you need is within reach. 

This bag celebrates the spirit of golfing success, making it an excellent gift for winners and participants who have shown exceptional achievements on the course.

17. Personalized Golf Ball Markers

Personalized Golf Ball Markers

Personalized Golf Ball Markers set the stage for a distinctive golf outing prize, captivating winners and participants alike with their elegance. Crafted from full grain genuine leather and presented in a rich brown hue, this set of two custom ball markers is an embodiment of sophistication among golf awards. 

These markers are not only practical, ensuring players can spot their balls with ease, but also serve as a memorable token of achievement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What do you put in a golf outing bag?

A1: In a golf outing bag, you might typically pack essentials like golf balls, tees, ball markers, divot repair tools, sunscreen, a water bottle, snacks, a towel, extra gloves, and perhaps a rain jacket or umbrella depending on the weather forecast.

Q2: What is a good prize for a golf tournament?

A2: A good prize for a golf tournament could be anything from golf equipment like clubs or putters, to golf accessories like personalized golf balls, engraved trophies or plaques, gift certificates to golf shops or pro shops, luxury golf apparel, or even weekend getaways to golf resorts.

Q3: What to hand out at a golf tournament?

A3: At a golf tournament, you could hand out items like personalized golf towels, branded golf balls or tees, golf-themed keychains, ball markers, divot repair tools, golf gloves, or even gift certificates to local restaurants or golf courses.

Q4: What do you need for a golf outing?

A4: For a golf outing, you'll need your golf clubs, golf bag, appropriate attire and footwear (including golf shoes with soft spikes), sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat or visor, golf gloves, plenty of golf balls, tees, ball markers, and a divot repair tool. Additionally, it's a good idea to have water or sports drinks to stay hydrated, snacks, and perhaps a rain jacket or umbrella depending on the weather forecast.


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