The Gifting Key to Making Men Smile

If you’re in one of those seldom meaningful moments with a special guy in your life, you want to get it right.  Guys are simple yet complicated at the same time, which can make us downright impossible.  When the opportunity presents itself, you need to capitalize.  Now comes the hard part, getting into the skull of that guy to understand what it is that is going to get them pumped.  It you go to specific to the taste you believe, you can swing and miss with details that are important to the guy.  That can also take quite a bit of work.  If you go to general, you can often give a watered down gift that doesn’t really get much excitement.  So how do you find that sweet spot?  We have you answer.  Personalization.

Guys love stuff that feels their own, so when you personalize the gift for him, it really pops.  It’s the same reason they like their lairs, man caves, garages, etc.  If a lion could have his mane embroidered, he probably would.  The reality is that as life evolves for most men, they have to share their space and their lair becomes breeched.  Hence, giving guys good that are meaningful, functional and personalized to them often unlocks the mystery of what makes them happy.  It’s a formula that we’ve seen work time and time again.  Don’t overthink it, just get them something that feels like theirs and theirs only. 

With that said, our secret formula to making men smile:

Personalization – we can’t say it enough, guys drool for it.  It stamps their stuff with them, it gives their belongings a sense of belonging and it offer a sense of connection to whatever it is they’re receiving.  Throughout history, men have looked for ways to personally adorn themselves.  Whether it’s Caesar or Napolean and statues or chapels, men like anything in commemoration of themselves.   So don’t go thinking too hard if you’re in a gifting bind, start with personalization.  Even the least cools gifts out there ae made better with a solid laser engraving or embroidery. 

Materials- us men are primal and there are some really basic things in this world that make us happy.  Like fire and water, these items drill down the roots of what our DNA and ancestry gravitate to.   Men love awesome materials.  Stay away plastic, we love organic, rugged materials with character and natural tones.   Us guys love the grains of wood, the smell of leather, the edge of strong metal.   When you combine them, even better.  Don’t go get some flimsy Made in Taiwan gift, start with raw and solid as one of the first variables to consider. 

Packaging – there’s a reason Man Crates has made a killing out there.  A pack of beef jerky will make a guy happy, but a pack of beef jerky bursting out of crackling mini box crate brings out that innate raw animal in your man, ready to reward himself with a greasy meat stick.  Guys don’t need bows and sparkles, but they do like a nice hardy way of receiving their goods.  Whether it be a cool wooden box or a personalized box that has use after it’s opened.  When you’re handing that item over to your guy, give it to him in gets him pumped right out of the gates.   

Functionality – don’t get your guy something he isn’t going to use because it seems cute.  Guys don’t want junk.  I one time got a guy a metal steak brander.  I’m not sure that steak brander ever saw a steak.  While the idea of stamping your steak sounds fun and novel, the reality is that a guy just wants to make his steak and devour it.  Lesson here is that guys want gifts they’ll actually use.   Not some diddy that is inconvenient or for a one time laugh.  Think of a need, think of daily action that any guy can use an upgrade in.  The best thing about functional gifts is.

Simplicity – don’t confuse your guy.  They don’t want something that requires an encyclopedia of instructions.   They’re not looking to pull out a manual to get whatever it is they’re getting to operate.   Don’t overwhelm your guy.   Guys like items that can be figured out by the naked eye, have a straight forward way about them and ideally, fit into their day to day with ease.  Yes, you have those engineering types that like a good puzzle, but when it comes to the practical side of gifting, keep it simple. 

There you have it folks, the basic principles to smart guy gifting is a personalized gift for him.  Consider these a beacon of light as you go to market.  Ensure you know your man as you go hunting, understand his passions, interests and hobbies, but keep these in mind as you identify that gift that’s gonna make him beam.