Show your man how much he means to you by getting him a personalized gift. From monogramming your man's initials on a wallet to writing a sentimental message on the back of a watch, we have a personalized gift for all the men in your life.

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47 Best Personalized Gifts for Him in 2022

When a custom gift leaves room for you to add your favorite joke, a meaningful quote, or even a short sweet message it just gives you the liberty to share something private and be sentimental. Personalized and specifically engraved gifts are trending nowadays because people are beginning to realize how practical it is when it comes to letting someone you love feel appreciated.  There is nothing better then receiving a great gift, and then seeing your initials monogrammed on it makes it extra special.

When it comes to personalized gifts for men, you can make it your own by simply getting creative with just about everything from the item you have chosen to the actual engraving itself.  On many of our product listing pages, we will give you creative and sentimental ideas for custom messages that you can have put on the gift that you choose for your man.  Whether you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend, husband, or dad, a custom gift is something he will cherish forever because he will know how much thought you put into it.

Whether you are looking for a personalized gift for his birthday, a Christmas gift, or just want to surprise him to show him how much he means to you, here are 47 of the best personalized gifts for men:

47. Decant Touch This


personalized glass decanter

If you can find a decanter that can top the Decant Touch This then lucky for you. This classic cocktail container has always been the perfect centerpiece for any man cave display. It will certainly be part of your buddies bar for a very long time. This decanter is 7.25 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide and holds 27 ounces of your favorite beverage. Have it personalized for him with his last name to make it extra special. The first letter of the last name will be the larger letter in the middle and the full name will be engraved below the letter, as it appears in the picture. It can fit up to 15 letters.

46. Personalized Minimalist Wallet


personalized minimalist mens wallet

Once your guy tries using this minimalist wallet, he will wonder why he hasn't been using one all along. This wallet can be engraved with his name or initials and can fit up to 12 credit cards. He will be so thankful for this personalized gift for him and will think of you, every time he takes a bill out of his new wallet.

45. Midnight Smoker


personalized gift Midnight Smoker

A great gift for cigar aficionados on the move. This Midnight Smoker comes with a personalized cigar travel case, engraved Zippo lighter, cigar cutter, and wallet. This travel-sized cigar case holds everything they need to enjoy a smooth smoke when the mood strikes them. This travel cigar case stores and protects up to three cigars at once, and comes with a compartment to carry the cigar cutter. This personalised gift set also comes with a sturdy flip lighter so your cigar lover has everything he needs to enjoy a smoke wherever he is. It's one of the best cigar lovers set he would enjoy.

44. Custom Cutter


personalized damascus pocket knife

Guys love knives, throw his name on it and you have a hit personalized gift for him. This personalized knife is loaded with testosterone and will make any man giddy to use it. Best part is whether your guy uses it to fight off bad guys or to open the amazon packages he will feel like a bad ass doing it with this custom personalised  knife.

43. Laser Engraved Pic Pint


custom pint glass for him

Men are visual creatures so to get him all in his feelings put a special picture on his soon to be favorite glass. There is a couple of ways you can play this, appeal to his humor with a selfie he has taken or put on a special picture of the two of you. The skies the limit with this personalized gift for him so look through some of the ones people have done and dream up the perfect glass for your guy.

42. Personalized Golf Towel


personalized golf towel with initials and club design

This personalized gift for him is a guranteed hole in one. Guys love golf, its in their DNA so giving him a gift that recognizes that will put an ear to ear grin on his face. This Personalized Golf Towel is extremely absorbent and is personalized with his initials. It comes with a hook so it can be easily attached to a golf bag. The towel can be embroidered with the golf club design as well.

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41. Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board


It has a milled groove around the edges of the cutting surface to collect juice from soft cheeses and fruits. This Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board is made from organically grown bamboo and comes with a serving platter with 3 ceramic bowls and bamboo spoons. It's one unique personalised gift for a friend who loves to cook!

40. Personalized Big Boy Pilsner Glass


personalized large pilsner beer glass


Is bigger better? Thats one of life's important questions, but with beer thats an easy answer... YES! This extra large custom pilsner glass will please any beer lover. Holding 22 oz this glass doesn't sacrifice style for size. It is an easily personalized gift with any guys name or short saying.

39. Custom Wallet- Gentry

personalized mens wallet

Front pocket or back pocket.. whatever pocket, this is one seriously good looking personalized wallet. Crafted from genuine leather this wallet is guaranteed ready to put in some mileage with your favorite guy. Available in three different colors to suit your favorite mans personality this is one personalized gift that will be sure to put a smile on your guys face.


38. Full Metal JackKnife

He loves the outdoors. And one of the best gifts you can give him is this Full Metal JackKnife. It's a spring-assisted tac-force multi-Purpose Folding knife featuring a sharp and durable black stainless steel blade. This knife comes with a smooth handle that fits comfortably in his hand. Have a knife personalized with his name on it and you’re ready to hand him a gift he will love forever.

37. The Personalized Pack

Personalized Duffel Bag for him


Deep down, every man wants to embody the rugged charm of a man-in-uniform. This personalized duffel bag embellished in leather and brass accents evokes the breezy discipline of an off-duty marine. It’s more than just a bag, it’s a stylish piece that tells the world he’s going places.

Any guy will be super excited to receive this bag (and use it), so see a close up video of it check out the video below:


36. Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Serve his whiskey in style with this Personalized Whiskey Barrel. It has an impressive silhouette and is made from the oak barrel which ages spirits to peak flavor, just like its full-sized siblings found in professional distilleries. Combining form & function, the whiskey barrel acts as a refined drink dispenser that’s sure to impress your guests. It sure makes a perfect gift for the whiskey connoisseur!


35. Engraved Carry Cigar Case

Personalized Cigar Carry Case

For the cigar lover on the go, the last thing he wants to worry about is the safety of his precious stogies. Give him a gift that will ease his mind and help his style. Fitting up to three cigars this engraved cigar case will put some style in your cigar lovers game. Easily engravable this is one great gift for your cigar lover.



34. Dream Team Gift Set

Present him with this Dream Team Gift Set that has him covered for his all-day-everyday needs. This set comes with 5 gifts neatly placed in a personalized box that doubles as a humidor and is lined with Spanish cedar. It also comes with an awesome knife and flask. The best part is you can have his initials engraved on all items making it extra special for him.

33. The Rugged Gentleman


personalized leather bag for him



The Rugged Gentleman can be his favorite buddy for all his adventures while maintaining his style. This sleek bag, made from Vegan Leather with an argyle lining, can be easily personalized with his initials to make it an extra special gift for him.

32. Desk Dock

personalized docking station

He would usually have a long tiring work day meeting deadlines, building connections, and closing deals. He will truly appreciate your effort to get his stuff organized the moment he’s home. This personalized docking station is a leather organizer for his small things like phone, keys, tablet, watch, flash drives, coins, and the like. Personalize it by having his name or initials engraved on this holder.

31. Leather Head Custom State Series

personalized football for him

Does your guy love football, then he will surely know the Leather Head Series. Based on the original Handsome Dan football, these Leather Head State series footballs are made to be played with. Made with high quality leather for a sturdy durable grip each ball is laser engraved with an outline from all 50 states. Pick his home state or maybe his favorite teams state and you have a personalized gift for him that he can treasure for years to come.

See morepersonalized sports gifts that your guy will love to show off in his man cave.

30. Personalized Ax

This Personalized Ax is a fully functional handmade ax, crafted with tough stainless steel. The smooth wooden handle can be personalized with a single line of text up to 12 characters. Each ax is fitted with a nylon sheath cover to protect the sharp blade. Four standard size hex head cutouts and a gut hook in the back, this hatchet has multiple uses.

29. Louisville Chugger


He may not be swinging for the fences with this fine piece of lumber, but he will surely be chugging his way home. Combining America's past time and a cold frothy beer is one of the best ways he can take a break and relax. Let this Louisville Chugger amaze him. This dandy of a mug can contain up to 12 ounces of his favorite drink. The perfect gift for any baseball lover, this mug will have baseball players, fans, and coaches of all ages love the experience of drinking straight from the barrel of a baseball bat. You can personalize this awesome baseball bat with 3 lines of up to 25 characters per line.

28. Viking Brew Horn

It’s not every day that you give a gift that makes him want to portray what it’s like to drink like a true Viking. This Viking Brew Horn is shaped like a horn and can contain up to 16 ounces of his favorite beer. It comes with a country style and well-made wooden stand complete with a leather strap to grip the horn tightly. Let his drinking buddies experience what it means to drink like a true Viking with the proper horn vessel. Personalize it for him as you put his initials on each.

27. Personalized Wallet

personalized wallet for him

Put a little class in his back pocket with this personalized wallet for him. This custom leatherette wallet comes in three different colors to suit his personality. Having it laser engraved with his name is that extra special touch that will put a smile on any guys face. Have him feeling the love any time he whips this bad boy out.

26. Engraved Gift Set

personalized gift set for men

From boy scouts to camping with his kids every guy should receive a personalized knife at one time in his life. This custom gift set for your guy includes a personalized lighter and an engraved knife all in a handsome keepsake tin. A personalized gift like this is a generational gift, one that your guy will be just as excited about passing on one day.

25. Personalized Cigar Case

Personalized Traveling Cigar Carry Case



It will conveniently hold and protect his favorite standard sized cigars. This personalized cigar case is perfect for someone who’s a certified classy cigar connoisseur! This case is high quality and can be personalized with his initials on one side and a custom message on the other side.

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24. Bottle Breacher

This is no ordinary bottle opener. Do you know what makes the Bottle Breacher unique? It is a once-fired .50 caliber military bullet and its 100% handmade in the USA. He will be delighted to own one as you personalize each bottle bullet with his name or initials. A personalized gift for him that is hard to forget!

23. Ash with Class


He is one classy smoker. This Ash with Class is perfect for him. It has a high gloss walnut finish and includes a set of stainless steel matching cigar accessories - guillotine cutter, lighter, cigar bed, and stainless steel ash reservoir. It measures 4-3/4" L x 4-3/4" W x 3" H when folded closed, and 9-1/2" L x 4-3/4" W x 1-1/2" H when opened. What's more, the top of the ashtray can be laser personalized with his name or initials.

22. Whiskey Stones

Like a good marriage, it should be sipped and savored. Made with naturally chilly soapstone, these reusable cubes give new meaning to whiskey on the rocks. Give him these personalized stone-cold whiskey cubes to cool his drink without losing any of the flavor and nuance of his favorite bourbon.

21. The Perfect NightCap

Practical, functional, and simply smart, this cigar glass holder comes complete with a thick black walnut coaster and a keepsake eco-friendly hardwood box wrapped in ribbon. It’s a gift that will surely be treasured by your cigar aficionado retiring friends! A cigar rest specially designed to keep and hold cigars from falling and slipping. It separates the glass with whiskey from your cigar, keeping your cigar dry. He will never have to worry about a wet cigar or a place to rest his cigar on while having his glass of whiskey with this awesome gift. The Perfect Night Cap is ready to be handed to your friend or loved one.

20. Engraved Charger

His phone is his life. He never goes anywhere without it and you can be quite sure he cannot live without it. Let him stay powered up with this Engraved Charger. This is one a sleek, personalized, and handy power bank that will be highly appreciated by your friend or loved one. It features the ability to charge phones wirelessly and faster and comes with front and back engraving. The best part is you can place his name on the front and his favorite quote or your message on the back.

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19. Engraved Leather Wallet

Who wouldn’t be impressed with this art-deco inspired monogramming in genuine leather? This cash clip has room enough to carry all those cards and cash and stay in style, simply the perfect gift for him. Personalize this gift for him by placing his initials on this fabulous looking gift.

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18. Zippo Lighter

Being cool doesn’t always mean having the latest fad. Here’s one item you can give him that’s vintage but will project that cool image. This 1941 style Zippo lightercan be personalized by writing his name with your handwriting and have it permanently engraved making it as cool as can be. Different from the traditional style, this Zippo lighter has a brushed face, polished edges and curved corners that perfectly fit his hand.

17. Personalized Rosewood Case and Two Pens

He can be very busy signing tons of paper in the office. And being busy can sometimes get in the way of not being able to communicate as often as you want to. Let him know you’re thinking about him no matter how busy life gets as you give him this Personalized Rosewood Case and Two Pens. The Eagle design and the names are engraved by 100W laser engraver.

16. Personalized Journal

Let his written words be a living legacy for you and your family. Get him this gift to do that with grace and show him how his words matter. This journal is a classic and is made of genuine cow leather. It can be laser engraved with his name and initials too.

15. Personalized Gift Set

VIP Gift Set Engraved Gift

For the man that loves it all, boy do we have something special for them. This box set is an ideal gift for the groomsman in your life that is not afraid to live a little. A wallet? Check. Knife? Check. Flask? Check. Bottle Opener? Check. Felony charge? Absolutely check. No matter your man's day to day schedule, this box set has them covered for their all-day everyday needs. Leading scientists warn there is a 100% chance of bad things happening if your guy uses all the box items at once. But what do scientists know anyway?

This set comes neatly packaged in a personalized black box for safekeeping, but the best part is the box can also be used as a humidor. The full set is 5 gifts in one neatly delivered VIP package. Inside the box is a slim body aluminum minimalist wallet, a black steel pocket knife, a 6-ounce personalized flask, and an 8.5-inch bottle opener.

If you don't want to get all the items, you can pick and choose the ones you want.

14. On The Go Smoker

personalized travel cigar case

When your cigar lover is out and about he needs a safe way to carry his precious stogies with him. He doesn't want to show up to drinks with friends with dried out cigars. This genuine leather and wood cigar casecan easily be personalized for a slick looking home on the road for his stash. Fitting five cigars he can even bring some to share.

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13. Personalized Mini Wood Speaker

This Personalized Mini Wood Speaker will surely fit his personality. Some may like to party with friends while others party on their own. This Bluetooth speaker will benefit both types. It has an enhanced sub-woofer that offers clear, clean, crisp and complete stereo system sound that ensures an enjoyable movie watching or sound tripping time for him. Offering two color options: Cherry or bamboo, this speaker has a work time of 6 to 8 hours and a charge time of 2 hours.

12. Personalized Docking Station

He would usually have a long tiring work day meeting deadlines, building connections, and closing deals. He will truly appreciate your effort to get his stuff organized the moment he’s home. This personalized docking station is a wooden organizer for his small things like phone, keys, tablet, watch, flash drives, coins and the like. Personalize it by having his initials engraved on this holder.

11. Personalized Leather Phone Case

This stylish and super cool iPhone 6 leather casecan be engraved with his initials to complete that smart executive look. This iPhone wallet is perfect to keep all his necessities secure. Available in different iPhone sizes, this gift is sure to be appreciated by him on any occasion.

10. Personalized Bag

Give him something that can carry all his travel essentials with this personalized satchel. This bag is spacious enough to carry even his tech and gadgets. It has a variety of pockets that can store important things for his trip. You may even have this gift personalized by having his name laser engraved on it. This is one gift that will surely bring you to mind no matter where his next travel may be.

9. Three Cigar Wooden Ashtray


personalized wood ashtray



It has three grooves so that up to three cigars can be held in place at once. The Three Cigar Wood Ashtray equips him perfectly for everything. There’s also a deep central pit that’s perfect for tamping ashes. This natural wood ashtray features your custom text or design, making it a one-of-a-kind personalized gift for him.

8. Engraved Magnetic Compass

Let this unique and sentimental gift be the first item he gets as a gift. Make it a gift he will remember for life looking forward to many more adventures he will spend with loved ones. This engraved magnetic compassis made from high-quality brass metal with a solid antique finish. The vintage style direction compass has on it Thoreau's Quote "Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams live the life you have imagined."This scout magnetic compass collectible comes with a leather case and a free brass keyring.

7. Dressed to Fill

He’s the type who loves to attend parties and reconnect with friends. Whether attending a gathering with close friends or simply visiting a friend, this personalized wine carrier allows him to handle his wine in style. Crafted from leather, this wine carrier can hold your standard wine or champagne bottle. It can also be engraved with his name to make it even more special.

6. Engraved Matte Black Flask

Two things capture his attention anything in matte black and drinking. And what can be a more appropriate gift than this unique, stylish and durable engraved matte black flask. This flask can contain up to 8 ounces of his favorite drink. This gift has everything he needs. It comes with a black funnel so he won’t lose a single drop of his favorite beverage. It’s 100% leak-proof and made of laser-welded thick stainless steel. It's one classy gift he will treasure for a long time.

5. Brew Bearer

Don’t you find it awkward, especially on more formal occasions when you place those six-packs on the table complete with its cardboard carrier? Why not give him this beer holder as a graduation gift. This quality beer luggage is a gift that allows him to arrive with his six packs in a trendy way, no matter the occasion. This brew bearer is made up of fir wood and delicately engraved with a deer antler design complete with an attached bottle opener. Personalize it by having his name laser engraved on it and he’s sure to carry it proud and in a stylish way.

4. Viking Drinking Horn Mug

Perfect for your beer or favorite drink, this personalized Viking drinking horn mug has the classic shape and design. Each piece is very unique and is naturally polished. It also comes complete with a stand. The best part is it can be laser engraved with a name or initials to make it extra special.

3. All in One Sinful Product Case


personalized gift box for him with cigar supplies



It isn’t called all in one for no reason. This gift carries your cigar case, flask ad snips in one convenient and sleek case. This all in one gift can also be personalized by having the top of the flask and the rustic wood gift box engraved with his name or initials to make it extra special for your cigar lover friend.

2. The Aficionado

The Aficionado is simply perfect for his man cave. Let him enjoy a drink and a smoke with this modern man toolkit that is sure to impress his best buddies and loved ones. This set includes a personalized and laser engraved shot glass, corkscrew, flask, bottle opener, cigar holder and cigar cutter. Placed in a wooden box with a rustic finish, this set is ready to be handed to your classy cigar aficionado friend.

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1. Luxurious Chronograph Wood Watch

Your search for that luxurious gift he will truly appreciate ends here. Let this elegant watch with chronograph wood dial be his go-to item for occasions that call for sophistication. This handmade item uses wood and metal for its materials and can be engraved at the back up to 4 lines with up to 20 characters per line. No matter the occasion, he’s sure to get the nod from his peers with this luxurious gift.


If you’re in one of those seldom meaningful moments with a special guy in your life, you want to get it right. Guys are simple yet complicated at the same time, which can make us downright impossible. When the opportunity presents itself, you need to capitalize. Now comes the hard part, getting into the skull of that guy to understand what it is that is going to get them pumped. It you go to specific to the taste you believe, you can swing and miss with details that are important to the guy. That can also take quite a bit of work. If you go to general, you can often give a watered down gift that doesn’t really get much excitement. So how do you find that sweet spot? We have you answer. Personalization.

Guys love stuff that feels their own, so when you personalize the gift for him, it really pops. It’s the same reason they like their lairs, man caves, garages, etc. If a lion could have his mane embroidered, he probably would. The reality is that as life evolves for most men, they have to share their space and their lair becomes breeched. Hence, giving guys good that are meaningful, functional and personalized to them often unlocks the mystery of what makes them happy. It’s a formula that we’ve seen work time and time again. Don’t overthink it, just get them something that feels like theirs and theirs only.

With that said, our secret formula to making men smile:

Personalization– we can’t say it enough, guys drool for it. It stamps their stuff with them, it gives their belongings a sense of belonging and it offer a sense of connection to whatever it is they’re receiving. Throughout history, men have looked for ways to personally adorn themselves. Whether it’s Caesar or Napolean and statues or chapels, men like anything in commemoration of themselves. So don’t go thinking too hard if you’re in a gifting bind, start with personalization. Even the least cools gifts out there ae made better with a solid laser engraving or embroidery.

Materials- us men are primal and there are some really basic things in this world that make us happy. Like fire and water, these items drill down the roots of what our DNA and ancestry gravitate to. Men love awesome materials. Stay away plastic, we love organic, rugged materials with character and natural tones. Us guys love the grains of wood, the smell of leather, the edge of strong metal. When you combine them, even better. Don’t go get some flimsy Made in Taiwan gift, start with raw and solid as one of the first variables to consider.

Packaging– there’s a reason Man Crates has made a killing out there. A pack of beef jerky will make a guy happy, but a pack of beef jerky bursting out of crackling mini box crate brings out that innate raw animal in your man, ready to reward himself with a greasy meat stick. Guys don’t need bows and sparkles, but they do like a nice hardy way of receiving their goods. Whether it be a cool wooden box or a personalized box that has use after it’s opened. When you’re handing that item over to your guy, give it to him in gets him pumped right out of the gates.

Functionality – don’t get your guy something he isn’t going to use because it seems cute. Guys don’t want junk. I one time got a guy a metal steak brander. I’m not sure that steak brander ever saw a steak. While the idea of stamping your steak sounds fun and novel, the reality is that a guy just wants to make his steak and devour it. Lesson here is that guys want gifts they’ll actually use. Not some diddy that is inconvenient or for a one time laugh. Think of a need, think of daily action that any guy can use an upgrade in. The best thing about functional gifts is.

Simplicity – don’t confuse your guy. They don’t want something that requires an encyclopedia of instructions. They’re not looking to pull out a manual to get whatever it is they’re getting to operate. Don’t overwhelm your guy. Guys like items that can be figured out by the naked eye, have a straight forward way about them and ideally, fit into their day to day with ease. Yes, you have those engineering types that like a good puzzle, but when it comes to the practical side of gifting, keep it simple.

There you have it folks, the basic principles to smart guy gifting is a personalized gift for him. Consider these a beacon of light as you go to market. Ensure you know your man as you go hunting, understand his passions, interests and hobbies, but keep these in mind as you identify that gift that’s gonna make him beam.




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