19 Personalized Golf Balls with Names, Faces, and Funnies

Updated on December 29, 2023 by Chris Bajda

He will never run out of topic when golf becomes the subject of the conversation. His love for golf is evident in every way. Giving him a golf gift that speaks of your affirmation for his love of the golf would mean a lot to him.

A set of golf balls printed with his monogram or a special term of endearment or even a birthday greeting can make these premium golf balls extra special.  You can be sure he will be delighted to add these balls to his golf accessory collection.

Here are 19 best personalized golf ball designs you can choose from: 

1. Picture Perfect Golf Balls

Picture Perfect Golf Balls

Capture cherished moments with our Picture Perfect Golf Balls. They come in a special packaging: a chic gift box, these UV-printed golf balls can be single or double-sided, with a 20mm diameter printing area for a custom photo or custom logo of your choice.

Immortalize an unforgettable moment with your loved ones, right onto your golf balls. It's the perfect way to carry a piece of your heart onto the golf course.

2. Funny Nuts Golf Balls

Funny Nuts Golf Balls

Inject a hearty dose of humor into your golfing sessions with the Funny Nuts Golf Balls.

Personalized with your name, these personalized golf balls come emblazoned with a comical nut design. Using a specialized printing process, the ink is firmly bonded to the golf ball, ensuring durability and vibrancy.

This set of three is sure to bring a chuckle to the green while offering a personalized touch to your game.

3. Custom Funny Golf Balls

Custom Funny Golf Balls

Inject some humor into your game with our Custom Funny Golf Balls. Available in sets of a dozen, you can select from five premium ball brands for that perfect drive.

Adding a touch of whimsy are our amusing personalization options - think "Property Of", "If Found Return To", or even "Once Owned By" designs. These cleverly customized golf balls not only bring the laughs but also ensure no mix-ups on the fairway.

So, tee off with a chuckle and make your golf experience uniquely entertaining.

4. Custom Pet Golf Ball

Custom Pet Golf Ball

Show off your fur-baby on the green with our Custom Pet Golf Balls. Simply upload a photo of your beloved pet, and we'll do the rest. Whether you choose a cute close-up or a majestic pose, these colored golf balls will surely get tails wagging.

A perfect gift for pet lovers or a fun way to bring your four-legged friend along for the game. Elevate your golf rounds with a touch of pet-inspired personalization.

5. I'm Not Lost, I'm Hiding From Name Balls

I'm Not Lost, I'm Hiding From Name Balls

Add a touch of humor to your golf game with "I'm Not Lost, I'm Hiding From Name" Balls. Customizable with your name, these custom golf balls feature a low-compression polybutadiene core and a 432 icosahedral dimple pattern for enhanced performance and control.

They bring a dash of fun to the fairways, reminding everyone that golf should be enjoyable and personalized to you.

6. Anniversary Golf Ball Set

Anniversary Golf Ball Set

Celebrate love with our Anniversary Golf Ball Set. Presented in a sleek gift box, this set of six golf balls can be customized with the couple's initials, names, and special date. Add a personal touch by choosing your favorite color for the initials.

This heartfelt memento is perfect for commemorating a special day or gifting a golf-loving couple. Take a swing at love and create a lasting impression with this unique set.

7. Custom Happy Birthday Golf Ball Set

Custom Happy Birthday Golf Ball Set

Celebrate your loved one's special day with our Custom Happy Birthday Golf Ball Set. This set of six colored golf balls can be personalized with the celebrant's name, set against a festive confetti design.

This Happy Birthday theme set is a fabulous way to add a sprinkle of birthday cheer to the golf course. The perfect gift for the golf enthusiast in your life to mark another year around the sun.

8. Best Dad By Par Golf Ball

Best Dad By Par Golf Ball

Celebrate the golf-loving dad in your life with the "Best Dad By Par" Golf Ball. Customizable with the names of his kids, these premium golf balls provide a sentimental touch to his game.

Each high-performance ball showcases an expressive design, creating a perfect blend of affection and sport. It's not just a golf ball, it's a tribute to the par-excellent Dad in your life.

So, tee up some love with these personalized golf balls.

9. Groomsmen Golf Ball Gift

This Groomsmen Golf Ball Gift comes with his cartooned photo! All colored golf balls are shipped in white sleeve with viewing window. This listing is for one design per order. 

Photo needs to be higher resolution and closer up. Titleist balls are refinished. They are stripped and recoated and play just like a brand-new Titleist ball.

10. Mr. and Mrs. Golf Ball Set

Mr. and Mrs. Golf Ball Set

Celebrate matrimonial bliss with our Mr. and Mrs. Golf Ball Set. Tailored for golf-loving couples, this set of six can be personalized with the last name and a significant date.

Whether it is a wedding gift or an anniversary surprise, these bespoke printed golf balls are a delightful way to honor a shared love for the game. Score a hole-in-one in gifting with this sweet, couple-centric set.

11. Don't Lose Me Golf Balls

Don't Lose Me Golf Balls

Make a unique statement on the fairway with "Don't Lose Me" Golf Balls. Customized with your name, these premium golf balls are a charming appeal not to be left behind.

Each set includes three golf balls, lovingly encased in a special packaging. Made durable with our specialized printing process, your name is firmly bonded to the ball, ensuring it won't fade away.

With these printed golf balls, you're not just playing; you're leaving a personal mark on the course.

12. If Found, Please Hit Better Than Name Did Balls

If Found, Please Hit Better Than Name Did Balls

Inject a playful competitive spirit into your game with the "If Found, Please Hit Better Than Name Did" Balls.

A set of three, these personalized golf balls showcase a low-compression polybutadiene core and a 432 icosahedral dimple pattern for superior flight. Coupled with a proprietary blended surlyn for added durability, they ensure you're playing your best round yet.

After all, these golf balls aren't just about showcasing your name, they're about challenging whoever finds them to elevate their game.

    13. Metallic Silver Monogram Personalized M5 Golf Balls

    Chromax Metallic Silver Monogram Personalized M5 Golf Balls

    It is custom printed with patented metallic silver coating. He simply can't ask for anything more than this Chromax Metallic Silver Monogram Personalized M5 Golf Balls.

    This ball features a 75 compression core and has a 302 dimple design for extra distance. You can even have his 3 to 5 letter monogram on this awesome gift.

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      14. Personalized Golf Balls A+ Smiley Face

      Personalized Golf Balls A+ Smiley Face

      A teacher who loves golf. That is one accurate description of him. This Personalized Golf Balls A+ Smiley Face is the perfect gift for a golf-loving teacher! 

      The low compression polybutadiene core causes the ball to jump off the clubface while its 432 icosahedral dimple pattern rifles through the air to achieve maximum distance. It also has a thin, proprietary blended surlyn cover to provide high durability and a soft feel.

      You can have this golf ball personalized with the design shown and a name to make a unique gift!

      15. Custom Text Golf Balls

      Custom Text Golf Balls

      Show off your unique style with our Custom Text Golf Balls. Choose from standard or circle text designs and tailor it to suit any occasion. They make great gifts for groomsmen, unforgettable mementos for newlyweds, or a special treat for yourself.

      Plus, you can purchase just one piece if that's all you need. Stand out on the course with your very own personalized golf balls.

      16. PARscription Golf Ball Set

      PARscription Golf Ball Set

      Add a dose of fun to your game with our PARscription Golf Ball Set.

      This set includes six name-brand golf balls and two custom-printed prescription bottles for a humorous twist. What's unique is the prescription bottles can be personalized with a Pharmacy name, first and last name, and doctor name, instead of the golf balls.

      It is a playful nod to those who claim golf as their essential medicine. Spice up your golf bag with this quirky and customized set.

      17. Custom Logo Golf Balls

      Custom Logo Golf Balls

      Boost your brand's visibility on the golf course with our Custom Logo Golf Balls.

      Made with professional quality, these custom logo golf balls can be printed with your company logos for an impressive marketing game. Turn the fairway into your brand's runway, making every swing a bold statement.

      Let your brand lead your game with our high-quality, custom logo golf balls.

      18. Taylor Made Distance+ Balls

      Taylor Made Distance+ Balls

      Tailor your golfing experience with Taylor Made Distance+ Balls. The personalized touch allows up to three lines of text, with a maximum of 17 characters each, making these golf balls truly your own.

      Plus, their alignment aid offers a sure shot towards your success on the course. Crafted with distance and durability in mind, these premium golf balls add a professional and personal flair to your golf game.

      19. The Older I Get, The Harder it is to Find my Balls

      The Older I Get, The Harder it is to Find my Balls

      Perfect as a gift for Dads, Grandpas, or Husbands, "The Older I Get, The Harder it is to Find my Balls" Set combines humor with performance. This set of three golf balls has a low-compression polybutadiene core, offering excellent control and distance.

      A playful nod to the challenges of aging, they will evoke a chuckle while adding a personal touch to their golf game.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q1. How can I personalize my golf balls?

      Personalizing your golf balls is a straightforward process. Many companies offer this service online where you select the style of ball, enter your desired text (usually up to 17 characters), and place your order. Some even allow you to upload your own image for added personal flair.

      Q2. How do you put your name on a golf ball?

      Names are typically printed onto golf balls using a specialized process that bonds the ink firmly to the ball, ensuring durability and vibrancy. This process allows for a crisp, clear name that won't fade away, even after multiple rounds of golf.

      Q3. Why are golf balls so expensive?

      The price of golf balls often reflects their quality and performance features. High-end golf balls are typically made with advanced materials and technology that improve their distance, accuracy, and control on the golf course. Personalized golf balls might carry a slightly higher price tag due to the added customization.

      Q4. What vice ball is like Pro v1?

      The Vice Pro Plus is considered a comparable option to the Pro V1. It features similar design elements such as a four-piece construction, 336 dimple pattern, and a urethane cover for excellent control and distance. It's a high-quality, yet more affordable alternative to the Pro V1.


      Elevate their game with our exclusive golf gift sets, perfect for every golfer's wish list!

      Score a hole-in-one with our personalized golf gifts, tailor-made for the golf enthusiast in your life!

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