23 Great Personalized Golf Balls

Updated on June 17, 2022 by Chris Bajda

He will never run out of topic when golf becomes the subject of the conversation. His love for golf is evident in every way. Giving him a golf gift that speaks of your affirmation for his love of the golf would mean a lot to him. A set of golf balls printed with his monogram or a special term of endearment or even a birthday greeting can make these golf balls extra special.  You can be sure he will be delighted to add these balls to his golf accessory collection.

Here are 23 great personalized golf ball designs you can choose from: 

23. Marvel Superhero Captain America Golf Ball Pack

This Marvel Superhero Captain America Golf Ball Pack is a matte-finish, three-piece Vivid high-performance golf ball. It features Volvik’s new oversized energy core. Each four-ball set includes a magnetic hat-clip super hero ball marker. It's one gift your golf lover friend, and marvel fan too would really love!! 

22. Personalized Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls

This Personalized Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls is the perfect gift for both a veteran or an aspiring golfer! This set of twelve Personalized Golf Balls make a great present because they can be personalized with a loving message. Titleist TruFeel is the softest Titleist golf ball in their range, with low spin for long distance along with excellent control into and around the green. This gift will help him play better and enjoy the game.

21. LED Light Up Golf Balls

This LED Light Up Golf Balls is light activated and will not go off in the middle of game play. It stays on until you turn them off with a light. It is super bright and is easy to see at night. This one has a 40 hour battery life and glows in the dark. Simply perfect for a night tournament! 

20. Circle Monogram Initials

This golf ball has a Circle Monogram Initials artwork with the names of your loved ones for the perfect celebration. You can get this on a sleeve of 3 or box of 12. These Wilson staff elite golf balls are professional, high quality, and comes in full color printing. Golf fans will definitely rejoice with this gift!

19. Golf Training Balls

This Golf Training Balls will help him improve his playing skills. Whether he is  swinging, cutting or putting, he can now practice golf at home or outdoors. This set comes with 12 pieces stars golf balls and a  free practice TEE, net bag. A gift he will always remember you by. 

18. Custom Golf Balls

These Custom Golf Balls are so much fun and a perfect gift for any golfer! This listing is 3, 6, 9 or 12 packs of balls, you have the option of generic no branded golf balls of Taylor Made Distance Brand or choose your preferred brand. The size of printing area is between 0.75”-0.9” they will be printed with a high quality UV printer that won’t peel or fade.

17. Schwetty Pair of Balls

These Schwetty Pair of Balls conforms with U.S.G.A and R & A Rules. It features a cut proof Du-Pont Lithium Surlyn cover and a Titanium mix core. It has a dimple count of 396 plus a mid-high trajectory. Your golf lover friend would really love this amazing gift from you. 

    16. Logo Golf Balls

    Whether you are giving these away to business clients, birthday presents or wedding favors, these high quality Logo Golf Balls are sure to please! Place your logo, funny text, pet photo, etc. on golf balls! You can send your logo or custom ideas via Etsy Conversations. The largest dimension of the logo/image will be 0.8 inches. 

    15. Worlds Best Golfer Printed Golf Balls

    These Worlds Best Golfer Printed Golf Balls are interesting and funny, usable gift for the golfer in your life. These golf balls make a fun display item but they can also be used to play golf! The print is very bright and vibrant but also extremely durable. It's one gift that is sure to bring a smile on his face.  

    14. Groomsmen Golf Ball Gift

    This Groomsmen Golf Ball Gift comes with his cartooned photo! All balls are shipped in white sleeve with viewing window. This listing is for one design per order. Photo needs to be higher resolution and closer up. Titleist balls are refinished. They are stripped and recoated and play just like a brand new Titleist ball. 

    13. Personalized Golf Balls

    These Personalized Golf Balls are so much fun and a perfect gift for any golfer! 
    This listing is 3, 6, 9 or 12 packs of balls, you have the option of generic no branded golf balls of Taylor Made Distance Brand or a brand of your choice. The size of printing area is between 0.75”-0.9.” They will be printed with a high quality UV printer. 

    12. High-Visibility Distance Golf Ball Set 

    These High-Visibility Distance Golf Ball Set features a glossy polyurethane finish. These yellow golf balls with optic brightener make it easier to follow your shot in the air and find it in grass. This 12-pack of golf balls make the best gift for golfers who enjoy a sense of humor, but also for kids who want to practice or improve their game. 

    11. Buffalo BottleCraft Personalized Groomsman Golf Balls

    Your conversations with him won't be complete without the mention of golf. Let him know that you support his love for the sport in every way by giving him this Buffalo BottleCraft Personalized Groomsman Golf Balls printed in Buffalo, New York using a UV digital printer. It's a simple but memorable gift for your groomsmen.  

      10. Chromax Metallic Silver Monogram Personalized M5 Golf Balls

      It's custom printed with patented metallic silver coating. He simply can't ask for anything more than this Chromax Metallic Silver Monogram Personalized M5 Golf Balls. This ball features a 75 compression core and has a 302 dimple design for extra distance. You can even have his 3 to 5 letter monogram on this awesome gift. 

      9. Personalized Lost Golf Ball

      The Wilson Ultra 500 Distance is built with a high energy core that transfers all the energy from your swing into pure, straight distance off the tee. Go long and straight at every hole and get the distance your game deserves. And when you sink your hole-in-one, everyone will know whose Ball it is.

      8. Personalized Golf Balls

      Funny Golf Ball NoveltySimple Golfer Photo Template Golf Balls

      The Wilson Ultra 500 Distance is built with a high energy core that transfers all the energy from your swing into pure, straight distance off the tee. Go long and straight at every hole and get the distance your game deserves. And when you sink your hole-in-one, everyone will know whose ball it is.

      7. Happy Retirement Set of 2 Golf Ball

      Retirement has never been more exciting as he looks forward to days and days of playing golf. This Happy Retirement Set of 2 Golf Ball is real golf balls with printed on logos and images. It comes neatly boxed ready for gift giving and will definitely make a great gift for any golfer who is retiring. 

        6. Personalized Golf Balls A+ Smiley Face

        A teacher who loves golf. That is one accurate description of him. This Personalized Golf Balls A+ Smiley Face is the perfect gift for a golf-loving teacher! The low compression polybutadiene core causes the ball to jump off the clubface while its 432 icosahedral dimple pattern rifles through the air to achieve maximum distance. It also has a thin, proprietary blended surlyn cover to provide high durability and a soft feel. You can have this ball personalized with the design shown and a name to make a unique gift! 

        5. Happy 40th Birthday Golf Balls Set

        He's turning 40! And what can be more exciting than giving him this Happy 40th Birthday Golf Balls Set that comes neatly boxed ready for gift giving. These are real golf balls printed with logos and images. Life,  they say begins at 40 and he certainly won't forget you for remembering him with this gift.  

        4. Personalized Golf Balls

        Let him tee off his game day celebration with these Par-fect Personalized Golf Balls Sports. This gift is great for a golf outing, fundraiser, or team dinner. Each ball is 1.625“in diameter. You can have this gift personalized with your choice of fun icon, pattern, two colors, and two lines of text.

        3. Titleist TruFeel Monogram Personalized Golf Balls

        It's custom printed with his 2 or 3 letter monogram. This Titleist TruFeel Monogram Personalized Golf Balls features fast, low compression TruTouch core that generates low spin for long-distance. Titleist formulation is designed for a very soft feel around the green and excellent greenside control. TruFit aerodynamics are designed with symmetrically optimized patterns to enhance long game distance. 

        2. Happy Fathers Day Grandpa Set of 2 Golf Ball


        He's the best grandpa in the world for you.This Happy Fathers Day Grandpa Set of 2 Golf Ball would be perfect for him. Give him a gift that will make him remember you while playing his favorite sport in the world - golf. It's one gift he will consider to bring luck into his games. 

        1. Colorful Cartoon Cute Golf Balls

        These are novelty multi-sports golf balls that he will really enjoy using. These Colorful Cartoon Cute Golf Balls include football, American football, baseball, basketball, tennis ball, and 8-ball. It's a long-distance ball that features two-piece solid core construction and a durable cover.

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