Top 20 Personalized Father's Day Gifts for 2019

December 27, 2018

Top 20 Personalized Father's Day Gifts for 2019

There are so many ways to show dad how much you value him and all that he does for you and your family. Each year, you get to express your love and appreciation for all of dad’s sacrifice and hard work. Make your gift giving count. Don’t just give him over the counter gifts. Let him know how much he means to you by picking a well thought out gift that is both personalized and functional that he can treasure for life.  

Take time to look into these gift ideas for the best options for personalized father’s day gifts:

1. Grill Master’s Deluxe Apron

Dad’s connection to the outdoors cannot be measured more than his love for grilling. Let this deluxe apron carry the tools he would need for this well-loved ritual. Personalize it by placing his name or initials on it and you’re ready to give him one of the most functional gifts for Father’s day.   

2. Best Dad Ever 2-Piece Hat Cap and Coolie Gift Set Bundle

Get a hold of this special edition 2-item bundle of matching design printed on a neoprene coolie and a 100% cotton twill washed hat with an adjustable cloth strap and buckle closure. Let him know that he is the best dad ever by giving him this stylish coolie that can be stored easily as it can be folded flat and keep 12 to 16 oz bottles cold for hours.  

3. Personalized Tie

A tie will definitely complete his look as he goes to work each day. This secret message tie allows you to remind dad just how special he is. Let him show it off to friends and colleagues as you present this gift to him. You may also print your child’s photo, hand or footprints, message or drawing in this 100% cotton quality ties. You may also choose from a variety of design and colors depending on dad’s preference.  

4. Personalized Beer Mug

    After a full day at work, one of the best ways for dad to relax is having a glass of beer. Let him enjoy his beer by giving him this personalized frosty beer mug with his very own caricature on it. Hand drawn and digitally printed, this gift will definitely be treasured for life. You can even add a caption or a personal message to this awesome gift.

    5. Personalized Key Chain

    Remind dad that you will always be his little girl and that he will always be your hero with this stainless steel keychain. Let him carry this bright and shiny gift that can last for a long time as it is made from the highest quality. You’re sure that it won’t change color or get dark. Definitely a gift he can keep for many years.

    6. Embroidered Things I Love About Dad


    Get dad something he can hang on the wall through this framed and embroidered “Things I Love About Dad.” Made of card, cotton, wood, and glass, this personalized print is a perfect gift for father’s day. Personally choose the things you love about your dad and it will be printed and embroidered with the word “DAD” in shades of green red and blue thread.  

    7. Men's Gift Set

    This functional gift expresses how much you care for dad. Each set comes with a money clip that can be personalized with one line of up to 10 characters, cuff links up to 3 initials, a tie bar personalized with one line up to 20 characters and the box itself personalized with one line up to 15 characters. Definitely enough space to remind dad how special he is. 

    8. Engraved Pocket Watch

    It may be one sentimental gift but one that will surely melt a dad’s heart with the following words engraved: "Dad, no matter how much times passes, I will always be your little girl." This package contains a pocket watch, a chain, a waist chain, an instruction card, and a quality gift box.

    9. Personalized Guitar Pick

    His love for guitars cannot be denied. Let him remember the special place he has in your heart as you give him this silver guitar pick in a leather case keychain. Every time he plays his guitar, he will always remember this sweet gift coming from you.  

    10. Personalized Toiletry Bag

    Get dad’s toiletries organized for his travels by giving him this personalized toiletry bag. Made of 100% genuine cow leather, this Dopp kit’s interior is waterproof and made of nylon cotton blended fabric lining. This item and the box can be personalized with dad’s name or initials to make it extra special.

    11. Custom Father’s Day Wallet

    This customized wallet will be a welcome replacement for his old wallet. Made from genuine cow leather, dad’s heart will surely be touched with the special message you have for him for father’s day. This wallet can contain 12 cards and 2 slots for cash.

    12. Personalized BBQ Set

      Let dad double his joy as he gathers family and friends for some BBQ. Give him this wonderful set of BBQ tools he can use anytime. Made of high-quality bamboo, the Charcool master set comes with a fork, tongs and a spatula. This functional gift provides the necessary grilling instruments that will help dad flip and skewer fine cuts! Personalize the box with your dad’s initials to make it extra special.

      13. Golf Shoe Bag

        Remember his love for golf this Father’s day and give him this Bagger Vance that is both practical and reliable when it comes to carrying his shoes. Made up of waxed canvas, this personalized golf shoe bag has a small inside pocket, a carrying handle and mesh sides for airing bag. It is specially designed with ventilation holes to prevent unpleasant odor. Personalize it by engraving dad’s name and you’re all set for a perfect Father’s day gift.  

        14. Engraved Leather Wallet

        Who wouldn’t be impressed with this art-deco inspired monogramming in genuine leather? This cash clip has room enough to carry all those cards and cash and stay in style. Personalize it by placing dad’s initials on this fabulous looking gift.   

        15. Personalized Docking Station

        Dad would usually have a long tiring work day meeting deadlines, building connections, and closing deals. Your dad will truly appreciate your effort to get his stuff organized the moment he’s home. This personalized docking station is a wooden organizer for dad’s small things like phone, keys, tablet, watch, flash drives, coins and the like. Personalize it by having your dad’s name or initials engraved on this holder.  

        16. Shaving Gift Set

          Let your dad do his shaving in style as you present him with this blade set. This gift comes complete with a Gillette Mach 3 standard shaver blades and a razor with one blade. Have the case personalized with the name or initials of your dad. This is one gift that he can bring with him especially when there’s a call to shave when he’s on call for business out of town.

          17. Caricature Flask

          Placing your dad’s hand-drawn and digitally printed caricatured face on his very own flask simply speak of how special he is to you. Each time he drinks down that tasty beverage he is refreshed not just with the drink but the thought that you actually remembered him through this flask. But wait there’s more. You also get to receive the digital format of dad’s caricature that you can easily share with him. 

          18. Personalized Leather Phone Case

          This stylish and super cool iPhone 6 leather case can be engraved with dad’s initials to complete that smart executive look. This iPhone wallet is perfect to keep all his necessities secure. Available on different iPhone sizes, this gift is sure to last for a really long time.

          19. Personalized Handkerchief

            Complete his formal wear with these unique personalized handkerchiefs. You can never go wrong with this three pack classic gift for father’s day. This set includes one vibrant solid and two richly hued patterns that can easily go with shirts or ties. Go for the white set or the patterned ones that include one solid, one plaid and one gingham handkerchief.

            20. Personalized Journal

            Let his written words be a living legacy for you and your family. Get him this gift to do that with grace and show him how his words matter. This journal is a classic and is made of genuine cow leather. It can be laser engraved with your dad’s name and initials too.  




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