119 Father's Day Gifts Ideas in 2021

Updated on April 12, 2021 by Eds Alvarez

Father's day is fast approaching.  While it might seem like you’ve got plenty of time to spare, it’s best to start planning now for this special day and secure the best gift possible for dad before it's too late.

Shopping for dads is hard, but don't you worry, we've got you covered.  We've curated the ultimate gift guide of unique, personalized Fathers Day gifts that will be great for every type of dad out there. 

Don’t just give a generic Father's Day gift. Let your dad know how much he means to you by picking a well thought out gift that is both personalized and useful, that he can treasure for the rest of his life. 

Here's a list of the best Father's Day gifts you can give this year: 

119. The Always Prepared Dad-Personalized Cooler 

He may be out on an adventure but that shouldn’t keep him from enjoying a cool beer with friends. This Personalized Cooler is highly portable and comes with a sturdy and durable leather top handle with adjustable straps. It is leak-resistant and comes with a convenient bottle opener. Simply perfect for any fathers sporting events and outdoor adventures.

118. The Tough Guy Dad- Custom Damascus Knife


Personalized Damascus Knife Fathers Day Gift


This isn't grandma's kitchen knife, its a sleek personalized damascus blade knife that any dad will love to have by his side in any situation.  Whether he's cutting up boxes from Amazon or out hunting, your father will be happy to have this awesome personalized knife by his side.  

117. The Beer Loving Dad-Pic Pint

Fathers Day Pint Glass Gift

This picture on a pint glass makes the perfect personalized Father's Day gift. Our fathers are special to us, and it can be impossible to find a good gift for dad. Let's give dad the best gift and something he can remember forever. Something he can document that himself and smile at every time he drinks a beer. Best part is you can take the humorous route and put a silly selfie on or hit him in the feels with something more sentimental. Either way he will be sure to be the envy of all his friends this Father's Day.

116. He Can Never Find His Keys-Night Stand Organizer

wooden docking station

Is your dad a guy that always loses his keys, wallet, or phone?  One thing we know about most dad's is that they are not the most organized.  Get your dad a Father's Day gift that will help him keep his sanity, this nightstand organizer will save him hours of looking for his things.

115. The Exercise Dad-Personalized Water Bottle

Fathers personalized water bottle

Help dad stay hydrated with this personalized water bottle that he will be proud to carry around, anywhere he goes.  With double insulated technology that will keep his beverages cold and from sweating, your dad will be proud to carry around a water bottle that makes his name look so cool.

114. The Sentimental Father -Custom Skinny Dad Wallet

Engraved Fathers Day Wallet Message

Once dad tries using this minimalist wallet, he will wonder why he hasn't been using one all along.  This wallet can be personalized with his name or initials and can fit up to 12 credit cards.  You can also add a message that can be engraved on the back of the wallet.  Whether you pick a funny or sentimental saying to put on the back of the wallet, it will bring a smile to your guy's face every time he takes a bill out of his new wallet.  If you like the idea of getting dad a wallet but want to look at a few other options, be sure to check out this collection of personalized wallets.

113. For The Dad Thats Getting Old-Gun Muscle Massager

Dad is getting old and his muscles hurt a little more every year.  There is a reason why these massage guns are all the rage, they help you feel great and recover from any injuries.  Treat your dad to a relaxing experience this Father's Day! With its 2800 mAh high-quality lithium battery rechargeable battery, Sylphim Percussion Massager is designed to be powerful and quiet. With 6 speed settings and 7 massage heads to choose from, the user can customize the intensity of each massage for maximum relief and relaxation. This is one kind of massage gun that he'll surely come to love. No pain, all gain!

112. The Well Traveled Father - (Now Dad Can Travel in Style)


Fathers Day Personalized Duffel Bag


Deep down, every Father wants to be home with his family, but sometimes work and travel can get in the way.  This Father's Day show him you appreciate all he does for the family with this personalized duffel bag.  The leather and brass accents on a heavy duty canvas evokes the well suited air of a working man getting it done. It’s more than just a bag, it’s a stylish piece that tells the world he’s cared for. 

To see a closer look at this duffle bag, check out the video below: 

111. Dad Can Fix It- Best Dad Ever Hammer Multitool

Who doesn't love something handy and functional? People will refuse a lot of things but never a timely help especially if it is within their reach, or in this case, their pockets. This Mini Hammer Multitool is the ideal Father's Day gift for the handyman in him. It's one gift your father will truly treasure for a long time. 

110. King of The Course-Nice Shot Dad Golf Markers

Let him complete his golf accessories with these Magnetic Golf Ball Markers stamped with the wording "nice shot Dad!" and "may the course be with you." It comes ready to be handed to your dad as it is placed in a gift-wrapped box. This is one tool that will truly delight a golf lover. What a great Father's Day gift for the golf lover in your life!  

109. The Stogie Loving Dad-Engraved Torch Lighter

engraved torch lighter

Make Dad the envy of the block with this engraved triple flame torch lighter.  Torch lighters are a must for proper cigar smoking and your dad will go weak in the knees over this one. This makes for a great Fathers Day gift, one that he will be whipping out with for years to come.


Personalized Whiskey Stones

No one likes a watered-down whiskey and nobody doesn't like the cool texture of stone bringing their drink to life. Get the best of both worlds with a personalized Father's Day gift that will rock that whiskey glass and make every sip pure and chilled.  Bringing some chilled earth to the base of your whiskey just feels right. These personalized whiskey stones will be a fixture at the bottom of your whiskey lovers glass. 

107. The Grill Master-Portable Grill

 fathers day gift portable grill

If your dad likes to grill then this portable grill  is a great addition to his arsenal of grilling accessories.  He can take it on the go and grill wherever his journey takes him, and he will no doubt impress his friends when he takes this bad boy out and cooks up some juicy burgers.

106. The Dad That Can Fix Anything- Tool Roll

Fathers Day gift tool roll

"Dad can fix it" that is a universal spoken sentence in households across the world. For all the broken sinks, bikes, door handles, and whatever else we throw at them they always manage to know just what to do. With that in mind give your father something that shows him just how much you appreciate all he does for you and your family. With a shell built to last, this high quality tool roll is made from high-quality waxed canvas and accented with genuine full-grain leather. Its a fathers day gift that is crafted to be a generational gift, that fathers look forward to passing down to their sons or daughters. Is that man tears we see in his eye....?

105. The Always Prepared Dad- Tactical Pen


tactical fathers day gift pen

Every dad can use one of these personalized tactical pens. This is not your average pen, this heavy-duty survival tool is a ballpoint pen on steroids. Made with high-grade aircraft aluminum alloy and tungsten steel your father will feel the strength straight out of the box. This pen is made for everyday carry and to cover everyday situations and then some. Equipped with an LED flashlight, glass breaker, knife, screwdriver, and more this pen can sign his checks and save his life. Give your dad a Fathers Day gift that he didn't even know he needed.

104. Personalized Fathers Day Beer Mug

    After a full day at work, one of the best ways for dad to relax is by having a glass of beer. Let him enjoy his beer by giving him this personalized frosty beer mug with his very own caricature on it. Hand-drawn and digitally printed, this personalized Father's Day gift will definitely be treasured for life. You can even add a caption or a personal message to this awesome gift for dad.

    103. Daddy Phone CaseCustom Photo Personalized monogram OtterBox iPhone Case

    Pop it, lock it, or drop it, OtterBox Defender cases are here to save the day! Voted the number one most protective case*, these babies have got some serious snug. A custom and personalized case with name and modern monogrammed initials and photo. A picture on his phone will be perfect for Father's Day and every day. A cute, stylish and unique Father's Day gift idea from moms, sons, and daughters.

    102. For the Dad Who Deserves It All-Fathers Day Gift Box

    Fathers Day gift box


    Show your Dad how much he means to you with this Fathers Day gift box full of gifts. Let him open the handsome cigar box and see your personalized message while being showered with gifts. This handsome gift for dad comes filled with a flask, bottle opener, wallet, pen, and funnel. 

    101. Dad's Travel Mug

    Personalized Tumbler Fathers Day Gift

    Get dad a personalized tumbler that he will be happy to use every day. Engrave this mug with his name and a custom message that appears below his name.  Trust us when we say your dad will feel proud to carry this tumbler around and will brag about his kids every time someone asks him about it.

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    100. For The Grill Master-Seasoning Gift Set

    fathers day grill seasoning gift set

    Lets face it no ones burgers taste better than dads, no ones bbq is yummier! So lets arm our favorite grill masters with the ultimate spice and seasoning set for the long summer months. Whether he's out on the deck or cooking up a storm in the kitchen any dad will be honored to receive this fathers day gift. Its a seal of approval for all his grilling efforts.

    99. Personalized Dad Duffel

    Empower the men in your life to find their true selves with this manliest of duffel bags that holds more than you’ll ever know. More than you’ll ever want to know. Modeled after the military bag and re-purposed for the modern-day man, this duffel bag yields ridiculous amounts of room for whatever adventures tickle his fancy. With side zippers and all that extra space, it’s easy for a guy to pack all his goods into this duffel bag.

    98. For Your Puff Daddy-Midnight Smoker

    The Midnight Smoker Gift Set is a mix of a stay at home humidor and smoke anywhere travel set. The full set comes with a wallet for the poker winning or cash to add to your cigar stash. It also comes with an engraved Zippo lighter to spark up some conversation around the fire with stogies in hand. The best part of the gift is the personalized travel case which comes with a stainless steel cutter. The cutter can be carried on the back of the case for quick and easy cutting and lighting. There are no better cigar lovers set than this one. Don't believe us, well buy one and see. 

    97. The Dad Who Is Always Up For Adventure-Personalized Backpack

    For the dad who likes veering off the beaten path and isn’t afraid of surprises, choose this versatile canvas back pack with contrasting details. It’s a personalized duffel bag AND a backpack but only the man receiving the gift gets to choose how to present his package to the world. In fact, he can tuck all the things he might ever need into one place and treat his fellow adventurers to more than they expected.

    96. Football Loving Father-Authentic Leather Football

      Does your Dad love tossing the ball around on Sunday afternoons. Or maybe holding it like a security blanket while watching his favorite team on Sunday afternoons. Either way this Leather Head football  was made to be played with. The beautiful leather is chosen for its sturdiness and grip while allowing its natural characteristics to show. Your dad will be thrilled to unwrap this and toss it around this Fathers Day.

      95. Make Him Cry-Custom Engraved Watch

      Custom Engraved Watch with Fathers Day Message

      When you bring a little wood to the wardrobe of your man, you splash his arsenal with instant class.  This engraved watch can be personalized with the message of your choice.  It is a timepiece will stand the test of time and will become a prime accessory in your man's collection.  

      94. The Father with a Beard- Beard Care Kit

      Is your dad one of those guys that don't like to shave.  Help him bring out his inner lumberjack but allow him to keep his beard tame by getting him one of the top fathers day gifts for beard guys: this beard care kit! Armed with a boar-bristle brush, leave-in conditioner, and a unique blend of oils, his friends with beards will be green with envy. 

      93. For The Dad who's Battery Is Always At 5%-Personalized Phone Charger

      Personalized Phone Charger

      If your father is a guy on the move, this personalized phone charger will make the perfect personalized Father's Day gift.  You can personalize the front with his name, and the back with any custom message that you choose.  In this day and age every person needs a phone charger, so why not get him one that he will love to use.


      92. Fathers Day Gift - Custom Puzzle

      Personalized, Daddy photo "Father's day" Jigsaw Puzzle

      It's always the small pieces that make the big picture! Turn favorite memories, designs, and quotes into a great game by making your own puzzle. Made of sturdy cardboard and mounted on chipboard, these puzzlesare printed in vivid and full color. Perfect as a gift, or just for yourself!

      91. Dads Dopp-Personalized Toiletry Bag

      This personalized toiletry bag delivers with a look and quality that offers all the novelties of military strong material, yet all the fundamental requirements of a French barber. This super shave bag comes in in military green with a quality canvas. Top it all off with personalization and you have a toiletry bag that your groomsmen will use for years to come.

      90. For His Forever Best Friend-Football Custom Image

      fathers day gift image

      This touching and personalized imageis a perfect Fathers's Day gift for any dad.  Any father will be proud to display this image in his office or mancave. Personalize it with names and date. The background is vintage and makes for a great look and gift for dad wherever he chooses to hang it.

      89. Just Me and My Dad (Little Critter) Book

      This is a not a standard gift, but we had to throw it in here because it would be great to add this in with another gift for dad on Father's Day.  Bedtime stories told by dad are the best! Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Meyer give you the most heartwarming story to be told for that perfect quality time shared between dad and child. This book won't just be an ideal Father's Day gift, it also promises a precious memory that you and your kid/s will share. 

      88. To Help Dad Open Those Amazon Packages-Carbon Fiber Personalized Knife

      Carbon Fiber Knife Personalized

      Every dad needs a knife, so why not get him a custom engraved knife that looks super cool and has his name on it.  This Father's Day, get your dad a cool looking gift that he will use all the time, and think of you every time he does use it.  This personalized knife will be one of his favorite Father's Day gifts ever!

        87. For The New Dad Or Dad To Be- Beer Labels

        fathers day new dad beer labels

        For the new dad or dad to be this is one of the most exciting and exhausting times of his life. Honor that this fathers day and thank him for being by your side. These unique labels are printed on high quality water proof label paper that easily adheres to your guys favorite brew. Makes a great last minute fathers day gift for any of new dads. 

        86. The Father And A Gentlemen's Duffle


        fathers day gift duffle


        The bag is dedicated to your father and a gentleman. The one that knows that a father and a gentleman can take care of his family while not breaking his style, the David Beckhams', the John Legends, the Uncle Jessies (have mercy). This weekend go anywhere duffle can serve dad on all his trips while maintaining his style. Made from Vegan Leather with an argyle lining this handsome bag can be easily personalized with your dads initials for an extra special Fathers Day Gift. 

        85. Avengers Thor Hammer Tool Kit

        Avengers Fathers Day Tool Kit

        This tool set includes a hammer, an electrician's tape, a Sealant tape, a screwdriver, a screwdriver bit, a knife, a tape measure, a wrench, pliers, an Allen key, a voltage tester, a telephone screwdriver. Silver Case. Heat treated and chrome plated to resist corrosion. TPR materials for the handle, ergonomically designed and compliment the dad's collection and display-ability of this signature weapon of Thor.

        84. The Dad Who Always Foots The Bill-Custom Father’s Day Wallet

        This customized wallet will be a welcome replacement for his old wallet. Made from genuine cow leather, dad’s heart will surely be touched with the special message you have for him with this  Fathers Day gift. This wallet can contain 12 cards and 2 slots for cash.

        83.  The Dad With The Stories-Gentelmen's Whiskey Decanter

        Turn your dad into a philosopher and keep the "when I was your age tales" going with this engraved decanter. This gift is made of crystal clear glass decanter and can hold 26 ounces of his favorite whiskey or bourbon, while the pair of personalized rock glasses will help him empty it! Whether he chooses to class up a bottle of whiskey from the well or show off the top-shelf stuff, every time he raises a glass, he'll fondly remember your special whiskey gift set for him and finally know who his favorite child is.

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        82. King Of The Golf Course - Birdie Juice Gift Set

        Birthday Golf Gift For Him

        He’s got the clubs, the bag, and his favorite set of tee-off outfits. This gift idea beefs up Dads arsenal of golf accessories with a sleek and fun golf gift set will make him feel like a million bucks when he’s out on the course. Watch him swinging clubs and brag about his fathers day gifts to his buddies! 

        81. The Coffee Addict- Gourmet Coffee Sampler

        fathers day gift coffee sampler

        Is your Father the kind of guy that loves coffee? If so, this is one of the best Fathers Day gifts for him as he’ll get to sample the best gourmet beans on the market! Get Dads morning started right with something fresh every day with this coffee sampler. 

        80. Classy Bifold Wallet

        Brown Mens Wallet

        Some guys prefer the bi-fold wallet.  If your dad is one of those, upgrade him to a personalized wallet to one that does it in style.  This classy wallet will wow your dad when you hand it over to him.  The personalization on this wallet will impress him, and the inside has all the compartments to help him stay organized with his cards.  

        79. Puff Daddy Caddy

        This Father's Day gift comes with three items that are most important to him. The Puff Daddy Caddy is a sweet bourbon barrel drink and cigar caddy. It comes complete with a rocks bourbon glass with a Mark Twain quote and can be personalized with his initials.

        78. For Daddy Diaper Duty-Tactical Diaper Bag

        fathers diaper bag

        Now, when s#*t hits the fan, he has every tool for the job on his six. This tactical diaper bag will keep every new dad covered all day long. This makes for the perfect fathers day gift for new dads or dads to be. Available in 4 different colors to match whatever his style.


        77. For The Dad Who Knows His Way Around The Kitchen- Custom Knife

        fathers day gift chef knife

        Turn dad into the best chef out there with this personalized chefs knife. If your father likes to chop and dice with the best of them, then this will be one of his favorite Father's Day gifts ever. The easy-grip handle comes in your choice of a silver brushed aluminum or black stainless steel handle making this a sure fire hit gift for dad.    

        76. Personalized BBQ Gift Set

          Let dad double his joy as he gathers family and friends for some BBQ. Give him this wonderful set of BBQ tools he can use anytime. Made of high-quality bamboo, the Charcoal master set comes with a fork, tongs and a spatula. This personalized Father's Day gift provides the necessary grilling instruments that will help dad flip and skewer fine cuts! Personalize the box with your dad’s initials to make it extra special.

          75. For Fathers On The Go-Personalized Travel Case 

          He surely owns a gadget or two. Probably, even more. Help him organize his stuff with this Personalized Brown Travel CaseFor those highway skips or business trips, he needs to have his dapper dopp kit on hand.

          74. Cigar Carrying Case

          This is a great Father's Day gift for any dad that likes to enjoy a cigar every once in a while. Whether he is taking his cigars to the golf course or to a friends house, when you give dad this cigar carrying case with a custom message on back he will thank you every time he takes his cigars on the go.

          73. For The Mr. Fix Its- Magnetic Wristband

          magnetic wristband for holding screws and nails

          This gift is for all the father fix-it-alls. The ones who express their love by taking care of the day to day, the one who doesn't say much but his actions speak volumes. This magnetic wrist bandis embedded with magnets all the way around making it perfect for holding all his nails and screws for whatever he is working on. Show your Dad that you see all he does and appreciate him with this practical Fathers Day gift.

          72. Best Dad Golf Towel

          Best Dad By Par | Father's Day Gift Golf Towel

          Give your golf pro dad a Father's Day gifthe can proudly use on the golf course! Add your custom wording to this design by using the "Edit this design template" boxes on the right-hand side of the item, or click the blue "Customize it" button to arrange the text, change the fonts and colors and to also add additional information or images to this design.

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          71. Personalized Tie


          Fathers day tie


          A tie will definitely complete his look as he goes to work each day. This secret message tie allows you to remind dad just how special he is. Let him show it off to friends and colleagues as you present this Father's Day gift to him. You may also print your child’s photo, hand or footprints, message or drawing in this 100% cotton quality ties. You may also choose from a variety of designs and colors depending on dad’s preference.  

          70. For The Fathers Always On Meetings- Airpods

          fathers day gift airpods

           These Apple Airpods are all you need to give dad the ultimate fathers day gift this year! Its the perfect gift because its something every dad wants, but just can't get himself to spend the money on. Just like dad, these sophisticated and well-designed earbuds do not compromise and provides only the best features. Zoom meetings and working remotely aren't going anywhere so help him step into the new world in style.

          69. Personalized Key Chain

          Personalized This Daddy Belongs To Father's Day Keychain

          Remind dad that you will always be his little girl and that he will always be your hero with this stainless steel keychain. Let him carry this bright and shiny gift that can last for a long time as it is made from the highest quality. You’re sure that it won’t change color or get dark. Definitely a Father's Day gift he can keep for many years.

          68. Binoculars

          fathers day gift binoculars

          For most Dads young and old there is nothing better than time outdoors. Whether hunting, birding, watching live sports, or just spying on the neighbors every father needs a good set of binoculars. These highly rated large eyepiece binoculars are light and powerful. With 12x magnification dad won't miss one bit of the action. These make a great Fathers Day gift for any and all dads.

          67. Personalized Golf Head Cover

          Personalized Name The Man The Myth The Legend Golf Head Cover

          Protection with serious style. You don't want your precious clubs getting banged around on the course, and these cushioned and cozy covers are just the trick to keep them safe. Let us worry about the details, and you just par-tee on!  If your not in love with this one but like the idea of getting dad a head cover, check out our favorite golf club head covers

          67. Only One Hand Needed- Whiskey Glass


          fathers day gift for whiskey lover


          Smoking and drinking a fine whiskey has been improved. Dad will no longer worry where hes going to set his cigar down to stoke the fire. With whiskey or scotch comes well thought out tales of bravery and when I was your age sagas. While telling these stories it is almost a necessity to have a stogie in one hand. But what happens when the story gets to elaborate and hand gestures are needed. We have now created the perfect fathers day gift for your whiskey loving dad. 

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          66. Family Time- Conversation Starting Game

          fathers day gift game

          Enjoy a night with dad in a whole different way with this conversation starter game. Sometimes families can settle into life together and forget who they are as a person, your father may suprise you. Use this game this Fathers Day to learn more about your dad and each other. Whether you are a wife buying for your husband or kids buying for Dad get to know each other in a whole new way.  

          65. Fathers Day Gift  Accessory Set

          This functional Fathers Day gift expresses how much you care for dad. Each set comes with a money clip that can be personalized with one line of up to 10 characters, cuff links up to 3 initials, a tie bar personalized with one line up to 20 characters and the box itself personalized with one line up to 15 characters. Definitely enough space to remind dad how special he is. 

          64. Dads Home Brew-Beer Making Starter Kit

          fathers day gift beer kit

          It may not be a sentimental gift but its one guaranteed to put a smile on any dads face this Fathers Day. This home brew kitis perfect for beginners and experts alike. Equipped with everything your dad needs to get started on his own brew. This Fathers Day gift will be served up with pride.

          63. THIRD HAND CIGAR

          Secure your cigar during play with this handy cigar holder. This all-purpose cigar clip helps golfers manage their cigar while riding or hitting a golf shot. Never lose your cigar on the green again, now you just have to worry about losing your balls. The clip-within-a-clip design allows the device to attach to your cart independent of the cigar clip for remarkable stability. Stop setting golf carts on fire or burning your hands trying to golf and smoke. When not in use for a cigar, this clip also doubles as a putter stand or golf glove holder for added versatility. This Father's Day gift can also be used during tailgates, BBQ and any occasion where toking and joking is allowed.

          62. Personalized Toiletry Bag

          Get dad’s toiletries organized for his travels by giving him this personalized toiletry bag. Made of 100% genuine cow leather, this Dopp kit’s interior is waterproof and made of nylon cotton blended fabric lining. This item and the box can be personalized with dad’s name or initials to make it extra special.

          61. Dads Drinker-Extra Large Draft Beer Mug

          extra large beer mug

          When you need a fathers day gift for your beer loving Dad the first image that probably pops in your head is that of the classic cold beer mug with a bead of sweat dripping down the side. You think this for good reason, every beer loving Father needs their go to draft beer mug. This extra large, 25 oz, custom beer glass will quickly become your Dads favorite.  Holding a full 25 ounces your father will be able to pour 2 beers in one glass meaning fewer trips to the fridge, which makes for one happy guy.

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          60.  Mug With Pen Putter

            golf mug with pen putter

            Remember his love for golf with this Fathers Day gift. Putting helps him unwind and work on his game when he can't get out to the links? Get dad a mug that can help him get through those long virtual meetings. One that can look professional on his desk and then he can pull out when he needs those moments, whether it be to blow off steam or celebrate a victory. This awesome fathers day gift comes with a dimpled mug, a putter pen, and foam balls.

            59. Super Dad Koozie

             Superhero Dad Personalized Can and Bottle Wrap

            Only the greatest of dads deserve this custom koozie. Grab a beer and this superhero koozie for your first hero. A superdaddeserves a fun Father's Day gift he will use every day and you can even personalize it with your name. 

            58. Engraved Leather Wallet

            Who wouldn’t be impressed with this art-deco inspired monogramming in genuine leather? This cash clip has room enough to carry all those cards and cash and stay in style. Personalize it by placing dad’s initials on this fabulous looking Father's Day gift.   

            57.  Luxury Humidor With Removable Bed

            luxury Humidor with removable bed

            When you have a father who loves nothing more than a good stogie this luxury this humidor is the one for him.  Made from African Obeche Techwood that gives it a classy and beautiful finish that makes this one of the best looking humidors out there. Any cigar aficionado will be proud to display their collection in one of these. Watch your dad go weak in the knees for this knock out Fathers Day gift.

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             56. Personalized Docking Station

            Dad would usually have a long tiring work day meeting deadlines, building connections, and closing deals. Your dad will truly appreciate your effort to get his stuff organized the moment he’s home. This personalized docking station is a wooden organizer for dad’s small things like phone, keys, tablet, watch, flash drives, coins and the like. Personalize it by having your dad’s name or initials engraved on this holder.  

            55. Personalized Shaving Father's Day Gift Set

              Let your dad do his shaving in style as you present him with this blade set. This Father's Day gift comes complete with a Gillette Mach 3 standard shaver blades and a razor with one blade. Have the case personalized with the name or initials of your dad? This is one gift that he can bring with him especially when there’s a call to shave when he’s on call for business out of town.

              54. Caricature Flask

              Placing your dad’s hand-drawn and digitally printed caricatured face on his very own flask simply speaks of how special he is to you. Each time he drinks down that tasty beverage he is refreshed not just with the drink but the thought that you actually remembered him through this flask. But wait there’s more. You also get to receive the digital format of dad’s caricature that you can easily share with him. 

              53. Personalized Leather Phone Case

              This stylish and super cool iPhone 6 leather case can be engraved with dad’s initials to complete that smart executive look. This iPhone wallet is perfect to keep a few credit cards and his money secure, so it doubles as a minimalist wallet for your guy. Available on different iPhone sizes, this Father's Day gift is sure to last for a really long time.

              52. Personalized Golf Shoe Bag

                custom golf cleat bag

                If you're looking for the class of golf shoe bags, then this personalized rendition will be case you pull out to keep all your golf goods together.  This bag is the hole in one of personalized golf shoe bags, putting some style into your golf garb with a finish that's better than a birdie on the 18th.  Even if you're golf game is north of a 100, this cool case will make you feel like Dustin Johnson out there.  

                51. Pressurized Draft Beer Growler


                pressurized Beer Growler


                Beer will put a smile on most Dads faces. Its in their DNA, like the love of  football, power tools, and yard work, it just makes them happy. So when you need a sure fire hit Fathers Day gift for him this innovative portable pressurized Growler is it. It will keep his beer fresh, cold, and carbonated wherever he goes. Perfect Fathers Day gift for picnics, camping, or just good ole back porch life.

                50. Dads Golfing Again- Ultimate Golf Gift Set

                golf fathers day gift set

                Wheres Dad??? Oh ya hes golfing.... Dads love golf almost as much as they love yard work, almost. So give him the ultimate golf gift set. This loaded set comes with a custom cooler, dimpled tumbler (for his daddy juice), and a personalized microfiber waffle towel. What else could dad need..maybe a golf buddy.

                49. Grill Master- Dads Got You Covered Apron

                fathers day gift apron

                For the Dads who's grill is their domain. There is nothing like a dad on a cooking tear, when he's got his spices just right and his tools armed and ready. Give him the perfect apron to match his cooking persona. This functional apron with 3 pockets will be sure to put a grin on dads face this fathers day.

                48. Handyman’s Dream

                Dad would be delighted to receive this Father's Day gift set that comes with a stainless steel black flask, a pocket knife and a box that doubles as a humidor. He’s got everything he needs in this box wherever he’s headed and you’re sure to make his travel complete knowing he’s got his favorite drink, a place to put his cigars in and a pocket knife for whatever emergencies might emerge, fully equipped for his travel escapades. Have his initials engraved on the box and the knife plus his name on the flask to make it extra special. He’s in for a safe and fun journey indeed!   

                47. Personalized Leather Passport Cover 

                custom passport cover

                Let dad travel in style with this full-grain leather passport cover. This leather naturally conditions while being used and develops the patina and unique character. The more dad uses it the better it will look and feel. A handcrafted Father's Day gift that is sure to last and designed to carry one U.S. passport, his cash and credit cards plus other travel documents. It comes complete with a leather pocket at the cover’s back that holds the passport securely in place.  The front pocket also features slots that can hold dad’s credit cards. You may also choose from a classic holder or the one that comes with a sturdy snap for added security. Choose from the available colors: Saddle (light-colored - tan to medium tan), Hickory (smooth reddish-brown) and Canyon (a distressed, dark brown). Personalize it by choosing a fire branded image for free together with dad’s name or initials on the cover and you’re all set to give a gift that’s truly functional for all dads travels.   

                46. Personalized Knife Gift 

                Personalized Knife Fathers Day Gift

                He loves the outdoors. And one of the best gifts you can give dad is this gift of steel. This manual opening pocketknife comes with a pocket clip to show off his blade no matter what he’s up to. This knife won’t let dad down as it is really strong and sharp. Have the handle personalized with dad’s name and you’re ready to hand dad a super cool gift for Father’s Day.   

                45. Whiskey Crate

                The Personalized Whiskey Crate may cause trendier, better fitting clothes, funnier personal anecdotes, and occasional outbursts of intrigue and great hair. This set of square whiskey glasses are intentionally bottom-loaded to flaunt your gravitas. And we'll laser etch your name into the thick glass so no one will forget whose sophisticated jazz flute skills they were admiring all night. This is one Fathers Day gift he won't forget.

                44. Personalized Messenger Bag 

                Give dad something that can carry all his travel essentials with a personalized travel bag. These travel bags are spacious enough to carry all of his tech and gadgets. You may even have this Father's Day gift personalized by having dad’s name embroidered on it. This is one gift that will surely bring you to mind no matter where dad's next travel may be.    

                43. Personalized Bobble Head

                In capturing the full meaning of personalization, the bobble-head look-alike makes for a well-appreciated and funny Father's Day Gift. I'm not sure what it is about the bobblehead doll and it's hypnotizing effect on the common male, but there is something about them that guys love. These bobble-heads will be the centerpiece of your dad's desktop decoration for eternity. When having a bad day, there is nothing more soothing than looking into the soul of your own bobblehead and bobbling his head a little bit. It will be a conversation piece as well. This is an absolute can't go wrong and is one of the funniest Father's Day Gift you can give.  

                42. Crested Crystal

                fathers day gift decanter

                This custom glass decanter will hold 23 ounces of dad's favorite whiskey or bourbon. There are a few staples we think every Father should own and a personalized decanter is one of them. When he pours a glass the flavor of his favorite whiskey it will be preserved to perfection with this smoothly crafted decanter  Every time he raises a glass, he will fondly remember this special personalized Fathers Day gift that you got for him.

                Related: If you like the idea of getting dad a decanter but want to see a few more options, be sure to check this collection of personalized decanters.

                41. For The Dad Running On Caffeine- Death Wish Coffee

                death wish coffee

                Lets face it Dads are all over the place these days, from hardcore Dadding, to work, to the gym they are always going. Help the dad in your life stay fueled and ready for whatever with this dark roast of the worlds strongest coffee, Death Wish. No caffeine lover will be disappointed with this on point fathers day gift. 

                40. Gadget Travel Bag 

                This gadget travel baghas a functional minimalist design that is a perfect fit for the dad who loves to travel. Handcrafted and made with premium materials, this full grain leather has 7 slots of different sizes to hold the smaller items, a dedicated Apple Pencil holder and a secret pocket for money. You may choose from linen or leather interior for that luxurious touch. Simple and functional, it’s a perfect companion to help dad get organized. This is definitely a gift that your dad will treasure for a long time.    

                39. For The Puff Daddy-Cigar Of The Month Club

                This cigar of the month club is enough to make any cigar loving Father drool.  Your puff-daddy will get 5 premium cigars curated for their flavor profile and origins delivered to him for 6 months.   Wait until you see the expression on his face when he opens this amazing gift, he will love trying these premium cigars.The best part is they will be delivered directly to your door, you don't even have to take a trip to the cigar shop. Makes the perfect Fathers Day gift for all those cigar loving dads.

                38. Pictured Dad Coffee Mug

                fathers day coffee mug
                Personalized Fathers Day Photo Collage Coffee Mug custom printed coffee mug will make any dad smile. Give a made-to-order mug to someone special, or treat yourself to a design that brings you joy or makes you laugh. Create your own photo mug, shop our collection of the funniest joke mugs, personalize your mug with a monogram, or express yourself with one of our 10 million designs. 


                37. Dads Watch Collection 


                It’s safe to say that we’re finally, really, in the 21st century now.  Look around.  Everything is different. The cars are getting increasingly electrified, the kids have gotten weirder and weirder, and the “watch” seems to have left the wrist and landed smack dab in the middle of your smartphone. Unless you’re a watch guy!    A home for his collection that looks just as good as his pieces of time-immemorial themselves.  Add to that a monogram across the glass display-case-style lid. 

                36. Beer Flight

                 You Name It Personalized 7-Piece Tasting Set

                Dad would love to relive his glory days together with his favorite beer buddies with this special gift. The personalized beer sample set comes with four pilsner glasses including one personalized paddle made of naturally finished wood. Have dad’s name laser engraved on it and you’re all set or that perfect Father’s day gift.

                35. Personalized Torch Lighter

                Every guy needs a lighter, so why not get your dad a gift for Father's Day that he will be proud to use.  This engraved torch lighter has a triple torch flame that gives a serious light.  It also comes with a retractable cutter and can be personalized with your father's name or initials.  

                34. Viking Brew Horn

                Make this Vikingbeer horn a part of dad’s collection and let him impress his beer buddies as he drinks like a true Viking. This one can contain up to 16 oz of his favorite beer on a classic Viking horn shape and a rustic, sturdy wooden stand with a classic Viking knot engraved on it. It comes complete with a leather strap for that tight grip. Engrave it with his initials and you’re all set for a unique father’s day gift that is a welcome addition for dad’s man cave.     

                33. WALLET DO IT ALL

                There’s nothing your tool man won’t be able to accomplish with this handy tool card. He’ll be Mister Fix-It around the home and office. He won’t stop there either, he’ll want to start making his own do-it-yourself videos and hosting his own home improvement TV show in no time. Just don’t let him mess with your appliances…we all know how that ends up

                32. Ranger Custom Knife

                fathers day gift knife

                They say to never bring a knife to a gun fight. We disagree. Get your dad a gift that is straight to the point and let them enjoy the unlimited potentials a knife has to offer. Great forhunting, camping, or opening those amazon boxes, this knife both looks great and works great too. This knife delivers in spades, from the piercing tanto point to the black oxide coating every Dad will feel the power radiating from his pocket.

                31. All Day Apron

                fathers apron

                For all the fathers that are the captains of the grill. The masters of the pizza oven. And the Kings of the kitchen. Treat your Dad to personalized and durable apron that will last a lifetime. Not cutsie sayings here just all day durability and manly trimmings. Perfect for fathers working in the garage or putting the meat on the table.

                30. Dads Decanter

                Give your Dad the ultimate trinity of advanced drinking essentialswith a gift that will dance in his hands when he opens it.  Guys, they can be a bit primal as drinkers, so help advance them to a place that helps them appreciate doing it the right way.   So pull them away from the koozy and bud light and help them next stage the way they throw them back with a little needed sophistication. 

                29. Outdoor Collapsible Beer Table

                He loves to have his cold beer outdoors and with his favorite buddy. If that’s the case, then this Father's Day gift is perfect for dad. This outdoor collapsible beer table is designed to hold not just his drinks but his snacks as well. It comes complete with a built-in bottle opener and a stainless steel bowl for his favorite beer pairings. The fiberglass rod pushes on grass dirt or sand without having to exert much effort. And yes, it’s collapsible and can easily fit in his backpack. A gift your dad simply can’t resist.    

                28. Wall Mount Bottle Opener

                Practical and functional the way dad likes it. With mounting holes already drilled, dad would love this gift hanging on his wall. Complete with mounting holes, this natural walnut bottle opener comes handy every time he reaches for that ice-cold beer. Have it as is or personalize it by engraving dad’s name on it.   

                27. Beer Lover Gift Crate

                This could be the best crate he will ever receive on Father’s day! This assortment comes complete with a collection of beer-infused cheeses - Hopscotch cheddar, red dragon and cheddar with porter. It also contains smoke and stout caramel exotic candy bar, condiments, and crackers made with beer. You’re sure that dad will enjoy this gift as fresh as possible as it ships in an insulated package.  

                26. Personalized Leather Koozie

                It’s made of leather, it’s stylish and it’s functional. This customized, all leather, silver detailed and super-insulated koozie is your dad’s kind of gift for Father’s Day. It can hold up to 12 oz of his favorite beer and can be personalized with two lines of up to 15 characters each line.

                25. Fathers Day Football

                World's Best Number One Dad Racing with Photos Football

                The world's best dad will be number one in the checkered flag background design in red, black, white and charcoal gray. A great gift for any father for Father's Day, birthdays or any special occasion. 

                24. Can Dad Handle The Challenge?-Hot Sauce Set

                hot sauce challenge set 

                This is no ordinary challenge! Dad will surely love this Father's Day gift and will for sure strive to beat it. This hot sauce gift set isn't just for games, each sauce is made with the best ingredients guaranteeing he will enjoy the taste before his mouth catches on fire. With 12 different flavors included your dad will definitely find a new favorite.

                23. Personalized Coffee Tumbler


                  You can have your way with this personalized travel mug and choose from a variety of colors and create your own unique designs. He will be delighted to have this travel mug and get reminded of your thoughtfulness. It’s a double-wall vacuum insulated tumbler that can keep his drinks hot for 24 hours and cold for about 36 hours. It is also BPA and lead-free.  

                  22. Heavy Duty Hammer Drill

                  This Hammer Drill is the perfect gift for our favorite handyman! Durable, balanced, lightweight-feel, and efficient, this is one hand-tool that any DIY father will love. This heavy-duty tool has 1/2" metal ratcheting chuck with carbide inserts. The motor is quite efficient with its 450 watts maximum power. To provide illumination in dim spaces, a LED work light with a 20-second delay after trigger release has been incorporated into the design of this superior hand tool. A 360-degree side handles 3 speed all metal transmission and drill is included in this great father's day gift. Tools are one of the best gifts for dad you can buy.

                  21. Personalized Growler

                  Personalized Beer Growler

                  Would you like your gift to end up in the family table? Then this personalized beer growler will be the perfect Father's Day gift choice. Have it sandblast engraved with his last name, one that you can be sure will never wear off much like your love for dad. You can't go wrong with a beer gift for dad.

                  20. Personalized Leather Golf Scorecard

                  This elegant petrol blue leather scorecard holder is decorated with a golf swing in gold foil. It really is a lovely gift for golf lovers especially with the hot foil embossed monogram making it extra special for dad. The cover comes with a loop for holding a pen or a pencil. You can also have this gift wrapped in a black presentation envelope and a gift tag.

                  19. Personalized Cufflinks

                    Who says being sentimental can’t go with his million-dollar look? Let this Father's Day gift complete his debonair look as you give him this set of cufflinkswith an art-deco style and a smooth silver finish. Business meetings, formal affairs and his night out together with friends will be made more special as he wears these cufflinks complete with his three initial monograms.     

                    18. Collar Concierge

                      For a dad who loves looking like a pro most of the time, this tie gift set will be perfect for him. Arranged in an old-fashioned box, the tie, made up of wool-silk blend, comes complete with cuff links and a tie clip. Personalize your gift box with your dad’s name and you’re all set with this amazing gift! Getting your father looking good makes for one of best gifts for dad out there.   

                      17. Fathers Day Photo Mug

                        Love You Dad | Two Photo Handwritten Text Coffee Mug

                        Two Photo Handwritten Text Coffee Mug This simple and stylish mug says "Love you Dad" in trendy, handwritten black text with a matching heart and a spot for your name. There is also room to show off two of your favorite personal photos.

                        16. Heist Bag

                          Gather up his tools and get this personalized tool bag for dad. This bag can also function as a car bag, ammo bag or emergency bag. Made of heavyweight cotton canvas with 2 outside snap pockets and 8 interior pockets for organizing tools, your dad will find this Father's Day gift very useful in just about preparing anything he would need for his job or mission.    

                          15. Personalized Divot Tool

                          He will certainly love this custom engraved and polished 3-in-1 golf ball marker and divot tool. Each time he struts his putt, he is sure to remember you with a thoughtful personalized divot tool. This gift is high-quality hematite finished divot tool. You may choose from black metal, walnut wood and oak wood material for the ball marker. The best part is you can have his name or initials engraved on this stylish gift. golf stuff make for one of best gifts for dad you can get.

                          14. Custom Picture Golf Balls

                          Happy Father's Day Daddy Photo Golf Balls

                          Custom printed golf ballspersonalized with your special photo and custom text to make a one of a kind Father's Day gift. Use the design tools to customize the Happy Father's Day message or add more photos to create your own unique Father's Day gifts for dad and grandpa!

                          13. Bottle Bullet

                          This is no ordinary bottle opener. Do you know what makes it unique? It is a once-fired .50 caliber military bullet and its 100% handmade in the USA. He will be delighted to own one as you personalize this bottle bullet with his name or initials laser engraved. 

                          12. Bro'ster Holster

                          Slinging back with his friend takes on a whole new meaning when he's packing his happy ammo in this suds sheath. Welcome to the Wild West of drinking, where you're ABV packed micro-brew is within one quickdraw to your lips. Down it in an old-school drinking duel with a super cool gift that any dad is going to be blown about by. Perfect for tailgating, grilling or just hanging with his pals. The Bro'Ster Holster is 100% veg-tanned 8-9 oz leather and handmade. Edges are finished and all have a clear protective coat for any potential accidents while dueling.

                          11. Personalized Pocket Watch

                          Walk down memory lane as you hand him this special Father's Day gift. Make new memories as you let him carry this classic personalized pocket watch that comes in silver and has a 14” chain. Make your sentimental thoughts known to him as you can have this special watch engraved with 3 lines up to 10 characters. 

                          10. Personalized Leather Storage Tray

                          This mini tray is handcrafted, hand-dyed and fastened with sturdy solid brass rivets and polished on the edges. It is specially made for that one special person closest to your heart. Let this tray welcome dad each day as he empties his pockets when coming home or that last tray he reaches out to for all the things he would need before he goes out. And each time he does it he remembers you - that’s the best part of it. Customize it with his initials or his name to make it extra special.   

                          9. Personalized Cufflinks and Tie Clip

                          This Fathers Day class up your pops with a personalized bamboo circle cufflink and tie clip set. This classy gift for dad set is complete with circle cufflinks, a sophisticated tie clip, and is engraved for a personal touch. Set your father up for super stylin' with a set that will make them smile.

                          8. Sit Down and Chill Out

                          Yes, it’s a Father's Day gift but one that will definitely be useful come the season for mountain climbing and camping with family and friends. This multifunctional gift is a cooler and a chair at the same time. This is a great gift for dad especially when he just wants to invite friends and chill in their backyards. Personalize this 3 pounder chair/cooler by having your dad's initials or his name on it. 

                          7. Personalized Humidor  

                          Keep his cigars fresh each day. This classic personalized cigar humidor will be the perfect father's day gift if your dad enjoys a stogie every once in a while. Specially made of Spanish cedar, you can have it engraved with his name or initials and you’re all set to hand him a Father's Day gift he will always remember you by.

                          6. World's Best Dad Beer Cap Trap

                          Give him this World's Best Dad Beer Cap Trap and turn this cap collection into a contest among his favorite beer buddies! This beer cap trap is professionally laser cut by master artisans from raw quarter-inch poplar with a basswood veneer. The lightweight yet sturdy poplar wood construction makes it easy to hang the trap on nearly any wall. Each sign has 4 pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.

                          5. Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box

                          Amazon.com: Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box - Custom ...

                          This Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box is specially made for that one special person closest to your heart. Let this tray welcome him each day as he empties his pockets when coming home or that last tray he reaches out to for all the things he would need before he goes out. And each time he does it he remembers you - that’s the best part of it. Customize it with his initials or his name to make it extra special.

                          4. Bullet Proof Whiskey Glasses

                          Practically let him hold everything in his hand. This is what the Personalized Bulletproof Whiskey Glasses will allow him to do. This whiskey glass can hold up to 8 ounces of his favorite drink. This is one unique Father's Day gift that can be easily personalized with his monogram. 

                          3. Personalized Weekend Bag 

                          Personalized Weekend Bag

                          This bag is custom made for all dad's with class.   This personalized weekend bag is built for war and gifted with love. It's a father's day gift he will truly appreciate!

                          2. Fathers Day Photo Basketball 

                          Unique Personalized First Fathers Day Basketball

                          Unique Personalized First Fathers Day Basketball easy to make a custom personalized first Father's Day basketball. Add your own photo and text to this unique gift idea - with small heart detail

                          1. Dad's Survival Kit

                          Fathers Day Survival Kit

                          Its a fathers instinct to protect his family, and this awesome survival kit will keep dad ready for any situation.  This set comes with 12 gifts in 1, and the best party is all the items are quality and this gift is also very affordable. Give your dad the ultimate set this fathers day.

                           While there are a lot of responsibilities and obligations expected from a dad, traveling has a way of allowing him to get some fresh air and be refreshed to get himself ready again to face their many roles, especially as dads to their children. Let dad know you’re thinking of him this Father’s Day by giving him something he can bring with him each time he travels. Give him a Father's Day gift that is functional and practical, but one that he’ll surely remember you by. After all, you’re one of the reasons why he wants all that inspiration and energy back out of his travel escapades.

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