15 Trendy Pickleball Brands Elevating the Game in 2024

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Pickleball has been gaining immense popularity in recent years and with good reason. This fast-paced and exciting sport combines tennis, badminton, and ping pong to create a unique and addictive game. As more people discover the joys of pickleball, the demand for quality equipment and gear has also increased. This has led to the rise of several trendy pickleball brands that cater to players of all levels. From sleek paddles to stylish apparel, these brands are taking the pickleball world by storm.

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We will have a look at the top 15 trendy pickleball brands that are making waves in the industry and help you score big on the court with their high-quality products.

1. Joola Sports

Joola Sports has seamlessly transitioned its extensive tennis background into the pickleball arena, bringing innovation and a rich legacy to the forefront. Established in Germany in 1952 and revered in the professional table tennis world, Joola has been the Official Table Sponsor of USA Table Tennis (USATT) for over 15 years, demonstrating their commitment to excellence in racket sports.

Their entry into pickleball has been marked by the introduction of an impressive lineup of pickleball paddles, including the Hyperion C2, Ben Johns Perseus, Scorpeus, Hyperion, and Vision, among others. Each new paddle in their collection features a carbon fiber face, ensuring durability and enhanced playability for athletes at all levels.

These best pickleball paddle brands also offer an array of next generation pickleball accessories, such as covers and cases, court accessories, balls, and stylish apparel, catering to the comprehensive needs of pickleball enthusiasts.

2. Selkirk Sport

Selkirk Sport is a standout name in the world of trendy pickleball brands, primarily due to their dedication to crafting high-quality paddles that meet the needs of players at every level.

With their cutting-edge LUXX features Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless Technology and Power Air that has Air Dynamic Throat, Selkirk pickleball paddles provide a seamless playing experience. The Vanguard Control Series, featuring a T700 Raw QuadCarbon Fiber and honeycomb core, delivers unmatched power and control. For those focused on mastering either power or control, the Amped Series is a perfect choice. The Halo’s elongated shape and the EVO’s carbon fiber face cater to players seeking apower paddle with precision and durability.

This commitment is further exemplified through their active participation in the development division of the PPA Tour, where this pickleball paddle brand collaborates with professional players to refine and evolve their product lineup.

3. Gamma Sports

Gamma Sports has quickly become a favorite among both amateur and professional pickleball players, thanks to its innovative approach to pickleball paddle design.

Their range includes the Raw Carbon, featuring a honeycomb polymer core and a carbon fiber face for those seeking a combination of durability and responsiveness. For advanced players looking for a pickleball paddle that offers a larger sweet spot without sacrificing power, the Fusion Series stands out with its polymer honeycomb core and fiberglass construction. The Quantum Series elevates the game further with composite paddles that provide a balanced mix of power and control, catering to various playing styles.

Lastly, the Core Series showcases Gamma paddles with a carbon fiber surface, designed for serious players who demand the utmost precision and performance.

4. Franklin Sports

Franklin Sports, a brand synonymous with excellence across multiple sports, has seamlessly extended its legacy into pickleball, capturing the hearts of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The FS Tour Series features an elongated shape and a carbon fiber face for seasoned players seeking reach and power. The Signature Series appeals to those desiring a balance of touch and power, due to its polypropylene core and fiberglass surface. Meanwhile, the Pilot Series, with a similar build to the Signature, caters to pickleball players at all levels looking for durability and control. Each series is crafted with precision, meeting the demands of today's competitive pickleball landscape.

The Franklin brand's dedication to innovation is evident in their offering of affordable paddles that do not sacrifice the high-end features sought after by competitive players.

5. Onix Pickleball

Onix has established itself as a beacon for advanced players seeking high performance on the pickleball court. Renowned for their innovative approach, Onix's catalog features a wide array of pickleball paddles, gear, accessories, and clothing, all designed to meet the rigorous demands of next generation pickleball.

Among their standout offerings is the Z5 Graphite, a favorite for its long handle, sweet spot, and exceptional maneuverability, enabling precise shots and powerful serves. This pickleball paddle incorporates a Nomex Honeycomb Core, revered for its lightweight strength and responsiveness, providing players with an unparalleled blend of power and control.

Onix's dedication to excellence extends beyond paddles, with their gear and accessories designed to enhance the playing experience for competitors at every level.

6. Pro XR Pickleball

Pro XR Pickleball is cutting a path through the trendy pickleball paddle brands landscape with its unique approach to pickleball paddle technology.

Their lineup includes The Standard, featuring a PP Honeycomb and T700 Raw Carbon for a balanced play, The Signature with its 16mm thick core and carbon fiber face designed for those who prioritize power and touch, and the 35 Special, which stands out with its fiberglass face for enhanced flexibility and spin. What sets this pickleball paddle brand apart is the innovative long handle design across their models. With an exclusive Pro Corner, enthusiasts can explore the preferred pickleball paddles of professional players, gaining insights into what might suit their style of play.

Additionally, their Paddle Recommendation Tool is a standout feature, assisting players in finding the perfect paddle tailored to their needs.

7. Rokne Pickleball

Rokne Pickleball is quickly becoming a go-to name among trendy pickleball brands, catering to a wide range of players, from the recreational to the more serious competitors. They've made a mark with their innovative designs and high-quality materials.

The Aero Blade stands out for its carbon fiber mono-frame and symmetrical aerodynamic open throat holes, designed to reduce air resistance and enhance swing speed. The Republic Model has a polypropylene core and fiberglass face those appeals to players looking for a solid feel. For those prioritizing precision and a lightweight touch, the Taktical Carbon, with its carbon fiber face and breathable grip, offers an exceptional playing experience. The Curve Classic caters to traditionalists and newcomers alike, featuring a reliable fiberglass surface and honeycomb core.

These pickleball paddle brands have expanded their offerings to include stylish bags, accessories, and apparel, making it a comprehensive choice for pickleball enthusiasts.

8. Engage Pickleball

Engage Pickleball has swiftly risen through the ranks to become a favorite among pickleball enthusiasts, known for its commitment to innovation and quality. These pickleball paddle brands pride itself on incorporating Applied Physics into every paddle design, ensuring that players benefit from the perfect balance of power and control.

Among their most popular lines is the Omega series, which has gained acclaim for its thick core, carbon fiber face, and exceptional grip circumference, all of which contribute to a paddle that offers good spin and superior playability.

Engage pickleball paddle brand also offers a wide range of apparel and gear, designed to meet the needs of the modern and pro pickleball player both on and off the court.

9. Diadem Sports

Diadem Sports, originally celebrated among tennis brands for its high-quality equipment, has successfully expanded its expertise into the pickleball market.

Diadem Sports has introduced a lineup of USAPA-approved pickleball paddles that boast innovative designs and materials tailored for all levels of play. The Edge 18k features a premium carbon fiber face for players seeking a blend of power and finesse. Meanwhile, the Warrior V2, with its raw carbon T700 face, is designed for those who prioritize a strong, impactful game. The Icon V2 appeals to players looking for control and maneuverability due to its PP honeycomb core and ultra-thin frame.

These pickleball paddle brands offer an extensive range of products including paddle covers, high-performance shoes, precision-engineered balls, stylish bags, and apparel, along with other accessories.

10. Vulcan Sporting Goods

Vulcan Sporting Goods is a sporting goods company with a name synonymous with cutting-edge design and innovation in the pickleball industry.

With a USA pickleball-approved product line that includes the V300 featuring a durable honeycomb polymer core for players craving precision, to the V500, which boasts a polypropylene core paired with a carbon fiber surface for those seeking a balance of power and control. The V700 steps up the game with its Stateracore Polypropylene design, enhancing responsiveness and feel. For pickleball players aiming for the pinnacle of performance, the V900's carbon fiber surface offers unmatched strength and a large sweet spot, ensuring shots are both powerful and precise.

Beyond pickleball paddles, Vulcan’s commitment to excellence is evident in their comprehensive selection of bags, nets, accessories, and apparel, all designed with the needs of pickleball enthusiasts in mind.

11. Head Pickleball

Head Pickleball is a trailblazer in introducing innovative technology to the pickleball market, catering to players who demand high performance and precision on the courts.

With their Gravity, Extreme, and Radical lines, these pickleball paddle brands bring a new level of excellence to the game, emphasizing power paddle designs with advanced pickleball paddle technology. Their paddles are renowned for their thick core, which offers players enhanced control and a larger sweet spot, making the Head Radical Tour a standout choice for competitive players. This pickleball paddle is specifically designed to maximize power and precision, allowing players to dominate on the pickleball courts.

Head doesn't just stop at paddles; their product range extends to court equipment, footwear, clothing, and grips, providing an all-encompassing solution for pickleball enthusiasts.

12. Holbrook Pickleball

Holbrook Pickleball stands out among trendy pickleball brands for its dedication to combining advanced pickleball paddle technology with player-centric design.

These pickleball paddle brands offer three distinct series tailored to different levels of play and preferences. The Pro and Performance Series boast a polypropylene honeycomb core paired with a carbon fiber surface, ensuring durability and a responsive touch. These attributes make them the favorite paddle for players seeking precision and great spin in their game.

For those who prefer a mix of power and control, the Sports Series might be the perfect match. This range features the same reliable polypropylene honeycomb core but introduces a fiberglass face into the mix.

13. Swinton Pickleball

Swinton is swiftly gaining attention among trendy pickleball brands for their unique approach to pickleball paddle aesthetics and performance.

Swinton's range of pickleball paddles features graphic designs that cater to every player's style and personality, including options like USA Pickleball Approved Eclipse Sunset, Island, Camo, Hero Breeze, and Blue Dog designs. This not only allows players to stand out on the court but also to find a paddle that truly resonates with their personal flair. Each paddle is crafted to offer a larger sweet spot, ensuring that both recreational players and more competitive enthusiasts can enjoy the game with confidence.

Beyond their impressive selection of pickleball paddles, Swinton also offers a comprehensive collection of apparel and gear, providing players with everything they need to excel on the court and look good while doing it.

14. Dilly Life

Dilly Life is making waves in the trendy pickleball brands scene, focusing on the lifestyle aspect of the sport. Catering to both men and women, this brand offers an extensive range of apparel, including stylish tops, comfortable bottoms, and functional hats designed for the pickleball enthusiast's active lifestyle.

Each piece is crafted with the court in mind, ensuring players can move freely and stay cool under pressure, while also looking their best. Dilly Life's commitment to blending fashion with functionality makes it a standout choice for players who value both performance and style in their pickleball journey.

15. Pickleball Bella

Pickleball Bella is revolutionizing women's pickleball attire as the world's first clothing line dedicated entirely to the sport.

Launched by a couple of girls, this brand features skorts, tops, outerwear, and accessories adorned with bright, bold patterns created from initial concept sketches by their in-house design team. Not just about looks, their pieces combine function and fashion, ensuring players stand out both on and off the court.

Making a splash at the PGA fashion show, Pickleball Bella exemplifies how dedicated the founders are to elevating women's pickleball fashion to new heights.


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