19 Unique Christmas Gifts for Men

Updated on November 03, 2021 by Eds Alvarez

With Christmas just around the corner, its time to start looking for a great gift idea for the special guy in your life. 

The friendship you share with him is simply one a kind. Not just for the number of years that you've been together but more on the quality of relationship that you share. He is a rare find who deserve to be given something not far from that. Choose a unique Christmas gift that will fit right into that category. Let him know how much you value your bond that gets stronger through the years by choosing a  gift he will definitely appreciate and treasure forever.  Let it represent the many unique qualities and inclinations he has that you have grown to admire after all these years.

Here are 19 of the unique gifts for men that you can choose from:  

19. Bullet Proof Whiskey Glass

birthday gift whiskey glass

Get your man the ultimate gift. This unique whiskey glass offers the illusion of being shot through with a 50 cal bullet, making for one dramatic drink. Whether he's enjoying a drink on his own pondering life or serving his friends a glass he will be doing it with pride.

18. Silver Batman Model Cufflink

He loves everything with Batman on it. Give him this Silver Batman Model Cufflink made with 925 Carat Silver. It is produced with 1st Class Craftsmanship and art.  He will definitely appreciate this gift coming from you. More so, he would know that you thoughtfully chose a gift that is close to his heart. 

17. Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar

It will perfectly conceal what's really inside the Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar . The mini bar is hand-made from a steel cylinder designed for a real fire extinguisher. Let your gift evoke vivid emotions! The mini bar in the form of a real fire extinguisher will undoubtedly become an original "packaging" for a beverage and will be able to surprise anyone!

16. Bullet Shaped Torch Lighter 


This cool and one of a kind lighter will add a little flame to his life where he needs it! The Bullet Shaped Torch Lighter is a uniquely designed lighter that resemble a strand of bullets. What's more, it can easily fit in his pocket or purse. Simply fill with butane, flip the top back, strike the flint, and watch it ignite!

15. Unique Personalized Guitar Picks

These top-notch Unique Personalized Guitar Picks are crafted with a focus on quality by slicing exotic woods and bonding them together in a sturdy way. It is made from carefully chosen wood, these guitar picks are manufactured by hand, which adds more layers of quality and aesthetic in these excellent ornamentals. You can also get a special message engraved in the picks, which makes them unique and distinct. 

14. Brass Bottle Opener Ring

This Brass Bottle Opener Ring is a one of a kind ring with a Jaguar Cat and Sun symbols. A unique jewelry gift for beer and cat lovers! Note that ring sizes under 9 will not open bottles. Only 9 or higher. Every piece is handcrafted in Bali and made with Intention, Love, and Soul so that it can be felt by it’s wearer and ultimately change our energy and lives in a positive way. 

13. Mt. Hood Oregon Carbon Fiber Wallet

It is light weight, and features RFID blocking, sturdy and sleek. This Mt. Hood Oregon Carbon Fiber Wallet has dual 2mm carbon fiber plate with chamfered edges that is easy on the hands and on the eyes. This wallet is sure to impress him.

12. Damascus Steel Tracker Tactical Knife

A unique gift indeed. The Damascus Steel Tracker Tactical Knife is built solid, durable, sharp and hard cutting edge. This handmade , forged Damascus Steel (1095 / 4340) also comes in twisted pattern and buffalo horn handle. 

11. Beer Glass with Real Golf Ball Embedded

Let him enjoy more fun when he's resting on the golf course with this uniquely designed gift. This Beer Glass with Real Golf Ball Embedded  has a real golf ball inlaid on the outer wall of the glass. This handmade beer glass can be used with any beer like malt wine, cocktail, whisky, stout, craft, lager, ale in golf course pub, bars, restaurants or hotels.  

10. Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Combining form & function, the whiskey barrel acts as a refined drink dispenser that’s sure to impress your guests. Serve his whiskey in style with this Personalized Whiskey Barrel. It has an impressive silhouette and is made from the oak barrel which ages spirits to peak flavor, just like its full-sized siblings found in professional distilleries.  It sure makes a perfect gift for the whiskey connoisseur!

9. Leather Head Custom State Series

personalized football for him

He loves football and will definitely love this gift. Based on the original Handsome Dan football, these Leather Head State series footballs are made to be played with. Made with high quality leather for a sturdy durable grip each ball is laser engraved with an outline from all 50 states. Pick his home state or maybe his favorite teams state and you have a personalized gift for him that he can treasure for years to come.

8. Louisville Chugger


Let this Louisville Chugger amaze him. This dandy of a mug can contain up to 12 ounces of his favorite drink. The perfect gift for any baseball lover, this mug will have baseball players, fans, and coaches of all ages love the experience of drinking straight from the barrel of a baseball bat. You can personalize this awesome baseball bat with 3 lines of up to 25 characters per line.  

7. State Cutting Board

It comes with laser-engraved artwork which calls out all the wonderful sights and places in the state from Atlanta to Savannah, Rome to Athens, The Okefenokee Swamp to Chattahoochee Forest. Have him celebrate life in The Peach State with this Georgia State Destination Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board. It includes a hanging hole with hang tie making this board a wonderful wall art option too. 

6. USA Flag Head Covers

patriotic golf head cover
This is one golf head cover he is sure to treasure for a long time. The USA Flag Blade Cover is made from high quality PU leather. Lined with soft fleece this cover will keep your blade putter clean and looking stylish in your bag.  Easy on and off with a velcro closing that is built to last!  

5. Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler 

This tumbler can be customized with a name or leave as is. This Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler is a 20 oz stainless steel tumbler with lid and straw. It is also also available in a 30 oz capacity. It features a double-wall and is vacuum insulated. It can carry both his favorite hot or cold beverages.  

4. Savage Spartan RFID Tactical Wallet


 Black Minimalist Wallet


It's one minimalist wallet that is built to outlast any regular trifold wallet he's ever owned. Let him securely carry cash (up to 9 folded bills) and 1-12 cards comfortably, with this Savage Spartan Tactical Wallet. It features military-grade RFID secure technology, engineered to block RFID signals to protect his private information and keep his credit card away from thieves' scanning devices. 

3. Tequila Bottle Lamp

Let him see the light with this Tequila Bottle Lamp. Tequila aficionados will find the glow of an 1800 tequila bottle soothing and relaxing especially on their bedside. This limited edition 1800 silver tequila bottle bespoke lamp will be a great addition to any tequila-friendly home bar. The fixture comes with a 6’ rayon cord and can be turned on and off with a toggle switch embedded into the wooden base. 

Unique and functional. This 50 Cal Bullet Pen is made of all steel, brass and copper construction. It's a 100% real 50 caliber bullet transformed into a refillable pen. This gift makes an outstanding gift for a friend who is close to your heart. 

1. Atlas Carafe

This gift is perfect for his mancave. Functional Art is the best way to describe this high quality decanter. This decanter will be a conversation piece on any whiskey lovers bar top. With hand blown lead free glass and an airtight ground stopper his whiskey will be preserved while looking good. 

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