The Mighty Pen

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The Pen is mightier than the... bad pen? “  Well, Yes. 

And although there are many among us who seem content to wield a cheap little plastic tube that they’ve stealthily pocketed after a trip to the bank… (you sly dog you)…

There are Greater weapons to wield.

As the name suggests, A Mightier Pen is just that.  Beautifully turned close-grained hardwoods make this signature signer a sure way to “arm” that man with a personalized, professional way to make all his notable notarizations.

It may not be a sword, but does he really need another sword?  No, I didn’t think so. — But a man that loves pens always loves one more. 

The Mighty Pen can be personalized with 2 line of up to 15 characters per line. The pen size is 7"x 2".

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