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Every anniversary is special. Your 20th wedding anniversary is no exception! Choose to give him a gift that would make him reminisce about your wedding day. Your strong marriage bond has stood the test of time. You can choose unique conversation pieces that have your names and wedding dates engraved on it or your favorite quote or photograph as a family. You can also find a lot of gifts that are not only sentimental but functional as well. Remember that these gifts are to remind him of the 20th year celebration of your marriage that has gone through a lot but has remained strong through the years!      

Here are 18 of the best 20th anniversary gifts you can choose from:  

18. Personalized Level 20 Complete Shirt

This Personalized Level 20 Complete Shirt will make him feel 20 years younger! This updated unisex essential fits like a well-loved favorite. It's made with super soft cotton and excellent quality print, making him fall in love with it and you over and over again.

17. Custom Leather Wallet

This Custom Leather Wallet is a bifold and super soft leather wallet that has quality stitching and durability. It can be personalized via engraving on the front, inside right, and inside left. It's one of the best gifts you can give on your 4th anniversary. It's a nice and classy wallet he will surely treasure for life. 

16. Custom Digital 20th Anniversary Gift 

This Custom Digital 20th Anniversary Gift is a customized printable Hi-Resolution file that uses a unique blend of street art photos. When printed and framed it makes a perfect gift for your anniversary. The vintage ambiance of the date art creates a unique keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

15. Watch with Custom Message

It's perfect for a 20th year anniversary gift for him. Don’t waste any time letting him know how much you care. Let him have this engraved wooden watch made of 100% natural wood. Let this slick timepiece on his wrist remind him that you treasure every second that you get to spend with him. 

14. Our 20th Anniversary - The one with the pandemic 

This Our 20th Anniversary - The one with the pandemic makes a unique gift for your 20th anniversary! After all not everyone gets to celebrate their 20th during the pandemic. Every mug is a high-quality ceramic mug with a flawless design that is dishwasher and microwave safe. Your name can be added to the reverse of the mug, or alternatively, both sides can be printed.

13. Vegan Transport Duffle 

The Rugged Gentleman can be his favorite buddy for all his travel adventures while maintaining his style. This sleek bag, made from Vegan Leather with an argyle lining, can be easily personalized with his initials to make it an extra special gift for him. It's simply perfect for your 20th anniversary. 


Twenty Year Anniversary Gift for Men Knife

Give him an anniversary present he would be proud to show his friends. This personalized carbon fiber knife is perfect for your guy to use daily while being reminded of your love for him.

11. Sky 20 Years Anniversary Gift

This Sky 20 Years Anniversary Gift is a unique real star map illustration personalized using the actual view from the date and location of the sky at the time you were married. Printing is on premium professional museum quality archival photo paper. It uses a 12 color ink system with archival pigment ink designed to last a lifetime. Constellations are created using special astronomy software. 

10. Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box

Amazon.com: Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box - Custom ...

It's one anniversary gift specially made for that one special person closest to your heart.  Let this Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box help him get organized with all his stuff. He can have this placed on his office desk or that perfect spot in your home where he can leave all his valuables neatly and securely. 

9. Personalized 20 Year Anniversary Gift

This Personalized 20 Year Anniversary Gift is a funny coffee mug that will surely make your better half smile from ear to ear. It is made with high quality and  durable ceramic with comfortable C-handle. It can be printed on both sides and is printed with sublimation process, so the ink is fade proof.

8. Personalized Romantic Pillows

It’s made of 100% polyester and went through a dye -sub process so the design feels like its part of the pillowcase when completed.With six designs to choose from, surely you’ll find the one that perfectly re-sounds your love story. Let him know how special he is to you as you give him these beautiful Personalized Romantic Pillows

7. Willow Tree Around You

It is beautifully packaged in a fitted box ready for gift-giving. This Willow Tree Around You is a 6.5” hand-painted resin figure of a couple seated across from each other, touching heads and hands. It's one gift that expresses love and caring for the best husband ever. You can be sure he will have it displayed on a shelf, table or mantel. 

6. 20th Anniversary Cutting Board Gift

Cooking makes you both happy and love each other more! This 20th Anniversary Cutting Board Gift is the perfect and touching gift for your anniversary. The wood is a unique natural material, since it has a unique tree structure and additional engraving of your unique picture. 

5. Happy 20th Anniversary 3D Pop Up Greeting Card 

It's a simple but highly sentimental gift. This Happy 10th Anniversary 3D Pop Up Greeting Card is a perfect card for anyone celebrating their 20th, tin wedding anniversary. Inside this card, you will find a couple kissing on a bridge accompanied by a couple of lovebirds by their side. Two swans swimming in a clear sky-blue water pond under the bridge is about to make a heart shape by tucking their heads together. Even the cherry blossom turns pink making this card perfect for the perfect couple.

4. 20 Years Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right Apron

You have both enjoyed spending quality time in the kitchen for the last 20 years! This 20 Years Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right Apron is made from superior quality, extra-durable fabrics, a practical blend of cotton and polyester guaranteed to withstand the test of time. The material is machine washable and won’t shrink or wrinkle if properly handled! It comes with adjustable neck and waist sizes, guaranteed to fit anyone.

    3. Carved With Love


    anniversary carving gift

    Carve out 20 years of marriage in this Carved With Love gift. One of the most romantic cliches to do with your loved one is to carve your two initials into a tree as a symbol of everlasting love. With this beautiful art piece, you can bring this tradition right into the center of your home.  

    2. Love Language: Card Game

    Let the Love Language: Card Game spice up your 20th anniversary celebration! The Love Language has been designed to bring you and your significant other closer than ever. How? By asking the right questions. It’s never too soon or too late to start talking to each other! These cards are divided into 5 categories to make sure every topic of life is covered: Family, Intimacy, Couple, Individual, and Past & Future. You can either focus on one category you want to deepen with your partner, or mix them all.

    1. Infinity Love Candle Holder Statue 

    This Infinity Love Candle Holder Statue will absolutely impress your loved one. Add glamour to your celebration with this candle holder statue by OakiWay. It has a super elegant & romantic design that makes it perfect for beautifying literally any space. It is made of high quality resin material and comes in a beautiful gift package plus an awesome greeting card.

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