Elevate Your Golf Game with these 17 Custom Towels

Updated on August 07, 2023 by Chris Bajda

A custom personalized golf towel is a unique way to equip any golfer with an accessory that will help him keep his golf balls and clubs clean at all times.

Please send him a personalized golf towel that is monogrammed or embroidered with initials or a custom message, so everyone knows who's the best golfer on the course!

A new golf towel is the perfect Golf Gift for anyone who likes to hit the links. Here are 17 of the best-personalized golf towels you can choose from:  

1. Golf Player Monogram Golf Towel

This Golf Player Monogram Golf white golf towel is monogrammed with the name of his favorite golf player.

These golf towels come complete with a grommet and brass-plated hook. It is made from 80% woven polyester/ 20% polyamide blend microfiber.

He will be more than glad to use this golf towel each time he plays golf.

2. Police Themed Patriotic Flag Golf Towel

This golf towel comes with single-sided printing, complete with a grommet and brass-plated hook.

The Police-Themed Patriotic Flag golf towel is a unique golf Head Cover featuring the custom name of your favorite police officer volunteer. It is made from 80% woven polyester/ 20% polyamide blend microfiber.

Moreover, these golf towels are machine washable and will be one functional gift for him for a long time.

3. Clubs & Balls Golf Towel

This golf towel comes with a grommet and brass-plated hook and is machine washable.

This Clubs & Balls golf towel has a stylish design for a golf player. You can even have it personalized with his name and initials. It is made from a durable poly blend with 80% woven polyester/ 20% polyamide blend microfiber. 

4. Personalized Golf Towel

Personalized Golf Towel Gift

A new golf towel would always be helpful for him. Why not get him one that he will be proud to display?

This Personalized Golf Towel has his initials surrounding an excellent golf club design. Your golf lover will proudly display this great gift on his golf bag whenever he hits the links. 

5. Monogram Gold Silhouette Golfer Golf Towel

The text and image are placed on a dramatic black background making it stand out. Give him this Monogram Gold Silhouette Golfer golf towel.

This distinctive golf towel features a gold silhouette golfer in full swing. On the lower third is his monogram in matching gold framed by thin gold lines.

It is one golf accessory that will end up on his favorite golf towel list. 

6. Photo Golf Towel

Upload your photo name monogrammed golf towel

Made from a durable poly blend, these golf towels are great for cleaning golf clubs and balls while you are enjoying your golf outing.

These Custom Golf Towels are a great way to personalize your game! They will look vibrant with your text, monogram or artwork.

7. Mongrammed Microfiber Towel

Best Personalized Golf Towel

This Golf Bag Towel comes with microfiber that uses a unique technique to divide the filament into eight. The cross-section of microfiber looks like an asterisk at the magnification.

This golf bag towel has a better ability to remove dirt, mud, sand, and grass than other golf towels from clubs and golf balls and keep your hands clean.

He will appreciate this functional golf gift coming from you.

8. Golf Towels

    These golf towels are made from washable velour terry and are available in brown, navy and black. He is the type who carries everything in style while playing golf. Let him complete his look by giving him these sturdy Monogrammed Golf Towels.

    The golf towels also come complete with a grommet and hook. He will appreciate this functional gift.

    9. Navy Blue and White Golf Clubs Towel

    He is a golf enthusiast. And this Navy Blue and White golf towel is his perfect gift. This towel's elegant 3-letter monogram design is one easy way to personalize his game!

    These custom golf towels are made from a durable poly-blend with a grommet and brass-plated hook. A unique gift he will treasure for a long time. 

    10. Hole In Fun Towel 

    Each golf towel comes in black with a gold ring for hanging, and you can personalize it with the name of your choice in white. These Hole In Fun Towels will keep his golf clubs and balls clean all the time!

    These personalized golf towels make a practical and stylish gift for your friends, family, coworkers, and more! You can personalize this golf towel with one line of up to 12 characters.

    This golf towel is printed on one side only and has a grommet and brass-plated hook. This elegant Personalized Men's Golf Towel is designed with a trendy golf icon and his name in block capital letters.

    These custom golf towels are made from 80% woven polyester/ 20% polyamide blend microfiber and is best for cleaning golf balls and clubs or other golf equipment.

    12. Personalized Golf Towel

    Let him stay dry and hygienic with this 85/15 poly/nylon microfiber terry golf towel, which includes a grommet and hook for his golf bag.

    This is one golf towel gift he will appreciate as a golf lover. This Personalized Golf Towel is soft, absorbent and odor-fighting. It is also lightweight and quick to dry.

    13. Funny Towel for World's Okayest Golfer


    It is one unique golf accessory for friends and family. It is one Funny towel for World's Okayest Golfer.

    This personalized golf towel has a stylish script typography template for name or monogram letters. Add his surname or funny quote. These golf towels include belt loops to hang it up.

    14. The Completely Par-Fect Fathers Day Gift

    fathers day golf gift

    It is all he will ever need for his Saturdays on the greens. One gift isn't enough for your #1 golfer. This Perfect Golf Set comes with a personalized microfiber golf towel and 3 in 1 golf tool. 

    15. Initial Letter and Name Gray Golf Towel 

    This Initial Letter and Name Gray Golf Towel features a personalized monogram/initial letter and a customizable name between lines on a grey background.

    This simple and elegant item is one great gift for somebody who enjoys golf. This golf towel comes with belt loop and is excellent for cleaning golf equipment like golf balls and clubs.

    16. All American Golfer

    Let them show their pride for the red, white, and blue. This patriotic golf bundle is the perfect golf tournament gift for the All-American Golfer.

    This golf set features a microfiber waffle towel, a USA stars and stripes-themed head cover, and a heavy-duty stainless steel 3 in 1 golf tool. 

    17. Grandpa's Got Game

    When finding the perfect gift for grandpa, look no further than a personalized Grandpa's Golf Towel.

    Whether grandpa is an avid golfer or enjoys playing on the weekends, these custom golf towels will surely bring a smile to his face.

    These branded golf towels are useful and practical and features a unique personal touch that will make grandpa feel appreciated and loved. It is the easy way to show grandpa how much you care.

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