Bachelor Party Essentials: 17 Must-Have Groomsmen Sunglasses

April 08, 2024 by Tobey Bajda

When it comes to planning a bachelor party, there are a few key essentials that every groom needs to make the night unforgettable. And what better way to elevate the party experience than with a stylish and practical accessory? That's where groomsmen sunglasses come in. These shades not only add an extra touch of style to the groom and his party, but they also provide much-needed eye protection and security for a night of living it up. With 17 different options to choose from, you can find the perfect gift for each groomsman and even the best man. 

Plus, these groomsmen sunglasses are not just for the bachelor party – they can also be worn on the wedding day as a coordinated and thoughtful accessory. Read on for some great content on the top groomsmen sunglasses for the ultimate bachelor party experience.

1. Oceanside Shade Sunglasses

Oceanside Shade Sunglasses

For a bachelor party that heads towards the sun-soaked shores or an ocean-view wedding day, the Oceanside Shade Sunglasses are a perfect pick. Crafted with a unique blend of wooden bamboo at the temples and a durable PC material for the frame, these groomsmen sunglasses combine style with sustainability. 

Each pair comes housed in a sleek wooden bamboo box, which can be customized to add a personal touch by engraving the name of each groomsman or the best man.

2. Walnut Warriors Sunglasses

Walnut Warriors Sunglasses

The Walnut Warriors Sunglasses are the epitome of elegance and durability, making them an ideal gift for the groomsmen and best man. These groomsmen sunglasses boast a robust walnut wood frame that ensures they stand the test of time. To personalize these accessories, each pair can be housed in a beautifully crafted box with an intricate design, allowing for the engraving of names or a special message. 

You have the option to choose lens colors to match the wedding theme or the personal style of each groomsman, making these matching shades a memorable addition to the bachelor party and wedding day celebrations.

3. The Mavericks Sunglasses

The Mavericks Sunglasses

For those in search of a bolder statement for the bachelor party and wedding day, The Mavericks Sunglasses stand out. These shades feature a sleek, metallic frame with polarized lenses available in a choice of dynamic colors to match any wedding theme or personal style. 

Ideal gifts for the groomsmen and the best man, each pair can be personalized with engravings on a sophisticated leather box design, ensuring these sunglasses are as memorable as the big day itself.

4. Leather Glasses Holders

Leather Glasses Holders

Elevating groomsmen gifts to a new level, Leather Glasses Holders offer a sophisticated yet practical way to keep sunglasses safe and within reach. Available in a variety of colors, these holders can be personalized with embossed names or messages, making them a truly unique gift for your bachelor party or wedding day. 

Whether for a day under the Netherlands sun or a stylish addition to wedding day attire, these holders are an ideal choice for the groom, best man, and every groomsman.

5. Personalized Wooden Sunglasses

Personalized Wooden Sunglasses

Dive into the realm of sophistication with Personalized Wooden Sunglasses, a choice that brings uniqueness to any wedding. 

Crafted from the finest walnut wood, these shades echo the essence of nature and elegance. Encased in a distressed full-grain leather box, they offer an unparalleled gifting experience. Add your personalization by engraving names or roles, making them a cherished item in wedding photos and a timeless gift that celebrates the special day under the sun.

6. Wooden Wayfarers Sunglasses

Wooden Wayfarers Sunglasses

The Wooden Wayfarers Sunglasses redefine classic cool for the modern groomsman. These shades merge timeless wayfarer design with eco-friendly wooden frames, making them an exceptional gift for both the bachelor party and the wedding day. 

Available in a variety of colors to suit any style, each pair exudes sophistication and commitment to sustainability. To add a personal flair, consider engraving the groom and each groomsman's name or a heartfelt message on the frame.

7. Topside Sunglasses

Topside Sunglasses

Topside Sunglasses stand out as a premium choice for groomsmen sunglasses, offering a blend of style and functionality that's perfect for the big day. These sunglasses come with a customizable option, allowing for a personal touch that the groom and his guys will appreciate. You can choose a sleek box design and add custom engraving on both the box and glasses, making it an exceptional gift. 

Matching shades can effortlessly complement the wedding's theme and clothing, creating a cohesive look that leaves everyone involved excited and ready to face the sun.

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8. Silver Surfer Shades Sunglasses

Silver Surfer Shades Sunglasses

Introducing the Silver Surfer Shades, a standout choice for groomsmen sunglasses. Crafted with a unique Sebring Wood Grain finish, these shades offer UV400 protection, ensuring the groomsmen are shielded from the sun's harsh rays in style. Measuring 6.45″ L x 2.95″ W x 2.12″ H and featuring an eye-catching Shade Color Silver Blue, they're perfect for adding a pop of color. 

Custom engraving options on the left and right arms, as well as the box, allow for a personalized touch, making them an ideal gift from the groom.

9. Custom Groomsmen Sunglasses

Custom Groomsmen Sunglasses

For a truly memorable wedding gift, consider Custom Groomsmen Sunglasses. These shades offer not just UV400 protection from the sun but also a canvas for personalization. 

Engrave the role of each man, from the best man to the groomsmen, alongside their name on the box, creating a bespoke touch. The Sebring Wood Grain Sunglasses, with their distinguished style, are an ideal choice.

10. Custom Wedding Role Sunglasses

Custom Wedding Role Sunglasses

Sebring Wood Grain Sunglasses are the ultimate choice for Custom Wedding Role Sunglasses, offering both style and sun protection with UV400 protective lenses. Perfect for groomsmen, these sunglasses can be personalized to feature each man's role within the wedding, from the best man to the groom himself. 

This not only makes for a fun pair of shades to shield their eyes from the sun but also serves as a memorable gift.

11. Stylish Wedding Day Shades

Stylish Wedding Day Shades

For those unforgettable April weddings, Stylish Wedding Day Shades become more than just accessories; they embody the spirit of the occasion. The Sebring Wood Grain Sunglasses, with UV400 protection, offer an ideal combination of function and style. 

These sunglasses can be customized to feature an initial, date, and the specific role of each man, making them a unique and thoughtful gift.

12. Personalized Polarized Floating Sunglasses

Personalized Polarized Floating Sunglasses

The Personalized Polarized Floating Sunglasses offer a unique blend of practicality and style, perfect for groomsmen who love water sports or anticipate a beachside wedding. These shades are not only stylish but also functional, featuring polarized lenses that significantly reduce harmful glares and eyestrain, ensuring clearer vision under the sun. 

What sets them apart is their ability to float on water, making them a fun pair of sunglasses that won't get lost during those memorable moments by the sea.

13. Bachelor Party Sunglasses

Bachelor Party Sunglasses

Embrace the spirit of camaraderie with Electric Azure Bachelor Party Sunglasses, a vibrant choice for the groom and his team. These shades not only protect the crew from the sun's glare but also add a splash of color to the celebration, perfectly blending with the festive atmosphere of bachelor parties. 

Crafted with the groomsmen and groom in mind, these sunglasses serve as a memorable gift, symbolizing the bond between the guys.

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14. Personalized Sunglasses

Personalized Sunglasses

Unlock the ultimate in wedding day customization with Personalized Sunglasses, a brilliant gift for the groom and his team. Made from durable materials and available with vinyl personalization, these sunglasses allow you to tailor each pair to the wearer. 

You can personalize the left side with the groomsmen's names and the right side with their role in the wedding, ensuring each man feels uniquely appreciated. Specify the font and color to match the wedding theme, and don't forget to include the date needed to ensure timely delivery.

15. Personalized Walnut Sunglasses

Personalized Walnut Sunglasses

Introducing the Personalized Walnut Sunglasses, the epitome of elegance and practicality for any wedding. These shades offer 100% UVA/UVB protection with polarized lenses, ensuring the groomsmen and groom are shielded from the sun's glare. 

The unique walnut finish brings a touch of sophistication, making these sunglasses stand out in photos. Customers can choose from various box designs, adding a personalized touch by engraving names or roles on both the box and the sunglasses.

16. Custom Engraved Sunglasses

Custom Engraved Sunglasses

Custom Engraved Sunglasses offer a personal touch that elevates any wedding attire, transforming them into a timeless memento for the groomsmen. Opt for classic wooden sunglasses, which can be engraved with each man's name, role, and the wedding date in a choice of elegant fonts. 

For a truly customized experience, select colors that match the wedding theme, ensuring these shades stand out in photos.

17. Polarized Round Goggles Sunglasses

Polarized Round Goggles Sunglasses

Discover the charm of Polarized Round Goggles Sunglasses, crafted from durable polycarbonate and metal, available in a variety of colors to perfectly match your wedding theme. These sunglasses are not just a statement piece for the groom and his groomsmen but also a practical gift that protects against the sun's glare with style. 

Ideal for adding a touch of elegance to the faces of the men standing by your side, they blend seamlessly into any wedding setting, from the sunny beaches of the Netherlands to quaint countryside chapels.


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