27 Perfect Hunting Knives You Need in Your Arsenal

Updated on January 04, 2023 by Athisham Ulhaq

Hunting knives are an essential part of any hunter's toolkit.

Not only are they useful for skinning, gutting, and cleaning animals, but they can also use them for various tasks like cutting rope, whittling, and even preparing food.

To help you find the perfect hunting knife, we have compiled a list of 27 hunting knives that you need in your arsenal.

27 Best Hunting Knives for Outdoorsmen!

1. Handmade Damascus Bush Craft Knife

This Handmade Damascus Bush real steel knives have a length of "8.00" inches, a blade length of 4.00" inches, and a handle length of 4.00 inches.

These hunting knives are made with Damascus steel (a combination of 1095 Steel and 15n20 Steel high and low carbon steel with over 220 layers) with hardness up to 58 H R C.

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2. Everyday Carry Camping Knives


This Everyday Carry Camping Knife includes 6 Kunai.

These hunting knives are beautifully handmade throwing knives and come with a leather sheath. You can also engrave your loved one's name, initial, or logo.

This throwing knife is made in mirror polish steel with brown colored leather on the handle and a leather cover. 

3. Engraved Hunting Knife 


This Engraved Hunting Knife, "DEER," in a set with a stand, has excellent quality.

These best hunting knives are a highly stylish gift that is suitable for any occasion. It's a beautiful decoration for a fireplace, tavern, living room, or office.

These real steel knives are both beautiful and functional and can be engraved with names or a message on the blade. 

4. Custom Handmade Hunting Knife

This Custom Handmade hunting knife from ontario knife company has an overall length of 17", a blade length of 11.5.0", and a thickness of 3.0 mm.

These best hunting knives come with a complimentary genuine leather hand-stitched sheath with keen and precise re-sharpening before shipping.

The meticulously constructed handle has undergone special treatment, making it highly impervious to heat, moisture, and cold.

5. Steel Bowie Hunting Knife

This Steel Bowie Hunting Knife is a 13-inch fixed-blade knife with a leather handle.

The razor is made from a 440C steel blade which means that this outdoor hunting knife will stay sharper for longer than most other blades.

Plus, it has a complete tang construction to ensure professional feel and balance.

6. Camping Hunting Knife

This Camping Hunting Knife is a beautiful handmade knife with a leather sheath.

These hunting knives have a very sharp blade that is perfect for hunting, camping, and as a special gift for him. 

This Custom Handmade Damascus hunting knife has an overall size of 13.00" long, a blade length of 08.00" long, and a handle size of 05.00" long.

This knife has a genuine leather sheath with rock-solid construction and is purposely built to perform. 

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8. Damascus Hunting Knife

This Damascus Hunting Knife is a custom-made forged Damascus steel skinner knife with a pinecone handle.

The blade of this knife has an excellent file work and is made of 512 layers of 4340 stainless steel and 1075 high carbon steel with and hardness of 58 HRC.

This robust knife is lab tested under intense conditions. Plus, the balance and shape of this knife ensure a perfect grip. 

9. Hunting Tracker Knife


This Hunting Tracker Knife has an overall length of 12.50", a handle length of 7.50", and a blade length of 12.50".

This hunting knife is complete with a top-quality extra thick leather sheath. The leather sheath is hand-tooled and sewn.

This knife has extra thick leather and strong stitching, making this sheath robust and withstand years of rough and tough use. 

10. Antler Engraved Hunting Knife

This Antler Engraved fox knives have an overall length of 12", a blade length of 7", a blade thickness of 4.5mm, and a width of 1.75".

The blade is made from D2 Steel and Antler/stag for the handle material. He will appreciate this hunting knife gift from you. 

11. Outdoor Hunting Knife

This Outdoor Hunting Knife features high hardness, toughness, long-lasting sharpness, and strong corrosion resistance.

This knife is a thing of beauty with fashion highlights. This gift is perfect for camping or survival. You can be sure you are giving him something of excellent quality. 

This Damascus Fixed Blade sog knives have an overall length of 10.00", a blade length of 5.50", and a thickness of 4.0 mm. It comes with a genuine leather sheath.

This hunting knife is a hand-forged Damascus blade. Each blade has a distinct design, or "fingerprint," as some may call it. Each fixed blade knife is a kind of creation you can be sure he will love.

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This Hunting Bowie allows you to put the exact name or Initials you would like in the "note to seller" section at checkout. It has excellent quality JUNGLE SURVIVAL with a 12" fixed blade.

These cold steel knives gift will get him ready for any camping expedition or survival training. 

This Eagle Hunting Knife has an overall length of 14.5" with a blade length of 9.5." and handle length at 5.00".

The edge of this knife has an excellent file work and is made of 512 layers of stainless Steel and high carbon steel with a hardness of 55-60 HRC. 

The blade uses Damascus steel material, while the sheath is made with natural leather like outdoor edge cutlery.

This Steel Hunting Knife is a custom handmade rust-free stainless steel bowie knife.

These cold steel knives comes with a handle made with brass bolsters and resin scales from a green pakka wood spacer affixed by silver pins.

These buck knives are the perfect gift for him who loves to hunt. 

This Handmade Hunting D2 Steel Blade hunting knife has an overall length of 13" Inches with a blade size of 8" Inches and a handle size of 5" Inches.

The handle has a leather wrapping and also comes with a leather sheath. D2 provides an effective combination of wear resistance and toughness, so you can be sure he will be using this for a long time. 

This Hunting Folding sog knives have a total length of 19.5cm, replacable blade length of 8.5cm, and blade thickness at 2.5mm.

These folding knives are a gift that is both pleasing to the eye and functional, especially for him, who loves hunting alone or with his favorite buddies.

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18. The Outdoorsman Knife

If you are looking for a reliable, high-quality hunting knife that can handle the rigors of outdoor use, then The Outdoorsman buck knives are a perfect choice.

With its 5-inch blade and 9-inch overall size, this best hunting knife is perfect for both large and small game hunting like outdoor edge.

This best hunting knife features a beautiful rosewood handle with Damascus bolster for increased durability and strength.

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19. Fairbairn Sykes Knife with Deer Antler Handle

The Fairbairn Sykes hunting Knife from ontario knife company is a classic fixed-blade knife that has become iconic for its ability to perform multiple tasks.

This best hunting knife has a double-edged blade that is made from hardened steel and is designed to be used for both cutting and thrusting.

The knife handle is made from a deer antler, making it comfortable to hold and giving it a unique look.

20. Real Damascus Dagger

The Real Damascus Dagger is a perfect choice for those who value quality and craftsmanship.

It is crafted from high-grade Damascus steel and has a blade size of four inches with an overall length of eight inches.

The handle is made from burnt bone and diamond wood, giving these fox knives a stunning and unique look that will impress any outdoorsman.

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21. Wolf Head Hunting Knife

This custom handmade hunting knife has a Wolf Head handle and is sure to turn heads.

These buck knives are made of high-grade steel and has a thickness of 4 millimeters, making it an incredibly durable and reliable knife.

The handle is made of walnut wood to make these fox knives look more attractive.

22. UniBoutique Hunting Knife

The UniBoutique Hunting Knife is a must-have for any outdoorsman.

It is an impressive 31 cm long and features a high-quality 18 cm laser-cut wolf handle blade. This knife is perfect for any hunting and is lightweight yet strong, weighing only 740 grams.

The handle is made of a composite material that provides a secure grip while you work with it.

23. Handcrafted Hunting Knife

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line skinning knife with the perfect blend of performance and craftsmanship, then you cannot go wrong with the Handcrafted Hunting Knife.

This stunning blade is made from 4116 German stainless steel and boasts a total length of 22 cm, with a 12.5 cm steel length and a 10 cm handle length.

With a thickness of just 4 mm, you know these kershaw knives will easily slice through whatever game you are after.

24. Nepal Dragon Carved Gurkha

This Genuine Handmade Nepalese Khukuri is from the Tiger series, a solid and sturdy knife that will give you the edge in any hunting or camping expedition.

The blade is 10 inches long and crafted from 5160 carbon steel, making it incredibly durable and reliable.

The handle is made from Rosewood and measures 6 inches long, providing a secure grip while slicing and dicing.

25. Acrylic and Brass Hunting Knife

The Damascus Hunting Knife with Acrylic and Brass is an excellent choice for the hunter who wants nothing but the best.

These 13-inch blackjack knives feature a fixed-blade made from 512 layers of genuine Damascus steel that will stand the test of time.

The handle is constructed with acrylic and brass and has a length of five inches.

26. Custom Forged Damascus Knife

This impressive hunting knife from The UniBoutique is perfect for any hunter looking for a unique and stylish blade.

This knife is handcrafted from Carbon steel and has a gorgeous handle made from genuine stag and brass guard.

The knife's overall length is 18", the handle is 6", and the blade measures 12" in length.

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27. Custom Hunting Knife with Epoxy Handle

This Custom Hunting Knife is made from 4116 German stainless steel, making it exceptionally durable and reliable.

The handle is crafted from epoxy and features a unique cone hybrid design that provides superior grip and control.

It has a total length of 13.5 cm, with an 11 cm handle for easy handling.

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